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Marketing #11

The Futur podcast is a show that explores the interesting overlap between design, marketing, and business.Our host (and CEO of The Futur), Chris Do, holds candid conversations with inspirational people from the worlds of design, technology, marketing, business, philosophy and personal development.These conversations go deep. With the aim of understanding who these incredible people are, what drives them to do what they do, and what can we—the listener—learn from it all.Visit for show notes and additional information from each episode.

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  • designerdavid1
    Design and Business told is an actionable way
    Each podcast gives me more insight and thoughts into how I handle the intersection of business and design. I am a better designer and business owner because of this.
  • GoodGood Investing
    Excellent Pod!
    From expert tips on marketing and the digital landscape of sales + entrepreneurship, to inspiration on moving the ball forward on your next business idea, The Futur is the best podcast! As we scale our own business, we love tuning in to gain insights + tips!
  • danjocash
    Entertaining and Empowering
    I’ve been listening since almost the beginning and it’s interesting how the style of the podcast has changed over the years. Chris Do and crew are clearly on a mission to help the design community and it shows. Great guests, great conversations, and even some free design business instruction here and there. I make sure to tune in every week!
  • JhustFlow
    The quality of information that is streamlined through this podcast ALWAYS lights me up + inspires me to not give up. It offers language for me that provides me with what I need in developing my purpose in a substantial and cohesive way! Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much Chris for all that you offer in this space🙏🏾💎
  • Insta: StyleMeRebel
    Top Notch, THE BEST!!
    Don’t hesitate, free game always given. The best way to spend your time
  • kata&coco
    Obsessed with this Podcast
    I wish it was Wednesday every day but until then I will just binge-watch all the youtube videos. The whiteboard sessions should be illegal to share for free!
  • Last Grasp
    Very insightful content and useful for any creative entrepreneur. This has been a massive help to me. Excellent.
  • need for iPad
    One of the only podcasts I tune-in for…
    Chris Do and The Futur have changed my life. This podcast offers a no B.S. approach to talking design thinking as well as the more subtle way of of running a creative business. If you’re a professional or aspiring creative who needs thoughts and direction on this industry, come along for the journey! Consider joining Chris’s community (The Pro Group) if you really want to dive in deep and get sh** done. I’ve been a member for years now! —Matt
  • Marzism
    This show has an interesting selection of guests but I couldn’t get past all the personality mugging by the host. The NFT episode was clearly a pump and dump, no buyer beware.
  • On The Biscuit
    What Happened?!
    All of the old episodes are gone… why?
  • The Leap Thailand
    Amazing and Valuable
    I just find out they are on podcast😱 I’ve been following this channel on Youtube for a long time. The contents are amazing and valuable!!
  • Are Pee Gee Fan
    Keep it coming!
    Chris Do and Thefutur project are an invaluable resource for anyone in or looking to get into a creative field all while leveling up their entrepreneurial skills
  • Guardian Gamer
    Excited To Hear More From A Marketing Legend
    I have followed Chris Do and his YouTube channel for about 3 years now and the quality of his content is top notch. He is the master when it comes to brand and design and I'm so happy that I discovered this awesome marketing podcast. A must have in your marketing playlist. Cheers.
  • Thedehner
    Best value for your ears and time
    Anything Chris and his team touches is golden. Much needed information for creatives to help solidify your confidence and bet on yourself. Thank you guys for all your hard work it’s my go to. -Clint Dehner
  • TrentNT
    A True Gift
    Chris Do and team of incredible people are a true gift to the world. Chris found his Ikigai and is absolutely running with it and it’s working. I am so thankful to have all of the resources The Futur provides. I listen to these episodes every week, gain tons of knowledge through social media platforms and their tools on the website. Thank you all for doing what you do. If there is anything I can do, I’m more than happy to help. I feel I owe you that. Trent Tulls // Certified Brand Specialist // Ever Green Design
  • Andres Sandrea @hiandres16
    Thanks for all the hard work
    I always get inspired, I’ve learned so much thanks to the futur you guys are the meca of podcasts for creatives
  • acheema7
    Super inspiring
    Listen to this every week on my way to and from work. Every episode gets me super inspired and has practical tips you can use for your own projects. Chris is a master at reframing mindsets and having deep conversations.
  • d_alex3
    Great YouTube content
    A YouTube short got me. From there all I do is watch/listen to The Futur
  • itsNARDO
    Quality content and applicable!
    Support Chris Do and the futur team!
  • Little5five5star5
    Thank you
    What you and your whole team are doing means a lot.
  • CoachKodyG
    Inspiring story, humble beginnings- humble endings
    Hearing Chris’ story has been awesome. Mission over money will always be the best path forward ❤️🔥
  • Maresness
    Thousands of dollars worth of wisdom for free.
    Thank you for sharing your passion and wisdom. Learning so much and truly inspired & challenged.
  • Snickerdoodle2073
    Hey fellas if you are a startup or freelance creative! This podcast is for you! Every time I listen to Chris and his guests I get a lot of valuable knowledge. After listening to a few episodes I am inspired to solve new problems in my own business!
  • helloharmony866
    Terrific value & great business advice
    Came from YouTube & Spotify to give The Futur a review! I've been listening to this podcast for some months now, and if you're aspiring creativepeneur and beginner when it comes to anything biz-related, you'll learn so much from Do & co. They have guest appearances on the show, roleplay/acting out client scenarios, & continually put out amazing amazing VALUE to learn from. A triple thumbs up from me.
  • Rtasca4u
    Get your creative juices running!
    If you’re a creative on the go this is the podcast for you! From business strategy to life lessons this podcast has something for every creative looking to grow both personally and professionally!
  • Tedatl
    Amazing Content
    Thanks for all the amazing advice Chris and team. It took a while for me to internalize the lessons, but they’ve completely changed my mindset and introduced me to some other amazing creative teachers
  • RebRae
    Game changing!!!
    Thank you so much Chris Do and Futur team! Your content is so rich and has really been a staple of my daily rituals! Kindly, Rebecca Rae Ramirez
  • Design Big Dreamer
    Interesting & inspiring. Highly recommended.
  • dylan12312
    Exacly what I needed
    Very helpfull info about my career path.
  • Easter Woods
    Their Genrousity of Knowledge Is The Best
    I listen to the show thinking, "How lucky, I am, I found them!" Chirs and crew provide insights, wisdom, and clarity to questions on the creative industries that I didn't know I needed to know. Every episode, I feel smarter and better prepared from my next creative job. In a way, I also feel like I have cheat code to advance farther and faster in my career. Listen now, listen everyday.
  • J. Barshop
    A True Champion of Creatives
    I love discovering new ideas here - makes you feel like you've just had a smoothie for your creative spirit. 🙌 It’s obvious Chris
  • Caribbeangirlsf1234
    So insightful and entertaining
    I recently started listening to this podcast and it's exactly what I was looking for. I'm a big podcast listener and I find it SO rare to find a podcast that is both super entertaining while offering so much valuable takeaways and insights. The Futur is that podcast for me. Highly recommend!
  • Ericdj
    I listen to a lot of podcasts...
    Like, a lot, a lot. And this is quite possible the best of them all. If you know Chris Do, you’re not surprised to hear that the incredible insights and all-in, no secrets mentality makes every episode great. But what’s also great is the fact that every guest has so much value to share. It’s incredible to know that you can click on almost any random episode and walk away better for it. Thanks Chris and the team for putting out great content.
  • 1st Donny Bravo
    Chris Do leads ingenuity in creativity
    I never realized how essential creativity is to business. For years I’ve suppressed my own creative outlet thinking it wouldn’t be essential or lead to making money but this podcast lead by Chris Do advocates for ways in which creativity can drive a business. He invites other creatives and asks thought provoking questions on how creativity, business, and humanity can intersect. His line of questioning goes beyond the surface levels and into psychological all with the purpose of finding ways in which facets of business can be streamlined and creativity can be fostered.
  • donkeykongtigers
    Podcast 74
    That is one of your best podcasts. Really appreciate all of them. I always learn something new with each one.
  • James Fan_0417
    Absolutely love this channel!
  • JrC_FL
    Educational, Empowering Podcast that makes you Evolve
    Just when I need world-class mentors and industry leaders and experts to guide, enlighten, teach and instruct on fundamentals subjects in my career challenges today, I was able to connect and learn from The Futur and they have been able to make a difference bringing me clarity, mental and professional strength. I recommend The Futur to everyone of us: creatives, Industrial Designers in pursue of answers and leads on how to achieve our goals. Look no further and connect right away, trust me you will witness the progress vertically! Thank you ‘The Futur’ for building up on me all the right things and ways! Junior Casas, ID
  • edolala
    Authentic Journeys
    You can tell the episodes are great when the host is personally interested in learning from the guests. Awesome.
  • TMcoast
    Great listen for aspiring creatives
    Tons of valuable advice for anyone trying to have a design career! Informative and entertaining!
  • Codeblaq
    A Daily Staple
    Yo. I have to give a huge shout out to Chris Do and the entire Futur team. I started listening to this podcast a few years ago but I still hadn't fully grasped the concept of listening to people talk when I could be listening to music instead. Last year, I fully dived into audible and podcasts and I found myself returning to The Futur more and more. I've recently decided to launch my own podcast so now I listen to The Futur for education, inspiration, and also as a reference for the kind of experience I want my listeners to have. As an art director in NY this podcast checks off several boxes at the same time. I am able to hear insight from the guests and their experiences as well as Chris' wisdom on business, design and even family. Chris gives his guests 100% of his attention and asks them questions that go beneath the surface and doesn't let them off the hook when it's important. The Futur has become a staple in my daily life. I have nothing but respect for The Futur crew. Thank you for this platform. Peace!
  • HugoTheBoss2011
    Chris Do is part of the voice of the new age. I’m glad that I came across his work. I didn’t use to listen to it follow techies and creators. However, now I’ve started creating online content myself, I find Chris Do’s work ans his team to be very valuable. I’ve taken Daniel’s course on Udemy and it’s great to hear his story. I’ve received great value from this episode. Daniel will have a new customer at Instructor HQ as soon I as get home. Thanks Chris & team. Keep up the good work.
  • joneallen
    Glad to see this podcast brought back in 2020. As a huge fan of The Futur and everything you guys do, I don’t always have the time to sit and watch the YouTube videos. The podcast really scratches that itch during drives to work or on my morning runs. Keep up the great work, as I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge you guys dish out.
  • ShadowWalk3r
    Morning Run
    Listening to this podcast is one of the top things that gets me excited to get up for my morning Runs. Getting a lesson in while getting my workout. Truly a gem
    Favorite graphic design podcast
    Thanks for all you do for our field Chris Do! Big fan.
  • CoreyAMT
    Great Podcast
    This is one of the best podcasts I’ve found as I work towards growing myself as a designer. Thanks Chris and team!
  • Naoma Serna-Zahn
    🤯🤯🤯 If you’re running a creative business and not listening to this are you even successful?
    Thanks to Chris Do and all the amazing people behind The Futur I have been able to slowly level up my skills and my business. He has helped me through book recommendations, this podcast, the online courses to truly shift my mindset and pivot the value of design and ask for more $$$! If you’re freelancing, starting a creative business this podcast is a must! Listen to it multiple times and really let it seep in! Thanks guys!
  • JimmyFranco43
    As young graphic designer i think this podcast is like treasures of gold. Somebody would charge you a tons of money for this informations and they share their experience and knowledge with us, I appreciate that. Thank you very much
  • Catherine Annabelle
    Annoying Host
    I’ve listened to a few episodes. Unfortunately the host of the podcast kinda ruins it for me. He’s pretty condescending towards his guests (especially the women) and might as well be interviewing himself most of the time. It’s a shame. This podcast has a lot of potential
  • Michael.Vee
    Sound Effects? Are You Kidding???
    Episode 060 was an amazing interview with Errol Gerson and someone involved with this podcase was completely disrespectful by adding a ton of completely lame sound effects. Did you think it needed to be more interesting? This is just like a beginning designer who uses a bunch of different fonts in a project because they don't know what they're doing. How utterly absurd, whoever did this should be completely ashamed of what they did to this gentleman. Don't invite people on your show and then ruin the interview with a bunch of noise. Please let the guest tell their own story without adding your own "flavor". Man, that was aggrevating!!!
  • JoshCrist
    A Must-Listen if You Consider Yourself Creative
    This show is incredible! If you are a creative, designer, marketer, entrepreneur or anyone who wants to expand how they think about the world and building the futur - this needs to be a go-to podcast for you. It will change your life. You’ll learn how to make more, own your worth and find more fulfillment doing the work you love to do. Thanks Chris and Futur team!!
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