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General Aviation news, pilot tips for beginners & experts, interviews, listener questions answered, technical details on G1000 & Perspective glass cockpits & flying GPS approaches. 40 yrs experience flying general aviation aircraft. As an active flight instructor, I bring my daily experiences in the air to this show to help teach pilots and future pilots to fly safely. I'm a Platinum Cirrus CSIP instructor and work with people who are thinking about buying a new or used SR20 or SR22. Go to AviationNewsTalk.com for my contact information, or to click on Listener Questions, which lets you speak into your phone to leave a question you’d like answered on the show.

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  • Don 3239
    What’s the deal with the United pilot
    He’s real angry. It’s like he left a review on the wrong podcast. Max your stuff is great. Maybe he was looking for a union buster podcast?
  • Ti C
    Excellent information
    Thoroughly enjoying this podcast! Thanks so much for sharing great content!
  • BuffBoomer
    United, assistant chief pilot
    You are not someone I’d want to fly 40 years with, or even around the patch. You made me say a bad word, out loud, several times at the inaneness of this interview. You deserved to be booted from the flight with your “1K?” Status. Should have kept your mouth shut, and relocated yourselves upon reaching cruise. But no, you wrote the Chief Pilot. I pulled the plug before you asked about chemtrails and UFO’s👽 Bunch of mewling quims.
  • Gustavo Durazo
    Great podcast
    I am an aspiring pilot, and have lots of friends who are pilots. My friends are amazed by my knowledge about aviation without being a pilot myself. I review a lot of content from you tube and podcast but feel that your podcast is mainly responsible for all my knowledge. Keep up the good work and never stop!!! Will let you know when my journey starts !!!
  • I want to fly✈️
    I love aviation
    It’s a very addicting podcasts
  • Btownchamp
    Great show, must listen
    Episode 277 is crazy.
  • bob215447
    Great topics covered
    I can always find a topic I want to listen to. Every podcast episode is very well produced and informative
  • Kash Dad
    Maximum Thanks Max
    Max, first I’d like to thank you for your devotion to the promotion of General Aviation and Aviation in general. You’re clearly passionate about this pursuit and that enthusiasm is reflected in every episode of the podcast. I found the podcast at a critical phase of my flight training, while working towards my IFR ticket and eventually Cirrus Transition Training, all successfully completed. I’m in South Florida, earned my private in ‘04 and have logged over 1,000 hours VFR, mostly Cross Country flying all over the Southeast in a C-182K. The instrument training really tested some deeply engrained mussel memory and I was struggling early in the process. I used your library of podcast to keep my mind immersed in Aviation facts and speak, like a literal hanger rat in the corner soaking up every word. The total transition was as much about a culture of Professionalism and Safety as it was about actual task and standards. It worked and I appreciate your help. Now I get to fly a rented 2016 SR 22 GTS several times a month with about 10 hours Solo PIC so far. The Cirrus is a fabulous example of attention to detail by talented engineers and designers. Anyway, I hope I’m not getting your fingers sticky with all the syrupy praise, but I sincerely appreciate your contribution. Safe Sky’s.
  • clearprop177
    Best aviation podcast
    This podcast is fantastic. Fresh and relevant aviation content and excellent guests. I always learn something from each episode. Top notch production as well. Keep up the great work!
  • FlywithJim.com
    A wealth of information
    Always professional and packed with excellent content. Great job Max!
  • krstjohn
    So much good info! Thank you!
    As a student/low-time pilot, I have been listening to Max’s podcast since the beginning of my training journey and have learned SO much. He is clearly a great CFI with a wealth of knowledge to share, and the same can be said for all of his guests. The topics are wide ranging and usually apply to pilots of all skill levels and experience. The news and updates are always pretty interesting as well, especially the breakdowns/analysis of various accidents. Max always tries to provide some key takeaways from those unfortunate events that really turn them into teachable moments.
  • Mike Tierney - BreakRight!
    New subscriber
    The interview with Alan Brown (ep 235) was marvelous! I will definitely keep this show in my subscriptions.
  • Sir Ralfo
    One of the best
    Aside from always being informative, you gotta love the voice. I can honestly say that Max has peaked my interest in becoming a CFI.
  • November_Bravo
    An aviation podcast must-have
    Max does a fantastic job reporting timely aviation news, issues, trends and safety information. His guests bring excellent viewpoints and experience to the table as well. I very much look forward to each new episode, thanks for all you do to promote safer aviation Max!
  • mike27923
    Must Listen!
    This pod cast is a great combination of current events, special features and personal experience relevant to all pilots no matter the level. As importantly, Max presents the information in a way that keeps your attention and looking for more. Keep up the good work!
  • Marksman42
    Relevant, on target, no fluff
    I’m not normally a podcast fan, but this one is direct, with intelligent discussions that avoid fluff. The insights and topics are excellent lessons for inexperienced pilots, or great reminders for more experienced flyers.
  • x0Mango0x
    A true aviation gem
    I have been reading Max’s books since training in a Diamond DA 40 decades ago. I have been impressed by his down to earth demeanor and ease of following along. I still have a CD of the G-1000 software somewhere in my box if things. Listening to him on the geeks podcast was always a treat, since he was the only one directly speaking to us , GA pilots in small single engine piston aircraft. That’s the sensibility he brings to this podcast. If you fly a Cirrus, even better. Every episode highlights an issue that we in the GA pilot community should be talking about. The methodical manner in which he handles these topics is truly masterful. Thank you so much Max I Look forward to each episode eagerly.
  • Brad A. Hall
    Absolutely the best aviation podcast!
    Absolutely the best aviation podcast! Max puts aviation in simple terms that anyone can understand while covering a multitude of subjects. You can hear his smile in every podcast. A must listen!
  • JohnnieCRotten
    The best show for pilots
    Thoroughly researched, useful information, and presented in a manner that is entertaining. Glad I found this podcast and doing what I can to support through this review and purchase of his books.
  • Eddie Hazel11
    Ad free!
    Thank you for not punishing us with ads!!!
  • Juanpr001
    This podcast is both entertaining and unbelievably informative. Thank you!
  • Aab614
    My Favorite aviation podcast
    Max provides informative topics that benefit pilots in aeronautical decision making. I feel like I learn something every episode.
  • OldGeek1
    Great aviation podcast
    A non-political podcast that updates you with news, discusses aviation issues, and has special segments that cover other information areas related to flying. Highly recommended for pilots and students too.
  • amazing 5 stars1234567890
    Also only 13 but also dream of career in aviation
    Great podcast also love airplane geeks podcast which is where I found this ✈️🛩✈️🛩✈️🛩✈️🛩✈️🛩✈️🛩✈️🛩✈️🛩✈️🛩
  • piper cub 🛩
    Love to listen
    I may be only 13 years old but I hope to be a pilot when I grow up so I listen and get as much information as I can. Thanks
  • Mike_N_
    You Owe It To Yourself
    Very informative tips and interviews - something there for everyone from a student pilot to experienced IFR or CFI. The host (Max) produces a professional quality show. If you are a pilot you owe it to yourself to at least check out this this podcast.
  • Timdeck
    Episode 153 Michael Goulian
    Max - this was my favorite yet. Michael - thanks for sharing your stories and especially for all you're doing to promote aviation safety in the GA community!
  • RobHolto
    CJ Pilot
    I am an owner operator of a CJ. I found this podcast forwarded by a fellow jet driver. Max does a fantastic job reminding me of tips and rules of the road. In my annual training in the sims, we never go back over the basics. I listen daily on the elliptical and it makes the time fly. I have been catching up listening to the older casts when new ones are not available. It is like a time capsule for current events but always has great timeless tidbits.
    Keeps Your Pilot Skills Sharp
    Max does a great job with presenting relevant news and most importantly sharing his insight and knowlege of flying. I look forward to listening to the show every week!
  • Coptermedic
    Exceptional Podcast
    Max produces an excellent podcast that is both informative and enjoyable. I look forward to it every week and recommend this podcast to all my students and fellow aviators I know. Great job Max, and thank you sir.
  • CessnaBill
    Listened for the first time on my way home from work today. Love the format and content. You have earned a regular listener.
  • Mike M in Scottsdale
    Excellent podcast....efficient, timely, interesting.
    Max, your podcast is very well done. Good info, delivered efficiently (not tons of idle talking). You make it very interesting. Great job!
  • wrphelan
    Safer pilots!!!
    Dear Max, Your work undoubtedly makes safer pilots and maybe even more proficient ones!!! The level of professional and commitment that you are able to show us through your podcasts is amazing. Keep up the amazing content.
  • SY Cook
    Absolutely the best GA podcast you will find!
    As a general aviation pilot, I truly value the insights I gain from listening to this podcast. The content is relevant, well put together, and very educational. I look forward to episodes each week and truly believe the information I receive will make me a better pilot.
  • #Aviator#
    Correction to My Name for Previous Post
    As someone with a lifelong goal of flying who obtained his certificate about a year ago and is now at about 250 hours, I can tell you Aviation NewsTalk has been a terrific learning tool. Aviation NewsTalk has allowed me to listen and learn while doing other things around the house and/or during travel. I find nearly every episiode has something valuable for me as a new pilot. One thing I will definitely commend Max for is his willingness to share his mistakes, near misses, and less than optimal decisions over his flying career. Not only are these examples educational, but also allow me to forgive my own mistakes or oversites and focus on the learning aspect as opposed to beating myself up and/or losing confidence. I made the decision early on to learn to fly in a Cirrus and have also purchased my own Cirrus SR22T. I discovered Aviation NewsTalk after deciding upon Cirrus. Max's support of Cirrus is reassuring, of course, but he balances his preference for Cirrus with his education on general aviation overall and his obvious knowledge of non-Cirrus aircraft as well. Max, thank you for the high quality of your podcasts and for the time you commit to providing quality insights and education. Your genuine enthusiasm for aviation is welcome, as is your commitment to helping others learn to fly safely. You are a credit to your profession and your overall professionalism is much appreciated.
  • Boone in LA
    Best Aviation Podcast Period!
    I subscribe to just about every aviation (as well as other subject matter) podcast out there and Aviation News Talk is by far the best! Max is a seasoned pilot and is excellent at explaining very complicated aviation subjects in simple terms. He has a very heavy foucus on safety concerns with no nonsense in between. He is quite knowledgeable in all things GA, and particularly in Garmin G1000 tech, Cirrus Aircraft as well as Cirrus Perspective and Perspective + avionics. Max has obviously vonunteered a great deal of time to produce this show and share his years of experience with anyone willing to listen. It is for this reason that his show was the first one I decided to contribute to finacially via his Patreon page. You can't go wrong with this one!
  • Plane nuts
    Great Podcast!
    I have listened since the beginning and have found it educational and Max so easy to listen to. I am a sport pilot and own an LSA so the IFR information I will never be able to use but I find it interesting all the same. The information on CO poisoning was an eye opener. Thank you for your great work. From an avid listener!
  • superacidjax
    Radio Quality
    The production value of this podcast is phenomenal. It’s tightly produced, has the smooth flow of a professional radio broadcast and doesn’t meander around with inside jokes or rambling like many other aviation shows. The news is sharp, relevant and the host doesn’t make you feel out of place even if you are a new pilot. This is the very best podcast available for aviation: timely yet even the “old” shows have timeless content. First rate.
  • Willie_G.
    Top Notch Aviation Podcast
    Max, your podcast is “plane” fantastic. For all the review readers it’s worth subscribing too. It’s loaded with great information everyone can learn from. I’m just starting to get involved deeper in aviation and working to get my private. This podcast has helped me realize the reality of all the situations pilots can get into, great tips on how to avoid the pitfalls and fantastic conversations with guests focused on making safer pilots. Thank you for the great podcast!
  • Coney ledge
    Catching up
    As someone who flies glider planes, tow planes, a SR20 and a variety of power planes for CAP, I wanted to add to your episode 85 on short field landing tips. The most helpful piece of advice I have received was found in Jim Dulin's "contact flying" book. He describes the "brisk walk" approach on short final where one adjusts the power to maintain the visual illusion of the aiming point approaching at a constant rate of a brisk walk, all the way to touchdown. I have found that keeping this idea in mind as I Iand has made my landings VERY consistent and stable in all 8 makes of aircraft that I fly. If you have a chance,I think that interviewing Jim Dulin would provide some very helpful insights to the listeners of this podcast. He has 17,000 hours as an ag pilot and has successfully made over 10 engine-out landings.
  • Mhtex31
    Love it!
    I’m an aspiring pilot and this podcast is amazing. I have gained a lot of knowledge and fallen even more in love with aviation!
  • Falcondreams
    Great general aviation podcast
    Max does a terrific job bringing news and relevant information for the general aviation audience. I am thoroughly enjoying going through the entire episode list.
  • buffalopilot
    Finally, an aviation Podcast with wings
    Max, I thoroughly enjoy the format and structure of your general aviation podcast. It has structure and substance relating to current aviation news, aviation industry operations & procedures, and industry science & politics. It is a rich and rather informative, but not too cerebral, source of relevant general aviation news. General aviation has been my source of enjoyment and income for my adult life. I've felt like there was still much to be learned and discussed. This podcast has continued the relevant discussion of ideas and information in the general aviation community. This podcast format is appropriate for beginners all the way up to seasoned professionals within the various sectors of general aviation. This is now in my daily rotation of podcast, and it's my only aviation podcast. I've used your study materials in the past and I have been following you on Facebook; this is an excellent supplement to all of that which you offer. Keep up the good work, and keep it coming!
  • OSU Flyer
    Favorite Podcast!
    Max, These podcast are some the best I have listened to. I love how you are able to include GA operation and have a segment about accidents, that you break down. I listen to these every day on my way to work! As a new CFI I have learned a great deal from listening to your podcast.
  • daveike-n813ps
    Great Podcast
    Max is incredibly insightful about GA procedures of all types, particularly in Cirrus aircraft. Keep up the great work!
  • Sdo5879
    Great podcast, recommend highly!
    I love listening to Max. He explains things in an easy to understand way, and I learn something new every time I listen to a podcast. Thanks for the great info!!
  • Nick X
    Best aviation podcast out there
    Max provides relevant news and truly useful tips on flying safe.
  • JimBob Toor.
    Great for student pilots
    Im a low hour student pilot and find your podcast extremely helpful. You educate above my experience level and inspire me to learn from your high degree of real world flying. Then I do the necessary research to improve my proficiency. THAT leads to note taking and practical application in my plane. Great info now I listen to each edition.
  • MVpilotDan
    A Must Have podcast for the General Aviation crowd!
    I have been following Max’s Aviation NewsTalk podcast since its beginning and continue to look forward to each week’s episode. He is well connected and keeps up with the latest in technology and technique. If you are a pilot, or just an aviation enthusiast, give a listen — I don’t think you will be disappointed.
  • Gerrit 86
    Reigniting the passion
    I fly professionally in Alaska, I listen to this podcast to reignite the passion of aviation. The spark of love in flying has its greatest root in general aviation. Many people that I fly with have lost sight of their original passion, this podcast keeps the joy of flying alive and well. As a check airman for my company, I even find myself analyzing a flight like Max does, he is a gifted instructor.
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