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The Epic Gardening podcast is a daily gardening tips and advice show brought to you by Kevin Espiritu, an urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast, and all-around plant lover. Every day, a gardening question from YOU will be answered in a fun and informative way in under 10 minutes!

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Recent Reviews
  • leydez
    Excellent podcast
    I love these short episodes with excellent information. I’ve learned so much! Thank you
  • Love it like a love song
    Super useful information!
    Kevin is great! These little bite-sized podcasts are packed with great, science-based info. I’ve learned a ton both here and on his YouTube channel.
  • redatravine
    Epic Gardening
    Perfect gardening Podcast. Love the different subjects and talks and guests…just the right length of time. Love it!
  • bustedplow
    Epic Gardening
    My favorite gardening Podcast. Love it!
  • HoganAJ
    Follow on YouTube, happy
    I listened to my first episode of the podcast today, and I am glad I did. I’ve been subscribed to Kevin’s YouTube channel for some time now, and I really appreciate this addition to the Epic Gardening media. Over time, the YouTube channel has outstripped my interests and abilities in the garden. This episode felt more relatable and the short duration means I figure I’ll listen everyday. Someday I hope to be more on par with the great work Kevin shows on video, but for now the podcast works for me :) Thank you so much for your work, Kevin and the Epic Gardening team. Later edit (1.5 months in)- still very much appreciating the show, especially the intro and outro. The episodes are brief, and works for me in tone and length and content. I generally use it as a reminder to spend some time with my plants and as a stand in when I’m running around everywhere with work and errands. I consistently learn new things, and generally look forward to following up on the YouTubw channel when I have the time.
  • Omel27
    Exactly what I live to hear
    This is all I listen to while gardening at work, my favorite podcasts. Just a wealth of useful knowledge.
  • amrmdm
    Inspiring bite-sized episodes
    Great bite-sized episodes that have inspired my gardening so much! Thank you all!
  • teacher of chemistry
    Great Gardening Tips!
    I’ve loved Epic Gardening on YouTube forever. I’m so glad I found the podcast. Pithy, compact info, informative guests, substantial topics. It’s just the best!
    Great podcast
    Excellent content, great guests. Highly recommend.
  • Splicerman1972
    Kevin you have hit it perfectly with your podcasts. They are the perfect length, great guests, entertaining, and as always very informative. I have a Bluetooth speaker I bring to the garden, hit play and it is so enjoyable to be in the garden working and listening to the podcast. Keep it up……….Noah
  • Fiddlebam
    My daily morning dose of gardening
    During quarantine, I discovered Epic Gardening as I was building my hugelkultur beds with the neighborhood’s abundance of yard waste. The podcast quickly became part of my morning ritual and, as weird as it may sound, is firmly connected to my morning coffee pour over routine! It is just long enough to cover my time grinding, pouring, and cleaning up. I come away with little nuggets of information that inspire my next moves in the garden and complement the other sources of information/guidance I pursue. Often it piques my interest in something new that I then dig deeper into...or gives me a Sparknotes version/reminder of things I’m already doing and helps reveal aspects I may’ve forgotten in my own ever-evolving process. Kevin’s voice is pleasant to listen to and I appreciate him giving guests space to speak and tell their stories (although the solo podcasts are a nice break and have a good natural energy too!). Definitely worth subscribing to fill in those smaller gaps in your day with something fun and upbeat!
  • chris ampe
    Great Podcast!
    Little short but I love listening to these episodes on my way to work! Don’t really like when I can hear eating and chewing on some episodes but it’s few and far between.
  • Calijean54
    Epic Gardening
    Epic Gardening podcasts are delicious! My favorite gardening podcast, for sure!!
  • J B MN
    Not for experienced gardeners
    Entertaining and well produced…however…the quality of the content is often questionable. It seems most guests excel at gathering followers on social media but that doesn’t always equate to knowledge and expertise in gardening. I expect there is an eager audience for this level of content and trendy social media fueled confidence but for those interested in solid gardening information and not just trendy semi truths don’t take the info presented here as solid advice.
  • PamintheNW
    Listening to Jacques
    The Garden Hermit is quite possibly the most interesting, engaging, informative, inspiring and easy to listen to guest Kevin has had. I just listened to each of his interviews and I could listen to him for hours. Jacques is so knowledgeable and has so much great information for the home gardener. Thanks for the great interview! I hope to see more of you, Jacques!
  • Jimjamscotty
    Great Show! So informative!
    I love listening to these quick, informative episodes! I starting gardening about a year ago and absolutely love it! Listening to this show has taught me a ton of valuable stuff! Keep it up!
  • kcstealth
    Want bigger doses!
    Your program is excellent, but too short in my opinion. It would be great is you provided some episodes that were say, twice as long. I’d listen to any length up to a hour.
  • PNWgardener
    Old gardener learns new things
    I’ve gardened for several decades but this podcast keeps my interest because I’m learning new things to inspire me just about every day.
  • Katie Fitness Atl
    Great gardening podcast
    I look forward to listening to and learning from this podcast every day. Love the variety of topics and great guests. I always pick up great ideas and inspiration for future gardening projects. Thanks!
  • KittyCandy13
    Love the Tips
    I greatly enjoy the short but informative episodes. Really enjoying some of the older episodes also. As I take more space from my backyard and turn it into gardening space the more I want to listen and learn.
  • MamaBearErikaX3
    Great Source!
    My husband discovered you on YouTube, which is a wonderful resource but I am a busy mom of 3 and we are laying roots for our new hobby ranch so the podcast is much more practical. My only critique is the episodes aren’t very long. 🤪 Maybe I am too much of an info junkie but I would love content depth like you supply on YouTube. Otherwise, you are so easy to listen to and understand! I think you are definitely living your purpose in life with this career! May God continue to bless you with knowledge and understanding for his creation!
  • kt07734
    Great information
    Thanks for all the great information. I appreciate you say what zone you are in in every episode and the zones of your guests. It helps me apply new tips to my 9b Phoenix zone.
  • Shastanna
    Learned so much!
    I have learned so much and gotten many great ideas for my garden due to this podcast. The length is perfect for a quick listen in the morning. Keep growing!
  • rvpusc1980
    Great podcast
    A lot of good tips and guests. Hope they make it longer.
  • Knownothinggarden
    I love how approachable all this content is. Kevin doesn’t pretend to know more than he does and he’s always open to learning and trying new things. Thank you!
  • buffalobrow
    Great info!
    Please stop typing while the guests speak.
  • Priestess Nyx
    Getting better!
    I absolutely love Epic gardener. I watch him, and MI Gardner all the time on YouTube for all my gardening needs. Now that I have found the podcast, I can listen to his teachings on the go.
  • GAHmd
    Needs some polishing up
    Overall a great podcast (I also enjoy his YouTube videos). However, the podcast needs some production work. There were a few episodes where the host was chewing / crunching. Another with a major echo every time the guest speaks (probably zoom). Would be great if there’s some more effort to clean things up.
  • KrisGonline
    Hosts chews during podcasts.
    Kevin- Do you have to eat, chew, and crunch during podcastS? Super annoying and also rude to your guests.
  • manadaann
    STOP EATING while interviewing!!!
    The info is great but I can hardly stand listing to him eating in my ear while he is interviewing people... it’s gross and rude to your guest when you’re doing a podcast!!
  • KatyS22
    Daily Inspiration
    I am an avid gardener and I love this show, it teaches me something new on a regular basis, but more importantly it gets me excited to get outside. I listen to this in the way to work every morning and by the time I’m at my desk I have a list of things to look forward to doing when I get home. Thanks Kevin!
  • Rae1349
    Eating While Recording
    It was bizarre to hear a podcast where the host struggles to open up a bag and proceeds to eat a snack while interviewing a guest. Gross and incredibly disrespectful.
  • 805 KR
    Love it but pleased don’t eat during you recordings.
    I love your short episodes but your preservation series was ruined with you munching in n the background.
  • EmicoP
    Short and sweet
    I love the short and sweet aspect of your daily podcast. I can easily go to the subject that I’m most interested in that day.
  • radical feminist
    Tomato person too fast
    I tried 3 episodes tomato episodes The guy talk way too fast and I missed important information I was listening too
  • anotheremily123
    Please no more chewing
    Love gardening and your content but the chewing during a recent interview has me near the unsubscribe button.
  • SNunie
    Good Content but kinks need to be worked out
    Overall I have learned a lot from Kevin’s podcasts and YouTube channel. The content is good, interesting, and presented in short bites so as to not overwhelm. The sound recording, in my opinion, needs better consistency. Sometimes there are no problems. Other times you hear background noise. For example, a recent one you could hear chewing noises and pans clattering in the background, which detracted from the awesome content he was trying to convey. This is where I would work on things.
  • 64ressa
    Epic Gardening
    Love this! Great way to start my day!
  • cheeseistasty
    Good gardening tips, but...
    Seriously, Kevin - we can hear you eat while you interview guests. 🧐
  • Don'tritos
    Don't eat when you're recording!!!
    KEVIN, I love your podcast, the videos, the blog, etc. You usually put out quality products, you're really knowledgeable and you have fantastic guests - BUT don't EAT when you're recording! Especially chips??? Come on! This preservation series was something I was very interested in but you're too distracting! Also, poor Jill. It's kinda rude! 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Livindebtfree
    Munching those carrots
    I really like the content and guests. Dude needs to stop eating his lunch while the guest is speaking. Very distracting and detracts from the podcast.
  • sfbgardenqween
    Kevin’s all around poor audio quality
    I really, REALLY enjoy this epic gardening podcast. The brief episodes are packed with knowledge, the themes are solid, well planned out and researched, and the icing on the cake is the revolving door of Kevin’s experienced guests bringing their expertise to the podcast. Now, with all that being said, I cannot stand the poor quality of Kevin’s audio and tolerated many episodes of fluctuating sounds, fans, buzzing, garbled voices, but the one thing I couldn’t stand is KEVIN CHEWING INTO HIS MICROPHONE while Jill McSheehy is talking. Getting through the episode was like listening to nails on a chalkboard for 7 minutes. It’s disgusting and disrespectful. Because Of this, I’m unsubscribing like Kevin suggested, after I contacted and asked him to not chew while recording or at the very lease least mute himself while snacking. Good luck to you Kevin, but I see your true colors.
  • Sway1er
    Eating chips while your guest answered questions
    What was that? Why? Today’s episode was unlistenable. Unsubscribed
  • FittestKnitter
    This episode needs editing please
    Kevin!!! Edit out the chip eating!!! Or use your mute my friend. My ear holes were cringing and I LOVE Jill so I stuck it out. I hope tomorrow’s episode you aren’t eating while she's talking. So unprofessional. Sorry, but I expected more from you. 😢
  • NCMaggieD
    Neem Oil & BT use recommended?
    Not for this butterfly gardener!
  • marlajojojo
    For the Culture
    I started listening for standard growing tips but I keep listening for the way culture and life meet plants. The variety of guests astounds me. I’ve learned about food system pain points, using plants for properties outside of nutrition, how different cultures grow and use foods, as well as creating green industry, so much more… AND just how to be a better gardener. This is the most multifaceted plant podcast I’ve heard and in that way it has become the most useful to real life application. It’s not just the how, but the why of growing.
  • Prof.Zannie
    I learn something new all the time!
    Love the short, “bite sized” episodes. Material is clear and Kevin is entertaining as well. When I want to learn more about a topic, I always find what I’m looking for on his webpage or YouTube channel. Added bonus: NO advertisements!
    Thank you
    I appreciate all the guidance you’re giving us!! Very hopeful and easy to learn
  • #Rater5
    Such a great podcast, totally recommend!!
    I absolutely love this podcast! It is so informative and is essential to my morning podcast routine. I definitely recommend this anyone even remotely interested in these topics because this podcast is so fun, helpful, and interesting! I have to admit this podcast is somewhat inconsistent with the publishing, and I understand, but it would be better to have a more consistent pattern of when the episodes are released.
  • GWickPress
    A great motivator for gardening!
    Epic Gardening's episodes are usually short and also update frequently, so there is always something new that doesn't take much commitment to keep up with. I also enjoy downloading a bunch and listening while I'm taking care of things in the garden. I also highly recommend the accompanying YouTube channel and Facebook group. So much invaluable information presented in a chill and easy to understand way.
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