Family Ghosts


Every house is haunted. In each episode of Family Ghosts, we investigate the true story behind a mysterious figure whose legend has followed a family for generations. Grandmothers who were secretly jewel smugglers, uncles who led double lives, siblings who vanished without a trace, and other ghostly characters who cast shadows over our lives in ways that might not be immediately obvious. We are all formed in part by our familial collections of secrets, intrigues, and myths. By engaging with each others’ legends, perhaps we can see each others’ realities more clearly. Hosted by Moth Grand Slam winner Sam Dingman, whose stories have been featured on Risk!, TBTL, Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything, and The Moth Radio Hour.

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  • gg_x34
    Grows better with age
    This show keeps getting better with age. Not every episode is a home run, but there is, by far, more to love her than to complain about. It’s very hard to make 30 minutes of people essentially talking about themselves compelling without throwing in extensive narration or gimmicks. This show does that, and it is an art.
  • Glaux Girl
    Solid, but I miss the old format
    The stories are carefully crafted and the show well produced, but I miss the one story per episode format. The series can get tedious, particularly as a portion of the time is spent recapping the previous episode, or even what happened before the commercial break. I don’t mind the politics—the Clotilda story was important and interesting, it just felt like it belonged in a different show, one that was less centered on individual experience. And I wish Vera could’ve summoned more passion for the topic in her voice!
  • LauraParm
    The story telling is so wonderfully done, I never loose interest. It’s always a treat when this pops up in my new episodes!
  • Coasterron
    Not all ghosts are scary!
    I love horror movies, ghost stories and true crime. So when I saw family ghosts, I was like yes!!! A podcast about ghosts....... I was shocked as I listened to the first episode, what??? This isn’t about “ghosts”. As I continued to listen, I realized that the term ghost is indeed a subjective term and come in so many different forms. I love that these stories from these amazing people make me realize that my family isn’t the only one with ghosts, and it makes me want to look for my family’s ghosts! Keep up the good work!
  • MoopaMoop
    Better than mamas chili
    The amount of soul poured into each episode is simply amazing. I couldn’t be happier to of found this podcast. Thank you so much for making this masterpiece!
  • mlbudgie
    I listen to lots of podcasts but this has become a favorite. Stories are well-paced, interesting and varied. Excellent!
  • Boo Yizzle
    Good stories
    Sereah Shockley episodes are impossible to listen to - she ends every sentence with vocal fry. Please Any other narrator will do!
  • RozeQuinzel
    I am hooked.
    If you like mysteries and family gossip this podcast is perfect for you! The narrator has such a great style of asking people questions and telling the stories. I can’t even imagine the drama behind the scenes.
  • sprittles
    Sam Dingman has a journalist’s delivery that draws you right into the story. I just listened to Episode 1, and look forward to many hours wandering around my kitchen, engrossed in people’s life stories.
  • Vicki4ou
    When I read the word “ghosts” I think haunting and investigating. These are just dumb stories without “ghosts”
  • Oboom10
    I’m hooked
    I’m hooked after 3 episodes. I never write reviews but this podcast is the exception. I love the storytelling, the pace, the everything!! Can’t wait to binge them all!
  • Downt an Flabby
    Season1 was great. Season2 too much singing.
    I’m back! I actually forgot about famghostShow. Then I remembered the house fire episode. After a listen to that again. I’ll check out the new stuff. If there is no singing or sing-a-longs we are good.
  • PhoebeLinnea22
    The podcast I’ve been looking for
    I just started listening to Family Ghosts and I truly love it. I’ve been jumping from podcast to podcast for a while but this one feels like home. Thank you.
  • zululemoko
    The clothilda legacy
    Thank you for this. This story is a metaphor within a metaphor of the passive-aggressive power of lies secrets and silence in our “America”. A metaphor for the pathology of racism in our non “post-racial society”. As the women says in the beginning mention; don’t talk about it and not to worry of someone busting in to tell to keep your mouth shut or burning you down or harming you. A metaphor for the repression of trauma to our bodies and minds for fear of the disempowering truth and stigma in acknowledging the depth of our mental and spiritual suffering. And finally, painfully a metaphor of how the descendants of the “enslaved” treat the damage done ourselves and to each other. Our interpersonal spiritual state, so often pain treated with self-destruction and so much violence. The treatment; not saying, not telling, not acknowledging. I thank you and the good folks in the podcast for doing the courageous work of beginning healing through being seekers and sharers of the truth.
  • ms.northdakota
    Disagree, I thought the logo looked like boobs
    Sorry previous poster
  • mentalsoak
    Your logo looks like condoms
  • Tara Metal
    Amazing storytelling
    This podcast is just fantastic. I recommend it to anyone interested in history, dramedies, family stories, and/or mysteries. Season 1 Episode six is one of the best single podcast episodes I’ve ever heard. I only wish I’d discovered it sooner! A+++
  • 082691
    First two episodes were great.
    Strong start. Then people started reciting their own stories... And it became painful. Especially the tore up fake accents.
  • Proggybreaks
    Great Stories
    I recommend this show even to people who don’t normally even listen to podcasts. Wonderful storytelling!
  • Bouncyczech
    Great story telling.
    This podcast compels one to call up the relatives and ask them before it's too late. Get all the interesting/painful/crazy stories before they disappear.
  • garamondgal
    Fantastic podcast
    Stories that touch your heart, or make you think, wonder, feel.
  • Alee3990
    This podcast is phenomenal. It’s the only podcast that I can’t get enough.
  • JosephADangelo
    Hauntingly wonderful
    This has become a weekly standard for me! Love the concept and the care taken to tell stories right
  • aliciamgray
    Love It
    Interesting people, interesting stories- one of my favorite podcasts.
  • Ksaintz
    Excellent from Episode 1
    This is a seriously interesting, sometimes funny, always amazing podcast. I can’t get enough! You will NOT be disappointed.
  • Ttewelb
    Fantastic story telling
    I love listening to people’s stories. This podcast takes such an unexpected approach to story telling. Only issue, I’ve listened to all three seasons in the last week.
  • zulia vosh
    Love this podcast
    This podcast is so great! I cannot wait for each new episode.
  • Bekah..
    Amazing ♥️♥️♥️
    I seriously love everything about this podcast!! There isn’t one thing I would change!
  • Just a Momma
    WOW!! What a great show. The name threw me off a little, soooo glad I gave it a shot!! This show is a gem.
  • Vadgerific
    The way you opened season 3 ❤️
    The care and thought you put into the opening of season 3 is not something I’ve ever heard before. You made sure to level set and consider your audience’s possible reactions. Just beautiful. ❤️
  • ElleVel
    Great storytelling!
    I love how these stories are shared and told. Great nonfiction narrative format - authentic and captivating.
  • kmj924
    Great podcast!
    I love these stories! I laugh out loud a lot. His voice is soothing and easy to listen to.
  • JLMiraldi
    Great stories!
    I love this podcast, it has everything; mystery, intrigue, family drama! I look forward to it every week! Keep up the good work :)
  • Jslampern
    What happened?!?
    Season 1 was fantastic. Season 2 started out great, but the episodes with the singing were pretentious and forced. I felt like it was an advertisement for the singers and had no real substance. Also loathed the episode with the Chinese food. Just stick to good old fashioned story telling like season 1. Thanks for sharing the Family Secrets Podcast, though. It seemed to fill the void you left this season.
  • Juli448
    Late to the Party
    I’ve just began listening Family Ghosts but I’m not new to podcasts. Until listening to this podcast I hadn’t really found a podcast (besides Sacred Text) that really kept my attention. This podcast not only keeps my attention, but also is therapeutic. I feel my anxiety slipping away any time I listen (or re-listen) to these stories. I just finish Settling in my Bones and even though I’ve appreciated all the episodes, that one caught me. My parents have been married for over 35 years and I’ve never lacked love in my life, but “Come as you are” was so incredibly meaningful I don’t have words. Thank you for including that and thank you for this podcast.
  • Julia0429
    I Cry.
    This. Podcast. Just about every episode makes me cry. Beautiful, reflective, and human!
  • lucy_charms
    I discovered this podcast last weekend. We had just moved into our first house and I had sooooo much unpacking to do. So I turned to podcasts, as I often do when faced with seemingly impossible, tedious chores. The name of the show immediately attracted me and I assumed it would be a show about supernatural/paranormal experiences. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be REAL stories from actual people about their families and mysteries. I cried when I listened to the episode about the grandmother who survived the Holocaust. I laughed along with the eccentric uncles in Marco's search for his grandfather. I was awed by the woman who went after her attacker with a bat! In short, this podcast is so excellently put together and produced that I get swept up into the stories and feel so many emotions. I love it and am so grateful for the work you guys are doing. Now I definitely know that as crazy as my family is, it could be so much weirder. 💖
  • FrequentDriverDC
    Wow - Just listened to Settling in The Bones. Amazingly good storytelling. Thank you.
  • Dropsofjooniper
    On of my favorite podcasts
    Season 2 was worth the wait! I love this show and I’m so glad it came back.
  • Mustache155
    Started out great, went downhill fast
    Listening to season 1, this became one of my favorite podcasts. I love the idea of interesting family stories buried in the past. Season 2 was very disappointing. The focus went away from telling a story and more toward the self importance of the narrator and their skewed agenda. I made it 20 minutes into the “bone hill” episode and had to unsubscribe from the podcast.
  • Mmcc5
    Couldn’t stop listening
    I happened on this in my recommends and thought I’d try while doing some painting. I went through all of the 2 seasons in 2 days and really look forward to each new story. So well done.
  • Mama Smith Pa
    Not what I was looking for, but so glad I found it!
    I was looking for literal ghost podcasts as they are my go to normally. I listened to the first episode waiting for the “ghost” of the story. About half way through, I realized it’s about family stories and the open ends are the ghosts. This podcast had me hooked! The story telling is wonderful, stories engaging and I love it. It gives me a great break from my normal paranormal podcasts. Thanks for the wonderful stories.
  • Mrsflores84
    Love it more and more !!!!
    Extremely interesting! Great format and exciting stories every time!
  • allieava
    I listen to a lot of podcast. There’s a wide range of topics in my library but, after listening to season one this is my favorite! I love how the interviews convey the emotions in the individuals. I typically listen on my way to work and nearly every time, I’m wiping tears on my way into the office. It’s raw, unique in format, and is truly the first podcast that draws you in like your part of the story. Love it!
  • Not Tarts
    Great Stories
    Season 1 - Interesting stories. Not full of opinions, judgement or politics. Just nice, strange and funny family stories, some with resolutions and some without. Season 2 - Not so good.
  • oldusedcarrs
    Family Ghosts
    Really enjoyed these stories. Made me feel like my family is very normal. Family history is so fascinating!
  • blueray943
    Well done
    Such a well written series. The stories are thoughtful and poignant. It’s wonderful how the the producers and writers bring depth to the “ghosts”. Keep up the great series. Bone Hill was fantastic.
  • jazzyfresh11
    I love this podcast. I genuinely feel the story tellers emotions. Each story takes you on a journey and it is always worth it when you reach you the end.
  • Lysisyrata31
    Amazing Content
    Every episode is engaging and well written; the revelations that happen on the show are amazing, like when a missing body was located because of the show. Overall, the show itself is amazing and eye-opening.
  • upsidedown_trees
    Stellar pacing and tension
    Like the best This American Life. Excellent pacing and tension. The best of family complexity and secrets. You’ll find yourself having many “holy moly!” moments.
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