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The Business of Fashion has gained a global following as an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries. It is frequently described as “indispensable,” “required reading” and “an addiction.”

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  • colby from AviatorUSA
    Must listen for any founder of a fashion brand
    Been listening to this podcast for a few years now and it’s filled with useful insight and inspiration. Imran asks greet questions and is thoughtful with his guests. Thank you!
  • sgdhdjsd)eqk;u
    The first thing I do not want to hear when starting a podcast is an ad. I understand if you need to cover costs, but now I will never listen to your show…y’all blew it in the first 5 seconds lol
  • kikinocomment
    Would love an interview with Roopal Patel from Saks
  • Solelymubzic
    About the Queen segment
    I love how y’all respect the past Queen of England and all but y’all make it look like she was against slavery and all. She was 💯 involved and y’all didn’t even bother touching that and that’s what touching about it all because there’s a lot of young kid out here believing she’s an actual Hero
  • Phil0Sophia
    Surprisingly Intelligent and entertaining.
    Zac Posen’s interview was my introduction to this surprisingly intelligent and highly informative podcast. I’ve learned so much about the challenges of creative people having to navigate the politics involved in the fashion industry and the challenges of making real money beyond the fashion show (which I’ve learned was not particularly lucrative). I am so sad to learn about Posen’s company folding yet he proves to be an abundant wealth of knowledge about creating and producing one’s imagination onto the public and all of the challenges that go with it. In other episodes, I’ve learned about the importance of sustainability in clothing production and the surprising amount of fraud that happens with the illusions of “sale prices” in the industry, among other practices that impact the consumer more than I ever realized. Great business course, as well. Highly recommend.
  • BeA.NiceHuman
    Learn and Grow
    I started listening last week, it’s great. I’m eager to hear more…just VERY disappointed to learn that you have collaborated with Alok Vaid-Menon, when there’s absolute proof of his troubling views. I don’t have social media and even I am aware of his disturbing comments. Please do better, look into him, and dis-associate yourself.
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    The host of the Business of Fashion podcast, highlights all aspects of the fashion industry, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • BabalwaN
    Loved it!
    Denim Tears is so relevant, and I love that he is using his influence to drive the message of inclusivity. This was my first episode of the BOF Pod and I am definitely staying for more.
  • asdhjlvcfyuh
    Ep. 238: there is no “post-pandemic”. We’re in the midst of it as numbers rise across the country.
  • jalebiqueen
    used to be interesting
    it used to be a really good listen but it’s just so boring now and after snoozing over episodes for a month i just had to unsubscribe. sound quality needs some work as well.
  • Flofo 16
    Fashion people self congratulating themselves about how amazing they are... nothing of substance. Too bad, now is the time to change up the conversation instead of the same old stuff.
  • cochineal.moon
    Scott Galloway
    Exceptional and provocative.. would like to hear more
  • Sagetree201
    Marc Jacobs
    This was so intimate and beautiful, very transparent and heart warming. I loved listening to this interview because I felt like I was at a cocktail party and finally ended up in a very personal real conversation. I listened while on a gorgeous spring walk.
  • meechayy
    It’s ok. Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it’s a snooze. What really bothers me is the audio quality. It’s unbearable and I find myself exiting the episodes after 2-3min, more often than not.
  • longstocking2000
    I am finding this podcast extremely relevant to the issues the world is facing today. II particularly enjoyed the episode about the future of the airline industry. Thank you!
  • nastysuk
    No Fashion, Just India Politics
    Come on, guys, this is Business of Fashion, there are so many platforms to advocate the political views, and yet I’ve just listened to 40 minutes of India political situation!If I’ve received a dollar for every time Ms.Ayyub said “Modi”, it would not cover up for the value of time wasted. So disappointed
  • PayamTmBax
    Carine Roitfeld interview
    Phenomenal women, so glad Imran Ahmed had an interview with her it was amazing and insightful, hoping for more interviews like this, tho the BoF podcast itself is amazing!!!
  • Kris1900000
    Great interview with carine
    Ahhh that was such a fun and insightful interview- I hope you do more like that. Also what a great tribute to Karl - thank you
  • cevans723
    Dana Thomas’ info about Hattie Carnegie is not historically accurate. She was not a Carnegie- she told the name.
  • Katie Joy B.
    So much goodness!
    The entire BOF team does an excellent job encapsulating every guests knowledge and experience to provide listeners with an awesome interview! Engaging, inspiring, and educational are just a few of the words I'd use to describe the time you'll spend with them. Give it a listen - I promise you won't be disappointed!
  • @ASY
    Great Guests
    I absolutely love this podcast, but I noticed that it is a bit difficult to hear the guests speaking. The volume difference between Imram is quite different and I’m hoping you can address this in sound editing or the recording! Otherwise this is a MUST subscription for anyone interested in fashion.
  • gabriel danaher
    Business of Fashion fan but disappointed in podcast
    The podcast quality of The Stock X interview on April 15 was really bad - very intermittent and poor quality.
  • Emily2845
    Pretty awful
    The questions need to be more interesting... the characters chosen need to speak with more enthusiasm. The recent podcasts are boring and not informative. Please cover issues that are not available in other platforms.
  • tdubztdubz
    I usually only tune in for the season wrap ups to hear what Tim Blanks has to say. Though Imran obviously knows a lot, the conversations would be more easier to listen to if he confined himself to interviewing Tim rather than speaking with him as an equal. Their sensibilities are so painfully different and Tim is so much more sophisticated that it’s a little painful to hear Imran speaking to him as an equal.
  • Kallen2018
    Culture war !
    I suggest everyone to please listen to this podcast, so much info to be heard about our data system and the manipulation behind. Thank you BOF for this incredible podcast!!
  • PJ1829
    Needs improvement
    The content is interesting but sometimes they will talk about a topic, a person, a thing, or whatever as if the listener already know what/who that thing or person is. It gets pretty frustrating to listen during these moments. Also the sound quality is really bad, especially for me because I listen to podcasts in my car while going to and from work
  • Yveanne
    Learn a lot
    I’m a student interested in fashion industry. I love this podcast that BoF provides. Hope to learn more in the future!
  • Hellotarsha
    We need more! Such a great podcast
  • ayagomez
    Sound could be better
    The content of this podcast is great, i just wish they’d do something regarding sound at their recordings, they keep apologizing since it is recorded in front of a live audience, but if that is the majority of their episodes they should already figure it out. It is off putting and not easy to listen to an otherwise great podcast.
    Love this podcast. it’s fun, informative and often very insightful.
  • rha737
    Volume output should be higher
    Please raise the overall volume output in post. The podcast is not audible (with headphones at max) in outdoor settings like in the subway/tube.
  • Nastia Popadianets
    Alexander McQueen
    There is no sound starting from 45th min.
  • Maddierw
    Sadly Content Walled
    Designed for poor people to never succeed with the knowledge of the industry they need.
  • Serendune43
    Always relevant and fascinating interviews and content, MORE PLEASE. Part of the characteristic of the world of Fashion now, industry wide, is the dissemination of information. BoF is ON POINT, and understanding that sharing of knowledge leads to more opportunities for connection and collaboration, creativity and exploration, and it is TOGETHER that the challenges of the industry as a whole will be solved. Open the world to the WORLD. 🌟
  • Ms Mo
    beautiful and real conversation on resetting , being open and evolving
  • Fabio Tambosi
    Inspiringly Relevant
    Imran is nailing the content of this platform. Relevant. Inspiring. Engaging. It’s my go to weekly listening to. Bring more !!!
  • Junlinuxx
    BOF is the BEST!!!
    Thank you so much!!!
  • AngelOfLove
    Volume is an issue
    I like the content of this podcast but I don’t like that everyone is always talking over one another. And the volume is all over the place, which makes it very hard to listen to with headphones
  • Joyi888
    At Last!
    So excited this has launched. Can't wait to hear more.
  • Forwardcree
    Always in love
    I love anything that BOF creates. From the moment I discovered the online forum I have been hooked! Everything you produce is with excellence...I am consistently inspired.
  • Oscar2014
    super exciting!
    very excited about BOF entering podcasting. smart and insighful coverage on fashion topics. looking forward to your creative and honest content. best of luck!
  • King_cortni
    The podcast content is just as great as the content online. Definitely worth the wait!
  • Theresaakaua
    Great content!
    I just wish you’d upload more, at LEAST once a month.
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