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Politics #151

Buck Sexton breaks down the latest headlines with a fresh and honest perspective! He speaks truth to power, and cuts through the liberal nonsense coming from the mainstream media. Interact with Buck by emailing him at

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  • DebAnnC1
    Tudors podcast
    I totally enjoy her podcasts and I listen to a lot of different podcasts . I find them interesting and informative .
  • Mike5591637
    I join the majority of the country in rejecting both Trump and Biden in 2024.
    I’ll write in DeSantis on my ballot. Neither candidate is good for the country, we are being handed two bad choices.
  • groovy squirrel
    Simpletons unite!
    Listening is like chewing a mouth full of lard. Mental cleft palates and traitors will fit right in!!
  • Kennycole3
    Libs stink, normal people smell nice
    So sick of libs review bombing. Always drag any argument back to “jjjaaaaannnuaaaarrryyyyy 6th.. the worst day in the history of the world” while ignoring blm burning down the country for 6 months causing billions in damage and ignoring the obvious infiltration by government agents into the crowd on jjjjjjjaaaaaaannnnuuuuarrryyy 6th woooowooowooooo….
  • p0pprypr
    Buck Sexton Show
    I had to drop his podcasts when he made the mistake so many others have made & took on too many sponsors. Hate it but he chose $ over morals
  • jp1844
    I’m a contemporary/few years older than Buck I think. love seeing Buck take up the mandate fight. So few are willing to stand up for liberty. Devoted listener in Colorado.
  • swzsto
    Shields high!
  • SafariTwins
    This episode is why Buck and the Republicans are weak.
    If you want to know why the Republicans are weak and always lose, just listen to this episode of Buck’s show. Buck assumes the slate of electors theory was invalid and doomed to lose. Wrong, and more importantly, irrelevant. Let’s pretend that Pence rejected the electors. What happens then? Is that the end of the matter? Is that the end of democracy like the democrats claim? No. The Democrats would of course immediately launch a lawsuit that Pence doesn’t have the authority to reject electors. The Supreme Court would issue an immediate writ of certiorari and the matter would be decided forevermore in a matter of days. The point is Buck and the Republicans always assume they are going to lose so they don’t even try. You can bet if roles were reversed the Democrats would have at least tried the electors theory and pinned their hopes on the Supreme Court. Go study the rise of the Third Reich. Hitler was correct when he said that the masses are too good to believe in or understand true acts of large scale evil. Since they would never do these monumental evil deeds themselves, or even think these schemes up in the first place, they can’t comprehend these schemes. The masses will thus make excuses for others who are doing these acts of monumental acts of evil. They will act sanctimonious because they are pure and don’t cheat. They will act sanctimonious in their pious and principled defeat. This is why Buck and the Republicans and especially Mike Pence always lose. The Democrats will do anything and they Republicans can’t even bring themselves to try the elector legal theory, even though if they thought about it for a few seconds they would realize the Supreme Court would straighten it out immediately if their theory was wrong. In fact, Trump’s best legal defense is that it didn’t matter what Pence did since the Supreme Court would have decided if Pence actually had the authority to reject electors. Therefore, since there was an abundant and immediate remedy, there can be no “insurrection” or denial of anybody’s rights. Stop buying into the Democrat narrative that everything hinged on what Pence did or did not do on January 6th. It didn’t.
  • Angry man 49
    OSS listener
    You were and still are my favorite conservative commentator but was floored that you were not picked as solo for Rush’s legacy broadcast! Can’t listen to Clay I’m sure he’s a nice guy but sure do miss the Freedom Hut and curmudgeon Mark and await for you to get back what you do best Analyze todays news and insight into behind the scenes. Make the jump we are all with you and will follow! God Bless you and congrats to you and your new Mrs Buck….. gotta be quite a gal!
  • Bumper HP R.
    Your a great single Host and Commentator
    I am 76 and have followed you since your Blaze years, you were great then and better now. As hard as I try to listen to your radio program I can’t do it because of Clay Travis, his constant sports briefs and just silly what if ideas make no sense to me. Why they didn’t give you Rush's show as a single I just don’t understand but it was a big mistake. Your solid commentary, analysis, humor and history lessons is what I’m looking for, you fill my need to learn even at my age. Please stay with this podcast till you finally get your well deserved solo radio program, May you and your bride be blessed with happiness. Bumper R.
  • tjal1
    Heady and fun
    Buck’s solo show provides a more in-depth and analytical take on current issues than is possible on the C
  • Janice Fahy
    Listening to Buck Sexton ride the GOP to the
    Bottom of the deep for a generation is the most fun a person can have by themselves. Tick tock!
  • David Richard Berkowitz
    Love the content, but good Lord I’ve never listened to a podcast with so many ad breaks, it’s literally ever three minutes, come on Buck!
  • WeatheredPoolBug
    Losing Respect for you
    I have listened & followed you for years, your disingenuous representation of being impartial between Ron & Don is diminishing your reputation. To be clear, I’ll vote for either guy, but you act like a part of the DeSantis campaign toward every pro-Trump caller on the Radio show. You don’t do the same in the other direction. If you are rooting for DeSantis, that’s fine, but be honest.... BTW, Rove & other Bush cronies are help the DeSantis campaign, that is the Kiss or Death for him. Just Sayin’! I will be listening less often to you & your program(s)
  • Robert Nawlins
    Buck is in tune with politics and current trends.
    Buck has clarity of thought and has an amazing grasp of the truth and reality. His rational approach to complex issues is quite refreshing and he has already surpassed many people of his generation in high thinking skills not typical of someone his age. I am 58 and find his acumen to be spot on with current trends in our country and his sensibility about the left and their irrational ideology is amazing. Thank you Buck for all you do. You have my full support and know that many are listening to this show and we are proud of you.
  • HydraulicNickel
    New Style
    Hey Buck, At first, I was a little skeptical of how I was going to like the way you are doing your podcast now. I’m glad I gave it a try because I am really digging it. You did a fantastic job, at making the more traditional way of presenting the news, but I like the new interview style because it gives me the news, your perspective and another person’s perspective on current events. But, no matter how you decide to collaborate your podcasts, in the future, I’m sure I will still listen. Keep up the good work dude.
  • 5at5
    Ann Coulter
    Flip flopping Trump basher.
  • Phoenix.Will.5
    Listener for years
    I just love this guy! Down-to-Earth, fair, great analysis and top notch mind! He tells what’s going on without the crazy hype that others do. I need that perspective in my life.
  • cleopatriot
    You analyze in a way that we know it’s been looked at from a 100 different angles. I appreciate your squeaky clean presentation. Love the impersonations!
  • Akminer
    If Buck really believed all the things he promotes and says about President Biden and Democrats, if he really believed they had no chance of overtaking Republicans, he wouldn’t keep repeating it over and over and over. Ask yourself what is in it for him? Buck is only good at fear-mongering, he sounds like a modern day McCarthy spouting about all the evil. Please! 🤣
  • The Ox 20
    The Ox
    Buck Sexton Does a wonderful show.I love to listen to his precise analysis of what’s going on in politics. Congratulations on your recent engagement also.
  • DG - NYC
    Honest Witty political commentary
    Buck gives sensible timely commentary on news and politics.
  • hayden- Charleston,SC 94.3WSC
    Fauci book by Robert F Kennedy Jr.
    Shields High, Buck! The book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ ….Why is this book being suppressed? No one (credible) seems to be refuting the sourced info.
  • Bataan Marcher
    We’d, 31 Aug
    The History Podcast Best show so far. You have now told me something I didn’t already know. Please do this type of history lesson more often. Thank You
  • SShore
    Buck (not buck teeth)
    Good show! Love to listen. Regarding your name, I always make associations for the name of a person with some characteristic about that person. I associate your name with good teeth. I notice that many broadcast people, especially who appear on tv a lot, have bad teeth. It actually distracts me. That’s all beside the point, you have a great show. When Rush passed away, I thought I’d go into a depression with no one to listen to. Thankfully, you have filled a void in that time slot on my local radio station.
  • Alphatype
    Enjoy the views and opinions
    Would be better if you took some more of those testosterone boosters though and made the leap from beta to alpha.
  • Asciguy
    More right wing drivel
    Lies and conspiracy theories. Attacking other’s choices really shows respect for individual freedom, eh fascist?
  • Digitaljuan
    Chocolate greetings
    Keep up the great job Buck While living in Austin I discovered Lake Champlain chocolates from Vermont. Give them a try sometime Cheers Panamá over and out
  • Choice123456789018
    Utterly grating. Gave me a migraine.
  • One_Quiet_Man
    Keep going
  • Redheaded Patriot
    Buck is the best!
  • maizykins
    Favorite Conservative Pundit
    Buck is clearly the most talented and intelligent conservative commentator out there
  • patriot Kat
    Biden balks at MLB
    Normally I agree with most of what you say but you are way off base with Kristi Noem. She didn’t turn down the bill on transgender people in sports because she was afraid. She turned it down because it needed to be worded differently so that the ACLU couldn’t come in and overturn it like they did in Idaho. She’s in a small state with little bargaining power so she needs to have more states on her side to bargain with her to take on the big boys like NCAA. You need to have her on to hear her explain it better instead of just dismissing her out of hand. She did pass the bill once it was reworded to be able to withstand scrutiny. Perhaps you should interview her and find out the truth instead of bashing her repeatedly unjustly.
    Most Discerning Host
    Buck is probably the best host I’ve found at breaking down issues with facts and logical reasoning.
  • Yaditexas
    Crazy titles to get clicks
    Just another money hungry white man exploiting angry people.
  • PapaGrizz2020
    A cut above the rest
    Buck is insightful, honest and humorous while discussing relevant topics in a refreshingly intelligent & concise manner. SHIELDS HIGH!!!
  • BJK40915
    This Show Has Tanked Since He Started The Radio Program
    I used to really like this podcast but, now that Sexton has taken over the Rush radio show, he should just give up this podcast. Some of the podcasts are less than 20 minutes and almost all advertisements/commercials. He breezes through a huge number of topics in the short amount of time that he devotes to the podcast now and then inserts four or five commercials into that short time period. There is nothing wrong with focusing on the radio show and not doing the podcast any longer — focus on one thing and do it well instead of spreading yourself too thin and producing crappy product.
  • Mako887
    Prius isn’t electric
    Okay Buck, it’s obvious you need a bit of automotive help. A Prius is a hybrid. The new Prius Prime is electric.
  • Wild Albuquerque
    Rotten With Commercials
    Such greed, such a sell-out. Such whorish behavior.
  • Kareberg
    Wonderful Podcast!
    Always a great podcast, Buck. Feel better soon!
  • PAyscue
    should require disclaimer or Parody label
    good for at least 60 lies per hour. This MAGAt is delusional and lives in some alternate universe, one must assume to curry favor with the former president. How anyone can bold face lie to "vast audience" so easily is hard to fathom
  • Kurt Stockton
    Drop Black Rifle Coffee…
    Why does Buck endorse those freaks? They threw Kyle under the bus when it mattered most. They trashed MAGA long ago, too. Buck shouldn’t endorse the same people who undermine everything he stands for, if he stands for anything at all really.
  • *jdawg*
    Snake in The Grass
    I just found out this evening that Buck and Clay, and/or their producers, have attempted to greedily go behind Dan Bongino’s back and take his radio spot. They went as far as to contact the Cumulus company in order to convince them that they would be better served just airing their show and kicking Dan to the curb. Without any morals they took the opportunity while Dan has been away from his show, taking a stand against the Cumulus vaccine mandates they recently implemented. How much of a snake does a person have to be for these two “Conservatives” to go after one of their own’s show for money?! No wonder the Left is in power when you have RINOS going after a real Conservative. I’m done listening to any show that Clay and Buck are involved in. RUSH WOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOU!!
  • Sean Hannity Brown Noser
    Right wing hypocrite and bootlicker
    If you enjoy right wing disinformation, fake news, and culture wars, you will love the Buck Sexton show!
  • JR402424
    Only complaint is he’s cut the length in half since he went on the (inferior, IMO) radio show. Bring back the old podcast
  • DMV Greg
    Buck is always great!
    Buck’s Fauci impression is the BEST!
  • Lazuli7
    Love this podcast!
    Love you Buck! Happy Columbus Day from an Italian-American.
  • pitmaster2002
    Spot On
    Shields High!!
  • time waits for noone
    Buck never disappoints.
    High expectations and Buck delivers. I have been listening to him, podcast and his prior radio show for years. Wish his new radio show now was just him. The man is on point in every angle of topic, his low key brilliance is fascinating.
  • sanmyi
    Clay & Buck
    What happened? The Clay and Buck show is no longer downloading
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