Under The Skin with Russell Brand


A weekly interview series from Russell Brand that examines what's beneath the surface—of the people we admire, the ideas that define our time, and the history we’re told. Speaking with guests from the worlds of academia, popular culture, and the arts, Russell seeks to uncover the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality. And have a laugh.
On his new podcast ‘Above the Noise’ Russell guides us all—curious beginners, spiritual skeptics, and experienced practitioners—in brief, 10-minute meditations. Listen to Above the Noise on Luminary

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  • Jessjerz
    Listening to Russell Brand and having read his books has truly taught me new ways to improve the things I need to change, and has also inspired me along the way. He’s opened my mind to meditation and gave me a sense of hope I began to lose. His intellect along with making me smile due to his comedic talent is why I love him.
  • I am The IPhone kid
    Used to be much better
    I used to love this podcast but then it changed. Russell wastes a huge chunk of the show doing pointless and unfunny banter with his female co-host and terrible audio drops before finally getting to the interview with the guest. Then he talks to the guest about wingnut conspiracies and woo woo faux spirituality. You will lose IQ points listening.
  • ~akb27~
    love it
    I could listen to him all day.
  • Purllygurl
    People are crazier than ever.
    These silly reviews saying they assumed this or that
  • BeTrueToMe
    Not a luminary
    Russell is wasting his very capable mind with childish shenanigans like conspiracy theories and mental temper tantrums. If he ever applies critical and DEEP thinking, he could be brilliant.
  • tjffuuv
  • Goodestroyer1
    I’ll Tell You What
    Russell, it’s interesting that around 2012 when Great Britain began to stray from nationalized healthcare toward privatized healthcare that the U.S. forced nationalized healthcare upon citizens via executive order (not votes). “Obamacare” health policy is still considered an illegal mandate (i.e. tax) by both Democrats and Republicans in America, and cases against it are still being tried in the Supreme Court. Whether U.S. insurance companies such as United Healthcare recognized they had to seek lost earnings outside America due to government taking control of their revenue stream, or conversely, they were incentivized by Obamacare to spread tentacles into Great Britain, the bottom line is that they benefit where People either pay more or get less than what they’ve been promised by government. This issue requires a very deep dive into how it helps and/or hinders globalization and the affects that globalization has on the actual individual human beings throughout the West who fund such a program(s). It’s also worth noting that U.S. health insurance companies have been completely removed from the COVID19 pandemic equation (at least publicly speaking); vaccines are “free,” most testing is “free,” but whether or not hospitalization is “free” you’d have to ask those who survived being hospitalized and lived to tell about it. I do know the Dr. Fauci NIH funded and patented Remdesivir hospital-only IV drug treatment is $3-5k per dose.
  • Derleek86
    Signed up for anwar
    Russel is evolving....
  • Selassie I an I
    You are a light
    I love your insight, wit, and wisdom. I am a former opera singer who has been in recovery from alcoholism for more than two years, and I couldn’t be more grateful for what you do. You should put out a reading list! Having now read Vandana Shiva (Oneness and the 1%) and Robert McFarland (Underworld), I’m hungry for more diverse recommendations. Thank you again Russell and I’ll keep coming! PS - I love your jingles and Banter Decanter with the adorable hermit crab.
  • Bleeding ear listener
    Amazing transition
    From addict to one of the most respectable media personalities. How does it feel knowing that you’re more trusted than other sources ?
  • Jawsthecat1
    I had no idea
    I always thought of Russel as an over the top buffoon. He is not that, at all. He is thoughtful, insightful, and intelligent. Keep on keeping on, and DON’T get a hair cut my man!
  • Snowdohn
    Russell is always inspirational, imaginative and unbelievably loving towards all of our species something I’m not sure I could do. I respect his opinions and trust whatever he’s doing he’s doing it for the betterment of mankind. Love this Podcast! Thank you Russell for a feast of the mind and spirit!
  • @jfrench1021
    Who is Russell? This is Russell:
    Russell is a beautifully bearded warrior thrusting the proverbial spear of truth! His war garments are riddled with holes and tattooed like a knight of goth! He stands atop the digital QR-mountain with the mind of a Jungian, the spirit of Ghandi, and the voice of a raspy british Nietzsche! He is un-cancellable, highly-danceable, and a big upright middle finger to the establishment. And the best part? He's got an army of unhinged insightful free thinking doppelgängers who have a box of argument-ammunition ready to spirituality-shadow-box the elites into the abyss! ... But really though, he is an all around good man and a genuine human being. Thanks for spreading the love Russell, your words are heard and you are not alone!
  • Njnoi
    What an absolute fool
    Russell can’t get work cause he has no talent so this is his last chance to capitalize off mediocrity
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Russel, host of the Under the Skin with Russel Brand podcast, highlights all aspects of life, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • UrbanKatGirl
    Agree to disagree.
    I could listen to you and Ben Shapiro talk for days. You established common ground and then discussed your disagreements respectfully, honestly, intellectually, and wittily. This is how we should all communicate. Listening to disagreeing person’s debate opens your mind to different thoughts. Love it.
  • Cdodick
    A gift to the planet
    Russell’s authenticity, intelligence and passion are a true gift to the world. He is a pleasure to listen to, he is always thought provoking and I deeply appreciate his courage in exploring the critical issues of our time.
  • Buzzy Buzzard
    Thanks Russell!
    I’ve been waiting 31 years to find Dr. Berceli’s message and it was through your podcast that it came to me. My gratitude is infinite. I so appreciate your authenticity.
  • Mike0089
    Best person In Hollywood
    Everything he speaks on seems so genuine and like he doesn’t speak to gain more fame fortune or “clout” as some would say. He simply just speaks from the heart and gives unbiased opinion based on fact. Definitely a new respect gained for this man and I will continue to listen in and hear what he has to say. Appreciate you and your voice! ♥️
  • Camille Virginia
    Russell gets straight to the heart
    Russell brings his wit and amazing conversation skills to every episode and interview - he knows how to get to the heart of a person and their area of expertise and elicit amazing insight and advice that listeners can use to improve their own life. Highly recommended!
    Love it
    Crushing the game!
  • amunafen
    Russel’s an excellent guest but…
    I enjoy listening to Russel in a stand-up context as well as when he’s a guest on various kinds of shows/podcasts/etc, so one could say I’m the right audience for this, or that I’m biased in not liking him as a host. Unfortunately I found myself in the latter category, to say the least. The subjects covered do not get even close to any kind of depth as advertised (under the skin,) and Russel doesn’t seem to know how to steer the guest or himself towards that goal. Listen for yourself; I chose 3 episodes that interested me and was let down with each one; as soon as an intro to the topic was explained, Russel put his two cents in and then there was just 2-3 minutes left for any kind of exploration. His flashy-sexy podcast cover photo along with the plugs for his meditation podcast make it all come off as a—forgive my use of this currently overused word but it fits here quite well— G🙏🏿R🙏🏻I🙏🏽F🙏T. Namaste, Unified Field of Awareness, etc. Esquire
  • Tnole
    SO Good!
    Russell Brand is all the things - this show is as interesting as it is well produced - thought maybe they could cut a few more things here and there - overall 5 stars!
  • huda daniel
    Excellent pod, speaking truth to power weekly. Gets the point across every time. Sending best wishes and prayers that Jen finds a proper mate soon and lives a full life of happiness thanks for your hard work at making a great pod.
  • Pann13
    Continuing to enjoy the evolution of this podcast and the patience in awareness of the chaotic and ultimately unknowable. Would enjoy future interactions with people like Ibram Kendi and Walt Thornhill, and what comes of things like self-interest and equality and revolutionary cosmologies. On a side note, along the lines of how established powers define the boundaries of competing or existential ideas. I would appreciate if Atheism stop being used as a term to describe an absence of spirituality -as opposed to the rejection of a personal deity and appointed authority. Thanks
  • Lydiabates86
    Thank you for bringing Bret!
    Bret Weinstein is second to you as the most influential influencer in my world. Having both of your minds together in a room feels like progress. Appreciate you! Listening on Luminary btw. 😘
  • SxeLindsey
    Pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy his podcasts.
  • Ryanizer4K
    Informative, interesting, inconceivable!
    Russell is an excellent and informed interviewer. He has a peerless interview style which allows his subjects ample time to expound on their topics and selects compelling interviewees. The only negative about the show is Jenny May Finn, she is an energy hemorrhoid and dark miasma hanging over the production. Even so, worth your time!
  • Darawoo
    Game Theory of Thinking
    Wit, insight, curiosity, raw honest conversations and comments
  • lilNichole
    Great Minds think alike
    I enjoy listening in and knowing that there are others who see similar things giving evidence to what lies ahead in the not to distant future. One thing I have come to understand better is money translates into people. People provide service and time for currency in whatever form in order to get resources needed or desired. People give things purpose ultimately
  • Mmeconner
    I love this so much
    I love Russell Brand and all he shares. I watch his YouTube and IG and now this :) I also love his meditations on Above the Noise. I am so happy he is creating this content for the world.
  • Joelsantos7
    Apple Podcast or Luminary! But NOT Both
    If you’re only going to provide half an episode or preview, a trailer, or a teaser only to get people to sign up to Luminary, subscribe to you while all the while I’m sure you’re getting kickbacks from Luminary I have no time for that. I mean no one else does that; like not even Rich Roll does that! Thanks but no thanks Rich, you’re cute but you’re not that cute. 🙏
  • Chessica86
    This dude …
    Is wonderful in so many ways . I’m grateful for this podcast.
  • Big al 4791
    Great podcast
    Surprisingly great interviewer. This and the blue collar hour podcast are my favorite. Yaaaa hooooo
  • c.s. vance
    A true voice for the working g class.
    Cheers from America. Keep up the great work.
  • Hobbes Durden
    Wonderful content from a very intelligent person
    Russell Brand does such a wonderful job of introducing us to very prestigious people in their fields. He is very good at opening up a conversation that allows them to not just give a speech, but answer questions and explain aspects that could otherwise go missed. Thank you for your insight in to addiction and the human experience!
  • rkaras2
    Ridiculously biased
    In full disclosure, the only episode of this podcast that I ever heard was the anti-Israel one with Gabor Mate. Ok, everyone is entitled to their opinion, even when it isn’t based in fact and also at the same time tokenizes Jews. I found the episode offense, but I thought that Brand would maybe provide a pro Israel episode next. Nope. He taped the anti Israel episode when the issue was hot on everyone’s minds and then didn’t provide a timely opportunity for a counter argument. Brand, thanks for doing what you can to promote disinformation and encourage antisemitism.
  • HaEmet
    Respected you both until I heard your recent podcast with Dr Gabor Mate. What a skewed misrepresentation of history and facts.
  • Kirjava24
    This close to subscribing.
    I really like Russell Brand (loved his book, particularly, and I like a lot of these interviews. I would subscribe to Luminary to listen to it more, but the repeated Jordan Peterson interviews and sound clip used at the beginning of the episode keeps from it.
  • LadyGarden45
    Great Focus
    I love the podcast. Amazing discussion!
  • Windy_Village
    Need to focus on the interview, Intro is way too long..
    I suscribed Luminary just for this podcast. I love listening to it before, but I now stop listening before the intro finishes...the banter with co-host is very long and not funny, it seems a waste of time...please focus on the main topic more.
  • acr8988
    Waste of time
    The intro is too long. He talks so fast and rambles on about nothing important. Intolerable and irritating to listen to.
  • GingiRob
    Always relevant to free thinkers
    RB has put together a great pod cast for free thinkers. I enjoy the range of guests and, even when it’s someone with whom I have a political misalignment with, RB engages that person in a way to bring out the meaningful bits of that person - the bits that transcend simple politics. I’d like to see him speak with James O’Keefe from Project Veritas at some point in the future, I think it would be eye opening for a lot people.
  • Sikboy303
    Predator posing as a house pet
    It really breaks my heart as I have read his books and really enjoyed the podcast but when a man with a net worth > that $20 million moves his podcast about “helping people with a message of love and understanding” behind a paywall my ears perk up. Thinking “hmm that’s odd, I mean the ads are one thing but a pay wall? How much can he care about getting the message out with a move like that?” So dug into it and it turns out that “spiritually” is just the latest grift and a very long line of them. A dude that sells sweatshirts and the like for £60 each, claiming that his company receive none of the profit which instead is ploughed into a charity that helps build community social enterprise projects... however it was found that some were made in factories in Bangladesh where workers receive 25p and hour and work 11 hour shifts. Should have been my first red flag and it only got worse from there. Does it detract from the message? In a world of fake I tend to think authenticity is worth its weight in the gold that Russell so clearly covets.
  • sugarbear2466
    Thank you
    I have to disagree with the universe going silent.That is a limited view. The truth is much much bigger than we can even comprehend. Have to agree with Russell completely .thank you
  • starfish74
    Fabulous listen!
    Just started listening and I’m addicted after one episode. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Cheers!
  • Chris he/they
    Made Differently
    First time writing any review ever but I’ve been listening since lockdown started and my Wiccan Coven kicked me out sending me into a spiral. As a fellow ego addict I don’t know if you need this extra boosting up 😂 but as a fellow substance addict and spiritual being who feels out of place and unseen in society (even attacked and assaulted because of it) I’ve been watching your content like church. Do you know how much it helps to see someone being their real spiritual self in this fake world? Also as a non-binary person and a witch it’s very painful to go through much of the spiritual world that can sometimes be dismissive of identities they don’t understand but you’ve always included us (in fact everyone) in the awakening. I’ve never seen such radical acceptance of ALL beings as you share. I feel this nonjudgment of all but even that is often met with anger and backlash. Thank you for speaking the truth as best you can. God made some people different and to see someone like me using their difference to share the enlightening instead of giving up to this painful world is life-giving. Thank you for keeping with it. Every day that I work my magic if that’s meditating, presenting as my gender, offering love to all, dancing wild on the street corners, going topless, offering smiles when they hate me I get mostly backlash but to see someone who understands being made differently going against the grain and honoring their truth I thank you. I thank you so deeply. You don’t know what seeing someone like me speak boldly can do. It’s painfully rare. Everyone has their good work to do so thank you for listening to the call and doing yours. It matters. Thank you.
  • Basic functionality
    Love the show, hate the jingles
    Every time I hear one of the jingles, I nearly jump out of my skin. Also, when a podcast has beautiful voices, as Russell and Jane both do, it's nice to fall asleep listening. The frickin jingles make that impossible
  • iPhone student
    Russell Brand is definitely not the typical Hollywood actor. He doesn’t go along with typical left narrative. He has a fresh perspective on the elites & I am enjoying his take on things.
  • Leokitty
    Bloody Genius!
    I love this podcast. It tickles my brain and my ribs! Talking of ribs, the ribbings he gives producer Jen in the intros are the funniest thing ever! She is the best sport about it. Oh to be teased by Russell - what a fine thing that would be! Russell asks very perceptive questions and digs deep into his interviewees minds and the subject matter. Well worth a listen. Thank you Russell for your wit, eloquence, authenticity and generosity of spirit.
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