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A weekly interview series from Russell Brand that examines what's beneath the surface—of the people we admire, the ideas that define our time, and the history we’re told. Speaking with guests from the worlds of academia, popular culture, and the arts, Russell seeks to uncover the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality. And have a laugh.On his new podcast ‘Above the Noise’ Russell guides us all—curious beginners, spiritual skeptics, and experienced practitioners—in brief, 10-minute meditations. Listen to Above the Noise on Luminary

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  • Kittymeow79
    Irreplaceable podcast
    I listen to this podcast weekly and it has provided me with a wisdom and drive towards bettering my life and the life of others. Specifically, the most recent podcast with Gabor Mate was a very courageous thing to post and my heart is very grateful that Russell did not make the decision to cut that part out. That is an issue in which the truth needs to be spoken about so thank you for that reminder to me in my daily life to be brave as well.
  • cmssep
    Steven crowder?! Really? I am out
  • jojodavid
    Just stumbled upon Russell Podcasts recently, and this is thoughtful and feeling provoking!
  • yruaVana
    Thank YOU.
    Love, love & love your podcast. For me, it has personal meaning.
  • LessCouchOn
    Dear Russ,
    Although the paradigm shift has been esoteric I can’t help but feel the intrinsic catapulting of the zeitgeist’s systemic negation of toxicity among its citizens steeped in an ethnocentric void of self preservation. In other word the lexicon can and will have a difficult time absorbing incessant amendments to its language…🕯 All this to say- I arrived in a dress sock before my family woke up this morning and I have explosive diarrhea. Irritation can and does occur from over wiping… -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • nicknick4341
    Is any of this new anymore?
    This was my favorite podcast for over a year but now just seems to be episode replays? Was there an announcement that this was being shelved? 5 stars with new content but can’t currently recommend a sub
  • cowgirlmermaid
    Unfollowing ducking
    Russell Brand has the potential power to direct tremendous good. Howeverhi s decision to repeatedly pu C BM blish data regarding the 19 vacci ne which is manipulated and factually yÿÿ t
  • yuckyuckewwww
    Tasty mind medicine
    Excellent guests and conversations. If you start the cult, count me in ✌🏽 Signed up to Luminary because of this podcast. Thank you very much
  • Sattvala
    An Oasis
    I always learn something from Russell. I love his choice of guests and the depth of his conversations.
  • MtnmanAz
    The world needs more Russell Brands !
    We have corporate media narratives that really really really need to be challenged ....constantly
  • Janice Gerken
    Thank you
    I just started waking up. Realized I was abusing alcohol and attempted quitting in 2018. Then I discovered rock bottom has a basement in Jan. of 2022 after attempting sobriety without learning how to live sober. Now, 7 months sober in recovery, I’ve decided to stop digging. I’ve hit a few rock bottoms and I’m putting down the shovel. These episodes are enriching my recovery and my self-discovery. I don’t even know who I am and I’m 34 years old. I’ve endured trauma and abuse like many of us have. Learning how to stop it, heal from it and how to not pass it on to my children is what is most important to me. Thank you for your content and sharing it with us. Looking forward to finding more with my Luminary subscription ❤️
  • downstreamdiversions
    Under the Skin/Michael Mead
    I’ve just subscribed to luminary to listen RB. LOVE YOU RUSSEL. I’ve listened to about 20 episodes in the last week and Michael Mead was amazingly stunning. Anyway you are so literate, so over the top expressive, and so funny. You are essential to life. Annie Duffy
  • Daddy751
    Wonderful podcast. Love the balanced perspective. Would love to hear a conversation with Bishop Robert Barron.
  • Lenticular Thoughts
    12 steps… to hear the content.
    He’s a good host with good topics and good guests but OMG what a huge painstaking long process it is to even hear it. Go to your app app. Upgrade it. Find this other app. Download that entire separate app. Pay to subscribe. Find the show. Find the episode. HFS. (And you can’t pause or unsubscribe and still hear content, so you’ll have to come back again later so you’re not automatically billed.)
  • Jack C 4761
    Constant Fresh Perspectives
    I love this show. The guests are always well thought and diverse to help you think of different ideas. Russell asks hard questions while still keeping an open mind and allowing people to explain their thoughts. Cannot recommend this show brought.
  • coconutcuts
    Speaker and seeker of truth
    From the brilliant guests he has on, to the deep questions he asks, Russell Brand is a true asset to humanity. His search for truth and meaning in this mixed up world, is needed now more than ever. I will continue to consume his content and attempt to spread it to anyone who will listen. Thank you Russell for being yourself, for believing in something, and filling a much needed void. You’re a heroic light in a strange arena where too many people are only looking out for themselves. We love you.
  • Keeper2015
    Nothing like a diverse collection of white men to tell us what’s wrong and how to fix it
    What a hypocrite. Spreading “love and understanding” but only if you pay for this millionaire’s podcast. I guess he did learn something from religion, just not anything good. Why is every episode just a preview of an actual podcast? Maybe change your title to reflect that there’s no full content or any content really.
  • Km444
    15 minutes is too short for a podcast
    I'm really enjoying this podcast but it cuts off way too early. You can’t have any kind of deep discussion in just 15 minutes.
  • PSchlehr
    Russell is a brother
    I have always enjoyed Mr Brands irreverent style of humor. It’s obvious to me that he is more than just another comedian. He has a deeper intent. With his recent venture into the world of formal academia, he has given form and depth to his work. He has become, for me, a brother. I also came to academia late in life. I was in my mid 40s when I enrolled in college for the first time. I majored in philosophy and now hold a MA from the University of British Columbia. I know the challenges of changing the way the mind works that Russell has encountered and I feel a deep kinship with him. I have been asking the same kinds of questions myself that Russell is embracing and I am often left with more questions than answers. I applaud Russell in his search for truth and meaning. I join with him in his journey to unlock the nature of the human experience. Like him, I feel terribly inadequate and ill-prepared for the task. But I join with Brother Brand in the quest. We may be like Don Quixote, hoping to move immovable objects. Perhaps we will find that the fruit, the true change, is not to be found in the besting of the windmill, but in the effort used and the personal character created in the effort. God bless you Russell in this work. When you see the light presented before you, embrace the light. Kill the ego and the preconceptions that deny the light. You deserve to live in the light, brother.
  • AmyB324
    Thank you for the Light.
    I find that I gravitate to this podcast (and the last parts of the episodes by switching to Luminary) when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by life. It’s rare to find honest, intelligent thought combined with love, but that is what you get here—often along with a good laugh. Thank you Russell and team. I’m better from listening in and it reminds me even when life feels tough, to keep getting up and trying my best to put love, joy, fun, and light back into the world. (Even in the recent face of family loss, trauma, breast cancer, and our crazy world). Thank you for the light!
  • #MIKE@apple
    Rare Beacon, in Medis Storm
    This podcast, has connected me with many fair thinkers, and ideas. This is allowing me to understand and process reality more accurately. I can be a better, husband, father, friend, community member in this way. Solid work, highly recommended, for increased satisfaction, meaning in life, and entertainment rolled into one.
  • kmann76
    First listen and now a listener for life
    I decided to listen to the free episode with Michael Singer because I’m really starting to explore his work, and I was so tickled by it that I immediately subscribed and I’m now digging through the archives. Such a charming soul, that Brand. I’m a fellow seeker and I thank you for helping me along my path.
  • I am a squishy leo
  • Zoe D'Apollo
    I’ve always admired your drive and intelligence. I was in the world marathon meeting when everything first shut down an you shared and it was the highlight of the meeting. I’ve read all your books and I love your ideas and insights and the vocabulary you use to convey them. I have enjoyed many of the conversations you have had on your podcast and your channel. You have a way of pulling invaluable information from people with the questions you ask. Your work is necessary and appreciated and I had to let you know. Zoe~Uxbridge Massachusetts
  • treefreedom
    Used to like but no more
    In two months, millions of Ukraine have been forced to fled their homes, tens of thousands dead and cities destroyed. Consciousness means being present with this suffering.
  • Ginger Fatty
    Absolute nonsense
    I love you, we both know you can do better than listen to this pile of aural twaddle.
  • BecAFish
    Awesome show….
    I love this show and listen every Saturday. The guests are so great, but I wish there could be more female voices brought to the forefront. The balance skews very male, which is cool, but in service of the great awakening it would be awesome to hear some wider perspectives. What about Sonia Barrett? Or Rebecca Solnit? Or any others? Love you Russ and miss Jenny already.
  • KatieMermaid
    Paul Kingsnorth
    This conversation was so affirming. Healing to hear such like mindedness. I am so grateful for finding your podcast and now Luminary. Brilliant!
  • c@lamity
    Our savior
    You will be shown in history to have been the most prescient and wise voice of our time. Keep on keepin on! -CalamityDawn
  • RMI2022
    Good pod.
    This is a good pod.
  • Rik1234badmofo
    Russy B. has grown so much and I Love him for it!
    I believe, that even if you don’t agree with his view he doesn’t count you out. Also, he is one of the reason I went to a 12 step program. This show is guy is making a positive impact in the world. Come along for the ride!
  • AshleyfromBigBear
    How do you find the entire episode??🤦🏻‍♀️
  • em from iowa city
    To me - best podcast
    I literally giggle ‘yes!’ when I see that a new episode comes out on Saturday’s morning. I often find politics lack spirituality and much of spirituality lacks political conversation…and this podcast is a delicious balance of both. Also, Russell is funny and Jenny is cool as well. Their banter is light! Thanks for this great show!
  • Swingchat
    Hope he will be mainstream again one day!
    It’s a bless that we have Russell brand who care and dare to tell the truth!
  • Lunaaurora8
    Russell Brand open thinker
    I love listening to Russell, because his mind is always questioning the world around him. Open minded discourse, I was afraid was dying, has found new life through Russell and his podcasts. Instead of just taking the news of the day at face value, he dives in and hunts down the other side of each story. Weighs out the facts and then, and only then, comes to his own, well thought out conclusions. Then he presents them as one point of view and asks his audience to continue to seek their own truth as well. If all of us would take the same open minded view of the world around us and understand that differing viewpoints are not a danger to our person but a chance to more fully explore these topics, then I dare say we would live in a less confrontational world. And a more open minded society, with less confrontation would be a kinder more understanding society as well. May we all seek such a place.
  • brisospiritual
    Thank you
    Thank you for covering what the media won’t speak on ✨
  • versionhistory
    This Podcast has made me hopeful again :)
    I may be a little biased because I have always loved Russell Brand, but I never realized how smart he is. A while back I saw a few interviews he had done with the media about politics and I was intrigued by his intelligence and wit. I am only on episode 4, but I am now choosing to wake up and listen to “Under the Skin” rather than turn on the television. Russell and his guests are helping me to understand the world I live in, giving my own thoughts validation, and making me laugh. This podcast gives me hope :) Thanks Russell :) BTW I paid a full year ahead on Luminary (worth it just for “Under the Skin” but offers so much more)
  • poopyfeels
    so many podcasts for free, why is this incomplete if i dont pay? I wonder if someone did a survey on % of podcasters providing free full episodes - corporate backed vs gender vs politics - what would we find? I appreciate the full offering to the public (and making income other ways) of ester perel, dykes with a mic, ologies, jessica lanyadoo, tara brach, etc etc …no coincidence…all women. women do (by far) most of the world’s “work” and the its undervalued/given freely to the world…..makes u think. id like to see Russell offer free full episodes. Its the only way i can believe his convictions and careful brilliant questions and topics that emphasize community, generosity, focus on poverty and class, etc.
  • ChickyKB
    the right length
    Wisdom in bites of the right size. I like Joe Rogan but 3 hours is a bit much.
  • kmstewart2
    The Lakewoods are the best band ever!!!
    This podcast rules too!
  • BigTimeTimmyJim1990
    Number one podcast!
    Best podcast around for me!! Russell is the man. Thank goodness there are people like him in the world these days. Doesn’t seem so grim when he’s out there doing his thing.
  • ToughTrust
    At the heart of all successful podcasts, shows or radio programs, is a genuine pursuit of truth by the host. The reasons for this show being so successful is not only the exceptional wit of the host, but also a genuine pursuit of truths we all seek. There is no question that if corporate media are able to whack Joe, Russell will be next and I mean that as a compliment.
  • althea72
    Only hypocrite liberals voting 1 ⭐️
    First of all, love what Russell does for recovery community giving inspiration & hope. Then he hits the nail directly on the head about politicians being corrupt monsters, using ‘woke culture’ to divide everyone when theyre in bed with big pharma, big tech, corporations ETC..! How mainstream & social media are just pushing the left agenda & are pro censorship. Politicians using covid for money & power ETC.. All while rich get richer & more entitled (this includes the criminals in office, their appointees, & lobbyists), the poor are getting poorer -and mouth breathing, drooling liberals calling him ‘right wing’? TOTAL INSANITY AS USUAL! How is wanting all people to have a decent quality of life, not at each others throats but community, free speech, freedom of choice over your own well being, medical help, addiction & mental health resources ETC.. HOW IS THIS ‘drinking Quanon kool aid’ or ‘right wing’???? Go buy more Amazon while never stepping foot to spend money in a poor urban neighborhood hypocrite liberals👍🏻 Its not right or left anymore! There are people continuing to vote for & champion horrible criminals who spew hatred & lies under guise of ‘social justice’ while destroying lives stealing, dirty dealing & living like celebrities. THEN there are those of us who want ‘outsiders’ in office who will start making things better for the PEOPLE THEYRE EMPLOYED TO SERVE, no more of the insiders all in it to steal, dirty deal, & divide us! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK! Love this podcast, love your YouTube channel 💙
  • Ahmedbright
    One of the best podcasts
    great #podcast 👏🏻, great guests u ra free enlightened soul 😇
  • Falstaff2
    Brand loyal lol
    7 yrs clean frm the ‘downtown’ as well Russel….proud of us. So, over the past year or two you are definitely in the top five of my honor roll I just I just love what you’re doing man and if it means anything dude I would simply say you are my ‘Rogan’ hehehe.. stay safe , joyous, free n genuine.
  • Stu Nims
    Love it!
    Russel Brand, you rock!
  • Ericksii
    Worth your time
    I love what Russel is doing here. He keeps it real and defies binary politicization of topics. This should be a part of any well rounded palate of podcasts.
  • justhumbs
    Russel !!! “Under The Skin” Great Show
    “Under The Skin” Great Show, Wonderful Energy, Great Guests - Thank You Please Keep Doing The Show Russel. John
  • Feral Rhetor
    Love Russell’s inquisitive mind
    More than ever, western culture needs programs such as this that go against the grain of dominant aka corporate status quo thinking. I appreciate the reasoned, enthusiastic intelligence Russell brings to his interviews. Wonderful podcast that resonates long after listening.
  • kellyrcross
    Another celebrity after that Qanon money!!Hilarious how Trumper’s and anti-vaccine people hate Hollywood unless they are on their side!! Seriously dude!You are killing people with your lies!!
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