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  • jackrad
    Great news updates
    Great news updates—it’s nice to be able to just get a quick update and it’s helpful that they delete all but the newest update so it doesn’t spam my feed with 24 episodes a day!
  • *MacMom*
    Great news updates but feed is glitchy
    The hourly news was spamming my feed over the weekend. Now I’m getting no updates at all. The last hourly news was more than 8 hours ago. The updating of your hourly news updates has always been a bit glitchy in that sometimes the most recent news on my feed is several hours old, but in the past few days it’s been ridiculous. Sure hope you can fix it.
  • greandeath25
    Not my personality.
    It’s a resource for an aspect of the news. Selective coverage seems to be the norm. Best practice would be to cross reference with other sources to avoid blind spots.
  • HairManChu
    Great! Informative! Need to only keep most recent episode
    Great! Informative! Need to only keep most recent episode
  • Espy47
    Recurring Lifetime Member
    I pay my dues automatically each month. Paying for in-depth news is a pleasure but not when news shut off after every segment. KERA’s own podcast is where I used to get live or stream news but annoying to listen now when each segment shuts off. I then went to Apple Podcast and it’s the same procedure. Might as well end my membership, save $20 monthly, and search for timely, updated news elsewhere. There are plenty of that on the internet, you know.
  • So incredibly beautiful shows
    Love it
    I can only see one episode? But nice short and sweet anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get a life
  • Nickifiable
    Stop selectively deleting episodes
    You have a tendency to delete episodes within an hour or so of airing that may be contextually taken as negative to the left. I am a democrat and tired of “left-leaning” media choosing what they tell their viewers based on what may pander to their target audience. Give consumers all the information and let them make decisions for themselves.
  • 112124567
    not useful
    they often wait more than 2 hours before updating the feed. so the news is old…
  • bluemeanieface
    It’s news. Check it out
    To anyone being a crybaby about the ads how do you think you’re able to listen for free? Do you think content and talent and reporting comes from the Current Events Fairy? Also are you aware what the buttons to the left and right of Play are for? Skip the ads firstly next get a life
  • JDsfCA
    Ad Insanity
    1 minute of ads in 5 minute podcast. Half to promote other NPR podcasts. I use Amazon now. No ads.
  • angenettepc
    Short, sweet, to the point
    I love how this is just the latest episode so I know what is happening right now. I love that it’s just the headlines so I can choose what to go find out about later without losing my attention. Glad I found this! It’s a nice addition to “up first” in the morning.
  • Smatarazzo
    Great News Summary
    Easy to listen to. Great snippet of what is happening now. Thanks!
  • CaliforniaLinda
    Best news anywhere.
    Reported fairly withOUT bias. My go-to for news coverage. I don't mind the ads because NPR has to pay bills like the rest of us. No such thing as a free lunch, people!
  • retrieverbuddy
    I’m done
    Too many ads. Biased reporting . Awful waste of time with dishonest reporting. Shameful
  • h8er357
    Never up to date on the hour!
    Use the NPR app
  • Expect more news less ads
    Way too many ads!
  • cumboy54321
    Stop the hectics
    You know all the calls to keep old episodes you can find them on the podcast’s website
  • David_Dawson
    Thanks for the news summary
    This is my most trusted news summary and a quick catch up throughout the day. And I think I’m one of a few voices saying it’s ok to remove all but the latest. Thanks!
  • Tupenzero
    Why delete old episodes so quickly!?
    You don’t have to maintain every episode forever, but can we leave up episodes on something like a 24-hour cycle?
  • thespaceydaisy
    Where is South America in your reports?
    I’ve been listening for a couple of months and I have never heard any news presented from South America. I don’t understand why this is so.
  • Willybf
    Save top 10!
    You should keep the most recent 10 episodes rather than only saving 1. I miss being able to listen to multiple episodes back to back.
  • qwasertyuhgf
    Strangest complaint ever
    You want the old news?
  • Reviewer10293847560192837465
    Please don’t take down the episodes so fast!
    Please don’t take down the episodes so fast!
  • multipleDevices
    Thank you!
    So good to hear straightforward news. Your voice is a balm!
  • Miss seeing you
    Where are you?
    I can’t get the show anymore 😭. I miss my morning news!
  • Maghie
    No Drama, just the news
    Love the straight talk told calmly without all the drama in other arenas.
  • kerrickmc
    Another vote to leave up
    Please leave up a bit so we can get to. What is the reasoning to removing so fast each time?
  • njmcre
    Please leave up the previous episode
    Why not? Let us hear back at least a few hours! It’s 10am and already the 8am episode is deleted. You take the episodes down so fast. News stand would be doing so much better financially if they got a clue and embraced the podcasts/stories/youtube formats. News does not HAVE to be thrown out with the bath water. I really like CNBC’s videos on YouTube covering big topics like real estate and immigration policy for example. I get it, less is more. And yes, for local or irrelevant stories, keep your page tidy and get rid of the stuff that would only confuse/overwhelm us listeners.
  • DanTheMan782
    It works!
    If I’m being honest I only listen to this to sleep because it is monotone and boring, sorry npr workers
  • CJ Niles
    No update in hours
    Why no updates????
  • tsalaroth
    Not your fault but…
    The interface for Apple Podcasts makes it impossible to skip episodes or see the episodes you’ve posted today.
  • Qismat ira agentkiss minutes
    When I want it
    Good news so much work it’s the news when I want it where I want it any day anytime I love NPR newscast
  • DL incognito
    The show is fine when it works which is not often.
  • dawebhead
    Just actual news summarized.
    This podcast gives me a simple look at what’s happening at the moment.
  • rdonfro
    Best way to get news
    NPR podcasts are the main way I get my important news, and often just thought-provoking stories
  • Che Block
    Is part of Ukraine occupied by Russia Not was
  • tediesel
    NPR NEWS: National Propaganda Radio
    If you want to know what is normative for the beltway political class, this is for you. SO it serves a purpose. Always polite, always aspiring to be nice but most of all, never veering from what is deemed by the power brokers to be what is acceptable. You won’t be challenged by alternative narratives even if they come from the left and certainly not from the right. Some things considered, but not those things that would trouble the DNC. There are a lot of sources that get behind the “news”. Start with Matt Taibi.
  • Zamalama69
    Woke news in 5 minutes
    How many genders are there?
  • Skian406
    Updated frequently but very biased news
    Take it with a grain of salt. Breaking news with left leaning bias
  • sahoenig369
    Best 5 minute news podcast around.
    Keep informed by one of the most informative and reliable news sources in the US.
  • quinton ;)
    Amazing to listen when going to bed and in the morning
    My #1 News Source
    Hourly updates have allowed me to focus on other parts of my life, rather than sit in front of a TV news program or reading the various news sites. Perfect 5 minute update. Great packaging of stories. Always in formative. Twice a day for me. 9am and 6pm. Has made a huge difference in my life. Less anxious. Thank you.
  • Teedlebee
    No problem!
    No problem this was useful for me to know!
  • Dianeebee
    Quick and no drama
    To the point without the drama of TV news. Let’s me know just enough so I’m not completely out of touch. If I hear something on here that piques my interest, then I find another news show or article that covers more in-depth. Especially great for when I’m feeling overwhelmed by depressing world events and don’t want to be immersed in news.
  • skinnpuppy
    Just the facts, ma’am
    Hourly update on current events as they happen, anyone who has a problem with this clearly has not actually listened to it. Unbiased, just facts. Great voices. Only thing I would change, is instead of only having one episode at a time available- the most current one- it would be nice if the previous hours episode (or 2) was also still available.
  • Jelly & Jam
    Short, fast and facts. Perfect to check what happened over the last 24 hours. A Must listen.
  • Truth 88
    Advertising should not be part of this short news podcast.
  • PalPetr
    Displaced person!?
    Stop manipulating language. Neely was homeless, no displaced. Next you’re going to say anyone can get pregnant — oh wait, you already have. Bye!
  • sodak34
    supposed to update every hour. NOT happening 9-6-2021. Not updating!!! Does anyone read these reviews??? 9-9-21. What is going on with this site ??? Supposed to update every hour. No update from yesterday till now! ! 09/30/21. what is going on with this site again??? No updates since mid morning’s ?? 10/01/21 still no updates!! a waste of time and effort. Going to look someplace else for news!!! 10-08-21. no update f for many hours now!!! where i. no going to s the every hour you. talk about?? ? 10-12. another day with no updates!!! 10/22. HELP. another dAy with no updates. 11/19 Friday and another day with no updates since you installed the new version!!! Help!!! Monday 11/22. STILL NO updates!!! 5/16/13. only 2 updates today. A What a joke!! what has happened to NPR???
  • Tobycstephens
    I’ve been listening to npr for years and just discovered this! I guess I didn’t know what I was looking for
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