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Longtime beauty editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins are here to tell you what’s good, uncovering the breakthrough people, products and moments in beauty – every single Wednesday! Tune in to hear inspiring stories behind the most iconic, best-selling beauty products and how they came to be, straight from the founders themselves like Glossier’s Emily Weiss and Tata Harper. Plus, get insights and tips from the brilliant minds shaping today’s trends and ideas, from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Makeup By Mario, to skincare guru Dr. Pimple Popper and hair pro Jen Atkin. With #damngood beauty product reviews – skincare, haircare and makeup and more – you won’t want to buy a thing before tuning in.Co-Creators: Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn Join the Breaking Beauty Podcast conversation:Visit our blog: www.breakingbeautypodcast.comFollow us on us on our Private Facebook Group Simply search “Breaking Beauty Podcast Chat Room”Call us anytime: 1-844-227-0302Theme Music used with permission, courtesy of Saya.Produced by Dear Media.

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  • Mom for the second time
    Love love
    I am in love with your podcast !!! I listened to you for the first time on the double cleanse podcast and I seriously listened to you on my entire drive to LA from the Bay Area to and from can’t get enough of it !!!!
  • weeniemobile
    Love the program
    I enjoy listening to Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins. They are both professionals in an industry that tends to emphasize hype rather than the industry. I appreciate all the work they put into each show. Thank you.
  • Aloa.15
    Let’s just say...
    Let’s just say that since I started listening to this podcast my beauty knowledge has increased sooo much!
  • PaolaExplora
    Absolutely obsessed
    I listen to the girls absolutely every week, if you are a beauty fanatic or simply interested in spending your money on the right products then you need to listen to this podcast! They are real and honest, they talk low end and high end products, which I love!! And they talk wins and fails which I also love. You won’t regret it!
  • CamilleBarreto
    Informative & fun!
    Love staying up to date on news, trends, and launches in the beauty industry. The hosts make you feel like you’re enjoying a down to earth fireside chat with both them and brand founders. Definitely an important podcast for beauty and wellness industry lovers!
  • les37043
    My favorite beauty products podcast
    Jill and Carlene tell it like it is! I’ve learned about so many products, founders and trends in the beauty world. I’ve also purchased recommended products. Thanks!
  • worldshing
    So informative!
    I love that this show breaks down the trends that we see on social media. I like being more informed rather than relying on paid sponsors. I don’t like how easy it is for large companies to delete negative reviews from they social media accounts. This show introduces me to new products, as well as educates me.
  • eringardner
    My favorite podcast!
    Jill and carlene are amazing hosts, I truly value and trust their recommendations and have discovered some of my very favorite products and tools from their research! They make me excited to get into the car for my 445 am daily commute when I know I have great content to listen to. It has brought me a bit of joy especially during this pandemic when healthcare workers were the only ones going into work for a long time. thank you!
  • nicole c _
    Everything You Need to Know !
    This podcast is the perfect mix of entertainment and information! Jill and Carlene are hilarious and down to earth - it feels like getting advice from a friend or big sister. They share such helpful tips and their founder episodes are so informative! The best beauty podcast out there hands down!
  • MeggPitt05
    I love this podcast esp about Paulas choice! So informative and love the ads as well, so helpful!!
  • becssunshinesummer
    Informative and fun
    Love listening! - Always informative. Was recently horrified though by how rude Dr. Barbara Sturm was... I was listening to this specific one yesterday to determine if her products were worth the hype and cost. NOPE! Gross. I had to stop listening to this episode.
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Jill and Carlene, host of the Breaking Beauty Podcast, highlights all aspects of beauty and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • NikkiJ50
    Yes! Fun & Informative
    This show is not only fun and informative, but a great break from pandemic and political fatigue. Carlene and Jill do a great job interviewing and researching. Don’t know why Dr. Sturm got so bothered by some very basic logical interview questions. Carlene and Jill handled the guest’s rudeness with grace, but left me feeling that Dr. Sturm got something to hide???
  • 📀💿📀💿📀💿🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
    Best podcast
    When ever I have free time I love to lie down and listen to this.
  • Jus"1"
    Not sure they do their homework
    Do they not know the difference between thin and fine hair. “ I have thin hair but a lot of it.” No, you have fine hair if that’s the case.
  • mweloise64
    Dr sturm
    First time listening to your podcast. I thought you did a great job considering how unbelievably rude Dr Sturm was. I use several of her products but this made me rethink where I am spending my money. Will definitely listen again!
  • Amber Ran H
    Overall great podcast
    These ladies do a wonderful job getting information that the listener really wants. Their latest person however Dr Sterm? Was so rude. I almost wish they did not post the episode. Totally not their fault the person being interviewed was so cold but it kind of took away from me looking forward to the episode. They wanted to talk about all this person does and she quickly shut them down and were like aren’t we here to talk about the cream that everyone can get? It was so awkward. Hopefully nothing but nice people from here on out.
  • Olivannia
    This is an amazing podcast. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned through them. They are informative and detailed with all beauty products they discuss. Also, they always make it a point to ask founders or person being interviewed how does it works for women of color and how should they use it. Thank you ladies. Love ya !
  • podcastreviewer097384
    A Must Listen for Beauty Lovers
    I can’t even describe how good this podcast is! If you love beauty, or want to know more about it, then you need to listen to this. I’ve learned so much about the beauty industry from this podcast.
  • Lydberry333
    My #1 resource for all things beauty
    Jill and Carlene are IN THE KNOW on all things beauty and seriously have the BEST guests on. Every episode gets better and better.
  • Mariscal97
    Fun podcast!!
    This fun podcast keeps me in the know. I’ve learned about interesting products that are now in my makeup drawer.
  • beinspiredbymara
    Be inspired By Mara
    I love this podcast! The product reviews are amazing and so descriptive. I have been happy with all the products I purchased at their recommendation.
  • Vendazzling
    6 star rating ****** !!!
    Breaking Beauty is a quality, insightful, educational, interesting, informative and all around excellent Podcast. I look forward to every Wednesday morning to listen to the Podcast, so much so, it is written in my planner "*BREAKING BEAUTY DAY*"! It has also been great to find a Podcast that really tries to ensure all are represented and they are willing to listen to make improvements for awareness regarding representation. Since I started listening to Breaking Beauty, I have more confidence in skincare, makeup and overall beauty, since I am more informed and more inclined to be informed about products, treatments, etc. I just cannot say enough about the Podcast and its excellent quality. I would give it 6 stars if I could! Love you Jill and Carlene!
  • mchlybz
    I 👏🏼 am 👏🏼 obsessed
  • glammia
    A must subscribe for beauty lovers
    Jill and Carlene are the absolute best. As beauty editors they can give you the real run down on all beauty items, skin, make up and even hair care. The guests are all relevant people I want to hear from and they are great interviewers! I love this podcast so much that when I start the episode and the theme song plays and I hear them go “I’m Carlene Higgins and I’m Jill Dune” I smile bc of how relaxing and comforting this podcast can be during such uncertain times.
  • LC Wizard
    Real stories and real opinions
    I was never into podcasts until I started listening to them on my daily walks. Now I look forward to Wednesday’s walks the most. I love hearing the founder stories the most. I also appreciate that they have different skin types and acknowledge that not everything works for everyone.
  • VeryyySatisfiedd
    Best beauty podcast!
    Jill and Carlene have the best banter, they are knowledgeable and know how to tailor their podcast to their listeners! I love how clean beauty is brought into this podcast and not just what is trending. I can’t even count how many of the founders products I’ve bought. They are just such a nice breath of fresh air to listen to every Wednesday. 10/10 would recommend!!
  • Angela Casey MD
    Dermatologist who LOVES this podcast!!
    Jill and Carlene, I love your energy and enthusiasm for skin care and cultivating confidence! I am a dermatologist in Columbus, Ohio, and share a passion for healthy and beautiful skin! Some of my favorite episodes are the founder episodes…each story is incredibly inspiring and it’s fascinating to hear the origins of some of the most innovative products on the market. Thank you for an informative and fun perspective. —Angela Casey MD, Dermatologist
  • r9614
    Such a great podcast, I’m learning so much about make up and skin care! I would love a huge product review of the ordinary products!
  • AnnaClaire Chin
    Thank you!!
  • avocado_cat
    I adore makeup & skincare ❤️These ladies keep me listening and interested in the latest makeup and tips including the best products and trends for this season,etc. I’m always eager to listen! A must follow for beauty addicts. Most importantly they are truly the most humble, funny, sweetest group of women 💕💞💓💖💘
  • Stella Weinbrenner
    i love it ! 💞⚡️☁️🍭
  • A. De La Rosa
    Tired in Texas
    I stumbled across this podcast with quarantine in full swing and to say I love these conversations is an understatement. I love my kids but all day kids only conversations until hubby gets home can be tough and is pretty easy to kinda feel worn down and permanently tired. The fact that they are all about things self care is a home run. I never felt like I found a podcast that I fully embodied bc they were only about topics/genres that I found interesting not topics I was passionate about. You know, I can talk about roses but I don’t really wanna talk gardening. It’s an easy listen and doesn’t feel overwhelming like when I have it playing while doing work in the office. Can’t wait to hear what the future holds for y’all 🙂
  • Jenn in Chicago
    Love this podcast!
    Love your podcast so much! You have such great guests and give us such great tips! I would LOVE, LOVE for you to have my friend Catherine Hickland on your show.. she was an actress that created her own cosmetics line, Cat Cosmetics, that has AMAZING products! Would love people to hear how inspirational she is!!
  • CocoaLil
    Beauty Goodness ❤️
    I found this podcast about 2 months ago and I literally love it!! Jill and Carlene are so fun to listen to and I love how they are always providing listeners with so much helpful and informative information! They are honest and aware about the beauty industry. I am a HUGE beauty junkie, so I thoroughly enjoy listening to these ladies and the interviews they do with influential beauty guru’s!! Whether you need a pick me up, enjoy beauty, or are looking for a new podcast to listen to, this is it!! 💕
  • er_bear1116
    I am so obsessed with this since I found it last week. I’ve told all my friends about this podcast. This has saved me during quarantine. I learned so much about skincare and makeup application; I was doing so much wrong! I can’t get enough.
  • fidmlife
    Love it!
  • Shay Roq
    Informative and fun!
    Started listening about a month ago and can’t get enough, especially during this quarantine. I love that they’re honest about the products they review and they have awesome guests that are knowledgeable about makeup and skincare. I’ve learned lots and love their conversations!
  • A Crazy cat and Chichens lady
    This is the best by far, all things beauty podcast. Carlene and Jill are the best! My favorite Episodes are the Emily Wiess one and the Gynecologist one. Overall Best podcast ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Leen Grant
    Skincare Fanatic Approved!!
    I love the hosts’ interview styles, the content times a million and the guests. I always take away new beauty knowledge. This is on my list of top 3 beauty podcasts. I’m obsessed with skincare and this ticks all the boxes for me.
  • Jenna Holzhauser
    Great Podcast!
    I started listening to Breaking Beauty after the new year and told myself I’m 30 now so I need to get it together and take care of myself! Well, here we are now and I’m a big fan! There’s alway new topics to gain knowledge from and plenty to help myself be my best! Give it a listen! It’s turned me on to so many brands and ideas!
  • Beautyinfluencer
    Certifiably addicted
    As a lover of all things skincare, I feel like Jill and Carlene are my virtual BFFs that I get to tune in to listen to every week. They break down products and ingredients in understandable and completely relatable ways, and curate great interviews with creators and leaders in the industry! I always look forward to what’s coming next!
  • cspeens
    My favourite beauty podcast! Thank you for sharing all the knowledge!
  • FiteingChance
    Best beauty podcast!
    I discovered this podcast on accident, and although I love makeup and skincare, I never would have sought out a beauty podcast had it not been for a Dear Media crossover with The Papaya Podcast and Breaking Beauty. Since discovering Jill and Carlene, I’ve been binge-listening and have thoroughly enjoyed the insight and education gleaned from the hosts and their guests!
  • Lori1150
    Awful and Snotty
    You begged for a review. Ok. You talked for 10 minutes before you actually got to the topic. Then I had to endure a boring story about leaky pipes. Then you talk about a product that isn’t even available, but just tell us to pick some up next time we jet off to England or Canada. Of all the entitled, pompous attitudes.
  • SouthernCharmLady
    Too many ads
    I feel like they take too long getting to an interview or topic. The audio is awful. Editing needs major work.
  • LTC615
    The best beauty resource!
    Love listening each week to Jill and Carlene share each brand’s story! Each week is so informative and such a good balance of sharing product reviews and the history of the brand/entrepreneurial journeys.
  • Lauren199425
    Good overall but
    My only negative feedback is that when I click a podcast with a guest- I hate that they take 10 minutes before actually bringing them on. I do love the podcast (episodes: Emily Weiss, Tara Harper) the list goes on.. there are so many great episodes with amazing content. I just wish the podcasts would start immediately with the guest instead of the super long rambling into beforehand.
  • lovespell1994
    My favorite beauty podcast
    As a makeup and all things beauty lover, this podcast is perfect! What makes this podcast so amazing in how genuine the reviews/information are AND the fact that they are interviewing the founders of the beauty companies. It’s not just about beauty products but about the industry. I 10/10 recommend this podcast to anyone that loves learning not just about products but also what the stories are behind those products.
  • seakelp_
    Best of its kind
    The hosts do a perfect job of having the dual perspective of both fans of beauty & industry experts. I also love that the episodes never run too long, just enough to educate & inspire ✨
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