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The Epic Gardening podcast is a daily gardening tips and advice show brought to you by Kevin Espiritu, an urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast, and all-around plant lover. Every day, a gardening question from YOU will be answered in a fun and informative way in under 10 minutes!

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  • At Noahs House
    I would really like to see what you will hunt. I am from western Pa so hunting was a rite of passage so to speak. I no longer hunt because it’s just to intensive for me and a time drain. I love wild game and relish when people give it to me. Hey it could be a whole new Epic channel. I would be into that……..
  • RyeGuy'10
    Conflicting advice
    I’ve recently discovered Epic Gardening and I love what Kevin has created in this company. However, in the April 17th 2023 episode he has a guest on that one s completely contradicting all of the advice that the guest from the previous week, Gardenairy, was giving about ignoring plant spacing requirements and growing in the shade when this weeks guests comes right out and says that it’s very important to garden in full sunlight. As a new vegetable gardening i would expect consistency in gardening advice especially from such a big social media star like Kevin.
  • SilverSRock
    Great Informative Tool that’s not Overwhelming
    Kevin does a good job of making a podcast that dose a thorough overview of different subjects he covers, but not overwhelming long. I get nice outlines of info I need that empowers me to easily do my own further research on specifics I’m interested, yet I’m able to be entertained by the fascinating extra info that’s not as useful to me but opens up the wonders and excitement of the diversity of gardening to me.
  • ltlredfun
    Longtime gardener still learning tons here!
    These podcasts are perfect when I’m winter sowing, weeding, succession planting and doing all the gardening tasks. Kevin has a wide breadth of experience and knowledge and brings his listeners on his growing journeys with great guests. This podcast is a joy to listen and learn with/ from.
  • 🤘🏼🙏🏼
    Gardening gold🔥🔥
    Thank you! Such good information.
  • Lila Mill
    Please Stop Talking Over Your Guests
    There have been some really great guests on this podcast that have shared some great knowledge. However, it’s not helpful to listeners when Kevin CONSTANTLY interrupts the guests who are sharing something valuable. Half the time the guest can barely finish their thought before Kevin is jumping in, talking over them, or completely changing the subject. For those of us who are not familiar with outdoor gardening, we could really benefit from you just letting whoever the expert is talk and finish speaking about what they want to tell us. It’s also disrespectful to the guest that’s speaking. Not trying to be negative, but I’ve listened to this podcast for a year and this has ALWAYS bugged me. We could gain so much more if the guests could just finish speaking.
  • GigiEleven
    Favorite new podcast
    This is exactly what I was looking for! Straight-to-the-point knowledge about the very particular ins and outs of growing. For example, companion planting specific flowers to attract specific pollinators for specific fruits. I’ve mulled over charts trying to remember what to plant with what, but understanding why echinacea logistically works for a bumble bee opens up a world of understanding.
  • TheGratefulForest
    Favorite podcast at the moment!
    I love listening to these short and sweet informative podcasts. As a new gardener with lots to learn the way things are simplified is great. Loved the companion planting a succession planting series this month and I even bought the companion planting book as a result!
    Entertaining and informative
    My only criticism is that they are too short. I do subscribe to the YouTube channel but love listening to the podcast on my way to and from work.
  • Creativejunky
    End of an era to another generation
    This podcast has literally changed my life. My dad is towards the end of his life and gardening is something I didn’t realize how he influenced me. Growing up, we always had beautiful fresh food from our garden. Now we have such a wonderful thing to share and it really is because I have Kevin and the team to listen too for inspiration. I live in Escondido just 35 minutes from the Epic homestead so the local advice is invaluable! They are completely down to earth, funny, cheeky and clever. I am fussy too! Thanks peeps!
  • dwgoldbe
    I wish there were pumpkin pictures
    This giant pumpkin set of episodes is fantastic. I love every part of it, from the sorted details of the community, through the wonderful accent, through the science and experience that comes across. I wish that each of these podcasts were also video recorded for you tube. Huge fan, great work, want to see these pumpkins and this pumpkin maniac.
  • Simonbka
    What a gem!
    Perfectly, brief episodes that are just right if you have a few spare minutes; or if more than a few spare minutes, listen to more than one! Small amount of time investment, with large value return, to any type of gardener!
  • Music21-21
    Great talk for garden enthusiasts
    The show is a Nico quick 7-10 minute mini show w some great nuggets of advice. Highly recommend it.
  • LaurainRI
    Very informative
    Nuggets of science based gardening info & the guests are always interesting!
  • 9s8d7j
    Great info
    Fantastic podcast.
  • Dr.__J
    Awesome source of information
    Amazing source of gardening wisdom and published everyday!
  • a retired attorney
    I just discovered this two weeks ago and it has become a highlight in my day.
  • Toast1987
    Great listen.
    The Epic Gardening Podcast has been great for my daily dose of gardening. Especially in the winter. Helps me stay motivated and get some planning done for the next garden. Also plenty of new ideas to try broken down in an easily understandable way. Great listen. Great job. Keep up the inspiring work.
  • PamintheNW
    Listening to Jacques
    The Garden Hermit is quite possibly the most interesting, engaging, informative, inspiring and easy to listen to guest Kevin has had. I just listened to each of his interviews and I could listen to him for hours. Jacques is so knowledgeable and has so much great information for the home gardener. Thanks for the great interview! I hope to see more of you, Jacques!
  • Liz6945
    Very knowledgeable!
    I enjoy listing to these daily garden talks. So many different ideas to think about.
  • MacPhyte
    2022 Newby
    I find the podcast to be both informative and relaxing. Kevin has a very calming delivery and seems to feature guests who share this quality. The range of topics is impressive; I especially enjoy Epic’s decision to feature a speaker over multiple episodes. Although the opening and closing sound bites are a bit unusual, the podcast is worth a regular listen.
  • KTC080808
    Short and efficient
    Love these bite sized garden stories with best practices in various growing zones. Love Kevin’s voice and he never pretends to be an expert in every topic. -KimChi
  • Momsinthegarden
    So grateful to find this informative and soothing gardening podcast. Thank you Kevin!
  • momof 4 great kids
    Very easy to listen to
    Kevin‘s voice is very soothing. He has an ability to keep guests on topic. I feel like I learn more in five minutes and his podcast than I do and 50 in many others.
  • llellwyn2
    Green goodness!
    Kevin Espiritu has a wonderful voice and manner of speaking. His gardening topics and information are succinct and invaluable. Keep on growing!
  • nguyentruongmsu
    Cohesive information
    I started listening to Epic Gardening podcast since 2021 when I was working on my patio garden, and now I’m going back to the very first episodes as I start my first raised bed garden! Surprisingly these early episodes are very useful in a different way, since it was just Kevin giving his tips instead of having guest on the podcast. Noticed some episodes having som audio issue but other than that a great podcast for gardeners to listen to
  • BooGirl31
    Great Podcast
    I started listening to this podcast about a month ago because I am planning to start a series of new gardens over the next couple of years. The shows are short, but packed full of great information and the host is delightful to listen to. I have about forty or fifty of the shows in a playlist that I listen to over and over, just to make sure I’m absorbing all the information. Thank you, Kevin Espiritu for the information and entertainment!
  • Oracle friend
    Love the variety
    I have been listening to your podcast for several years and really enjoy the variety of subjects and guests. Thanks for your dedication to helping all gardeners.
  • Bookiebt
    Great advice in a short time.
    Kevin has wonderful guests on his show and covers such a variety of information anyone could get enjoyment out of it and more importantly get a lot of knowledge. Really enjoy the show!
  • Sawey IPOD
    I truly enjoy this podcast. Kevin is an amazing gardener and I love learning from him & his crew. Lots of info packed in these short episodes. Also, the epic garden Instagram page is awesome!!!
  • Sara-mg
    Love this podcast
    I really like how informative it is but In short segments.
  • Cole_Sauce
    Is it me?
    It sounds like someone is constantly typing on a keyboard in the background when a guest is speaking. Very annoying. Other than that, great content!
  • Bjn53
    Excellent Podcast, but
    Please stop typing when you are interviewing your guests. It is annoying as heck.
  • CassyAugust
    Good, quick information but……
    The podcast has good information in nice bite size pieces, BUT the host types away while the guest is talking, so the already quickly given information is disturbed by typing! Very bothersome
  • EngrNPR
    I love everything that Epic Gardening does! The podcast is fantastic, I also follow epic gardening on Instagram and I watch the videos they post on YouTube, they are all fantastic and I have learned so much! Very very encouraging. Great podcast, quality of info is incredible and Kevin discusses some great pertinent gardening topics. Highly recommend 15/5 stars from me!
  • run4tuna
    Amazing gardening information
    I found this podcast and it only took one listen to fall in love. Great topics and the way they are explain is very helpful.
  • AllyLive
    Always amazes me!
    Just adore this podcast, it gets right to the point. I appreciate the time saver and the random stuff that I’m learning.
  • Melodeeeee
    One of the best!
    I love this show. I initially found Kevin on YouTube as a naïve gardener, but quickly increased my knowledge base and experimental gardening (as well as my garden yield and health) with his advice. This pod is great because each episode is just a tiny bite sized portion of knowledge and entertainment for those times when you would prefer that to sitting down and having to focus on a full video. Great stuff all around!
  • OuiChef!
    The Best Daily Habit
    Kevin, I listen every morning as part of my routine. I’m more of container and indoor gardener now, but I really appreciate knowing about fresh developments in gardening especially all things sustainability. Keep up your high quality content!
  • nivlacman
    It’s been great to see you grow
    Thank you for the content Kevin, your the only reason I use YouTube! I really like the podcast platform and all the work you put into keeping a nice and ORGANIZED website that has been very helpful. I’ve helped a couple other friends out too by referencing information your website and now they use it as a tool as well. Again, thank you.
  • Shwesty
    Searched podcasts about croton plants, and your podcast popped up. Gave me the information I needed and I really enjoyed the show!
  • leydez
    Excellent podcast
    I love these short episodes with excellent information. I’ve learned so much! Thank you
  • Love it like a love song
    Super useful information!
    Kevin is great! These little bite-sized podcasts are packed with great, science-based info. I’ve learned a ton both here and on his YouTube channel.
  • redatravine
    Epic Gardening
    Perfect gardening Podcast. Love the different subjects and talks and guests…just the right length of time. Love it!
  • bustedplow
    Epic Gardening
    My favorite gardening Podcast. Love it!
  • HoganAJ
    Follow on YouTube, happy
    I listened to my first episode of the podcast today, and I am glad I did. I’ve been subscribed to Kevin’s YouTube channel for some time now, and I really appreciate this addition to the Epic Gardening media. Over time, the YouTube channel has outstripped my interests and abilities in the garden. This episode felt more relatable and the short duration means I figure I’ll listen everyday. Someday I hope to be more on par with the great work Kevin shows on video, but for now the podcast works for me :) Thank you so much for your work, Kevin and the Epic Gardening team. Later edit (1.5 months in)- still very much appreciating the show, especially the intro and outro. The episodes are brief, and works for me in tone and length and content. I generally use it as a reminder to spend some time with my plants and as a stand in when I’m running around everywhere with work and errands. I consistently learn new things, and generally look forward to following up on the YouTubw channel when I have the time.
  • Omel27
    Exactly what I live to hear
    This is all I listen to while gardening at work, my favorite podcasts. Just a wealth of useful knowledge.
  • amrmdm
    Inspiring bite-sized episodes
    Great bite-sized episodes that have inspired my gardening so much! Thank you all!
  • teacher of chemistry
    Great Gardening Tips!
    I’ve loved Epic Gardening on YouTube forever. I’m so glad I found the podcast. Pithy, compact info, informative guests, substantial topics. It’s just the best!
    Great podcast
    Excellent content, great guests. Highly recommend.
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