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Each morning, multi-platform sports personality Clay Travis shares his informed, outspoken, fearless and often funny commentary on the latest sports headlines, as well as pop culture commentary, interviews and listener interaction.

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  • michellewagner
    Outkick is an Oasis in the Midst of Covid Craziness
    In the last year, Clay’s voice has been the single most rational and encouraging on the airwaves. Whether it’s figuratively body slamming Peter “Queen” and “Karen” Rovell live on the radio, or showing the hypocrisy of Jemele “Fidel” Hill and Dan “Woke”-en, or of simply providing unbiased stats regarding the handling of COVID in the United States, he has provided his listeners with such satisfying content, akin to a weary desert traveler who stumbles upon a lush oasis in the middle of the Sahara. Thank you for standing up to the left and saying what we are all thinking, Clay. Now, if only your cats would respect you as much as your listeners do.
  • TheHotheadPodcast
    This ain’t no Hootenanny
    If you came here for a Hootenanny type podcast, turn away now. Better yet, stay on and get schooled by the man himself. While he may be the only radio host who actually knows what that is and can use it in a sentence, his show is the exact opposite. It’s the most formal sports talk show you could get, where the only music that is played is the wails and whines of CoronaBros. And the only dancing you can find is Clay as he stomps on their wokeism. The only thing that would make this show better is if more coronabros would grow some balls and actually come on the show, so i can laugh historically as Clay destroys them. (I’m looking at you Peter King). Love the show, keep up the great work!
  • Jrod1987venezuela
    Real sports talk
    Love getting my sports news without political bias or agendas. ESPN lost me a long time ago with their wokeness. I’m grateful for this podcast.
  • dr ffats
    Awesome show
    Done the right way! Bravo
  • Tampa Sam E
    Dunking on the bros
    Incredible show day in and out. Clay continue to dunk on the coronabros daily. Keep killing it clay and crew.
  • Jake8799
    Big Murch keeping Clay humble
    After there being no one star reviews yesterday, I wanted to save Danny G the trouble of scrolling through Clay’s Twitter to keep him humble. I actually love the show and listen daily. Hoping to get a One Star t-shirt lol! Keep up the good work!
  • ritecon
    Glenn Close killed the rabbit.
    I am not your demographic. I’m an old white woman. But I love your show. And one of the reasons I love it so much is that you talk to a group of people who rarely get talked to like adults. And that is young man 15 to 25 years old. You bring them lots of common sense, logical thinking about sports and politics.These are things that really happen in any other part of society for that group of people. So keep on, you get better every show!!
  • Jeanpaul1234
    The leftist Mob fears the Man
    CT es el mejor y no le tiene miedo a los locos de la izquierda, por eso mi hermano mucho éxito❤️💪🏻
  • attaboyGabe
    Love this show! I listen to every minute daily. Clay always keeps it real and doesn’t beat around the bush. Gotta laugh though when he said ‘Bell-ater’ instead of ‘bell-uh-tore’ on the jake Paul/askren AD. No one corrected him either. Hahha
  • KJpargolf
    Pretty Good
    This is a pretty good radio show. I kinda like it. @deebiebrother
  • Db407
    Clay is not a potato
    You can always count on Clay to tell you how it is from a no-nonsense perspective, devoid of emotion or political view. I appreciate that in today’s fake news climate. Keep up the good work! #DBAP
  • FOX Sports Rulz
    Four horsemen of podcasts
    Rogan Shapiro Crowder Travis Travis overtakes Cowherd as my “go to” for sports content. Don’t pander to the woke and you’ll stay in my rotation.
  • Josh G 11
    Love the show
    Left the 4 letter network after they canned Golic. Don’t miss the woke sports network one bit. Keep being real!
  • Mr Leo G
    Best show
    Love the attitude and detail in just about every show. Funny and so logical. I get up at 3am pst just to listen to it. Love listening live and on podcasts. The twitter site is hilarious as well.
  • bturner1914
    Clay is the man!
    I started listening to Outkick a little before the lockdowns last year. He is the only one to tell the truth about everything! Always giving us the facts the facts the facts! Keep doing your thing! PS - you mentioned that Florida was the last team to win a championship for the first time. You forgot about Virginia who just one their first championship the last time we had a tournament.
  • Drewcifer Giznad
    Honest News/sports talk
    Clay is a class act! OutKick 5 stars, way better than espn woke jokes
  • SD Burger
    South Dakota Man
    I don’t always agree with Clay, but you know where he stands and it makes sense and has a factual base. Thanks Clay
  • St Clair1
    Great to not submit to cancel culture.
  • TheBigChrisShow
    Clay is the man
    Unlike most people in the media, Clay actually has the nuts to speak the truth and speak what he truly believes in.
  • Woodjr
    Only guy in sports world that tells it like it is. Thank you for reporting facts and letting the facts you report tell the story. Too many “journalists” today insert their personal beliefs into a story therefore making themselves part of the story.
  • Mngoldenboy
    Love it! Best show in this country and this great land!
    Thank you for standing up and speaking out against the NBA’s hypocrisy when it comes to China! They are cowards and hypocrites. This is the geopolitical battle of the next century! Love the show brother! USAF disabled veteran 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Triviawiz3000
    Its actually sports!
    The antidote to CNNESPN
  • NBALover892
    Amazing podcast!
    This is the best podcast ever, much better than the other sports podcasts out there.
  • Speak freely my child
    Liberal snowflakes beware
    If you are a liberal snowflake that’s easily offended or angered when facts don’t align with your feelings then this show isn’t for you. If you love to cancel people for not having opinions like the liberal left and wish to speak freely this isn’t for you. But if you want to remove the blind fold and get a unique perspective on life and sports this show is for you.
  • dfcf99
    Clay Travis is a coronabro slayer
    Clay Travis discusses the biggest sports topics and does so for sports fans that care, not the woke loser coronabros that only aim to cancel everything. Danny G and the crew add lots of fun to the show and the regular guests bring some great expertise (Petros, Isola, and Klatt are the best). Keep fighting the good fight against cancel culture and the woke sports b.s. Thanks Clay!
  • Troutdale Mayor
    Real talk!
    Love that you talk about the topics that most other shows will not mention.
  • Clay is a Brick
    Clay is a Brick
    Clay is a Brick
  • ECU Joe
    John McClain the GOAT
    I listened to your interview with John McClain and I have to say I want to drive out to Texas just to watch old westerns with him. What a thoughtful and interesting guy. Keep up the good work.
  • nduwhsuehwjsixyebsidfk?
    Best sports talk going...
    Great show, smart conversation, logical takes, wildly entertaining!
  • BigBlue BobbyC
    I’m with Outkick
    What a breath of fresh air it is to listen to FOX Sports’ Outkick the Coverage in Florida. Especially after being subjected to the nonsensical twist applied to sports reporting up north by ESPN radio. Clay Travis has a clear and simple way of not only delivering sports news but he sets a logical, fact base, editorial on the real relationship between sports and the rest of our social issues. From a New Yorker who has had enough of the false application of the so-called politically correct approach to everything I am now a devoted listener to Outkick The Coverage. Thanks Bobby C ( BigBlue Giants fan) 201-981-6994
  • Bonersoup78
    Who Listens to this Garbage?
    I don’t understand why people listen to this guy.
  • TheMan9876
    Very reFRESHING
    Been on to my man Clay Travis since the ESPN president resignation scandal. And until you finally discover another source of sports news & entertainment, you never realize how awful ESPN has become. Give it a try.
  • <MJ>
    The Best in Sports
    I’ve been listening to Clay for over 6 years. He singlehandedly took down MSESPN morning radio ratings and their woke virtue signaling. Authenticity & consistent standards matter. Although China and the NBA may not like my 5 star review, I won’t just shut up and listen. I’m more than a listener, I also type reviews. I hope to get credit from Danny G for being ‘brave’ and sending Clay a complement!! DBAP
  • #1vietfan
    Great Show
    The hardest working guy in podcast.
  • Blakeheem
    Great podcast!
    I found Clay on Twitter back in April when I was working from home. Clay was one of the few people who were saying we should not be locked down. Listening to the podcast gave me some hope that sports would return. I don't miss an episode. Keep up the great work!
  • chrisariston
    Eddie’s 6 minutes
    In honor of the 6 minutes that Eddie saved by bailing on the show early I will make this brief. I have been listening prior to OpaqueGate and I don’t miss a single episode. I got my wife to listen and she is also hooked. Clay and crew are always honestly and straightforward where others have agendas. This is so refreshing. Come for the sports and stay for the entertainment of Animal thunderdome, technology failing rants, Danny’s tinderonis and of course Petros! Chris in Nashville (sorry we infiltrated from Chicago)
  • Ryan P Quinlan
    Ryan Q
    Listening to Clay and the Outkick crew have helped keep me sane during the pandemic. I appreciate his honest takes on politics and sports. Get woke, go broke!
  • goldendomer2014
    Lights out
    I would’ve given you a 5 star review but I can’t take anymore of Shawn Merriman. If you want your show to be elite, you need elite guests who are fun to listen to. I’d rather listen to Clay and the guys kick around issues, than listen to a guest analyst who isn’t very interesting.
  • Monkey son1234
    Trash just like your boy Josh Hawley
    Hey Clay your boy Josh Hawley is an absolute trashbag just like you. It’s too bad that the awesome cast of guys around you has to put up with your absolute garbage every day. Congrats on being mid 60s on the sports podcast top chart, that even seems pretty high.
  • curtiskiser
    So happy I found your podcast
    I am 53 years old and have been a lifelong avid sports fan. During the pandemic, I ,like many others was forced to work from my home. I left espn on all day in the background to keep up and became increasingly disgusted by the unsolicited woke opinions of the “reporters “ and athletes. I told a couple of my friends that I had a great idea. A sports channel for normal people that don’t want to have wokeness jammed down our throats. Two different friends mentioned outkick and I gave it a listen. I haven’t missed a show since. I love you guys speaking the truth regardless of the outcome and just hope you don’t end up getting pulled off the air. Congratulations on your continued success and please keep doing what you are doing All the best Curtis Kiser
  • Happy to be in 2021
    Great podcast horrible commercials
    Love the podcast Hate the commercials for other podcasts. Almost Every commercial is for some liberal or SJW podcast. Are there no conservative or libertarian podcasts to advertise? More of big tech pushing the narrative.
  • codyboy82
    Say your prayers and take your vitamins
    I started listening to Outback from the recommendation of a buddy, who happens to be an Auburn fan, in March of 2020. I was a casual sports fan who had strong opinions on; Running from a virus is like hiding from your shadow. Eventually you’ll be forced to face it, and when you do, your best option is to listen to Hulk Hogan and “say your prayers and take your vitamins” versus living in delusion and fear like the Corona Bros promote. I love your logical and straightforward views on everything. Haven’t missed a day since. #MakeAmericaGreatSomeMore2024
  • DLud34
    Most Entertaining Sports Podcast
    I discovered you because of your appearance on the Ben Shapiro Sunday Special when you discussed the woke sports media. Even though I’ve stopped listening to Ben Shapiro, you have remained part of my daily routine. My favorite part about the show is how you’re never afraid to speak your mind and your rants about bad connection on the phones. The only thing you need to do now is DBAP with snakes. Keep up the great work!
  • The Real Robbie
    Jesus approved Podcast
    With so much toxic speak in our world, it’s refreshing to listen to Clay Travis and the crew bring stellar and entertaining news with a blend of sports and life topics. Thanks for being a beacon of light in our world. All the best!
  • Rick tha Hick
    Finding Sane-ness In Sports Talk
    I have finally found a great place to listen to sports where leftism and woke-ness haven’t taken over. I love that you guys think like rational humans and don’t enjoy being told to be scared at everything, especially since 45 was in office. Being a rational human card has now become taboo and you guys don’t give two craps and i appreciate that wholly. Keep the show going strong and keep having the little peoples backs! All we want is our sports and to be left alone!! Thanks for fighting for us!!
  • Allmond Joy 25
    Corona bros, no más!
    I was a faithful listener to 710 ESPN radio, but after an early airport run one day I stumbled upon Clay Travis. What a refreshing change of pace. I can always appreciate someone in the media that speaks the truth. I have to thank you for coining “corona bros” I have been dropping that left and right lol. I now have my brother and four co workers now consistently listening. Keep it up bro and telling it how it is.
  • spinscooterssuck
    Clay, I’m a hater and in Seattle! Hating comes from listening to homers talk about the same thing and listen and lie to the general public on their own ideas! But as for you and your ideas, love them 🤙
  • Moose street
    Why is Jason Whitlock never on anymore?
  • Ryanb1017
    Clay Travis is actually the worst sports personality, actually he is just the worst period
    I’ve never imagined that one person could have so many horrible opinions on a wide variety of issues but this herb has done it. If you didn’t think one person could be wrong on every take then please take a second and let me introduce you to Clay Travis. The only reason to listen to Clay Travis would be to reaffirm that your own opinion is on the right side by him disagreeing with you. If you agree with anything Clay Travis has to say I apologize in advance but you may need to seek help from a trained professional. If I had to make a comparison to who Clay Travis is I would say to just think of Skip Bayless but with no charisma, no original takes and if Skip was just plain doofy.
  • grthcfhn
    Finally an original sports podcast without politically correct talking points.
    An entertaining sports podcast without politically correct talking points.
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