Epic Gardening: Daily Growing Tips and Advice


The Epic Gardening podcast is a daily gardening tips and advice show brought to you by Kevin Espiritu, an urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast, and all-around plant lover. Every day, a gardening question from YOU will be answered in a fun and informative way in under 10 minutes!

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  • Boymom4844
    Love this podcast
    I love this podcast! I have been watching Kevin on Facebook for a while but I recently found this podcast. I love the short snippets of information rather than the long videos I’m used to watching. Kevin is very informative and helps beginners like me have the confidence to garden.
  • Old oly
    Love it
    Kevin is down to earth and has fantastic insight into gardening. Love the YouTube channel as well!
  • growinginthehood
    Love the podcast. Many interesting topics and helpful information. The bitter part is shows are very short. I would love to see all the week’s episodes combined into one weekly episode. Other than that I’m an avid listener and have used Kevin’s knowledge in my own garden.
  • owen severne
    Love this one
    I love this podcast, I don’t really like all the recipe or ornamental garden stuff though. It’s very informative for beginners but I think it needs every now and then more challenging vegetables episodes. Thank you though, love your podcast.
  • Mcawesome Man
    No ads.
  • Khanderosa
    Favorite gardening podcast
    Am amazing wealth of conceptual information and practical tips. I really enjoy Kevin’s organized and focused approach to delivering a daily topic in a concise format. His passion, commitment, and knowledge are impressive. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode already! Well done!!!!
  • Bluepear81
    I love this podcast. Kevin always has great information! I listen to it everyday on the way to work. Thank you for a great podcast with a wealth of information.
  • _A_N_K_
    IMO episodes
    I love these episodes! Thank you for bringing on experts on Natural Farming!
  • NaomiTheLioness
    Thank you!
    These are great. I would be delighted to listen to longer podcasts of yours too.
  • Whatsleftforus
    Love it
    Love this podcast, as a new gardener this is very educational to listen to over morning coffee.
    I put these on when I’m in the garden and I need something to listen to, and they are very educational!
  • G6.0
    Informative and to the point
    Really like the aren’t sponsor ads. Good content and quality.
  • sean_tinyfarm
    Love this guy and his work!! Big Stan!!
  • cheeseistasty
    Great tips - short and sweet.
  • limoncellovibes
    Succinct and useful resource!
  • SqueakyColleen
    It’s easy to garden when I’m listening to a good podcast
    This podcast is the perfect show to listen to when I’m tending the garden beds. I’m a 2nd year gardener and always looking for quick bites of information to digest while working away. It’s just enough to get me thinking and sparks ideas of pest control, new plant varieties, soil health, guest speakers, different growing techniques, but not too much information where I get bored and distracted and check out. Literally the perfect amount of detailed information!! I appreciate what you’re doing to encourage all of us listeners to get out there and keep growing. Thank you Epic Gardening!!
  • Amy HK
    A quick, helpful, listen
    Excellent resources. Short and sweet and to the point! Keep up the great work.
  • Jo Gardenist
    Learning a lot
    The format is just fabulous. Short and sweet to the point. Clear pragmatic hacks and scientific background. Kevin speaks from experience. Now I do much better in my garden. No fear of experimenting and as he does observe, observe, observe. Listen to Kevin and you will be a master gardener
  • KelseySparkling
    No green thumb? He’ll make yours greener!
    I do not by nature have a green thumb (my sister does and I’ve always been jealous.) But after a year of listening to this podcast I now know enough, and have enough confidence, to grow new things! I have tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, and raspberries. And they’re all alive! And fruiting! Thanks to all the info I’ve leaned here.
  • Sita SD
    Very helpful advice/information in small doses
    Must listen for any beginner gardener. I love watching gardening videos on YouTube about growing vegetables and ornamentals. This podcast has replaced many of them now and are filled with helpful info in bite sized format.
  • Erin LM
    Great, usable information
    Kevin is such a special find! I’m a new gardener, but finding this podcast has really taught me so much in a small amount of time. Quick episodes in plain English to take some of the mystery out of growing! He’s got such a great voice to listen to as I water my babies each morning. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Supagaijin
    True to it’s name…
    This aptly named podcast is just a part of what makes the world that Kevin Espiritu has nurtured truly EPIC. The website, YouTube channel and Facebook page are full of gardening information, tips and insights and they are the ground from which an amazing global community has grown.
  • ReneNatasha
    Great for beginner gardeners
    I am a novice beginner gardener and the YouTube videos for Epic Gardeners are great but quick episodes that i think many new gardeners just need tips that they can listen to on the go. Ad-free is also much appreciated. I have shared this podcast multiple times with new gardeners. I hope you continue to do these.
  • Stellabarracuda
    Favorite gardening podcast, InstaGardener, etc.
    Kevin’s short daily podcasts are so educational and entertaining. He is always producing new content, creating little series with a guest or on a certain topic, and is amenable to content requests. His Instagram account is also awesome! I’m always looking forward to updates, info, and humor from Kevin’s EPIC garden!
  • fannieMaeKush
    Container Gardener
    I love this podcast it’s short and sweet. I enjoy how Kevin uses this podcast as a small dose of gardening daily! Always on trend, science based and humble.
  • Cc5141
    Helpful & Succinct
    This has quickly become my favorite daily dose of gardening content. The host has a soothing voice & like-able personality. He keeps the content easy to understand & holds your attention with his obvious passion for gardening.
  • alsdf
    5 stars
    Great podcast in quality and content. Short, concise, scientific based and well researched in addition to anecdotal advice, episodes vary from solo-informative based, to pretty regular guest series. One of my go-to, tried and true garden podcasts.
  • shortherb1
    Longer podcasts please!
    Such interesting facts I would love more!
  • notelevisionever
    Great show!!!!
    Love the relevant information wish the podcasts were longer
  • ElTodd80
    Great gardening podcast
    I love this podcast. Kevin is a great host and he gives practical advice that is concise and easy to understand. Highly recommended.
  • johnny smithson
    Terrific Podcast
    This is most often my wake up podcast as it begins on such a positive note. I’ve learned much from this short show and have recommended it to many other gardeners. Thank you for a sweet, ad-free show!
  • Ldscrs
    Most Pleasant
    Kevin is one of the most pleasingly listenable presenters I’ve ever spent the time to listen to. Easy on the ears but no nonsense. Then all the valuable information that is conveyed is like a gift that keeps on giving. Great show. Hope it goes on for great while.
  • Alaraarala
    My version of ASMR
    I discovered this podcast during the pandemic and Kevin’s voice is so calming in a time of chaos.
  • jgrierfish
    This is my favorite podcast. I have been listening for a few years now and Kevin has helped guide my growing. I love the changing topics and the connection between different guests. I have followed many guests and continue to learn from everyone. Thanks for bringing everyone together Kevin! - James G.
  • Susiedbc
    Such a helpful podcast!
    I only recently found Epic Gardening, even though I’ve been gardening for over a decade. Kevin’s podcast, YouTube channel, and website are all fabulous. They are full of great information, and Kevin is so calm without being boring. I could listen all day! I especially love the podcast on my daily run.
  • mcpfeffer
    5 star podcast
    Great little podcast! Garden info covering everything in a warm little bundle. Super informative.
  • Sheryllei
    Inviting and enriching
    Listening to your podcast is a form of meditation to me. Very enriching to my gardener soul.
  • DIckcountryside
    Malagayan pasco po
  • JuneLady2006
    Other podcasts pale in comparison
    There's a lot to love about this podcast - it checks all the boxes: informative, clear, concise, frequent, and pleasant. I first started following Kevin Espiritu on YouTube, then began reading his articles on his website, and during a long illness where I couldn't read or watch videos, I found his podcasts. That's when I realized how skilled Kevin is at delivering information to different audiences through different media. He is extremely knowledgeable in the substantive area, so he can go in depth in his blog articles. He is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher, and can be demonstrative on YouTube. And yet, he has the rare skillset of the master radio caster: he can distill a huge breadth information to short episodes (less than 10 minutes long), consult relevant and interesting experts, produce content on a frequent schedule, and even has a lovely gentle voice and kind way of speaking and interacting with his guests and listeners. Now that I've listened to so much of this podcast, I find it's harder to return to others I used to like or find new podcasts that are comparable. Even though I have other interests, I return to his podcast again and again. I wish him the best and hope more people get a chance to benefit from his knowledge and enthusiasm. If he's reading this, I would love to hear more about his Filipino upbringing because it would enrich our all of our lives even more.
  • Kate I.
    I learned so much!
    This podcast is full of great info! Kevin is knowledgeable and likable and brings on great guests. I have really learned a lot. I do wish it was longer and came out more infrequently. The episodes are really short (like, 3-5 minutes sometimes) and he breaks up conversations with guests over multiple podcasts, so it’s kind of disjointed sometimes.
  • DT McHungry
    Goldmine of practical information!
    I went down this rabbit hole of digesting as much information I could find about vegetable gardening. This podcast has so much useful information! I also love the fact it’s clearly titled, and quite short (as far as podcasts go) so I could refer back to specific topics I need. Thanks Kevin! Keep up the good work!!!
  • Vineuser18
    Super Informative!!
    This is one of my favorite gardening podcasts. It is chock full of helpful information in compact episodes. LOVE IT!!!
  • Wal_k
    Great podcast
    One of my favorite podcasts. Like they are not too long and are packed with info. The instagram page is also great.
  • SleepyBobo
    To the point
    Shorter podcast is perfect. Always looking for seed sources. Growing squash, onions, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, banana peppers. Pandemic is disrupting food system.
  • Deej2013
    Great tips!
    My last garden was 4 years ago and didnt go so well, but this podcast is giving me the confidence and practical help to try again!
  • An expert sewer
    Solid advice
    I tend to be very wary of gardening advice one finds on the internet, however Kevin’s content makes the cut and here is why: He often experiments with what and how he grows things and actually grows a lot of this stuff himself or consults those who do. Reading an article on dubious gardening websites where it’s clear no one has actually ever grown these things, they are just pasting information from a seed packet or plant tag. A wide range of topics, plants and gardening related topics are covered (like foraging ), and the information seems to be accurate and well presented. I would personally prefer a longer podcast (like 20-30 minutes twice a week). Thanks Kevin for bringing us into your garden :)
  • J9DW
    Very easy to approach practical gardening advice for new or experienced gardeners. I learn something every time!
  • 😈💩👾💩👺💩👾☠️
    I love this podcast. It is short and sweet-nev er drags on and always gives me the info I need! Makes gardening accessible for everyone!
  • awildone
    I love this podcast. Great information, great guest. Completely transformed my approach on my homestead.
  • Susie Gardener
    The best source for garden info
    I’ve been an organic gardener for 40+years. Epic gardening is without a doubt the single best source of fact-based garden info. He takes the best of the many books, magazines, publications from state ag extensions, research papers, and experts, and condenses and explains them in these interesting, short pods.
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