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The hot topics that have everyone talking from the five voices that will have everyone listening. Don't miss 'The Five' as they discuss, debate and at times debunk the hot news stories, controversies and issues of the day.

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  • victoriax14
    Love this show
    I love this show. I don’t understand all the hate about Jessica, I love her. I enjoy listening to everyone’s point of view and it’s supposed to have mixed view points to keep it interesting and I mostly lean towards her side anyway. If anything, everyone else is rude to Jessica just for voicing actual researched facts and her opinion.
  • Brittly27
    My Favorite!
    Love this show and especially “Judge”! Really wish they would keep Harold and get rid of Jessica though! She’s is incredibly rude, argumentative, overtakes the conversation and will yell over others to make her point.. plus, her voice is incredibly annoying. Besides Jessica, all of the hosts are great and I enjoy the open conversation and humor!
  • rpjy
    Dump Jessica
    Why do you have a host who attempts to twist every topic to Democratic talking points, Harold is so much more honest and fair and represents a more honest perspective, send Jessica to CNN where she belongs…
  • Jsjjqhaic
    More Five
    We need Kayleigh McAneny instead of Jessica. But atleast she is more bearable then any other lostliberal
  • wreckem81
    Rude and obnoxious
    Please please FIRE Jessica. She is unbearable and her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. She is so self righteous and overbearing. I get that the fire and ice keeps it interesting but she is beyond the pale. She thinks she is intellectually superior but Judge Janine runs circles around her! As do the rest of them. Please cut her loose. Thanks!
  • $Money$Mike$
    Jessica Tarlov is still the absolute WORST.
    Tarlov is horrendous. Th y might actually take her words seriously if she was actually consistent and called balls and strikes. She’s so quick to defend any and all Democrats for but is just as quick to condemn Republicans when the use the exact same words. Please get rid of her and hire Ford, he’s actually objective. Also start asking each other serious questions that actual Americans are talking about. Horrible. Then I’ll be happy to give a 5 star rating.
  • Rob -1973
    Need more Jessica
    Could we have her on the show daily?
  • What’s
    The current hosts
    Your listing needs to be updated with current hosts. Live the show but. The host list is totally in accurate
  • veeclaire58
    The Voice but really it’s not the “Voice.”
    This is my SHOW! I enjoyed watching when I could afford the astronomical cable/digital TV cost. Now I listen to most of the show. There are days when my finger and ears just cannot resist utilizing the mute button. In the beginning I would listen, it was hard, I gave it my best shot, now I don’t mind using the mute button. I’m sure you know who I’m referring to. If someone could give her a swift kick in the seat of the pants she might possibly finish her contributions to the show quicker and we could move on! I’m giving the show three stars only because she gives my happy feeling a sad face and makes my ears hurt. And, I never really take anyone who thinks their opinion is the only opinion and by dang they think they can change your stance just by opening their mouth and giving theirs. Juan, as hard as it was to listen to you most days, when are you coming back? Better yet, Howard, how bout a full time position?
  • lomax1961
    The Five
    Love the Five….. less Jessica and More Harold
  • Maggiejessica
    Vocal Fry
    Love this podcast, but the young lady with the vocal fry (major liberal) makes me fast forward. She is so disrespectful that most of the time I have to turn the show off. Get her off. Seriously, she’s the worse. I rarely listen when she is on. Snotty attitude and uneducated on what is really going on.
  • Tmax out
    Love the five!
    But can’t stand listening to Jessica
  • dennisMC12345
    Great show most of the time, but not when Jessica is on.
    Can’t listen to Jessica. She will agree with anything a democrat says or does. Please replace her.
  • coolkkkid
    Dana can sit there in critique the Republicans and be very honest. Jessica cannot say anything honest about the Democrats and their short comings. She makes the Democrats out to be absolutely perfect. Makes excuses all the time for Biden and slams Trump. Every chance she gets. Can’t stand her and change the channel when she’s on.
  • Worst app to date.
    Show would be so much better without…
    Jessica Tarlov! If they really need a Democrat point of view then give Harold Ford Jr a permanent position on the show. Jessica is such a horrible mouthpiece for the Liberal/Democrats how she can constantly defend them and Biden makes me sick. Anytime I hear her name announced in the opening seconds I have to make myself not turn it off and just focus on what everyone else has to say. Greg G is the best on the show (sorry Jesse) with the Judge coming in in a close second.
  • Natyride
    So so
    I love the show but I do wish they didn’t have Jessica Turdlock on the show. Not because she is a liberal hotbox it’s because her voice sounds like a screeching whale. Give her husband a trophy for listening to that z24/7.
  • EngineerEagan
    Great show
    Great show and even the liberal point of view because you need all sides and all viewpoints
  • headed out
    Where is the coverage?
    I love the show and watch almost every episode. However. . . 1) Why has the Five not covered the Mayor Adams story? 2). Fox news recently reported that Rashida Tliab was part of an online antiemetic Hamas sympathizing hate group. Why hasn’t the five even discussed it?
  • Mog255
    i love it, great stories and variety! At least, most of the time.
    I just feel bad for Jessica, it’s difficult to defend democrats and republicans currently and she might need some help. I am in shock to agree with Jesica 11/28/23, she got bashed for bringing Donald to stand with Joe. Those guys should be ancient news. Enough with this political joke needs to get serious like with DeSantis and Haley.
  • Irritated Irish American
    Civilized Conversation?
    I love the Five and respect the discussions, even those I disagree with. I would say my least favorite shows are those where Jessica presents the liberal argument. Surely some of her responses and delivery is for showmanship, but Harold Ford presents the liberal view point with respect, dignity, candor and professional, thoughtful response. I don’t think he would note that a civilized conversation on dismembering and vacuuming babies from their moms wombs can be had, as Jessica notes Republicans should aspire to. I’m also saddened by the Jewish faith’s nuanced stance on abortion. Saying there is civility (Jessica’s premise) to be had in discussing abortion considering ALL abortion entails, or using abortion as a family planning method is as barbaric as shaping the pro-Palestine position beginning with “from the River to the Sea.” I have been, am now and always will be pro-Israel. They are our ancestors and Gods chosen - to show us how to learn from their doing things right, and how to recover from their doing things wrong. That said, I believe Jessica’s position (not unique) and the nuance of her faiths position on abortion is one of those “don’t do that” lessons God gave us through the Chosen. Only judgement day will tell. Until then, I will and do support the baby and the mom together, understanding I stand with way fewer of the worlds population that I pray for.
  • OAM fan
    Best show on FoxNews
    Everything that was said on Wednesdays show is and should be true about what should be done to people who tear down posters of hostages whether they’re American or Israel!!!!!!!!
  • flaunt22
    The Judge & Jesse
    This show is the best! Judge Pirro and Jesse Walters for President!
  • IT reviewer
    Nice show for the informed and non-radicals.
    Experienced and reasoned perspectives. Makes an interesting show: legal expertise from lawyers, a retired judge, a liberal Democrat PhD in political science, comic pundits, and a former White House spokeswoman. Surprising how the show works as both sides of an important issue is debated yet maintains a civil and congenial atmosphere. Jessica gives a good view by a reasoned liberal view backed by studies HOWEVER she often deflects when losing her argument by attacking a weak perspective of the right, even when it’s a poor comparison. The entire show is much better than “The View”Update: disappointed at Jessica lately when she’s using half-truths and outright lies to make her point and the others catch her.
  • waitsbluse
    you people are a joke. i listen to you gab and you never talk about real issues. the judge is an idiot i listen so i can learn how stupid you people are. you can’t talk about what is melting you demographic
  • Markus61
    Writing’s on the wall
    You guys should plainly see that Jessica has 2 topics. Abortion and Joe’s lies. But it’s almost always abortion. I’m over it. She can’t stay on subject without sucking up to Joe and immediately about abortion. Always. Bye girl!!!
  • YogaHerbMom
    I would be so happy with A Dana & Harold Show
    Dana, Harold, Megan Kelly, Beri Weiss & Alan Dershowitz would be my pick for this show! The Moderate, logical, informed (less biased) FIVE! As for Jessie & Jessica - they should be told to debate topics from the other viewpoints- their jobs depending on their success in proving the perspective opposite of their own. Their confirmation bias negates their viewpoints & make the show less interesting. Their bias 1/2 truths misinforms the folks “on their side”. A logical person should never WANT one political party to be right. We should want truth & integrity to win. I am sure they are both lovely people & I have faith they are capable of delivering higher quality work.
  • sawill90
    Y’all are brutal against Jessica
    I appreciate the ACTUAL concept of democracy, being able to both come to the table and speak their side. But when you have 4 republicans and 1 democrat. Kinda messed up how y’all want to gang up. Should be a show called the 6. 2 rep, 2 dem, 2 lib. Typical of republicans, get angry and get loud. Jessica is upset about vaccines Jesse wants to get angry and get loud and hyper focus on Jessica focusing on a topic. Isn’t that what you hate about dems, focusing on a single thing. but in hyper mode??? I hate you all hang up on Jessica. Props to her for standing and being a punching bag for you retards night after night. F giraldo too. 👍🏻
  • Nostalgicepoch
    No Jessica!
    How nice!
  • Sandrare
    Love it ❤️😎
    Love the common sense and passion from Judge Jeanine! Love Jesse, Dana, and Greg.
  • KimfromWA
    Mean and negative
    Why are they so negative?? Especially one of the men. He sneers and derides every political person he talks about and one of his female co-hosts! Didn’t say a positive word the entire podcast. I can’t listen to this.
  • Eelisco
    The Five/Judge Jeanine
    Love me some Judge Jeanine because of her I listen to the five she’s a wonderful judge who make a lot of sense.
  • TalkShowCritic
    Judge Jeanine = uhh uhh uhhh
    She drives me bonkers when she keeps saying uhh uhhh uhhh uhhh. What is wrong w her? Jeanine, pls retire. It's time. Gix always puts her on a show that needs a filler or something. Seems like they TRY to find work for her.
  • nnn339
    To many adds
    To many adds most awfulI I agree G Gutfield is gross One star for G Gutfield and his bathroom humor 5 stars for the show
  • growforlife
    Jesse Waters
    He needs to go, since announcing he moved to New Jersey, he’s become pretty full of himself, his last two comments about immigrants going through a garbage can and then an immigrant bud causing him a traffic delay. He needs to go!
  • Ellimace
    Can not stand Jessica
    She’s such a twit. No matter what she goes far left into the swampy weeds. Why can’t she just accept that biden is a disaster and stop saying the name Trump in every defense of Biden. If you have to say Trump to have an argument than you lost. Stop it.
  • Grouchyoldlady70
    Please stop
    Greg PLEASE STOP referring to Hunter Biden’s child as a “STRIPPER BABY!” This child will hear your words if not today but in the future. It’s sad enough to have a negligent father and grandfather who doesn’t want her but to have you constantly labeling her as unworthy. Remember she is still a child with feelings.
  • r. chad
    Bye Fox! You are tools of the left admit it. Dan’s gone so am I
    Bye Fox! Admit you are tools for the left! Dan Bongino is gone so am I!
  • jmj580
    Get rid of giraldo
    Everytime he is introduced I give 1 star he ruins the whole show. He said an ar-15 is an automatic weapon just like every other loon who wants gun control.
  • MobileChick
    I love this show!
    I have watched THE FIVE since it’s inception. I still miss Bob! However, Greg is the best! I think he reminds us to have a sense of humor with politics. And he is such a talented writer. I can’t wait to see him in Houston this month. Jessica’s voice is annoying, but she is so much better than Juan Williams that I will take it! Harold is the best. What a class act! Have Harold on more!
  • Arden Detweiler
    I am a fervent, Trump voting republican and I have to say, I really like Jessica. I see her as a clear thinker and she performs her role well and sincerely. I'm always sad to hear that someone else is doing the show!
  • MatthewPC
    Lost it
    They lost it. The “conservatives” on this show are all left of center so it’s now just a back patting session with fake disagreements.
    Mayor Pete BUDI-DUD!!!
    Ole Pot Hole Mayor Pete Budi-DUD, He is so full of hot air. His time at work…when he’s there is writing excuses for not doing anything. Both Budi-DUD and Biden won’t go to East Patistine because they’re afraid of the toxic air as well as walking in toxic mud. What a bunch of democratic losers that are in our government.
  • Mad Mimi 65@$
    Time for Geraldo to go.
    He is not keeping up with current events. He wants to dominate the conversation but literally can’t. Bon voyage. Set sail. ☀️
  • Peter Waldo
    Please don't take the Lords name in vain
    Dear Five, On the March 7 show I was very offended because Mr Greg Gutfeld from what I could hear said "Jesus Christ " in a derogatory way . This is highly offensive to born again Christians who trust our Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. I hope that was bleeped from the live show on TV . I like the five daily , but I must push back when I hear Blasphemy and utter irreverence toward Jesus Christ. It would have been nice to hear someone speak up at that point. Mike
  • Was Wobbly
    Love the Five
    I listen to the Five podcast everyday! It’s great! Difficult to listen to Piers Morgan, awful accent!
  • MSgtBalls
    Non functioning Follow and download settings
    I was on vacation last week and didn’t get to listen to the show so my last episode I had left to listen to was 2/10/23! I open my Apple Podcast app today and to my amazement all this current week (2/20-2/23) & my (2/10) episode are the only ones listed! What happened to last week’s episodes (2/13-2/17)? I verified that I have my settings on follow and download all new episodes so what’s going on? I even selected all episodes and could find that week either! Is this an Apple software programmer error or a Fox media uploading issue?
  • abdikadir qayloos
    my rate is full five stars not 3.5
    i love you all co hosts ofthe five&we hope trump heis47president of usa
  • Conservative Clay
    Stop interrupting Jessica!
    I love this show, and I have been watching for years. I consider myself a moderate conservative. I think the best part of this show is having a liberal take on the topics of the day, to sort of balance the conversation. That being said, every single one of the cohosts needs to stop interrupting Jessica when she is asked a question. Judge Janine is the worst offender, followed by Jessie (with his big arm movements), and Greg just does it to be funny. Jessica needs to be more assertive when she is interrupted, just like Harold is. I would love to see fox create a show around Jessica (and Harold too!), maybe with her interviewing conservatives… or something crazy like waters’ world used to be. Come on fox, whatever happened to fair and balanced?
  • Veggrl
    Turn down the ad volume!
    I no longer will stream this when Tarlov is on. No one ever calls out her falsehoods. I was so annoyed when she made the comment that “only IT people are getting layed off” I’m a RN with 30 years of experience and just lost my job due to role “elimination “, so yes Jessica, other people are getting axed. Hairstylist- layed off. Recruiter I was dealing with trying to get a new job- layed off. And even if it was “just overpaid IT workers with fancy titles” they are still now jobless people with families and bills. Just STHU already.
  • Paxtonla
    The Five
    Best show on Fox! My husband and I try to never miss an episode! Thank God for Fox News network where we can get the real facts and people still have integrity and grit😊
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