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Bring confidence to your wealth building with simplified strategies from The Money Guy. Learn how to apply financial tactics that go beyond common sense and help you reach your money goals faster. Make your assets do the heavy lifting so you can quit worrying and start living a more fulfilled life.

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  • oldmastersfan
    Common sense wealth building!
    I really appreciate the common sense approach to wealth building without the gimmicks and “snake oil” salesman techniques. I’ve been listening for about 6 months and they have added great value to my financial acumen!! Highly recommend!!!
  • Johhny64
    Was good in the past
    You don’t need to listen for more than 6 months because they cover the same material over and over again. Same old stories. The Q&A shows make it worse because the answers are more repetitive. Do one quality show per week. Too repetitive same material over and over with a different title. Unfortunately these guys are following the path of other successful pod casts. Their shows are getting longer and they are releasing multiple episodes per week. Quality goes down. Their content is very repetitive. Different name same content.
  • Checkyoprivilege
    Check your privilege…
    Was disappointed with the latest episode on inflation. Brian went on a rant about ShakeShack, claiming it was a west coast-California franchise(it started in NYC), and complaining about the 20% default tip. Here is a guy in the top 1% financially, and is complaining about a 20% tip going to minimum wage workers making 7.25 per hour. TN minimum wage is a disgrace. Perhaps you can do a show on how nobody can live in the US on 7.25 per hour? Meanwhile Abound wealth charges 1% fee for AUM per year, regardless of how that money performs. If you want to talk about paying too much for a service, how about you start there. Why are you not a fee only planner? This episode completely turned me off of this show…Please educate yourself, check your privilege, and be a better human being.
  • Aerodaves
    Repetitive but Good General Advice
    Let me guess, Bo Hansen is “so excited about this show”, because that’s the way every show has started for a long time now. While the show is a bit repetitive and I wish that they’d make recommendations on specific mutual funds and asset allocation by age, the show contains good information for the beginning to intermediate investor. I followed pretty much all their FOO rules before the show was even a thing, so I guess I’m doing ok.
  • MicahA7776
    Dave Ramsey for Adults.
    If the Baby Steps are the JV team, then the FOO is for varsity players.
  • :( :( dddddddddddddddddddddddd
    Better than Dave Ramsey
    I grew up listening to Dave Ramsey and I agree that he is the go to for people who have to pay of tons of debt and need a kick in the pants; however, I believe The Money Guys provide the best advice for everyone else. FOO is AMAZING!!! The only downside is that Brian is a Georgia Bulldog #GoBucks
  • Sanna in WA
    I really trust these two guys!
    I just started listening 6 months ago and I can't stop! I really trust these two down to earth men. They are consistent, honest, and make me feel motivated to take all the next steps in my financial journey. I am going backwards timewise and learning so much from even the older episodes. I have even shared the podcast links and the free resources with my four 20-something daughters because I want to encourage them to put away dollar bills that will be worth $88 in their sixties! Thank you for sharing such valuable financial wisdom.
  • AnaïsMiller
    Sometimes useful
    Absolute beginners will typically find this most helpful. As time has passed the podcast seems more of an advertisement for their financial products. I'd prefer more specialized advice- from Brian!
  • ElLeeYo
    Financial Experts providing Financial Advise
    These guys are the best. Their information and advise is top tier!
  • craigc013
    Generic advice
    Most of their recommendations and online tools do not account for people who cannot get a job at 20 years old, make anything other than median income, or plan to retire at any age other than 65 years old. Many people have different goals and circumstances. Unhelpful, generic information provided that can be found on any website. This podcast is not one I’ll ever listen to again or recommend to anyone.
  • MatthewPE
    Love it, however…
    Bo and Brian are outstanding! However, please, please, please stop holding up the financial order of operations while making a laminated paper sound while doing that sound effect. It must go now! At this point it’s like nails on a chalkboard. Their show is educational, fun, and creative. They touch on topics that I really enjoy. Love the show!
  • Dj Hiruz
    Respect to this guys for helping people.
    Even tho i am trader and have experience in the market, i still find this show motivational to keep myself focus. Great show!
  • Caveman1944
    Like watching QVC with constant “IM SO EXCITED” and a few repetitive buzz words to drive you to their website. Bo is terrible, should make commercials for used cars. Now and then the secretary girl pipes up and, sure enough, also mentions the website. Where all secrets are revealed once you give them your email so they can spam you that way. Brain is pretty good. Maybe he just lets the other two do the hard sell twice as hard so he doesn’t have to. I’ve listened for two or three years. There are better options for retirement information.
  • Meds_dreads
    How should a 30 year old entrepreneur invest their money
    Love this show I would love to hear how someone should go about investing their money as an entrepreneur making $100,000 a year with no employer benefits
  • James F from Indianapolis
    Take with a Grain
    Recently heard them talking about the debt ceiling limit. Unfortunately, it was concerning to see them confuse the two issues of the debt ceiling limit and government shut downs as a result of congress and the president not agreeing on a budget. Some of their financial advice is great, and the audio quality is good-- but the two hosts not understanding but trying to explain the debt ceiling limit makes me pause before taking any advice from them...
  • rehf0376
    Y'all are great
    New subscriber here. Just found out about y'all when you jumped on the Bigger Pockets Money pod. I love y'all's approach during these podcasts where you keep it simple, don't overcomplicate it, and provide quick, concise tips. My degree is in finance but the quick-hitting, high-level personal finance tips are always encouraging and helpful to hear. Love the format and content!
  • stemrock
    Relatable, easy to follow money advice with YOU in mind
    Much like a lot of the other reviews say on here, I absolutely love this show. I appreciate the approach of sharing context and rationale behind their advice - which helps put yourself in the driver seat of your finances. I’ve been listening to this show for only a few years now and I wish I started earlier as it’s given me much needed confidence to be in control of my finances so that I’m moving towards my big/long term financial goal.
  • A Tired Engineering Student
    Love This Show!
    Some of the advice coming from this show can be repetitive, but that’s because general financial advice doesn’t change that much. I really enjoy how realistic the advice from this podcast is compared to Dave Ramsey, and I like how they approach finances with their kids.
  • bfair90
    Great Model
    Your guys are doing it right and place your investor's interests first. I enjoy managing my own portfolio, but there could come a day when I'm "ready for the beach" and you'll be at the top of my list.
  • $$(7;?&),!!(:7(;
    Love this show!
    I’ve been listening for a couple years now!
  • Andy Pgh
    New jingle
    Still love the show but miss the old theme/intro. 5 stars for show 1 star for jingle. 🙂
  • Financial planner want a be
    Suited to an investor of any knowledge basis.
    I enjoy this podcast. I listen to several retirement podcasts but since I am more than 15 years from retirement this podcast is has more appropriate information.
  • Tex_Chris
    Professional & Practical
    Grew up on Ramsey; then graduated into this program and never looked back. Best mix of clear, factual, relevant information of any financial podcast; and extra credibility without a barrage of advertisements, internal up-sell, or branded content.
  • Hkaksocksn1839
    Best Podcast PERIOD!
    Brian and Bo are the best! I absolutely love this podcast. They give great advice and aren’t afraid to dig into the details of how to navigate finances while delivering it in a fun, understandable, and easy-to-implement way. Can’t wait to become a financial mutant! Thank you guys!
  • Bobby mcphil
    Sales pitch
    Answer questions with reference to purchasing product to find the answer yourself.
  • investor1979
    Review…. Repetition
    Really enjoying the financial advice. Don’t understand why now you have a third person read the question and usually say it’s a great question then one of you repeats the question the new third person just read. Then answer it, then the third person who works for you tells you what a great answer that was. The new third person is totally repetitive and not needed.
  • J Stouffer
    Long time subscriber, finally saying goodbye
    I’ve listened to nearly every episode, and I’ve received many pearls of wisdom. But, I miss humble and slightly awkward Brian and Bo throwing down heavyweight information. These days, Brian and Bo are highly polished but it feels more manufactured and processed. To be sure, they still deliver good info there, and I may still check-in from time to time to see if anything overwhelmingly pertinent has popped up. Thanks for the solid info guys.
  • Littlehomes
    Nothing New
    I’ve been listening for a few years and at first never missed a show—content was great! TMGS felt like a sophisticated graduation from Ramsey. Now, it seems like the guys just repeat the same info over & over again. It’s consistent advice, but boring to listen to esp when they’re mostly answering the same audience questions. I still enjoy the themed shows (special guests, net worth by age, etc.)
  • Becky3vb
    Huge Fan
    I love listening to Brian and Bo! Their financial advice aligns with how I see finances and I’m always wanting to dig deeper and learn things I didn’t know before like Loss Harvesting. They are realistic in their approach and challenge you to push yourself financially a bit. They approach things as if you are actually capable of being disciplined and using debt as a tool in a responsible way. Love this podcast!
  • eggiefrog
    Just finished listening to the “Dark side of being a millionaire”. Brian & Bo bring a uniqueness different from other Financial advisors in that they temper it with wisdom. Their commentary on terms like “hedonic treadmill, latte effect, know your why, and the law of diminishing return” are priceless advice
  • LaurenRedCD
    Love this show
    I am not investor savvy at all, these guys are great at keeping things at a level that I can understand. You don’t need a masters degree to understand what they are talking about, thank you!
  • koliver4
    Changed my life
    So glad I found y’all when I did. Listen to every show!
  • Local Seattle Guy
    Practical How to for Wealth Building
    If you want to build wealth, and do so practically without having to count pennies, listen to these guys.
  • Sgluek
    Comprehensive view of a variety of personal finance topics. I like the format and variety.
  • S2000 Danny
    Thank you!
    This podcast has been an outstanding help in my journey to becoming a financial mutant. Thank you guys!
  • RobertM0909
    Thank you
    Such a incredible podcast. Has helped me so much. Thank you!
  • Isme Correa Aguilar
    I love this show with their practical and actionable advise. As a 20s woman I appreciate that they speak to all generations and stages of life!
  • argyle albatross
    Easy listening, hitting the same nails
    Love the Q&A shows and the approachable financial advice!
  • Harley Bonedoc
    Great Podcast
    I listen to the money guys podcast on a regular basis and find it very interesting, informative, and will presented. The information presented is reasonably clear and fairly easy to understand and they also give real life examples of challenges they’ve had in their personal live‘s relative to financing and investing. I was in introduced to the podcast by a colleague at the hospital and I’ve been very impressed . Keep up the good work! Thank you!
  • gsbbyu13
    Lots of talking, very little content
    They seem knowledgeable, but they shoot the breeze so much that I don’t feel I get much “meat.” I listened to an episode where they didn’t start talking about financial topics until about 10 minutes into the episode.
  • swedeakp1
    Excellent information
    This is a great podcast and one of the best I listen to. Well done and keep them coming!
  • IndyDevGuy
    Entertaining and down to earth
    I’ve been listening to these guys for a few years now. They talk about practical topics and are always entertaining. Definitely recommend!
  • MA Travel Dreamer
    Great content!
    I’ve been enjoying The Money Guy Show for a few months now. They share many practical, doable systems backed up by their education, math, and historical evidence. I waited this long to review so that my assessment would be fair- and to see if they would drop any crazy-talk into the show. So far so good! It’s been professional and consistent. Please PLEASE keep it non-political! I recently linked this show to my website, which has a half-million visits a year from new-grad health care professionals. I only link to value and evidence-based content (not conspiracy theories or cults of personalities). And I hope to keep sharing your good work. Thank you!
  • Netats
    Suffer through the annoying Tesla love and superhero time wasting
    I like their FOO plan and personalities. But I just don’t care about Brian’s love to pontificate on his Tesla purchasing. He’s trying to sell cars now rather than help people plan for retirement. Get back to the core please!
  • bigggggg diikkk
    They literally say the same thing every show no matter the topic lol. How to be a millionaire, 1$=88. How to pay off car, 1=88. How to exercise 1=88. I had to stop listening because I know what they are going to say
  • Deaconbluez
    The Gold Standard
    My favorite podcast. I eagerly await each episode for the sober, common sense approach to wealth building.
  • 11AustinGal11
    My favorite podcast
    Excellent discussion about personal finance. Clear step by step instructions on how to start and continue down the path of building wealth. Realistic answers on day to day questions. They put specific guidelines on things I have inherently believed are good practices but never had the clarity to be able to apply percentages and timeline goals. For example, keeping debt payments to under 35% of income (25% for housing, 8% cars), and the 20/3/8 rule for car loans (20% down, paid in 3 years, no more than 8% of income). Golden rules to build financial independence. Definitely recommend listening to their insight!
  • Lamb0Nick
    Phenomenal Content!
    I listen to Brian and Bo everyday because their content is so relevant, deeply insightful, and entertaining. They really are the best financial podcast and YouTube channel I have ever come across. Well done!
  • El Chonkolonko
    Sound and consistent content.
    I have watched Brian and Bo since at least 2018. I’d say that 90% of the content is stuff I’ve heard before. However, they often provide some added insight and definitely drop some information or statistics that I didn’t know. There is nothing sexy about content they offer and I laugh a bit reading comments from some saying that the content is repetitive. Of course it is. I think that’s the nature of sound financial practices and investment. Just like following their tool, the Financial Order of Operations (FOO), it’s about taking consistent steps towards each objective along the way which, over time, leads to your financial success and independence. That said, I really enjoy listening to them because they offer sound advice; no “quick rich scheme” or “how to beat the market” content here. Nope. For me, I find that it helps provide a consistent reminder about where I’m going l, a consistent litmus test, of sorts, that helps me stay the course and keep my head above the storm clouds below that may otherwise cause me to alter course from where I know I need to go. This podcast is a valuable and I think many may also fond it so.
  • Word game fan 2468
    The Money Guy and his Interrupting Sidekick
    If it were just Brian Preston, I’d give this show five stars for sure. He gives terrific advice and seems very down to earth and humble. But his sidekick Bo is constantly, CONSTANTLY interrupting him in his never-ending quest to hear more of his own voice talking about himself.
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