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An aviation podcast by aviation geeks for anyone who looks up when they hear an airplane fly overhead. Listen in as Ian Petchenik and Jason Rabinowitz bring you aviation news, views, and special guests every Friday. If you're a new avgeek or just can't get enough aviation in your life, get your avgeek fix with us.

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  • DancingWeasel22
    Best Aviation Podcast out there
    Truly is the best. Always fills me in on the news of the week
  • RMSchapiro
    Aviation News for Aviation Nerds
    Great show for aviation nerds who are not necessarily pilots. Covers aviation news from around the world. Their humor is a little “too clean”, but I’ll deal with it. 😃
  • hi 227
    Greatest podcast out there.
    I am a data-provider for FR24, and stumbled upon this podcast/newsletter early in my early days of using FR24. I’ve listened to every episode since. Content is great and shows both sides, and gives me all I need to know. Very appealing. Thanks Avtalk!
  • Chānel
    My favourite part of the week
    I fly for work every week and this podcast usually releases in time for me to listen while I fly. Best aerospace related podcast.
    If you fly on planes, if you fly planes, if you just like looking at planes this is the podcast for you. The hosts are well spoken and very educated on the topics they cover. Highly recommend.
  • Lintekna
    Very informative
    This is one podcast that is very enjoyable to listen to. The content is quite informative especially for avgeeks but also helpful for your regular Joe Schmoe.
  • T Bloke
    Favorite Friday Podcast
    Thoroughly enjoy the show. Highly recommend for those interested in the aviation industry at any level. Thanks Tim Bloke
  • DrivesLikeJehu
    Never miss an episode
    Ian and Jason plan well and deliver information that debunks a lot of the MISinformation from the mainstream media.
  • I want to fly✈️
    The best
    Very informative engaging in fun to listen to! Its the highlight of my week! 😀
  • Zsazsabb
    Fun and fascinating
    The guys blend knowledge, humor, information, and snark in equal measure to make a podcast perfect for everyone interested in aviation, even slightly or tangentially. I’ve learned so much ‘binge-listening’ over the last few months. Also check out their website and YouTube Handel, equally great.
  • defljjplolmMpkkMlplnnop
    Great! Great!
    Great podcast! Both great hosts. Nothing more to say than this is a perfect pod-cast along with the Simple flying Podcast!
  • Cartpauj
    A very fun and informative podcast
    I’m not a pilot, I don’t work in aviation. All I know, I’ve learned from this podcast. I started listening when the Max 8 MCAS-related crashes peaked my interest in what was going on. I’ve listened to every single episode since. These guys have very different but unique personalities that makes the show fun, entertaining and highly informative. I highly recommend!!! As a result of listening, I also was inspired to start feeding 1090Mhz ADSB data as well. I’ve had a lot of fun with that too :)
  • BX Commuter
    Always a great listen
    There are lots of Avgeek podcasts and most are a bit dry. This is a bit like “Car Talk” of the airline world, where the rapport and passion combine to make the show really stand out.
  • ROB w.o.
    Best AvGeek podcast
    These two guys and Flightradar24 produce the most informative and engaging podcast. I have been a listener for over three years. Look forward to each new episode to drop
  • Bam987654321$&@
    Loved the last episode!
    Ian, Just listened to your episode, and wow. Heartfelt doesn't even cut it. Your stories about your dad were...well, just magical. It's clear you two had something special. Thanks for sharing it with the world. ❤️ Keeping you in my thoughts.
  • Ichabad
    Excellent/plus my two cents.
    Top tier aviation podcast. I have read some reviews about people not understanding inside jokes and how much sarcasm there is. Let me give my two cents if it matters. This is an aviation podcast meant for avid aviation geeks. They expect you to know and follow aviation. If you don’t, there are great beginner airplane nerd podcasts out there. The hosts don’t need to dumb it down to the 1% or less of listeners who don’t get it. You two are doing an amazing and informative job. I absolutely LOVE the episodes when Steve Giordano is on. He’s one of the best out there. An absolute wealth of knowledge. More of him please! Keep up the excellent work!
  • I’m so over your rants.
    Remain apolitical
    I used to be a regular listener. But when one of the hosts ignorantly lectured us listeners about getting an experimental health procedure done (who knows, he might be a health professional on the side), I stopped listening. After a couple of years I thought I’d give them another try. The very first episode I chose to listen to and, again, I had to listen to his anti-gun rant. Keep your political views to yourself. Not everybody shares your naive, idealistic views
  • corgissssss
    Great podcast
    Of all the aviation podcasts out there, this one is the best. Well done!
  • AvGeek nerd
    Grate Pod folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!✈️✈️
  • crystal mtn
    Best podcast!
    Hands down the best podcast! Great content every single week!. I look forward to a new episode weekly. Jason and Ian are full of knowledge.
  • mt1281
    best aviation podcast out there
    i’ve listened to almost all of them and this is the best. it’s nice just to have to hosts who know what they’re talking about and some fun guests as warranted
  • jfhrhhx
    Great show
    Great podcast been listening to it for a couple of years now. Jason should fly to Zimbabwe and fly SA airlink’s E145 or fast jet’s E145
  • Camerons reviews
    Great show!!
    I love learning about the new stuff every week that is going on in aviation keep up the good work guys!!
  • J n but
    JdJ K ebbs but h it bb h
  • wingfan5a
    I would lower the sarcasm / inside joke factor
    I enjoy this podcast, but have enjoyed it less recently. As an interested, but novice, aviation observer, I feel like an outsider at times when listening to this podcast. There are several sarcastic or inside jokes that never get explained. (I don’t know why Norse is not Norwegian) Instead of learning something, I’m simply uncertain what point the hosts were trying to share. The recaps on aviation incidents are my favorite, and are least susceptible to the inside jokes. When the hosts discuss aircraft types and airlines, they venture into sarcastic moans and groans that never get explained.
  • Maryland_Planespotter
    Great Aviation News Podcast
    FlightRadar24 is easily my favorite app, and this is one of my favorite aviation news podcasts. And you can listen at 2x speed without losing audio quality!
  • A-Man14
    Awesome Podcast!
    This podcast catches you up on everything in the aviation world in an entertaining way. They go into depth with everything and are very thorough unlike other aviation podcasts. They also add their personal opinions on subjects as well. I would recommend this podcast to people just breaking into the aviation space and people who are experienced in the aviation space. Love this podcast!!
  • Civ III Dave
    My favorite podcast!
    I love hearing these guys discuss recent aviation news. They pull back the veil on press releases and give interesting perspective.
  • ilovenorway🇳🇴
  • alltheneicknamesaretaken
    I love it!
    Great for the casual flyer to those who can identify an aircraft ‘by ear’
    I have been listening to this podcast since the early days. I have a friend who is an A380 captain. He told me one time “You know more about this industry than most of my First Officers!” AvTalk is my source for quality, trusted aircraft industry news (sometimes mixed with a little fit of fun/rumor). Keep it up Ian and Jason!
  • LisaK52
    Catch the early episodes!
    Waking up from the time change this morning, I decided to listen to Episode 9 from July 17, 2017. It’s quite an eye-opener to revisit where we were 5 years ago, and where we are today in the airline industry. I heard names of airlines I haven’t heard in a long time (remember Ted???), and the report on the (then) new 737-8 MAX delivery to Norwegian. I highly recommend that people go back and listen to these, and you’ll have a new perspective on today’s state of aviation. Keep up the great work!
  • OGStrauss
    Great podcast, but where’s Ken?!?!
    I love listening to this podcast. AvTalk quite literally helps me get to sleep. For about six months now, I have listened to this podcast. I have listened all the episodes multiple times and have almost never been disappointed. Easily one of the best (and my personal favorite) aviation podcast. Every one of the guests has been great, especially Ken and his glossary terms. What happened to those?! They were a personal favorite of mine. Fun and informative. Keep making the great show!
  • JWFox54
    The Best Aviation Centric Podcast
    The AvTalk podcast is best aviation centric podcast period. The focus is mostly in the transport / airline category with an occasional detour to private aviation. The reason I like it so much is the conversational style of the two hosts versus some podcasts with a single host talking forever.
  • LisaIsHereForIt
    Incredible podcast!🙌🏻
    Aviation fans - meet your new favorite podcast! The AvTalk team has created an incredible resource for you with AvTalk. Hear from industry experts as they discuss challenges, present solutions, and share their insights into what’s next in avionics.
  • BrianLewis1995
    A step above Simple Flying
    I’ve been listening for over 100 episodes by now, and I have to give a very honest review. Ian is very well informed and does a great job on the podcast. But Jason is a big letdown. He constantly seems ill-informed, unprepared, and just downright negative. It’s unfortunate, but hopefully Ian can turn it around.
  • eagerkd
    Quality and in-depth….
    Have enjoyed this podcast for several years. Generally neutrality presented stories firing around the world (though sometimes too much anti-Boeing bias). Look forward to each episode.
  • anakid62
    What a great podcast to listen to and even get a bit smarter about aviation and geek out about it, can’t wait for new episodes
  • jscibelli
    Used to be better
    Jason’s NYC elitist attitude and continued pessimism has made this podcast difficult to listen to.
  • wanara90
    Fun and Educational
    I always look forward to listening to this podcast every Friday. The hosts are amusing, knowledgeable, passionate about aviation, and humble enough to say when they get things wrong. They do a wonderful job of getting knowledgeable and interesting guests that always bring something unique to the table. Also, they don’t use super industry heavy language so people getting into aviation can understand what’s going on. Truly recommend!
  • gwpet01
    Time to Change the Name
    I have previously given AvTalk good reviews because the content was good and informative, but here of late the show has turned into more of a whining complain fest from Ian and Jason. I’ve tried very hard to continue listening, but when the majority of the content is Jason complaining about this thing or that, I’m starting to lose interest. Perhaps it’s time to change the title of the show to something a little more accurate; AvComplain perhaps. So sad to see a good podcast go down.
  • ???@&&
    On investigative conclusions .
    Gentlemen you are clever, smart and whimsical. If you are to talk about accident reports and their conclusion, please avoid the Carlson like outrage mode. Amateur sleuthing is, by its very nature, limited in scope.
  • Fltof2
    Fun & Informative
    Excellent show. Keeps me informed of the latest developments in the airline industry, and many of the interviews with guests have been fantastic!
  • airwolfe1
    Eff you Jason.
    Let’s just start strapping everyone down against their will, and start injecting them. What kind of dictatorial world do you want to live in? Where do you draw the line? Who do you blame when you get the flu? You get the vaccine to protect yourself knowing you can’t eliminate complete possibility of exposure.
  • gauchoatheart
    Was good until they got political
    I have listened for a long time (to most, if not all, episodes). The aviation news was always interesting and the sem-layperson analysis was good. Recently, they have gotten very political and this has completely ruined it for me. I’m unsubscribing.
  • Alan from LI
    Great show! Thank you.
    I am an av geek and have no others in my life. This podcast makes me feel connected to the community. I enjoy the way Ian and Jason give us the news while incorporating their own experiences into the show. Five stars! Keep up the good work.
  • SGnomad
    👍🏼👍🏼 (2 thumbs up)
    The only thing better than listening to this podcast, is appearing on it! Ian & Jason are great - total pros. Interesting topics, interesting takes, and a “must listen” for all Avgeeks
  • achen03
    Horrible analysis
    Not a Driscoll defender; never attended his church. I was hoping for a Biblical analysis of what happened to this catastrophe, but instead I’m only hearing a sociological assessments. Very disappointing for a podcast coming from “Christianity Today”.
  • Jetpipe28
    Love the concept
    But no, these aren’t experts.
  • aSoCalPilot
    Interesting airlines news and analysis
    I look forward to listening to this posdcast every 2 weeks when it’s released. Ian and Jason provide fascinating insights into current events in the airline industry. I appreciate their knowledge of the industry and their analysis of the events as they unfold. I highly recommend the podcast for anyone with an interest in the biz of airlines.
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