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NPR's weekly news quiz. Have a laugh and test your knowledge with today's funniest comedians. And if you can't get enough, try our new mid-week show, Everyone & Their Mom. Each Wednesday, host Emma Choi takes the story everyone's talking about and uses it as an excuse to hang out with culture makers, Wait Wait panelists, and hilarious new comedians.Hate free content? Try a subscription to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!+. Your subscription supports public radio and unlocks fun bonus episodes along with sponsor-free listening. Learn more at https://plus.npr.org/waitwait

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  • JS from NYC
    the annoying week
    between having clinton on and the woman doing her exaggerated over the top black woman thing, this was a one star week. hey but that happens sometimes Peter
  • ALibralMiget
    I’ll listen if there’s Mo Rocca
    He’s really the only thing I enjoy about the show at this point. It’s a little cringy.
  • randallpark@123
    This show is amazing I loved being on it donate today
  • 8935maria
    Sound needs improvement
    Love the content but I can’t listen anymore due to all of the contributors peaking their microphones the entire show. It’s painfully loud and crackly. Hire a sound mixer or have them wear earbuds to hear when they are peaking the sound. Isn’t this a professional radio show?
  • Fahahhudyx
    The worlds best podcasts
    It’s and describely good podcast
  • Vizual1
    “Everyone” is frivolous waste
    Why bundle these two shows together? Because no one would listen otherwise. It’s a waste of my time and is fluff. Nothing substantial. Please rid us of it.
  • LadyUpperDeck
    I LOVE this show!
    There are many podcasts that have underwhelmed me, but this show is even better than I expected. It makes me literally LOL, but I also learn some things from every show. Really enjoying the guests too.
  • SpikeB05
    So fun!
    I love when Negin hosts!!
  • Andante'
    Wait wait
    Great show!!!!! Thank you. Excellent ! DDH
  • chessejevan
    Fantastic episode this week!!
    Shantira Jackson was HILARIOUS on this week’s episode! I hope they bring her back regularly!
  • mojonob
    Wait Wait Nerd
    I used to mock my husband for being an NPR Wait Wait nerd. Now I look forward to the weekly release of each of your show. Paula’s PERIOD story on Stump the Listener may still be one of my very favorites! Play that again soon!
  • quirkyquirk13
    Bring back Karen
    Peter SegalI found offensive in this episode
  • uvcxdv g
  • ecbpdx
    Chiming in on Chee…
    Please ask Karen Chee to tone down her delivery. She’s witty and a good host, but the grating squeals spoil the show.
  • Best thank yous
    The only show my husband and I listen to together
    We listen, read, and watch different things all week but this show is the one we enjoy together and always find amusing and informative.
    Best show ever!
    This is such an amazing show whenever I listen to it I’m laughing the whole way through. In my opinion, the Negin Farsad episodes are the best.
  • chcivibb
  • Oscar Santana Lies
    It Doesn’t Matter
    Peter was great on the It Doesn’t Matter Patreon Podcast. Really funny guy
  • MdmFong
    Love this show!
    I have been listening for years…this rating is way overdue!
  • Wwdtm fan!
    The best show ever!!
    I love wait wait don’t tell me! I would recommend it for anyone! It is hilarious and my only source of news! (I would give it more stars but I can’t!)
  • Bbkingml
    Funny and informative? Yes please!
    I had no idea what to expect from this podcast, but found myself chuckling over and over again while cleaning up and listening. It’s like I learn little tidbits of information from the WSJ podcast, and come to WWDTM to hear it in a fun way! Very quick witted hosts
  • KJBrady
    Years in decline
    This was the first podcast I ever subscribed to back in 2004 or so. I have listened religiously since then and was even at Carl Kasell’s final show as part of my law school graduation celebration. I have adored this show and it’s panelists for the majority of my life but in recent years I have found myself less interested in turning it on. NPR lost its way during the Trump years becoming profoundly both-sides-y and milquetoast and WWDTM has followed suit. It hasn’t gone stale it’s gone soggy. I couldn’t even finish the last couple of weeks. Find something better. HDTGM is a good option.
  • MusicIsLife212
    First of all, I love this show. But…why did you have to ruin what would have been a MASSIVE surprise for a blockbuster movie? Really?! That, is beyond disappointing.
  • mando.ln
    Every Saturday night before bed.. WWDTM
    Every Saturday night before bed.. WWDTM
  • Cornhole jury
    Proof that woke kills comedy
    They invited racist cult leader Ibram Kendi Rogers to be a guest. The entire panel gushed and labeled him a “genius.” I suppose that’s more important than humor.
  • Robsrks87
    Love it! So much fun.
    I listen to this show every week. I say
  • Amy0011
  • utube boi
    Very very very funny and entertaining
  • swobie
    Wait wait
    Why does this require that I pay for it? I thought it was free.
    Back in Baby’s Arms
    Look, we love this show for its reliability. It’s comforting in this chaotic world. Karen Chee was great! I love Maeve. And Bill Curtis! There couldn’t have been a better person to inherit the role. (Update: months later, EATM is still being forced on us. Why? Ad revenue? WWDTM is one of my all-time fave shows. PLEASE break out the Wednesday show. It’s not cute anymore to keep it it in the WW feed.)
  • losgatokat
    Depression fixer
    People who give lower than 5 stars, are either angry people or have no sense of humor!
  • Sn0rkeler
    Please allow opt-out from subscription shows
    While I love Wait, Wait, I do not love wading through the ‘extended content’ or other offshoots that appear in my podcast library. Please put them somewhere else / in their own area. I also find that the standards of the show have degraded since the beginning and like pretty much everything on TV, things I wouldn’t want kids or even teens to hear are showing up far more often. I may have to give it up.
  • Lejron Brames
    Weird Al
    Since weird Al was getting Alabama questions in one of his performances where I was at he did sweet home Alabama except he changed the name to the city
  • duncangelder
    So glad to have the original show back!
    EDIT: Updated my rating back to 5 stars now that Everyone is gone. Also just resubscribed now that I can resume auto downloading everything. The host seemed nice but it made skipping through episodes on CarPlay a nightmare, so I’m relieved that it’s back to normal. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I’ve had to download a new podcast app so I could create playlists that skipped Everyone episodes. I’m sure that many people enjoy her, but the episodes are completely different than a live game show like Wait Wait, and it’s not what I was hoping for when I first followed this show. Please just move this new podcast to a different feed! I miss my old Wait Wait, and you’ve made my feed involve a lot of manual work and skipping around in order to listen, instead of binging 3-4 episodes at a time.
  • yourfavoriterichie
    I Love This Show
    Emma, congrats so much on ur graduation! I loved EATM! I also love Wait Wait so much! ✨✨✨✨✨
  • Music Lover in Sacramento
    Will Miss Emma & Everyone
    Will miss Emma and the humorous, light hearted, and fun podcast! Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this podcast after listening to an episode of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Well done!
  • Snow Biscuit
    EATM is gone! 🎉
    2nd update: Resubscribed and bumped rating up to 5 stars now that EATM has finally been cancelled! Updated review: Downgrading from 3 stars (see below) to 1 star and unsubscribing. I can easily download WWDTM manually every Saturday. If everyone who hates EATM will do this, maybe they’ll FINALLY spin it off or kill it. A completely different podcast shouldn’t be in another podcast’s feed!!!! Original review: Saturday Wait Wait: 5 stars. Wednesday Everyone & Their Mom: 1 star. I averaged the two for my rating. Please spin off Everyone & so I don’t have to delete it every week. I listened to the first 2 episodes and decided I’d give it one more shot at becoming funny and interesting, but episode 3 is boring, too. You’re going to lose current subscribers and cause potential new ones who sample the Wednesday show first to not subscribe if you don’t get this off of your feed!
  • communitynewspodcast
    Please, please, please have comedians and TV producers Paul and Sasha from "Community News with Paul and Sasha" on WWDTM. They are a perfect fit for your show and should be regular guests. They're so smart and so funny like you!
  • Grace Mont
    I’ve only listened to one and it’s all ready got hooked on good!! 😍😍 BEST THING EVER!!
  • youngjm
    A Great Show
    Love WWDTM it is funny and timely! I am sorry that Everything and...... did not find its own following but glad it's now longer mixed into this great shows podcast.
  • @TheYechGuy
    A little news a lot of laughs
    This show brings me insight and joy thank you so much
  • RPI_Grad
    Amusing show.
    Very entertaining, but please don’t let this be your only news source.
  • Old IM'er
    Everyone and their mom
    Edited review: I just read in the New York Times that NPR is halting production of “Everyone and their mom”!!!! I’ll resubscribe to Wait! Wait! now!!!!! I raised my star rating too. I am very disappointed for the layoffs. I’ll give extra this year. Original review: Five stars for Wait! Wait!, but it irritates me to have the other show keep popping into the feed. I don’t care for that show.
  • TuleTwo
    Karen Chee Guest Host
    She is witty. Her voice is WAY too high. She gets higher n pitch as she gets excited. Someone should moderate her. She is pleasant. Her pitch is too high
  • A56309
    Great job guest hosting Karen Chee!!
    I spent more than two minutes on this podcast app finding the review section to say what a wonderful job she did!! 🙌
  • Chicago1999
    Guest host review
    Someone forgot to tell Karen Chee that she was not hosting a toddler birthday party. Cringe. Fine as contributor but not to host. Please bring back Azlo Slade as guest host! He was great and is a very funny and clever guest. More Azlo please!
  • LMM-0210
    But no more Karen Chee, please
    Not a fan of the sing-song baby talk.
  • Dawne99
    Karen Chee is terrific!
    If Peter Sagel were to ever retire, PLEASE consider Karen Chee as a replacement. Her hosting this weekend was so natural. And her flirting with Sam Waterston was hilarious.
  • Waxy_Mike
    Karen Chee? Really?
    The way she modulates her voice: I can’t begin to tell you how irritating she is. It’s like she’s guest hosting a podcast for kindergarteners! Please consider Paula Poundstone or Tom Papa the next time Peter is unavailable.
  • Greatpodcast1234
    This is the best listen to it every night
    Great show highly recommend it
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