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Buddhism #11

Learn about traditional Zen and Buddhist teachings, practices, and history through episodes recorded specifically for podcast listeners. Host Domyo Burk is a Soto Zen priest and teacher.

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  • warnergog
    Completely outstanding
    I was looking for a podcast that gives detailed information in background about Zen Buddhism, and this delivers that and much more. Domio Burk’s style is not only informative, it is inspiring. I am listening from the beginning and working my way through. I feel like I am listening to an in-depth, interesting lecture series.
  • guy in okc
    Beautiful and inspiring
    I have been obsessed with Zen Buddhism for around 50 years. Introduced by Alan Watts, so oriented toward the stripped down “see into your true nature” approach. I am operating on the assumption that the essence of meditation is present within all aspects of our experience. So the philosophical and behavioral details offered here are not important to me, but the enlightened intent of the podcast and the information and practices to help people become happier are possibly highly beneficial to many people. I listen while at the gym to help focus my attention on “the penetrating vision” and the obvious love and compassion expressed during the podcast is calming and encouraging.
  • Eaglewolf420
    Well done well spoken and amazing content. This Podcast is possibly the best out there on Zen and Buddhism. Very easy to listen to and really helps me to abide.
  • RC Alabama
    skillful means
    Just found this podcast. Most of the podcasts I listen to from other Buddhist teachers are live recordings of their dharma talks. I enjoy this series for its practical theme-based approach. The episodes are also a good length. Looking forward to delving into the archive.
  • Sargent Salt
    Returning to Zen Buddhism, this podcast is very helpful. Straight and to the point, with personal experience added. The first episodes helped me get me through my first mini sesshin, during the breaks (don’t tell anyone, it was a silent retreat ☺️).
  • ?!$Jow$!?
    All there is
    I love everything there is to love about these teachings. Speech cuts through silence and leads straight into the heartstrings. There is not much to recommend outside of who speaks in the intro. You’re with ____ would be a neat introduction as many know the podcast but few look at the creator prior to hearing
  • mommamindful
    Draws me in
    The host’s warmth and simple ways of communicating not so simple Buddhist principles makes me eager to more fully engage in studying as a lay practitioner. Thank you so much for the episode on the Bodhisattva way in these oh so difficult modern times.
  • Blue J Hawk
    Engaging & inspiring
    A true Dharma teacher whose words convey wisdom, compassion and loving kindness, and whose voice is a song.
  • KTHarrison
    A true gift
    This is the best podcast I’ve found on Zen Buddhism. Domyo Burk is a very gifted teacher. Her work and encouragement may actually be the turning point for me in terms of really doing more than just listening to the random dharma talk here and there. Thank you!
  • JBudka
    Clear, Concise and Practical Buddhist Teachings
    The hostess of the podcast is just wonderful. She does a terrific job of demystifying any ambiguity in the Buddha’s teachings, in a way that gives the listener actionable “how-it’s.” Her light hearted attitude is so uplifting, and her insightful explanations of the dharma are quite unique. Thank you for producing this!!!
  • Dr Double E
    Great Zen podcast
    Great podcast for beginners and long term practitioners alike! Advanced topic laid out in an understandable way. Thanks!!!
  • elbgwn
    An excellent communicator
    Domyo is smart, digs into her subject, and explains a wide variety of Buddhist teachings simply and cheerfully. This is not easy to do! She’s a skilled communicator.
  • Lucky Dog Too
    One of the best I’ve heard.
    Pretty much an A to Z explanation of the “Middle Way” as well as great Dharma talks in my opinion. Wonderful for people who are interested in Buddhism and seasoned practitioners as well.
  • Fox/Butterfly
    New favorite!
    I’ve listened to one episode so far and it’s everything I’ve been looking for! It was the first episode about the 5 hindrances. Most Buddhist podcasts take one tiny piece of one story or sutra and then talk about stuff that’s barely connected to that piece. You actually dig “deep” into a topic (by comparison), and that was just the first episode in a series on the topic! I can’t wait to listen to more! Again, everything I’ve been looking for in a Buddhist podcast. Thank you :)
  • ufocis
    My favorite podcast
    (see title)
  • Flipdingo
    Thoughtful and Calm Dharma Talks
    Thank you Domyo Burk for providing this window into Zen and Buddhism :) I'm listening in reverse order while I train for my next marathon. I can increase my VO2 Max and my mindfulness at the same time...
  • LBCRose
    Love this podcast! It really explains all the details I wanted to know. I like her voice and find it very relatable.
  • Zenreisamurai
    Finally found it!
    I have been looking for a good beginners guide to Zen and Buddhism for quite some time. I have subscribed and unsubscribed after a single episode to quite a few, then I found Domyo Burk! I’m 30 episodes in and hooked. I love the blends of history, darma, and practice. Gives you a little of everything and is well organized and simple to understand. I feel like I’m learning a lot and look forward to each episode and have been incorporating the lessons in my every day life. Thanks!
  • baba lives!
    the zen studies podcast
    Domyo Burk has been such an inspiration for me. Well done
  • Rae7Mac
    Perfect timing on episode 110
    Listened to episode 110 on impermanence while driving nervously to the closing on my new house Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Domyo walk me through sense of self and home buying! Perfect timing:)
  • Q Maximus
    A bit too liberal for me
    The Buddha taught us how to transcend suffering, not how to save people from their suffering. When the village woman was mourning the death of her child and sought out the Buddha to resurrect the child, he sent her to collect a handful of mustard seeds before he would bring the child back to life. The only caveat was that she only could accept the mustard seeds from a house where no one had ever died. Of course, she failed and had to learn the hard way that with every birth there is death. This reality of nature seems lost when trying to save the world from suffering. It cannot be done, and is not the Buddha’s way. Instead, through his teachings, we learn to transcend suffering. Liberal democratic ideas of saving the world from suffering may be noble in Domyo’s politics, but it is not Buddhism. Even the Bodhisattva idea of saving all sentient beings is about saving them from the cycle of samsara, not saving them from suffering. Leave the politics aside, and you would have a much better podcast.
  • Casey Black
    The Best Zen Podcast Out There
    Wonderful podcast. A lot of great info delivered in digestible, accessible, humble form. I've learned a ton and have felt encouraged and inspired by Domyo Burk's teaching.
  • sumie 100
    Highly recommended
    Domyo’s podcasts are very welcomed to me. She is learned in many aspects of Zen practice and it’s history and teachings. Her presentations are clear and very organized. I look forward to the podcasts. Thank you Domyo.
  • EnigmaMonero
    Thank you
    Learned a lot
  • Investor
    the Best
    I am an avid lister to your podcast. I was born into a Buddhist heritage but always took the Dharma for granted. Your podcast helps me immensely understand and practice the Dharma. Thank you!
  • Porter88
    Truly a gem!
    If you are interested in learning more about the tradition and practice of ZaZen, then you have found the podcast to help you gain insight. This podcast is true to zen, informative, and inspirational. Don't take my word for it - give a listen. Thank you Domyo, truly!
  • trevorj345
    Great Podcast
    I really enjoy this podcast. It is one of the best buddhist podcast out there.
  • tlskight
    Informative, accessible, AND entertaining. keep up the great work.
  • Sleazy Pete
    Very accessible to a zen newb
    Domyo speaks in a clear voice and gives you the nuts and bolts in a graspable way. She also is quick to respond to email questions. Thanks for this podcast.
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