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Do you feel like one episode of Grey's Anatomy a week just isn't enough to get you through? Well pour yourself a glass of wine (or a shot of tequila - we're not picky) and join veteran Grey's fans Abbey Moore and Bri Babbitt to discuss, dissect and indulge in chatter of your favorite characters, heartbreaking moments and everything in between.We will be re-watching the entire series starting with Season 1 Episode 1 - and encourage you to do the same. You won't be sorry! Or you might, but we will just forget that. Just like we did with the musical episode in Season 7.Be warned! From the very beginning this is a spoilers podcast. We reference the entire show and everything that has happened through to current Greys. We do not recommend listening if this is your first time watching the show.

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  • Sooner_Fan_OK
    Love Dang GA POD Ever
    I’m new to GA Nothing like losing my GA Virginity but I listen to y’all after every show
  • lorenisnotcool
    Like hanging out with my besties
    I recently watched Greys for the first time in Aug 2023, and finished all 19 seasons by Nov 2023... then immediately started rewatching it. After making it to about s11 I was wishing I had someone to talk about it with, which is when I found this podcast! I have struggled to find a podcast to keep my attention for more than 2 or 3 episodes. But Abbey & Bri make it feel like I'm sitting on the couch talking about Grey's during a girls night! I find myself being a podcast ghost yelling at my phone, or laughing at their stories. Currently at their S5 episodes and I listen to at least 3 episodes a day.. Definitely binging.. love love LOVE this podcast!!!!
  • aaaaaalllgggggg
    Perfect accompaniment to show for 1st time watcher
    I’m watching the series for the first time, and listening to the podcast episode by episode is the perfect replacement for the water cooler moment I could have had if I had watched it in real time. Love the hosts and 3 seasons in they have become to feel like friends.
  • Abby_rose_
    wildly late to the game
    a great pod ◡̈ there’s an amazing balance between funny non greys moments, as well as two (or more) opinions about the actual episodes. very light hearted, and helps me get through the work day. highly recommend it for people who don’t like cold, straight to the point podcasts ! ————————— i started listening to this a my temp job at a bakery while hollywood was on strike because i binged all of greys in a month and still needed more. i will say listening to the earlier seasons at the end of 2023 is so hard, because the amount of stuff 2017-2019 Abbey and BJ don’t know about the future of greys (and the world really) is wild. i’m only on season 6 so far, and i really hope Donna makes a comeback somehow
  • KimboBwell
    So smart and fun
    I learned of this podcast via Shortcomings (SATC) and I’m enthralled! I feel like I’m shooting the *hit with my bestie. Smart takes, and all the memories!
  • jenpen1013
    The best!
    I am a new listener, but I’ve been a Grey’s fan since the very first episode aired! I love this podcast and enjoy the banter between the hosts and the patrons! Can’t wait to get caught up to the new episodes!
  • megsnbacon6
    My Favorite Podcast
    I’ve been listening to the on-call room for about a year and a half now and it has become my favorite podcast. When I started listening, I was already a huge greys fan. But honestly, this show has made me so much more into the show. I love rewatching greys as most fans do but I also really love re-listening to Abbey and Bri. They’re dynamic is amazing, it’s everything you’d want in a bff pair! What brought me to this podcast was Grey’s Anatomy but what kept me was Abbey and Bri’s beautiful friendship. I love listening back to old episodes especially the one’s covering my favorite seasons of grey’s (5-10). My favorite episode is when Abbey and Bri discuss Justin Chambers leaving the show with patron Chris. It’s so funny and interesting! 10/10 scalpels best podcast ever! Give it a listen and then leave them 5 stars <3 <3 <3
  • james charles dirty butt
    If you love Grey’s Anatomy, I recommend this podcast! The banter is very funny, and it makes me feel like I’m with friends. I went backward, and I’m on season 3 after a few weeks! It’s easy to listen too, and is fun. Recommended to everyone! 2023 update: i still relisten and ily guys so funny
  • Starchild0601
    The BEST Grey’s Anatomy podcast
    I love Abby and Bri! I’ve been binging this since the start of the pandemic in 2020. These girls are so funny! It feels like you’re their friend while listening to them talk about their lives and get into our favorite subject, Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t have anyone else who watches it with me so I love listening to Abby and Bri talk about it for all 18 seasons. Plenty of Spoilers for those who haven’t watched before but it’s been a great listen while rewatching the show. I highly recommend The On Call Room for any Grey’s fan. 5 scaples!
  • LoudTeacher
    Love this podcast!
    I find when I’m anxious, which happens a lot these days, I rewatch my favorite shows as a comfort. So, I’ve watched Grey’s SO many times. This podcast has been my new comfort. Abbey and Bree feel like friends. I talk to my husband about their stories. Thank you for being you!
  • Musiclover12345678901234567890
    Grey’s, laughs, and GGBs
    I love this podcast so much. Abbey and Bri are such fun hosts. I love their conversations, both about life and Grey’s Anatomy. Through a lot of change the past 8 months, Abbey and Bri have felt like friends and this podcast has calmed the chaos of my mind through fun stories and recapping the amazing and crazy show that is Grey’s Anatomy.
  • ltothemax
    These are my people
    Come for the grey’s explication, stay for the chitchat, Hamilton, Harry Potter, midwestern, middle aged millenial references!! I’ve rewatched grey’s a million times but it’s so fun to hear abbey and bri’s hot takes, and after spending at least 200 hours listening (!!! Love you, but re-evaluating my life) in the past couple months, I feel like we’re literally best friends. I’ll stop being a podcast ghost someday soon, but keep up the great work!!
  • erinelizabeth239
    If you love Greys, you’ll love this podcast!
    I’ve been watching since day one (that postal service song in the promos hooked me in!) and have rewatched more times than I care to admit. I just wanted something easy to listen to while working and discovered these ladies and their podcast. Oh my gosh, I am so happy I did! Not only do they do a great job breaking down the episodes, they’re also so funny, wise, and I fully enjoy the chaos that sometimes ensues. Thank you for being fans of a great show, and for keeping me entertained/laughing at work!
  • Meggers605
    Holy Forking Shirtballs! Best podcast ever!
    I started coaching Grey’s Anatomy from day one, and I absolutely love this podcast. It makes me laugh every single week and I always feel like I’m hanging out with my BFFs. Would love to be a Patreon, but I have two kids in too activities that cost more than my mortgage. Keep it up, ladies! Love you both!
  • faithske91
    I am late but I LOVE THEM
    I maybe late to the party, but I have watched Greys a MILLION times. I LOVE these girls. I have always wanted to be apart of the show and I talk to them even though they cannot hear me. They’re hilarious and super relatable. It’s all I’ve been listening to whenever I’m driving in my car or cleaning up. If you love greys you should listen to them. You won’t be disappointed 😬
  • MollyZoe2025
    top tier podcast
    this is the only podcast I religiously listen to every episode and this review is long overdue. bri and abby have me literally pissing my pants laughing so hard. I swear to god I had to pull over when you guys were talking about getting an iud with nitrous oxide because I was about to wreck my car. 10/10 would recommend, my relationship with bri and abby (who don’t know I exist) is currently my most stable relationship and I love them with my whole heart!!!
  • Angelraye
    5 Scalpels! Love these girls!
    I found this podcast after I was half through a rewatch and started at season 11 watching/listening along with the Bri and Abby. I was/am still going through a rough time/SAHM depressed/life crisis and having these ladies to listen to have really helped get those “quality time with friends” feelings/needs satisfied. I love hearing about their adventures and mishaps. They’re hilarious. I just finished Alex Karev’s last episode and my emotions are everywhere. This is the first time I have done a rewatch since it aired and its even more heartbreaking knowing how the show has gone super meh since then. I seriously only care about the April Kepler/Jackson Avery relationship, Bailey, Richard and Jo (but I have no clue what’s going on with her and Link) so I’m taking a pause on the rewatch, but I am watching the new episodes. Has anyone noticed that they’re ALLL about the new interns and haven’t picked up on any of last seasons story lines except for Mer’s leaving and that was so lame, SOOO lame!! They had such a heads up on her character leaving, why didn’t they make it better??? Karev’s was done up all pretty with a bow, as much as I cried I’m so glad it ended with him being happy. I would watch a Karev & Izzy spin off!! Please pick THAT UP! Y’all see Hunt’s new haircut? I can’t get over that. Looks like Vanilla Ice haha more more like Ginger ICE. And! I thought Allison was coming back??? Where is she?? Anyways, thank you for doing what y’all do and I always look forward to listening to your episodes /aka wine time with Abby & Bri!
  • Kayla mccarthy 88
    5 Scalpels
    I finally caught up to new episodes so am starting back at the beginning because I need Abbey and Bri in my life on a daily, not weekly, basis. This podcast has me cackling alone in my kitchen, while I’m driving, while I’m walking my dog. The mattress story… 10/10 no notes. Was laughing today during my re-listen when y’all kept calling Burke Dr. Burp 🤣 Love the podcast, please never stop!
  • Kels4390
    Long overdue 5 star review!
    Grey’s is & has always been my comfort show. Similarly, The On Call Room is my comfort podcast. I truly feel like in another life, Bri & Abbey would be some of my best friends. I’ve loved rewatching the show while following along with the pod. Even the more recent seasons are made better by hearing these two women walk through it. Just as the fact check is my favorite part of Armchair Expert, I look forward to hearing updates on Abbey & Bri’s adventures. They make me laugh weekly, have made me cry many times, and I can’t thank them enough for riding this thing out until the bitter(sweet) end. Girls, please know that when Grey’s finally decides to pull the plug your listeners would love to follow along for any other adventures you care to share. We genuinely love you (and your families) & consider you friends! If you are a 30-something & love Grey’s, start your next rewatch with The On Call Room!
  • HeyJudeNews
    This podcast is what you are looking for. Hosts that are funny in all kinds of ways so it hits all kinds of humor. They are also super personal and easy to get to know and you feel like you too, are a long friend stopping by for a glass of wine. They bring different points of view to an old, seasoned Greys watcher like myself and refreshes the show for me. (I FINALLY understood the ‘I’m here for you’. No I won’t tell you, you’ll have to listen- ha!) It’s the perfect podcast to listen to while driving, I plan on re-listening during a road trip this summer! I love the co-hosts and again, how they all feel like old friends. Anyways, you should totally listen to this podcast It. Is. Awesome. *I’m editing my review because a few things have changed. I was an attending patron for a while and was looking forward to co-hosting eventually. They then said something along the lines that they were not going to be doing that anymore. They say that no one ever leaves a voice message on the number, so I left a couple voice messages. They never played or acknowledged. And I understand having an opinion about a character (we all hate Owen) but after a while hearing over and over about how you hate Meredith’s new love interest gets real old. Yes, it’s your podcast and you can do whatever you want but, you also have an audience.
  • Gilisa Marie
    I have found my people
    I am a college student and I listen to this pod when I walk to class and do homework. Abbey and Bri always have me cackling to myself in the library because they are absolutely hilarious. They are quite literally the one thing that gets me through my senior year in college. I find myself so interested in their everyday lives that I could care less about greys content! From sharing stories about going to get a mattress to being open about mental health, Abbey and Bri will always share relatable stories that make my heart smile. They have created such a special, and safe space for people like me who have fell in love with Greys Anatomy characters. If you are looking for a podcast that constantly reminds you to check in on your person, and will make Greys Anatomy fun again, this is the place for you. Thank you Abbey and Bri❤️
  • Maddy146_
    Addicted to this Podcast!
    I look forward to this podcast every week; it’s always a highlight of my day! Abbey and Bri’s fun banter accompanied me through my last few months of college, plane rides and long walks while traveling this past summer, a brief stint in dog walking, and now a move from CA to NYC for a new job. This podcast is my constant background, and I’ll be so sad when it ends (even tho I think we almost all agree that it’s time for Grey’s to go…). Highly recommend for anyone that wants a deeper dive into Grey’s Anatomy + just enjoys humorous conversations and weekly life-recaps! :)
  • KYEM89
    Love love love
    10 Scalpels all around! Could not say enough good things about this podcast… In the most recent episode, the girls mentioned feeling lost when their favorite podcasts have ended as they feel like the hosts are their friends. Well, I have to say I would feel the exact same way if this podcast ended! I have been listening for years from the beginning of this podcast and truly feel like these girls are two of my best friends - which sounds creepy because we have never met. Anyway, I highly recommend to anyone who loves Grey’s Anatomy as much as I do. Lots of literal laugh out loud moments and I love the deep doves. I hope these girls keep doing what they are doing because they are the best!
  • AmeeDom14
    10 scalpels!
    Watching Greys isn’t what it used to be but now my motivation to watch newer seasons is Abby and Bri’s commentary! They are an absolute joy every week and the first twenty minutes spent talking about their lives is like getting together with friends. Went through a bad breakup and was in the blues for a bit but I found the On Call room at the perfect time as stories about Donna and Dennis Quaid were the best medicine.
  • BeeLoprete
    Still in love with The On-Call Room
    So many things to say about this podcast, to which I have been devotedly listening for three years now. I wrote a review a while ago, but Bri and Abbey (witty, kind, and above all, the role-model for a loving female friendship) took their show to a new level this week when they brought us on a mattress roadtrip. No spoilers here-- you have to listen to howl along with them! If you love Grey's Anatomy as much as I do, if you have been watching it for half of your lifetime as I have, if you are grieving its slow and painful demise, then you need Abbey and Bri to keep your love alive and nurse this show to its bitter end. Whether they are talking about Grey's or their own lives (and these days, we just really want them to keep talking about their own lives--smokeshow firefighters, holiday decorating, church-houses) they make every moment the perfect distraction from the real-life stress we are all experiencing. I hope that Grey's makes its graceful exit soon, but I pray that The On-Call Room stays in my life for the long haul!
  • Peeshlkjhggbj
    Love it
    I’ve been a fan of greys since 2006, almost an OG fan, and I’ve watched it fifty million times. I’m a fairly new listener but I must say these ladies are hilarious, relatable, and good company for my very long drives for work. I still have a long way to go before I’m all caught up to the podcast but I really truly love listening in. I feel like you guys are my friends that I’ve never met and I’m so glad I decided to listen and to join the patreon! There may never be another show like greys in our lifetime- but having the podcast doubles the lifespan of how much greys I can devour! So thank you!
  • IleneWe
    Very entertaining… And more
    Been thinking about what to write in this review for weeks! I’ve been listening to the podcast for about 2 months, but listening to later episodes because I’m rewatching Grey’s (for the first time). Today I decided to start from the beginning. It’s fun listening to the early episodes where Abbey and Bri are just finding their way! <Not that they’re so polished now, but that really is the beauty of it. It reminds me of hanging out with my friends, which has been said in many of these reviews. I’m having a particularly hard day today and I’ve been smiling and laughing because I’ve been listening! They lift my spirits! I don’t think you even need to be a Grey’s fan to enjoy this podcast, but I am a long time fan. Also! Beware! It’s not only fun and games. They have a social conscience…another reason why I love them! Keep up the good work. Please don’t get tired of the podcast (I do think it’s time for Grey’s Anatomy to wrap it up though. It’s been a wonderful run). I say listen to this podcast: Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
  • dulce msp
    One of a kind podcast
    Love listening to these gals, I started watching Grey’s not that long ago. My mom used to binge it. I’m currently on S12, I think it’s pretty good. Good job Abby & Bri!!!
  • k.j.alt.10.1.22
    Love this
    These girls are hilarious! I love their banter! I love this podcast!
  • Johnesha bka @Sp3cialDelivery
    Ssooo Late to the LIT Grey’s Party!
    I have been obsessed with Greys Anatomy for YEARS and I have rewatched them seasons way too many times lol I can’t believe I never thought to look up potential podcasts about Greys!!! I’m currently binging the podcast episodes and I’m in Greys heaven! I literally walk around with my AirPods during any idle time I have lol THANK YOU for doing this!
  • cruffie
    Grey's Academy Award goes to The On Call Room
    10 scalpels! The Catherine Fox award goes to Abbey and Bre! This is my favorite podcast. I've binged this for the past 2 months and it's been wonderful for me as I work by myself and crave human interactions. These girls have a beautiful friendship and are obsessed with greys just like me. It's nice to know other people are still watching this crazy show. Thank you Abbey and Bre! You all have made me laugh, cry and yell (podcast ghost) and I truly appreciate the effort you all put into making this show. Xoxo
  • alexbondy23
    Love love love
    I just found this podcast and I love it. I listen to the newest episodes as they come out and then I started from the beginning. It’s kind of cute to see how their lives have grown. I love the discussions over Greys. I don’t always agree but that’s what makes life interesting. I listen while I’m working so these girls are literally in my ear for almost eight hours a day. They keep me very entertained and make me smile which is difficult to do lol. It’s a good mix of their real lives and Greys. I love it! I feel like I’ve found a new little family and friends with the Facebook group. Also I really feel like I could be friends with Abby and Bri in real life. I relate on so many levels.
  • jadeelizabethw
    I feel like I just met my new best friends
    I hope that isn’t creepy haha. Grey’s Anatomy has been my comfort show since my mom bought me the season 1 DVD and made me watch it in 2005 because she knew I’d love it. Spoiler alert, she was right. From then I watched live and purchased the DVD boxed sets until the episodes came out on Netflix. I started listening just a few days ago, so I’m only on season 2 of The On-Call Room, but I’ve never enjoyed listening to something more. I laugh along, finish sentences when they are having trouble remembering a line or something, and end up talking back to them like they can hear me and I’m not listening to their recording from 2017 or something haha. If you are a super fan of Grey’s Anatomy, this podcast is for you. I wish I could be a part of this podcast, I just love it and can’t wait to get caught up to the current Grey’s episodes for as long as they decide to make them. Thank you so much for being awesome Abbey and Bri! 10/10 scalpels.
  • calzona101
    my favorite podcast
    i’ve been listening to abbey and bri for a few months now and i have been listening along with the greys episodes that i am on (i’m currently on season 12) i have to say, the musical episode on the on call room was impeccable. at this point, i feel like i know abbey and bri personally and if anyone is looking for a greys anatomy podcast, i highly recommend this one.
  • Karancon
    So much fun
    Love listening to them chat. My go to podcast when I’m walking. Edit - I’ve stopped watching TV at night and I just listen. I find myself starting to respond and then I realize this is before Covid. Heard the funniest thing today. Wearing a bra is like wearing 2 shirts except ones a jail. I almost P’d my pants. Even if Greys ends You two need to just keep doing what you’re doing.
  • slcortese
    Love them!!
    I have been watching grey’s anatomy since beginning of quarantine. I randomly searched up grey’s anatomy in apple podcasts and this popped up so I started listening and fell in love. It’s my favorite thing to listen to.
  • Shoobie1973
    Why do a podcast if you dislike the show?
    I know the hosts generally ask us not to write reviews if they’re bad but I really want to love this podcast and they make it impossible. All they do id bag on the show and say how bad it is and how they don’t care about the story lines. Most of us are here because we like the show. It’s nothing personal against them, it’s just we could use a good Greys podcast from people who actually like the show.
  • HeatherSchidler
    Amazing Podcast
    I love this podcast! It something great I can listen to while working! I didn’t start watching the show until 2016 and I binged watched the whole thing up until that point and have been watching it live sense! I have also watched it at least three times through since then as well. Since I watched it all at once I kinda forget some of the smaller details and this podcast is amazing and brings back the episodes to me like I just watched it without having to watch it again! I’m only on season two so I’m so excited to have a lot more episodes to go! Also love that you are reacting to the new season right now and agree with all your commentary!
  • ahnahiggins12
    Fan fiction
    I love this podcast so much! I am on season 6 right now and just love to listen to these woman on my many drives during the week. Just listened to the Fan Fiction episode and laughed my butt off. 10 scalpels all the way!
  • kvenne717
    Ten out of ten scalpels
    Ugh, I love this podcast. I wish I found it years ago. Desperately trying to catch up but I’m only in Season 3! (It’s super weird listening to pre-pandemic eps.)
  • linds 4235
    Love it!
    Started watching grey’s at the beginning of quarantine and wanted a podcast to go a long! Both hosts are hysterical and so much fun!
  • kmgoller
    The best!!!
    I’ve never watched Greys and have started it from the beginning and decided to find a podcast to follow along with. I immediately got hooked the first episode! Pretty much everything has already been spoiled for me so I don’t mind the spoilers throughout the show at all. I’m only in Season 5 and will probably never catch up but I’ve enjoyed it so much. I’m just now writing a review because I have never laughed so hard at the episode I just listened to. It’s in season five during the one where Bj was talking about how she put her forehead on the scanner when they said face down. I seriously have never laughed so hard. Hopefully I can catch up one day soon!
  • Bria Glenn
    A Dream Come True
    You guys are AMAZE BALLS! I have been looking for a greys podcast because I don’t know anyone personally that is equally as obsessed with Greys like me and you women are just perfect!! I love the beginning before you get into the podcast! Keep it up!
  • Carli Putz
    Love this!!
    I have seen ALL 17.5 seasons multiple times but I JUST started this podcast and I adore it! They are hilarious! Can’t wait to hear all the rest!
  • chy2020
    I would love to listen to this show but I don’t like that the podcast episode references future episodes of Grey’s. Too many spoilers , just heard that Lexi does in a future season 😞.
  • sparkleschneider
    A Hard Day’s Night - unless you subscribe
    Bri and Abbey are quite literally my favorite podcasters on this planet. And this is coming from someone who used to shudder at the word "podcast". Their banter throughout each thought-provoking episode is incredibly entertaining, and I am crossing my fingers at the prospect of co-hosting an episode with them one day so I can give them my own hot takes and tell them “in person” how much I love them and want to be added as a third co-host……. Bree and Abbey, thank you both for bringing so much joy and laughter into my life, especially during the pandemic; and also for being so forthright and respectful when it comes to equal rights and mental health awareness. Also, please do more livestream watches!! Or just like….don’t ever stop recording? Like, ever ;)
  • KrisHill1025
    Love this podcast!
    My friend introduced me to this podcast a couple months ago and I got hooked from episode one! I laugh along with them and find myself adding comments like I’m just sitting there with them. Definitely recommend to any Greys Fans!
  • sjm626
    super funny and entertaining
    i love this podcast!! i listen to it while i am in the car and it just brightens my day. i love the combo of random life talk and grey’s talk. i love listening to 2 amazing women share their love of the show like i do. hearing their critiques and analysis is interesting and i love how Brie has watched the show so much like me!! i have seen the whole thing 12 times through, so this is definitely a must listen if your are die heart grey’s fan ❤️
  • Bloodwrites
    Love this podcast!
    This is such a stellar podcast. It's true that there are plenty of diversions and meandering stories that often take us far from the subject of Grey's Anatomy, but to me that's part of the joy of the pod -- I love hearing about Abbey and Bri's adventures and misadventures, and part of the charm for me is listening to the two friends as they support each other, laugh at one another's exploits, and share that friendship with their listening audience. The Grey's conversations are always interesting and entertaining, and I especially appreciate the chance to revisit older episodes through a more modern lens. Thanks to Bri and Abbey for continuing the podcast and producing quality content consistently for so long!
  • MariyaFox
    This is the best - these two are a hoot and I adore them. I wish they were my friends. No one I know likes to talk about greys as much as I do! So much fun to listen to them
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