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The Therapy for Black Girls podcast is a weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible version of ourselves.

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  • yrjones
    Thank you!! 🙏🏽💖
    Insight that I didn’t know existed and that I needed!!
  • imanifaith31
    I’m speechless 😶
  • DocT66
    I refer so many to your podcast and many find it supportive🫶🏾
  • ParisSuave
    Love this podcast for Black women!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it. I’ve found it beneficial as I’ve applied it to my life.
  • LetItShiningStar
    Episode 254 Women in the Workplace
    Today was the first day I found and started listening to this podcast and it resonated with me so much as I moved out of Atlanta from college to a predominantly white area for my work. This episode gave me some really good insight I feel early on in my career that I can use moving forward. Thank you Dr. Harden Bradford and Dr. Thomas!
  • Chi2kcldy
    Informative and Entertaining
    I didn’t know how much I needed this podcast. As a women in her 40’s living in Kansas it is hard finding Black spaces. This podcast gives me my own space. A space that is relatable. A space for Black Women. Thank you so much for creating a healing safe place
  • LadiiFlo
    All the topics
    Thank you for creating this space for black women.
  • nitajoe143
    Thank you for this!
    I Love it. I Look forward to it. I recommend it
  • samariaw
    Game Changer
    This podcast is magnificent. Thank you!
  • hollyxconstant
    Love this podcast!!!
    This podcast gives me such clarity and comfort and guidance! Highly recommend ❤️❤️ keep it up!
  • QueenMaireke
    such a game changer
    I love this podcast
  • Sweetpeaj04
    Much needed podcast!!
    As a therapist and a consumer of podcasts of love this content. So informative as well as relatable. Interviews are always well thought out and valuable. Love everything about Therapy for Black Girls!
  • K.mickey
    Love the show, not the episode descriptions
    As much as I love the show, I wish the description of each episode was at the top of the text rather than after the description of the show. We know what the podcast is about, but telling us what each episode is about is more important. Too much text to read or scroll past makes me delete the episode. I listen to a lot of podcasts, this is the only one that does this.
  • Candide4
    Therapy for Black Girls
    Dr. Harden Bradford’s podcast is empowering! I’m continually enlightened and inspired by her expertise, topics and guests. Not only does Dr. Harden Bradford’s work help me personally, I share it with my 32 year old daughter and others which exemplifies it’s community impact This gift and resource is invaluable!
  • BossChick2958493858594
    This podcast is amazing and also the first one I’ve ever reviewed. I’ve learned many a lesson here that’s impacted my personal and professional life. I’m a budding therapist currently getting my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and I use some of the techniques learned here to assist with helping others. Thank you.
  • San Diego Fan Club
    Excellent space to feel understood and comforted by other beautiful women
    I’m new and I’m making my way through the podcasts of interest and even some I didn’t think I’d like but I find learning about different topics very valuable. I also have enjoyed the three for Thursday chats, the check ins, book club and the sex talk in September with Goddie (Goody). Definitely will stick with this beautiful community of women who aren’t afraid to say I need help and I don’t have it all together as society pegs us as the strong black woman… We have pain, tears, deep feelings, struggles, wins, love, accomplishments, blessings from God, everything a human being has. We aren’t super human and if we have a tough exterior it’s the way we’ve learned to cope and care for ourselves. Love this podcast and Dr Joy’s “Sister Circle” app. It’s well worth my time and energy to get and give support to fellow sisters of any color.
  • listen to older episodes
    Content needs refresh
    Great podcast when I started listening a few years ago, but now the format is more interviews and sometimes gets a little self-promoty for the guests. But I get why bc BW experts and professionals have little spaces/platforms available to them so this show provides that. But perhaps a spin-off show would be better for that.
  • SoundsLike08
    This woman is doing god’s work.
    It’s so valuable. That is all! Kudos to you, Dr. Joy! 💛
  • anjiegrhm
    This is a much needed resource
    I’m a new listener and so far I love it. I have started listening at the beginning episodes and I find the encouragement and advice very helpful. I also like to read the reviews of podcasts that I am new to. I read a review where the listener said they felt the podcast was racist, and I simply don’t understand how they arrived there. So often as black women we are told we have to include everyone while simultaneously being excluded by everyone. There are plenty of podcasts that cater to other demographics but very few that address the issues, needs and concerns of black women. Please keep doing your podcast as is. As a black woman in my mid forties I’m just now learning how to advocate for myself and that includes finding spaces where I can be my full self and feel valued as a human. I’m only a few episodes in and this is one of those spaces. I appreciate you sharing your expertise with us. It’s very much needed.
  • Loverforfashion
    I absolutely still love the podcast but I feel like the topics are lacking lately. I personally love more of the self help topics.
  • MFarook83
    Been a fan still a fan
    Undeniably a MUST for Black women and other women of color.🔥🔥🔥M. Farook
  • imobsessedwithk-pop
    It’s okay
    I really like this podcast and the messages it’s giving out but, I see it as racist .Black women aren’t the only females who struggle with things or need to be encouraged, their are many other women who need motivation and inspiration not just African American women. It’s really good just need to work on giving inspiration to other cultures.
  • ColorMeNesha
    Thank you
    I love this podcast. I need a therapist like her. If you’re a woman of color. Please listen to this podcast. She touches different topics that women like us faces. I told my mom about this podcast. My momma love this podcast.
  • Moore254533
    Intro long!
    Great conversations though.
  • Niecey theicon
    Favorite podcast
    I recently started listening to this podcast for about a month or so but I can honestly say I absolutely love it, whenever I can manage to have a moment to myself this is my go-to. Dr.Joy is amazing and she is enlightening and well-informed on situations that matter to women of color.
  • Customer 2547
    Advertisement about After Shock film (after roe v wade)
    Super triggering advertisement for folks in 2022 summer we have lost rights & might be pregnant. (Previous title) A Gift to Womxn of the African Diaspora /// Thank you for the cutting-edge, level-headed, holistic, research - based, professional and authentic platform that gives sistahs a place to rest and listen deeply. Folks with or without therapists benefit from gaining the language and concepts presented in the podcast that capture their complex realities. Additionally, therapists in training who treat Black womxn will benefit from this resource. THANK YOU 🙏🏾🥰🙌🏾🔥
  • Twilie 5844
    Learn and enjoy
    I have learned a lot from this podcast... both information and tools I can use. The host is a really good interviewer and asks very insightful questions to her guests.
  • mnikesa
    Holding Space
    Thank you, Dr. Joy. You see us and stand with us. Just thank you. 💜
  • LA52
    Magnificent on so many levels. Thank You.
  • Curiosity.kills
    I love this!
    I’m surprised I haven’t wrote a review for TFBG. This is my all time favorite podcast, and I love what Dr. Joy is doing for the community. I’ve been listening to this podcast consistently since about 2018 and it’s helped me so much, and has even helped me connect to the therapist I’m working with now. The content, stories, and experiences she creates are so meaningful and necessary in today’s world. I’m really grateful to get a notification each Wednesday about a new episode and love all the gems I get from listening. Please don’t change! I love this and can’t wait to read your upcoming book ❤️
  • Mama Honey B
    Thank you!
    I recently started listening to the podcast and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Every person you have had on the show has given me a greater sense of knowledge on certain topics especially for first time home buyers. I thank you for this space and every positive thing it brings!
  • KB9818
    A space that needed to be filled
    Grateful for your work, it is needed!
  • f the hood
    Where da white gurl pods?!
  • 49er415
    I didn’t think I’d really be into this type of podcast but it has been nothing but helpful. I definitely recommend this if your interested in working on yourself.
  • swhite0926
    I love this podcast it is exactly what I needed! Keep up the good work!
  • Seobia Rivers
    I’m not even going to get too deep. This is an amazing podcast that’s insightful, inspiring, motivating and just what I needed. You prolly need it too. Please listen for yourself!!
  • MsWebb21
    Amazing and Beneficial Podcast
    I found this podcast yesterday, and I have been binging the episodes. I went through the 200+ episodes and saved all the ones I felt spoke to me, and have been listening to them. I think I’ve listen to about 15 so far. I will definitely be replacing tv time with podcast time. So glad I came across this podcast.
  • KG2875
    Loved the Fashion podcast
    I learned so much from the Personal Style podcast. Took a lot of notes!
  • BirdD4
    I found this podcast during the pandemic and it’s just soo good to listen to in the morning. I swear I go to the page and more times than known that the episode just speaks to my heart and soul 😀😇
  • ManyeyA
    Very healing!!
    I came across this show from a tik tok recommendation and it has been my top frequented show. I love the advice given for handling stuff, I have even seemed help from the professionals that were featured and have now started seeing a good therapist.
  • DancerforGod
    Brilliant & deeply Appreciated
    Dr. Joy You are a blessing and a gift to the black community of women and to anyone really. Great topics. Great questions. Great resolutions. Thank you for providing your services and expertise. Thank you for caring. We need you!!!!
  • Kieora Nichols
    Practicing the art and act of loving myself
    This podcast embraces the healing journey while creating awareness and educating us on new topics.
  • NiecyinArl
    It’s my peace growth
    Learning snd listening has taught me o sm not alone in what I am experiencing so thank you for helping me snd so many others by using your gift.
  • Moolit Betty
    I wish I could give more stars...
    I don’t know why I haven’t written a review yet...but this podcast has been essential to my growth as an individual. The conversations are insightful, to-the-point, and really hones in on the dynamic you can find in therapy. I have had so many validating experiences while listening to this show and every episode seems to center me. Started listening during quarantine when I didn’t have the words to explain why things weren’t coming together when I had all this time to finally think and utilize what I thought were tools to improve my mental state. I have recommended this to all my sisters...because generational trauma is real ...and continue to share it with others.
  • Spency1993
    I love this show. I found a safe space as a Black women with this amazing podcast.
  • isah1998
    Guests could go deeper…
    The potential is there! The host is great at guiding the conversation and asking the right questions but it seems like the guests answer her questions in general terms, it drives me nuts! It would be more personal if the guests used some of their own real life antidotes and clear examples. No need to use names of course but just saying “uncovering is the first step and then depending on what it is, we can go from there” is extremely vague and doesn’t fully answer the question. I also think the conversation would be richer if the host included her own commentary to provide more of a back and forth dynamic. Not combative but to challenge/add to things the guests say. I would also like to see her push her guests more, tell them to stop being so general and really answer the questions!
  • KamaraKya
    I truly value and love this podcast
    I just started listening to Podcasts this year and this podcast has become an absolutely need in my life. I am so appreciative of the information provided, the honesty and perspectives given and the space for me to be able to be honest and learn from these podcasts. I feel supported.
  • Jocharly628
    one of my favorites!
    i’ve been listening for about a year and i love this podcast. this is an amazing space! i feel lighter after each listen learn new tools to implement in my life. i love how dr. joy harden bradford and her guests break everything down. thank you for this space and your work!!
  • @MichaelUnbroken
    Must Listen🔥🔥
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • FeeSeigle
    Great Topic Good Resources relatable!!
    I love love this podcast it has been a great source for information that I need. It also gives good tips on navigating through emotions and healing!! A great additive to my current therapy!! I look forward to new episodes. 💜💜💜
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