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Nod your head right now if you’re ready to build a brand that is influential, loved by the masses, and worth millions.

The Influencer Podcast is the only resource you need to accelerate your impact and create iconic success.

Hosted by publicity veteran, marketing strategist, and brand expert Julie Solomon, this chart-topping podcast gives you the action steps needed to become a household name in today’s influential landscape.

Discover why people all over the world call Julie their go-to for all things branding, influence, and marketing.

If you want to become one of the most successful people you know, start with the podcast trailer episode, and don’t look back!

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  • StephMiller1027
    Stop complaining - not true
    My name is Stephanie, and I’ve been an avid listener of this podcast and student of Julie’s for a couple of years now. Her work on this podcast is GOLD, but her courses are even better. I just saw a review talking about the new changes inside Pitch It Perfect. What they are saying is not true! Julie recently closed down the student Facebook group that was getting too saturated and, in its place, created a monthly membership just for her students (something we have been asking her to do for a while now). With this membership, she now offers weekly coaching and direct access to brand contacts and agents in the industry. This has just taken this already great program to a whole new level! She also gave all students this new membership at a 50% off. It was a no-brainer for students ready for the next level. For the ones complaining - if you didn’t want to pay extra for weekly coaching and access to brands, that is fine - but don’t take it out on Julie or try to ruin it for the rest of us. She is still giving us LIFETIME access to the course, as promised. We were never promised free access to brands and weekly coaching. It’s not kind to Julie or all the hard work she pours into her community to spread gossip. I support her decision and am grateful for the next level of support!
  • Tlmg21
    This podcast is in my top 5 for 2021!
    I found this podcast a few months ago and have been going back and listening to all the past episodes. So much great content to learn from. Thank you! Pitch It Perfect is on my list to invest in in 2022!
  • hereiswhatithought528
    Dishonest sales tactics!
    Beware!! Great marketing advice - dishonest sales tactics using blatant bait and switch. Julie fervently advertised free access to a private Facebook group as a main selling point to join her Pitch It Perfect program. She repeatedly advertised it is as FREE and went on and on about the benefits of the free group to drive sales. Days later she removed free access and required monthly payment to remain part of the group.🧐
  • OllieandBear
    Worst experience with a business.:(
    I’ve purchased many online courses and programs over the years from different people because I love learning. This lady makes some big promises and doesn’t deliver all she boasts about. I bought a program that offered access to the FB group, but 6 weeks later she tells me I need to start paying her almost $100 a month to stay in the group.🙄 She doesn’t offer a money back guarantee and now I know why. Every other teacher I’ve learned from offers one up to a certain point and that’s because they are confident in the value. There are SO many better teachers out there that care about their customers. Don’t let this one fool you.
  • Nikki.M.Stein
    So worth binge listening!!
    I have learned more in the last few days than I ever knew! Definitely will be a Pitch It student here soon!
  • EricaLynnMarie
    I have been listening to Julie’s podcast for over a year, and I feel like I leave each episode similar to how you feel after an amazing workout - energized, excited, and ready to make real change. Julie is so real, but also such a great example to aspire to. Thank you Julie for all you do!
  • @mrsmichellegomez
    GEMS!! Highly recommend!!
    I LOVE listening to all the shows from this podcast. I purchased her pitch it perfect course and let me say I’ve gotten results fast by listening to her tips. Everything Julie recommends and shares is always heartfelt and she honestly loves to teach people how to grow in such an authentic way that I’ve never came across in this industry.
  • Kmorris0123
    Too Basic & Feels Like An Ad
    The ad gives good tips if you are brand new to marketing but if you have any experience it will be too basic for you. Also a lot of the time it just feels like a long sales pitch for Pitch It Perfect.
  • @MichaelUnbroken
    Great Podcast🔥🔥
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • Catlover_0812
    It’s good, right?
    I like the material and find it very useful. She’s easy to listen to and I walked away with a lot of good info. Just have a hard time remaining focused the whole time with how often she says “right”. Good podcast though! Worth the listen.
  • The tall trainer
    I live Julie!
    This podcast is GOLD! And Julie is too
  • Lisa Rosen
    Inspired to Step it Up!
    Julie! I just listened to your "Are You Sabotaging Yourself" episode, and it was exactlyyyy what I needed to hear. Thank you for calling out what it means to show up and participate. Especially as a member of Shine, I definitely needed that nudge and reminder from you. You are giving so much to this community, and I'm inspired by you to step it up and put in the same energy. Thank you thank you thank you for all that you do!
  • billiec5
    Good Stuff!!!
    I absolutely love this Podcast!! It always has good information and always teaching new things. This podcast always me want to learn and grow my business
  • Arlie K
    Actionable and engaging!
    Julie's methodology is a breath of fresh air. There’s a steady drumbeat with her message— it’s consistent, it’s human, and it’s effective. Don't miss it!
  • The Stories We Wish to Tell
    So much value!
    I'm so glad I finally started listening to The Influencer Podcast! It has been coming across my radar for a while, and while I've always been interested in the work she does, I've only recently started listening to the podcast. The show is full of so much value! There are a lot of similar shows out there but Julie's personality and perspective really set this show apart. Definitely check this show out!
  • Maciepaige
    Always worth my time!
    Actionable take-aways, lessons learned, and inspiring stories. This podcast gives me the motivation to keep moving forward in my entrepreneurial journey. You know the phrase - the people you choose to be surrounded by, you will become. Well, here are the people you’ll want to surround yourself!
  • BobDobbs305
    Not bad, right?
    Great show. Every other line she says “right?” Normally, people really unsure of what they’re saying this. I’m not perfect either, but I know what speech patterns break rapport. Since she’s a pro brand pitch trainer, is this intentional? Is this Meta? Don’t know. Right?
  • Nikilynn2
    Actionable Takeaways in Every Podcast Episode!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for over three years now and have loved every episode. Julie brings on such interesting and helpful guests & I always feel like I walk a way with useful information and actionable takeaways. I love being able to go back and re-listen to favorite episodes, especially when I need the reminders. You don’t want to pass up this podcast if you are an entrepreneur, influencer or looking to improve your business/life goals.
  • Megbolliiiii
    The show has changed
    It used to be really informational and interesting. Now it’s one big promo for her programs. She’s also developed an attitude of “im better and smarter than you” I guess this is a coaching technique but it comes off as condescending and unfriendly.
  • lnlewallen
    So much encouragement and value!
    There is so much value along with encouragement on this podcast! I really appreciate her down to earth honest approach to being an influencer! It’ s become a must listen! I’m so grateful I found this podcast!
  • Colin Boyd
    A true influencer
    I love Julie and her content. She truly leads the influencer market with authenticity and powerful strategies. Take a listen to the podcast if you want to expand your reach and follow a real leader in this industry.
  • Nic Perri
    Must listen!
    Such an amazing podcast, already learning so much and only two episodes in. Love the knowledge Julie provides and the resources she backs it up with. Must listen for the entrepreneur who is looking to take their business to the next level.
  • fan ?s
    Julie Solomon
    Please consider positive Julie Solomon for your broadcasting off television stations try not to be too depressed or go with for television depression I am below average educated but my eyes and ears are not full of cookie violence five ✨🖇📎📌📍🧷⚛️🆔💤🕘🕣🕦
  • katfollis
    Such an addictive show
    I only found this podcast a few weeks ago and now it’s all I listen to. In the car, at the gym, cooking dinner, etc. each episode is so inspiring, even if it doesn’t relate directly to my brand or business there is ALWAYS a positive message I can take away.
  • The Mom's Career Guide
    Great podcast!
    So informative and packed with loads of info! Can’t wait to see what comes next!
  • Aldlolrlal01
    Her podcast is just brilliant.
    Hey Julie! I just wanted to reach out and say that your podcast has been awesome. As someone who is getting into Virtual Assistant world, I’ve been using your podcast to see what bloggers are looking for in content creating and marketing. Thank you for making some great content! One day, I hope to take pitch it perfect just to enrich my knowledge of this industry.
  • themattielewis
    Miss Julie is, to say the least, fierce! She is powerful, empowering, sassy, brave and inspires me to strive to be that way myself! Her wisdom, honesty and bravery are something women all around the world would benefit from experiencing! I cannot WAIT to take her course and get my big girl ball rolling! Thank you for sharing your empowerment, Julie!
  • mrstaylorlamb
    Hands down best leadership podcast
    This podcast is fire! Literally like drinking from a fire hose in the best ways. I love this podcast, it is challenging yet in the most supportive ways. Very practical and so many different options of podcasts to choose from.
  • beepsindc
    Not what it used to be
    This used to be an awesome, unique podcast that gave great advice and interviewed industry experts, but now it’s just recordings of Julie’s coaching sessions and promotions for her paid services. All the interviews are with her former clients and all the questions culminate in “why did you join my program, how did it improve your life?” While I see the efficiency in repurposing content and I appreciate that this is a free podcast and Julie has to make money, I no longer feel that the podcast offers the same value it once did. If you’re interested, I’d recommend only listening to episodes from the beginning of the podcast.
  • laurieonWARM
    Not only do I love this podcast, and how Julie helps us sort everything out. I love how she addresses us as you, not you guys. So many Podcasters lump us all into one group but Julie makes us feel seen and heard.
  • Samantha LaRue
    Episode 167 | Tiffany Turner Moon
    The best podcast episode I’ve heard all year! I love how topical and relevant the conversion is in regards to how you can use your influence for more than pushing product. Because of this particular episode I have decided to pivot my own personal messaging in my own blog. Thank you to both Julie and Tiffany for a fabulous episode! ❤️
  • celemanchi
    Amazing Julie!
    Thank you so much for your amazing content Julie. I am learning so much and I feel like it is possible to be successful. I love how you break it all down so I know specific steps and strategies. You rock! 🤩 @celemanchi
  • CityStyleBritt
    Purposeful !
    I came across this podcast when Julie first started it and since have listened to every episode always excited for more. I love how insightful and willing each guest is about sharing honest tips, advice and their stories--after listening to every episode I always feel inspired yet motivated to never give up on my dreams as a content creator. I'm so glad Julie followed her passion & purpose because it helped to inspire me in my journey today ! Keep shining Julie Soloman, xo✨
  • JessDuclos
    Seriously helpful!
    Love that podcast so much! It helped me understand how social media work and how to market and pitch myself to the companies I want to work with. Julie is very uplifting and motivating 🙌🏼
  • 79)2(7-
    So great!
    I really enjoy this podcast
  • SK.Ison
    Such an incredibly helpful podcast! Julie has the knowledge & motivation you need but gives it to you like she’s your big sister telling you to get. it. together. I love her!
  • Desireesilva2015
    Growth, Growth, and more Growth
    The influencer podcast is the best podcast to listen to for influential entreprenuers. As a first gen. Business owner/ college graduate I was never shown a roadmap to success. This was never an option, by becoming an entrepreneur I was on a whole new road to success, none of my family members knew about and this podcast helped not only show me the way but also provides tips to keep me successful. I am so happy I subscribed and I cannot wait to learn more!
  • HollyRuns
    The Real Deal for Starters
    I am in the process of starting an online business. The Influenced Podcast has helped me know what I can do now to start building my business. I can listen to Julie talk about how she coaches her clients, and I am instantly inspired by what she is saying. She makes you feel empowered to go after your dreams. I highly recommend adding the Influenced Podcast to your week!
  • GirlWithTheGlasses
    Great podcast to inspire you!
    I love listening to Julie’s podcast! She brings wisdom and wit to every episode, great guests, and a can-do attitude. You can’t help but want to get started with her tips and suggestions immediately!
  • Vee S
    I’m learning so much!
    The Influencer Podcast is jam packed with awesome information! I just started listening recently and I’m already making changes in my social media presence — and seeing results! I absolutely recommend this podcast. Make sure to subscribe! What’s it’s helped me with most is taking a leap and creating content, regardless of whether I feel silly doing it or not.
  • haley goodall
    Obsessed with this podcast!
    I am so thankful for Julie and for sharing her knowledge. I especially love all of the guests she chooses to bring in - this has truly helped me in my business!
  • littleee_a
    Love it!
    I found Julie this past March and I’ve never looked back! I love how REAL she is, she’s not going to sugar coat it for you. She’s going to push you to do the work and get better at it!
  • Lynn_Winter
    Amazing content
    Julie provides great content each week that is relevant and easy to implement. She speaks to every person no matter what stage of their business they are in. I absolutely love her no none sense approach to pushing people to dig deep and move forward.
  • jcourt90
    Straight to the Point - All the Facts!
    This podcast is my go-to resource for learning how to monetize my social presence. It has been so helpful in terms of providing key advice on how to position myself to best pitch my platform to companies. If you’re looking to get into the influencer business, I highly suggest subscribing to this podcast!
  • KbGator7
    Refreshing and valid tips for content creators
    Since stumbling upon this podcast, I have learned invaluable tips to help beat the algorithm. I am certain that my recent boost I engagement has been from listening to this podcast. Some podcasts make you feel anxious and have you left feeling like you need to start over but not here, she encourages you to pivot and shift your perspective. I love it so much and I look forward to her weekly episodes.
  • kkfieldstclair
    Wonderful podcast
    Love hearing about all the ins and outs of the process!!! Love this podcast.
  • DspainDesign
    Great Podcast!!
    If you are an entrepreneur you need to hear what Julie has to say! Check out her sage advice and subscribe today! -Daniel
  • buggybug_
    Great podcast, uses anecdotes and honesty to help others step into their own power
  • Natally Cay
    Amazing Podcast!
    This podcast is so incredible! Julie has such a way with words & really breaks down what it means to be successful in this realm. I love getting tips & she clearly has them all! Highly recommend for anyone struggling to gain traction on SM. :)
  • Belle123097
    Wonderful Podcast!
    I absolutely enjoy listening in on Julie’s podcast! Despite being hard of hearing I always make the effort to listen in as best I can and I always enjoy seeing her social media posts about the podcast. Julie is very influential and I admire her and love her words and advice. I’d recommend her show to everyone!
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