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Get useful tips, clinical wisdom, nursing inspiration and exploration of key topics from Straight A Nursing. Join Nurse Mo to learn about a wide range of topics ranging from the basics of nursing care to complicated cases seen in the ICU.

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  • tsofnyc
    This is an excellent podcast. Just got into it and look forward to streaming through the remainder 👏🏽
  • Olivia O Cosler
    Thank You!!
    Hi Nurse Mo! Bought your planner my first year of nursing school, bought your med surg success pack my second year and listened to your podcasts on all my runs. I literally heard your voice while I answered some questions on the NCLEX!!! And I passed !!! Seriously, thank you so much for explaining things so well and for making your material so accessible to us baby nurses. I truly could not have gotten through my practicum or the nclex without you. Olivia Cosler, RN From Portland, OR
  • xzyten
    Truly Worth Your Time
    I was a masters entry study at Johns Hopkins in their accelerated MSN. I graduated, passed the NCLEX and now work in the PICU. I used this podcast every step of the way to refresh, to review and to help mix up my study plan so I could be out and walking around or productive on my commutes. The service Nurse Mo offers is invaluable and I want to personally thank you and suggest that everyone and anyone who hasn’t, CHECK OUT HER PODCAST! I have been a student tutor so the past three years as well, and it is challenging to explain these concepts in as much clarity, simplicity and thoroughness as Nurse Mo does! Her post cast has served me through every level of my education, even when concepts are geared more towards entry nurses, it’s a great review! I will continue to listen as so continue my work in the ICU and continue on as a CRNA. Thanks again Nurse Mo!!! ~ Kristen M.
  • nitzad
    Thank you!!!!
    Hi Nurse Mo. my name is Nitza and I am a second semester nursing student at the ripe Age of 49 years old. I listen to your podcasts regularly and just wanted to thank you. You have a way of explaining concepts that makes it easy to understand and retain. Thank you so much!!!!
  • Rondina
    Wow! Mind=Blown!
    You are phenomenal! I am starting Nursing school this Fall. You have been such a beacon of light for me. So inspirational! I have had some anxiety with starting and you have encouraged me to be more positive and confident! I will be a Nurse! You cover so many helpful topics, I look forward to you following my journey through your podcast! Bring on becoming an RN in 2023!
  • Emily Kay P.
    Awesome resource!
    I’m planning on beginning an accelerated BSN program next year (still in the application process—fingers crossed!), and this podcast has already been SO HELPFUL! I’m taking prerequisites (A&P) this summer, and I’ve gained so many awesome study tips/tricks. On top of that, Nurse Mo is a joy to listen to! Now I enjoy cooking/cleaning because that means I get to listen to this podcast! :) Thanks for all the help, Nurse Mo, I’ll definitely be listening to you for years to come! P.S. Nurse Mo—how did you get into nursing/what inspired you to pursue this career? What’s your favorite part of your job? Could be an interesting podcast! I read a lot about nurse burnout, so I’m always interested to hear what drives people to keep chugging along! Thanks!
  • shannon--LPN
    Already a nurse!
    Hi I am already a nurse I graduated last year. I may have seen podcasts such as this but I figured I’m not an audio learner and now since having basically exhausted myself to finish nursing school I understand better that you can learn tactilely visibly audibly it’s up to you to learn as much as you can and either listen or look or do whatever you can to wrap the information is around your head like we all have different brains we all think differently and such. This podcast is amazing I recently found it and made myself start listening there are so many topics, obviously nurse Mo may not be a perfect nurse no one is…..but she’s pretty close and she’s very knowledgeable. I love that and I am so excited to keep diving in and access all the resources that she’s given to us I am so excited and of course whomever is in nursing school or already a nurse please remember teach each other help each other never stop asking questions and be proactive be proactive do things before you think you need to whether you are a nurse or you’re just a student do it before. The practice before the prep matters more than the day of. The prep matters more than your shift prep first and then the big moments will be much easier.
  • emilyjones300
    Nursing School Lifesaver
    I was recommended this podcast during the first semester of my accelerated BSN program and it changed my entire school and clinical experience. I listened to placenta problems on the way to clinicals as a way to prepare since we hadn’t gotten to the unit in class and we actually had a patient with a placental abruption that night and I knew all the S/S and treatment options and felt very prepared. Nurse Mo is awesome and has a podcast to prepare you for many realistic situations you will encounter in clinicals.
  • Lacey Dunivin
    You NEED this podcast
    I stumbled into this podcast one day and it literally changed the way I think about everything. I was accepted into nursing school and I start in the fall. While awaiting my acceptance letter I wanted to dive deeper into some concepts and make use use of my drive time. After discovering this vault of knowledge I also found Nurse Mo’s website, her blog, Study Sesh and Boot Camp. I feel like a total Nurse Mo fan girl but seriously my trepidation about nursing school has been cut in half at least. I feel like I’m being productive and exposing myself to concepts and new material while I do normal life; laundry, dishes, driving, etc. Also, upon having some difficulty that was totally my fault in signing up for Study Sesh, Nurse Mo made the effort to reach out to me personally and make sure I was able to access the content. I feel that the person behind all of this is a total Queen and 100% just wants nurses and student nurses to succeed, learn and help each other like we are one big team. So thanks Nurse Mo for ALLLL OF IT!
  • Lenardson
    Passed my dosing calc exam!
    Thank you Nurse Mo for dosing calculation boot camp! My school moved my exam up by one week and the baseline that boot camp provided me saved my bacon! 😘
  • borschtLOVEr
    SUPER helpful!!!
    I am so grateful for nurse Mo! Listening to her podcasts are helping me get ready for the demands of nursing school (I think!). I’m single mom, older (35), and would love to have a podcast that centers around single moms going through nursing school! Bonus points if you also discuss those of us who are a bit older too. Thank you so much! I know I can do this, but sometimes it’s so hard to consider all the logistics.
  • Mindy2234
    SO interesting!
    Nurse Mo is such an engaging speaker. I’m starting nursing school in a few months, and I’ve been binging this podcast like crazy! I’m learning so much. I also just started Crucial Concepts Bootcamp, which is already calming my nerves by helping me feel so much more prepared. So glad I found Nurse Mo!
  • Ariquarius
    Caveat: This podcast is addicting!
    I begin nursing school in a few months. Since I found the Straight A Nursing podcast I have been hooked! I listen to Nurse Mo’s podcast lecture while I am driving to work or doing chores around the house. It’s very fascinating and addicting to hear her lecture on various topics. It’s been a few weeks since Ive began listen to the podcast and I’m already on episode 70. Although, I don’t yet fully understand every topic that is being discussed, I feel like I’ll be ahead of the game once nursing school begins.
  • callcole03
    Thank you for making nursing easier!
    This podcast is simply amazing! I graduate in a year from my BSN program and this podcast has helped out soooo much! Nurse Mo always has a clear and simple way of explaining things that has made it so easy to finally understand concepts and apply them! This podcast has so many great episodes that have been such a help for me while going through this program! I can’t wait to keep listening for this next year and even after I graduate!
  • Mahfwah
    Buoying me along
    Hi Nurse Mo! I have been meaning to leave a review for a few months now and am excited to finally let you know how helpful your podcast has been. I am in my fourth and last semester of an accelerated nursing program and would not have survived my toughest semester without this podcast. I had long drives to clinical and this podcast helped me get my head in the game during those early commutes. Now, in my fourth semester I have a lot more free time and this podcast continues to stimulate my interest in nursing and help me stay on top of everything I need to know as a nurse. Will be studying for thé NCLEX soon and you know this podcast will be a huge part of that! I look forward to continuing to listen even when I am a nurse. Thanks for all you do! Marie B :) P.s. might I request more podcasts on pharm? Xoxo
  • Chloeee (:
    Thank You!!
    I’m Chloe, a 22 year old nursing student in an accelerated program so I am in a constant time crunch with little to no time to take breaks from school work. I often throw on the podcast while I meal prep for the week, drive, take baths, or even workout for a guilt free break from studying! Nurse Mo explains difficult concepts in a calm tone that allows me to absorb the information without overwhelming me! Thank you for putting in the time to help us nursing peeps, we truly appreciate you! :) p.s. Your endocrine podcasts just helped me kill my patho exam this morning!
  • wewantsofia
    I really love this podcast. I graduate in a month and I’ll probably keep listening even after the fact. The words of encouragement, tips and advice and education all tied into one podcast is just what I’ve been missing! Thank you for doing what you do!
  • lindseyollis
    I drive at least an hour every day & I have just recently started to podcasts to be more productive & feed my brain! Your podcast is so informational, not only with school material but encouragement which we all need! Thank you! :)
  • bv4379
    Light at the end of the tunnel
    I am in my final semester....2 tests away from graduation and am just finding this podcast! I have needed this in my life for soooo long. Amazingly helpful!!!’
  • Nurse🧡
    Really Enjoy/Slight Issue
    Hi! I really enjoy listening to your show!! It is great for reinforcing what I am learning in nursing school! I clean buildings for a part time job and I listen to these while I work! The only issue I have is when I try to view all the available episodes,Apple podcasts is only showing 2 from 2017. Could you please fix this? -3rd semester student
  • Bren Smith 251
    Thank you!
    Super helpful!
  • studentmomalex
    Nurse Mo is the Instructor Gotham Deserves
    I’m currently a 29 year old pre-nursing student. I have applied to my BSN nursing program, and I have about three months until I find out if I get in or not! I tutor for anatomy and physiology II, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recommended this podcast to my students to help solidify a concept. Nurse Mo is articulate and concise, and I truly feel that she wants me to understand the material. Although I’m not in nursing school yet, I listen to these podcasts religiously! When a new concept comes up in my classes, I already feel like I have some knowledge on the subject because of this podcast. Thank you, Nurse Mo, for all that you do! Truly, this is my number one nursing podcast, and I absolutely intend to use this material throughout my nursing career.
  • Ellie future RN
    Best nursing podcast ever!
    I’m in my second semester of nursing school and thankfully discovered this podcast before my first semester. Oh my god has this been a lifesaver! I loooooove listening to this podcast as I’m cleaning my house or running errands or driving to school. It makes everything I learn about in school click and gives me some of my time back! Sometimes I am so tired of just sitting down to study, this truly frees you from your desk. On exam days I listen to the fundamentals pod quizzes on my drive to school and I swear by it! Thank you so much Nurse Mo. I am thankful for this resource everyday ❤️ -Ellie
  • AmandaRN2021
    Great study tool!
    I love this podcast! Nurse Mo does such a great job of teaching about all things nursing. Her LATTE method really helps me picture the clinical scenario, which helps me remember everything better. Especially in the age of Covid with online lectures, Nurse Mo’s podcasts help supplement my classes so I can retain info better. I love to listen while I make dinner for my starving teenagers (and they appreciate that my need to study doesn’t prevent them from eating)! Thank you Nurse Mo!!
  • Addy #futurenicunurse2024
    Thank you Nurse Mo!
    Hello Nurse Mo and everyone reading this! Nurse Mo is informative, helpful, kind, easy to listen to, and funny. I greatly appreciate your podcast as pre-nursing student it helps me understand what to expect when I get into nursing school hopefully in the Fall of 2021. Thank you Nurse Mo, I HIGHLY recommend this podcast to everyone:)-Addy-
  • AllNamesRTakenImTaylor
    Love Nurse Mo & her podcasts. I’m super thankful that I came across her a couple of months ago. As someone who is returning to complete the last 8 weeks of nursing school next month, these podcasts have helped me to refresh my knowledge and to feel prepared before jumping back into the semester. Also, I LOVE the pharm podcasts! God bless you nurse Mo! 😊 Taylor
  • KeaganGetsFit
    Simply, Thank you.
    Hello Nurse Mo and everyone! Simply; Nurse Mo is funny, informative, easy to listen to, and highly motivating. If I'm not working or sleeping, I've likely got Nurse Mo going on Spotify. I'm finishing up my pre-nursing courses, I've already aced my ATI TEAS and I'm expecting placement in a program next Spring. I've binged every episode of Straight A Nursing since deciding to make a career change in December 2020, now I have to wait with the rest of you. I bought the planner, and it's amazing! Even as a man, I don't mind the colorful layout, my only note would be that some of the fancy lettered words are hard to read (they're in a cursive style font) but that may just be because I have not learned that word or phrase yet. (I've since gone through, looked up each word, and printed the word next to it in pen, so it's not even that big of an issue. I bought Nurse Mo's book and followed her instructions with my pre-courses. AP2, Micro, and Chem all live in one binder, that gets worked through during that module, and then lives in the Mega Binder. That too is often re-listened to in audiobook format. Seriously, thank you Nurse Mo for helping a gung-ho Type A like myself feel prepared for my program! I'll be working full-time while in nursing school so being extra prepared, and overly organized is an absolute must! Also, I recommend the Facebook group! Everyone is super helpful, and it's nice to have a sense of comradery even in the distant learning lifestyle.
  • minalanina
    It all started with an Amazon search
    Hello all! It all started with an Amazon search. I was a pre-nursing student interested in a resource to help get me organized for my nursing program and found out about the book-nursing student thrive guide. I started reading then found out about this podcast. This podcast is so informative! I love that I can come to one place and listen while cleaning, driving or exercising. Well I just got my acceptance letter to an accelerated nursing program. I purchased the crucial concepts boot camp because of this podcast. It is a must have! I recommend to everyone that is about to start a nursing program to get this. Even when boot camp is finished you still reach out to us with zoom sessions! Thank you so much for this invaluable resource! Not only the podcast, but the boot camp and your website. I can’t wait to finish boot camp!
  • araes2102
    Simply the Best
    Nurse Mo THANK YOU for all the hard work you put into developing your podcasts!! I found your podcast last summer and have listened to just about every episode, and many of them more than once. I am now in my final semester of nursing school and I love to review topics I’ve previously learned to keep the content fresh in my mind and I love love love using these episodes to reinforce my current learning. I even compile links to your episodes which are relevant to upcoming topics in school and put them on the group chat for my whole study group to access. I especially love all the nursing interventions you include, that is the core of nursing and you give so many good tips! Again, thank you for all you contribute to the profession of nursing and to us future nurses!!
  • kachinajen
    Quality Improvement Perspective
    I am a QI manager for a small psychiatric hospital. Due to my unfortunate lack of an RN background, I have so many questions for and great interest in our Nursing Staff, and the challenges they may face. I just subscribed to this podcast today and I look forward to catching up on applicable episodes and learning more from Nurse Mo. I’ve made Medication Administration a PI Priority for 2021, in hopes to reduce medication errors. Thank you for the amazing straightforward delivery and highly educational sessions.
  • Jaryns GF
    Great resource for NCLEX studying!
    I just graduated nursing school and was looking for a podcast that I could listen to to review what I already knew for NCLEX preparation. There isn’t much out there that wouldn’t put me to sleep, except Nurse Mo! She is fun, engaging, and very knowledgeable! She covers content that is relevant and reviews informations that I already forgot about from school! I listen to her in the car and during a workout. I only wish I had found her sooner in Nursing school. However, I will continue to listen to Straight A nursing as I become a RN.
  • FeliciaBSNRN
    So thankful for you!
    I love your podcasts so much! I’m a nursing student and listen to dreadful lectures all day, and I get so excited to end lecture and listen to you! Your voice is so calm, soothing and passionate. (Okay that sounds weird but it makes a difference lol) I have learned so much and always look forward to more! Thank you again for helping me get through nursing school (online since covid). You’re a life saver! I have recommended you to all my fellow students! -Felicia
  • Mandy Lynn Collins
    New nursing student
    This podcast and Nurse Mo are wonderful! I start nursing school in January and this podcast is really helping me prepare. I’m very excited and nervous but Nurse Mo is helping me feel ready to take on this challenge. I also have Nurse Mo’s planner and it is wonderful!! I will definitely be ordering another one when I finish this one. Thank you for all you do.
  • nursevalor
    100% the best nursing podcast I’ve found
    I recently graduated nursing school in August of 2020, but had to take some time before taking the NCLEX due to a recent diagnosis of chronic illness. I’ve stayed on top of studying my notes and doing practice, but I felt like I lost a lot of my critical thinking skills. Listening to this podcast brought that “thinking like a nurse” right back because she breaks down various aspects of nursing care in a way that is so simple to follow & that shows you how to make those critical connections when considering care. Also provides so much great info that is actually pertinent to what we need to know . :)
  • MariaLisaZ4
    Love !
    This podcast is amazing and so helpful. Helping tons throughout nursing school :)
  • Rarity is Divine
    Nurse Mo, I love your podcasts!
    I love these podcasts! I’m currently a junior in high school and just became a CNA. These podcasts have been very comforting and have helped me feel prepared for what to expect in nursing school. Her study guides online have also been extremely helpful in some of the prerequisite classes I’m taking. Thank you for all of your hard work and giving me a head start.
  • Avybabyparadise
    Every student nurse needs this podcast!!
    I have an hour and 30 min drive to school and can’t listen to my lectures in the car. I found this pod cast and I have to say nurse Mo breaks it down for you! She saved me during my cardiac unit! I got a 91 on my exam (class average was 76)! She is so great at explaining things that you can apply to school. Thank you nurse Mo!!
  • tiumarie
    Thank You!!
    I just finished an accelerated BSN, during the pandemic and so glad a fellow student recommended your podcast to me first semester!! I listened to your podcast and utilized your planning during my program and can’t recommend it enough! (Also amazing for NCLEX prep, I passed first time 60questions and honestly was listening to a pod quiz on my drive to the testing center) I am just starting my very first nursing job and continue to listen to your podcast while walking my dog and doing chores around the house. I worked full time during nursing school and being able to study while commuting or doing things around the house was incredibly beneficial! Thank you nurse Mo!
  • Joide24
    Appreciate all you do! My friend recommended your podcast to me, glad I took the advice. I listened all through nursing school and now listen as a new grad nurse as refresher. Thank you!
  • needherd
    Life Saver
    This podcast has helped me study while I am walking, cleaning, or driving my son to school! I passed my respiratory test thanks to the albuterol episode! I feel more confident with test taking, and I am so grateful for the extra tidbits included in these episodes. Thank you Mo!!!! One more year to go!
  • jeannmadi
    So amazing!!
    I am a first semester RN student. I barely have any time to sleep with all the schoolwork & working every weekend. My time is very limited, but I live twenty minutes from my school. Every morning and afternoon, I play your podcasts. I have learned so much from you! Any free time that I have, I spend it on Apple podcast listening to you! The material you cover follows along with my lectures. Thank you so much for spending your time recording these. My instructor referred me to your podcast & I am so glad she did!
  • Brittany Hogan
    So amazing
    Time is so precious when you are a nursing student! This podcast is worth every second spent on it ! Nurse Mo gets down to the nitty gritty of what you need to know. I listen to these podcasts on my way to work to solidify what I am learning in lecture. Love love love. I would give a million stars if I could. Thank you Nurse Mo for creating this podcast and sharing your immense wealth of knowledge <3 Brittany
  • livhowie
    This content shouldn’t be free...
    This content shouldn’t be free because it’s just that GOOD (however I’m so thankful it is because I’m a broke nursing student!) The knowledge, expertise, and wisdom that Nurse Mo provides in the Straight A Nursing podcast set it apart from every other nursing school resource on the internet. I love being able to find a topic I’m learning about in school currently and listen to one of Nurse Mo’s podcast episodes to get a perspective that is different from my professors. My whole apartment complex probably thinks I’m insane from hearing me shout out answers to the pod quizzes, but I don’t care!! I’m just SO THANKFUL this resource is available. Nurse Mo, you rock! Sending you lots of love from Mississippi :)
  • goldnword
    Stellar Content, Easy to Listen to
    Thank you, Nurse Mo! Your podcast has been so helpful! You have a great voice and personality that shines through even via audio. You make it enjoyable to re-learn nursing. You share such great information - both overview and summaries while integrating critical thinking to the mix. I highly recommend this podcast!
  • micah michelle martin
    Thank you so much!
    This podcast is exactly what I was searching for. I have an hour commute for clinicals and work. Listening to nurse Mo on these drives has been a God sent. I really appreciate how Nurse Mo breaks things down to help you grasp the material. Her passion for helping students is very apparent! I have been putting in a lot of effort by using professor lectures, taking notes and supplementing with these podcasts and my grades are reflecting all of the hard work. Thank you nurse Mo and I look forward to new podcasts!
  • NurseRorMac
    Time well spent!
    Nurses, and student nurses don’t have a lot of time to throw around, but this podcast is well worth a fraction of it. I find myself able to cement what I’m hearing in lecture, and seeing in clinical, while listening to Nurse Mo. I’ve learned new ways to absorb information with the LATTE method, and those telemetry brain sheets have become our class’s favorite method of receiving and giving report. I could not be more grateful to have this tool available at my fingertips. Thank you Nurse Mo, for the time you spend to deliver these amazing podcast episodes! I appreciate it more than I can tell you!
  • Sarah hopefully RN
    I’m waiting to hear back from two schools I’ve applied to. Waiting on pins and needles is an understatement! However, listening to this podcast has kept me distracted, more encouraged, more excited, and I’m sure it will be very helpful once I start school (fingers crossed!). That’s so much!!! I’m probably going to delisted to every episode once I start school!
  • bri fox
    Using my free time so much better!
    I’ve never really been a podcast person however I was recommended to this podcast and let me tell you, you will not regret listening. I’m currently in an ABSN program (kicking my butt) so this podcast is been my best friend. Driving, showering, cooking you name it straight A nursing has been on. I’m obsessed with the pop quizzes, so Thank you nurse Mo!
  • Britt27*
    The best part of 2020
    I started an accelerated nursing program January of this year and my how things have changed since then! I listen to Nurse Mo when I need a guilt free study break. Why? Because I still learn! I often find myself thinking back to a podquiz or topics covered in an episode for help. The first thing I do when we start a new topic in class it see which episodes correlate to the material. I’m so thankful for this podcast and hope I can be half as good of a nurse as Nurse Mo one day!
  • aligoronsky
    Nurse Mo, I can't even begin to explain how much this podcast means to me! I'm a first semester nursing student and you're the best teacher I've ever had. You make things so much clearer to understand, super difficult topics seem simple... and make me feel SOO much better about not knowing how to pronounce some med names :) Thank you so much for all that you do, it's such an amazing resource to have. P.S, I love the pod quizzes so much!
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