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  • MAC-LC
    Yes, please try that proposed alternative
    I agree with the two last comments. The change was not great. Could you please consider the proposed alternative? Thanks, MC
  • Naofa
    Available. Then unavailable. Updated. Then not updated. What gives?!?
  • -Randall
    Episodes get removed too soon
    While listening to the episode that is most recent on my phone, it can suddenly be unavailable, because NPR has removed it (and it was streaming directly). This can particularly happen if I pause it for a few minutes. Changing my settings to keep multiple shows has only helped some, but even then the most recent hasn’t necessarily been downloaded. I agree with Byron D that keep at least one more than only their latest would make a really BIG difference.
  • Joe6134
    Greatest news podcast
    Edit - I recently wrote a negative review because it looked like they were changing formats to human interest storytelling etc - but it hasn’t happened again or changed back. This is again my favorite news podcast - just the facts, in just 5 mins, and continuously updated on the hour - love it. It’s my go to podcast for going on ~5+ years. Never change please!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Geo teacher
    Slightly conservative but mostly middle of the road
    From a world perspective this short news podcast seems conservative but it’s a good place to start for timely updates of national and global events.
  • Oliver 3&6*&+=&%#9
    I want to keep listening— please don’t throw away episodes!
    My go-to news source. High-quality, balanced reporting of the facts. However, it is very frustrating that it cuts off an episode while I’m listening and replaces it with the newest episode (which does not automatically start playing), which may or may not contain the same story details. Please let us finish listening! Super frustrating and sometimes I don’t even take the time to look up the new episode to play that one. I live overseas and listen to episodes in the middle of the night in the US, so not on US time schedule.
  • Sean67975
    Good Content, Why are there ads?
    This is a 5 minute news update, there is no time to plug your other shows.
  • BOMBOY182@gamecenter
    Good idea, Bad News
    I like the idea of this show, but this has just become the bad news podcast. Hardly anything other than death or economic turmoil is shared here.
  • Citizen Sane
    Ads are annoying
    The ads are terrible. Why are they in this tiny little podcast?
  • Byron D.
    Good podcast but issue with getting cut short
    I recommend keeping more than one episode for the show. Sometimes while listening to the most recent episode before the show is refreshed, it cuts off in the middle because the episode I’m listening to is removed from the list when the show is updated in the background. Keeping 2-5 episodes available would likely fix this issue and allow listeners to finish the episode that they started playing. They could then start the latest episode if they want to.
  • Sahil Deschenes
    Good content, remove ads
    For a 5 min show it would be nice if it was strictly news without promoting other shows.
  • jayzOG
    Good but overwhelming
    I like the quick updates. I feel like I’m in the know with them but OMG 18 episodes daily is overwhelming and most of them repeat the same news! How do I sign up for the 9 episode version?
  • slv923
    Short and informative
    I enjoy these quick and reliable news updates.
  • Teon77
    Love the daily mini updates
    Happy that NPR is here
  • TDJdolphin
    Great way to get news updates
    I love this podcast, straight news, without all the normal news drama and opinions. Thank you for being good journalism, and keeping us updated on every hour
  • Henripug
    Nora Raum’s voice is depressing, congested and antiquated.
    Let’s get some new blood.
  • Rayray166
    Fine, could be better.
    I enjoy the format, quick hourly updates on my phone. The content however, leaves some to be desired. I’m a moderate. This show has a strong lean to the left and I’d enjoy some more moderate viewpoints on public radio. Hey, if that’s what you like, this is probably an amazing resource. But for the rest of us it’s not the best.
  • Policegamer493oldguy
    Thank goodness for NPR for being the one news source I can trust.
  • dylanman63
    Public Radio
    Please remember you serve the public. This includes more moderate and conservative points of view too.
  • T-racer532
    great show
    ethical journalism in an age when it is in short supply
  • mohamed5024
    It’s great but why is it always Jack spear
  • minuteman42069
    Not updating?
    Is this show dead?
    one star
    new wish i could give you a zero, but thats bot possible, so i give you a one
  • dimitri.iakovakis
    Ιτ OK
  • Avid listener99999
    More positive news
    I agree with a previous comment. Great short update but lacking positive or constructive news.
  • Kenobi610
    Absolutely trash
    Does anyone actually take these lairs seriously?
  • gabfanatico
    Excelente! Gracias!
    Siempre aprendo algo nuevo e interesante en su programa. Gracias!
  • Case-bob
    Npr severely biased
    I have been a daily listener to npr for almost 24 years. What I have been hearing lately makes me feel like I’m going to have a “rage stroke.” To say the slant to the left has been dramatic would be a dramatic understatement. I’m a conservative as are about half the “p” in npr. Their new target audience seems to be the most liberal 5 percent of the “public.” The agendas they’re pushing make them no better than a leftist version of Fox News (except that Fox does NOT get federal funds) they really do think we are stupid sheep just waiting to lap up their B.S. what’s sad is…… too many of us are.
  • 🏖bum
    The best newscast available
    This is the best newscast available: short, reliable, and to the point. However, I would prefer they included at least some positive news. It seems that, unfortunately, in this culture “news” means “bad news” instead of a mixture of both, and that is highly disappointing.
  • skippybutz
    Long time NPR fan - sadly pulling the plug and unsubscribing
    It’s a sad day for me – having just unsubscribed to Up First and New Now. I’ve been an ardent NPR fan for many years and finally today decided enough was enough. I’m down to only Science Friday as the last NPR show that I feel is worthy of my time and support. The seemingly daily focus on stories with a corona virus, BLM or racial angle and overamplifying any shred of black/white racial conflict. Real news gets no coverage at the cost of these over-represented agenda stories. NPR has always been liberal but its getting out of control now and quality is suffering. It’s too much for me and just not the top news that needs to be reported. This week I’ve been listening to other alternatives like The Daily from NYTimes, which is also suffering from the same problems as NPR but still tolerable for me for now, and many other options from Wall Street Journal and others. I’ll still check Terry Gross’s show– when she has good guests nobody is better than Terry.
  • swaggyschnauzer
    Where did they go??
    I like the information. Hate the fact that every episode disappears every time a new one comes in. I want to hear what I missed.
  • MahomesMagic31
    Good news podcast
    Insightful and quick plays
  • Terrific And Helpful App
    I’m addicted, what else can I say?
    I always listen to this show when I wake up in the morning. It’s the perfect bite sized news report to stay informed. Although it doesn’t automatically update so I had to unfollow and then refollow the show
  • Crater1
    Strange Podcast Behavior But Good News
    I really enjoy the news but, unlike other podcasts, this podcast feed won’t download when I’m not actually in the application. This means I can’t follow what has happened during the day. Every hour has different information to report - stock as an example doesn’t let me follow the trend. I know this can be changed and don’t understand why one would want it to operate as it does now.
  • drjekyllmrlee
    Works intermittently and annoys
    Good podcast but loads unevenly. I get some episodes on my phone and other episodes on my iPad. It also frequently stops after 20-30 seconds whereas my other podcasts play fine. If they can’t work this glitch out then I’m out. Whoever is your IT team they dissappoint.
  • Boyenga
    Progressive Bias
    Progressive Bias is overt.
  • MyJellies
    Content creators not journalists
    Unfortunately this is nothing but propaganda, I do miss the days where NPR used to be about bipartisan news.
  • daveherrald
    Daily listener. Such high quality content
    And they make it. Look easy.
  • cashdmh
    Well done
    Love getting my news this way.
  • control9009
    Liberal propaganda
    Leftist propaganda
  • TechGuy10000
    Very Repetitive!!
    This News Podcast Has Become Very Repetitive Overtime!!
  • Talos42
    My news source while overseas
    Succinct and pertinent news that I rely on every morning.
  • Matt Cactus
    Pretty bias news
  • Inwood Roz
    I’m appreciative of clear, concise information! I respect more than a single viewpoint of complex issues! Highly recommend.
  • Pclay88
    Fantastic Facts
    Great source of facts and real information. No fluff, no b.s. All coming to you in 5 minutes or less!
  • sodak34
    supposed to update every hour. NOT happening 9-6-2021. Not updating!!! Does anyone read these reviews??? 9-9-21. What is going on with this site ??? Supposed to update every hour. No update from yesterday till now! ! 09/30/21. what is going on with this site again??? No updates since mid morning’s ?? 10/01/21 still no updates!! a waste of time and effort. Going to look someplace else for news!!! 10-08-21. no update f for many hours now!!! where i. no going to s the every hour you. talk about?? ? 10-12. another day with no updates!!! 10/22. HELP. another dAy with no updates. 11/19 Friday and another day with no updates since you installed the new version!!! Help!!! Monday 11/22. STILL NO updates!!!
  • incognito82
    11/12/21 5am EST host was beyond terrible
    I think her first name is Douhali but not sure how to spell. She can’t seem to read. And she has some terrible cat hair in her throat. Oh my gosh, this is not a job for her. It was unbearable.
  • Shaman Shor
    News updates focus on fringe sensational issues
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for ten years. In the last two years they started to focus less on true news (information about events of substantial impact to millions of lives in the US and abroad) and instead began focusing on sensational stories. I feel like this show has turned into a rant of “this grinds my gears” and is so narrowly focused that it actually leaves the listeners with a biased and warped perception of reality. I’ve switched over to the BBC World News podcast which actually covers real news and leaves listeners smarter and more informed than this, frankly, poorly produced podcast that is more like entertainment than an informative resource.
  • Choose to act
    Bothsidesism has ruined NPR
    My local NPR station was broadcasting live interviews with Trump supporters on election day in 2016. That’s when I stopped being a regular listener and contributor. NPR could have been the sane counter to the horrific right-wing media machine, but they choose to act as if everything is fine. Inexplicable.
  • johnlebeau
    Thanks Tavin. Love the show.
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