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UnF*ck Your Brain is the podcast for high-achieving feminist women who struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. If you know you’ve accomplished a lot professionally but still secretly feel like you’re unqualified….if you want to feel confident but you worry about what everyone else thinks about you...if you want to succeed but fear failure...this podcast is for you. In each episode Master Certified Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., will teach you how to overcome social conditioning and your own self-critical thoughts so that you can reduce your anxiety and insecurity, boost your self-confidence, and get what you want in life. Download a free guide to creating confidence at www.unfckyourbrain.com/podcastconfidence.

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  • Princessdniez
    Why is she better than my therapist
    I found this podcast by accident. Literally, my phone fell while I was having a mini attack - had to be a sign. I started listening to the podcast at my desk and made total sense. Now I’m telling everyone about it.
  • ryfbjug
    Angry, lacks real substance
  • Leeback
    The episode about stopping a panic attack taught me a technique I hadn’t learned in decades of learning about anxiety.
  • Sleepyfel
    Pay to play
    So I love the concept of this podcast, and I listened to several episodes. The issue is that every single one of them was a sales pitch. There’s no actual answers or directions on the podcast, you have to join the special workshops and club to get the actual techniques. The podcast itself seems to be a pitch for the related paid resource.
  • didnt like it😑
    Wasn’t what I was looking for
    She can be a little negative so beware but I think if you need someone to be very blunt about things she would be perfect for that. It wasn’t for me personally but I think it’s still a good podcast. It’s definitely not for everyone but I think anyone can learn something from this podcast if they really want to.
  • ikbremner
    Life changing
    So grateful for the tremendous guidance and coaching Kara provides in this podcast. Each episode is short & to the point, with simple thought exercises you can explore and apply to yourself. I can’t tell you how much this podcast is changing me, in fundamental and lasting ways. Highly, highly recommend this podcast.
  • Lauren and Justine's mom
    A different approach
    First, I was enthralled by Kara’s podcast because she provides free content with substance. Other life coaches I have listened to focused on joining primarily and content secondarily; Kara does mention joining The Clutch at the beginning and end of each episode, but the content in between offers so much benefit that a small amount of advertising is fine. Second, I like that the focus on changing thoughts in Kara’s podcast has no specific external goal as the primary focus. We are changing our thoughts to achieve our goals. Third, once I joined The Clutch, the new content online was amazing. The focus was looking at available content, not signing up for additional opportunities associated with Kara’s group. Kara does offer additional coaching weekends, for those who are interested.
  • Conscious_Marketing_&_PR
    Highly recommend!
    Kara is providing a safe space through this podcast where empowering and inspiring ideas are shared. I highly recommend for a boost of confidence!
  • loowtonabbey
    Indigenous People Matter Too
    I just started listening and I have to say I do appreciate a good feminist listen. However when you talk about POCs I feel you leave out a critical group of individuals and that is indigenous peoples of North America. I feel we are often left out of the conversation although we have been so traumatized for generations by white colonizers. We matter too! I have not listened to all the episodes so perhaps you have been more inclusive in the past but as you move forward please deeply consider our experiences as well.
  • Lolo016
    Life Changing Podcast
    This podcast has changed my life. I appreciate that Kara gets to the point, while also giggling and putting her own spin on the delivery. I’ve listened to a handful of episodes more than a few times. This is a must listen podcast if you are trying to figure out what the heck is going on in your mind. Thought work for the win! Thank you Kara!!
  • RobWhiteNaples
    Zero talent
    Fowl mouth, man hater, pointing out obvious nonsense….there’s absolutely nothing of value here! The reviews are either set up or from a host of clueless people with pathetic lives. Don’t waste any time listening to this no talent clown.
  • ykbern
    Amazing and fresh!
    Kara, thank you for such liberating shows on feminist business, what we’re capable of, promoting the great opportunities out there for women, while employing mindfulness.
  • JailynNicole
    So glad I found this podcast!
    I’ve learned more through this podcast than I did with years of therapy. Kara is relatable, informative, and down to earth. I feel like I’m hearing my (very blunt, but caring) best friend give me advice. I’ve found it so helpful for anxiety, decision making, and setting and reaching goals, but what she talks about can honestly be applied to ANYTHING. 10/10 highly recommend 🤍
  • chessa59
    Life changing
    This podcast has truly helped me understand so many things about my brain. It is engaging and funny and easy to understand. Thank you Kara!
  • Kristin LeeAnn
    Amazing topics!
    Mindset is so important and Kara does an amazing job at putting that out there with all the different mindset topics. This is a great space to overcome your mental blocks and feel supported in doing so!
  • @MichaelUnbroken/
    #LifeChanging #Impactful
    We just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! We believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • not woke fem
    A podcast for the WOKE
    If your looking for smart WOKE content that sounds like talking points for the left instead of intellectual curiosity, go all in on this podcast. If you want a diverse range of thinking, go elsewhere.
  • Gbarbz
    Has strategies based in mindfulness that can be helpful. However, she makes listeners feel as if they need to be apart of “The Clutch” in order to achieve their best life. She uses all kinds of selling strategies that could go unnoticed if you were really in a vulnerable place looking for help. Wants people to join the clutch based on “their decision” but finds a way to go around every concern they may have about joining. Preaches for people to “trust themselves” except when it comes to their doubts about purchasing her program. You do not need to pay 100 a month to love yourself. You are lovable just as you are.
  • nattyg1978lovespodcasts
    I’m a feminist, new author who left a cult
    Excellent content! I’m the author of the new release graphic novel CULT GIRLS (on Amazon & Barnes) by Natalie Grand. It’s a light hearted comedy, based on a true story of 4 women born, raised in the Jehovah’s Witness cult. If you are looking for an anti-cult activist special guest my Twitter is Natalie Grand.
  • Nerdymo
    I LOVE IT!
    I’ve never written a review in my life, but this podcast deserves it. It has totally helped me in so many ways. The first episodes talk about helping lawyers, but it applies to anyone. Thank you so much for this podcast!
  • Chicagoat
    Please stop interrupting your guests!
    I love your podcast, but you have got to let your guests speak without constantly interrupting them. Weaving in to ask questions will foster good conversations, but stopping the guest mid-sentence to talk about yourself all the time is chaotic and low-key stresses me out.
  • auntcranky
    Honestly changed my life
    If you’re not leaving 5 stars, you might not be ready yet. Also I can’t get over the irony of complaining that Kara swears!!! 😅
  • S.ArnzenCurtis
    Use to be SO good. Gone off the liberal deep end
    This podcast use to be so good and now Kara has gone off the liberal deep end. There is still good stuff sprinkled in, but the way too far liberal agenda is being pushed too much. I wish she would get back to her “your thoughts cause your feelings now do this….” Roots. Bummer.
  • Gottagetthere
    This is a GREAT podcast! 😊
    Thx so much for coming up with the podcast! You make my day.
  • hdvsirn
    Constant interruptions and guests caliber is low
    I think Kara is an incredibly bright person whose content does have value. Some of the episodes are great. Having said this, my rating is based on the following: (1) the caliber of the majority of the guests is very below average. The majority of the guests do not have the merit to speak of such complex topics like trauma, self confidence, thought processes, and behavior. Kara can also come off as arrogant when she speaks of such complex subjects as if she’s mastered the topic. Our thoughts can’t even be precisely explained through science, to this day we do not know exactly what a thought is. Practices such a meditation has demonstrated benefits in training the mind and hence managing your thoughts and this is an everyday practice - not something most humans can say they’ve mastered - even regular practitioners. (2) Kara constantly interrupts her guests and in some episodes speaks more than the person she invited to speak in her podcast. It comes off to listeners like she’s trying to prove her knowledge or prove her point, and this can come off as a sign of insecurity/seeking validation/trying to show her value - which are all things she claims to “coach” her clients on. All in all - I believe this podcast has potential if (1) guests were stronger with demonstrated merit and credibility and (2) practice listening and learning from the guests - otherwise you can convert your podcast to a monologue. I usually don’t leave feedback, but I thought this would be constructive.
  • YoviHM
    Difficult bc of her cursing
    I enjoyed the content but I honestly have a hard time because of the constant swearing :( wish it wasn’t this way but I guess the title of the podcast should have been a flag.
  • sjfivethbai
    Conversations as a one or two-way street?
    If you’re going to invite people to join you on your podcast for interview purposes, consider letting them talk (quite a bit more) without constantly trying to get ahead of them with interruption and self-promotion. Otherwise, great guests and topics-just dominated too much by the interviewer.
  • Cece8425
    Interrupting is kind of the vibe
    Not sold on this podcast. She loves talks more than her guests and interrupts her guests frequently. It’s frustrating to listen to.
  • Rootimus
    Loving this. Kara’s podcast will help you get into a better ocean!
    Advanced thought work we all really need. If you’re swimming in a sea of stress and self doubt and you don’t even know where it comes from, this podcast will help sort that out for you. Our brains are often drowning in the sea of patriarchy, capitalist consumerism, and outdated religious ideas (to name a few). Listening to this podcast can help you swim in a new ocean of your own inner intelligence.
  • strongNotpretty
    Thank you.
    That is all
  • Sta92780
    I tell everyone I know about it!
    I recently started listening and I share your podcast with everyone I think would be interested. I wish I had any of the skill sets you were looking for! I want to come work for you.
  • KathyMarie425
    Life-changing work
    I started listening to Kara’s podcasts when I was going through a difficult time in relationshipland and had enough self-awareness that some disempowering but very stubborn thought patterns were contributing to my suffering. I rebelled so hard against some of her ideas and teachings, mostly because I was unwilling to believe that other people’s thoughts and actions do not cause my suffering. I was comfortably stuck in a victim mindset that wasn’t getting me anywhere, but I wanted someone else to blame for me suffering. I also had hella stupid prejudices that anything with a hot pink aesthetic or relating to business/money was shallow 🤷🏻 I’m so glad I got over those meaningless biases/mental tantrums and kept listening because Kara’s work has truly changed my life and provided me with concrete tools to live a life more aligned with my values and freer from social anxiety, scarcity thinking, and a “should” mindset. Even when I feel like the episode topics don’t exactly pertain to me, there is wisdom to be gained. Go deep and listen to the Greatest Hits episodes and prepare to watch your brain break so you can restore it, befriend and even love it, and marvel at what you can do with it.
  • mademoiselle loucifer
    Kara is a bad b*tch
    I am obsessed with this podcast. I have learned more listening to Kara than I have in years of therapy. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
  • pulm/cc fellow
    Life changing!
    Learn how to unlock your potential. Kara will teach you how to stop punishing yourself and start living.
  • krcoyle5
  • saratravels
    Thank you for doing this work
    Just came across Kara’s podcast and the description grabbed me. As a high achieving woman and coach, Kara’s message is so needed right now. I’ll be sharing her podcast with clients and friends. Thank you!
  • so good was Took :(
    I am function better because of this podcast
    Kara is so practical and down to Earth and her perspective has opened my mind to new possibilities on many occasions. I appreciate this podcast so much and I’m so much better in the world because of it.
  • michellemybelle214
    Still not sure
    I’ve been listening to this podcast off and on for a while now. There are good topics and I like some of the guests. However, it annoys me how much more she talks than her guests. She asks them a question and then interrupts them to go on and on herself. I also feel like she relates everything back to herself and her experiences, which is a dangerous place to lead others from. She talks in circles and repeats herself/says the same thing in different ways. Like when it’s just her and she’s introducing the topic she waaay over explains it. She takes 7 minutes or more to say something that should take two or three. Good for her for the work she’s done for herself and for making herself a lucrative career. I just worry when people can have such an influence over others and seem inflexible in their thinking. Especially when you’re wading into mental health and you don’t have a background in it. If people find it helpful that’s great. But I don’t think it’s for everyone and I think you need to listen with your critical thinking skills. I also don’t think it’s the right starting place for serious MH issues and/or trauma. Don’t let anyone invalidate your thoughts and feelings. Don’t let anyone convince you it’s all you and you’re the problem. Don’t keep pouring money into anything that isn’t giving you real results. Anything that charges money (and more and more money) but makes you feel like you’re just not doing it right, or you’re seeing minimal progress with over time is probably not a good use of your money and borders on scamming. If you’re paying money for this type of thing and getting great results then fine, it works for you. This is going to be positive for some people and not for others and that’s ok. In all things you do just be aware of what you are consuming and remember there is a TON of self help info out there these days. Use discretion.
  • ravennevar88
    Make space for other viewpoints and voices
    When you have guests you dominate the conversation way too much. Constant interruptions and digressions are too annoying for me to keep listening.
  • sw12121212
    Better than therapy… for me
    I am a huge fan of therapy but my reality is that this podcast has given me more tools for my life than thousands of dollars with multiple therapists. This is definitely not true for everyone and there is no shame in therapy but there’s no denying that this is a very impactful podcast.
  • dai7665
    I don’t was to get advice from a man hater
    I really wanted to like this but it’s just not possible. She sounds like the Wokiest feminist, man hater I’ve ever seen. This new communist agenda only makes me feel even more depressed.
  • Dr. Sharon Grossman
    She just gets it
    If you're struggling with your own mind, there is no better place for you than Kara's podcast. She is not only an outside-the-box thinker, she may have invented the box! Here's to empowering women to tap into their brilliance.
  • SC Germanistik
    Helpful if not taken as gospel
    I listened to the podcast and even did one of her programs a few years ago. The work was very helpful for professional relationships for me but taken too literally and prescriptively it can be damaging for personal relationships, imo and own experience. There is little context or nuance in what she says. For women who are already driven, independent, self sufficient, and logical it’s a recipe for believing you have to solve everything yourself instead of maybe discussing how you feel with the person your emotions involve. I started to believe my feelings should be clean and logical otherwise I shouldn’t share them, that that is “messy” and wouldn’t that be a shameful thought management fail. I can tell you that perspective meant I didn’t develop the trust and intimacy I needed in my last relationship. In close relationships your feelings should be important to that other person! Even if initially you can’t fully explain the why behind them. I remember she coached someone on how to fix her thoughts about something her boyfriend did so she didn’t have to ask him to stop bc her thoughts were the actual problem. If the relationship couldn’t survive her telling him she’d like him to do something differently - that may have been good info for her to have. Looking back now it feels like just more conditioning that women shouldn’t burden anyone else with our needs. Yes I said needs bc I get to decide what I need in any situation.
  • yayayii223
    Cut the selling
    The content of this podcast is important and helpful…. But when every episode starts with a 10 min ad for your service I can’t bring myself to keep listening. I understand if you want to drop it throughout the episode or mention it here and there, but I find it infuriating that she claims the “only” way to solve your problems is to buy her service. Not empowering, not cool.
  • spidermother
    Unfortunately typical
    Most liberal feminists congratulate themselves endlessly on being anti-racist but then exhibit or condone racism in their own circles. In The Clutch you will learn that your experiences with racism are not real but “just a thought”. If you’re privileged enough to have experienced only internalized Kara and her Clutch will help you remove those thoughts. If you are fighting actual racism (I discussed a legal case I was involved in) get ready to be told it was all in your head, and a doubling down no matter how many facts your bring. The issues of standing up against oppression and racism are coached skillfully in The Life School and handled horribly by this spin-off. Which makes it all the more frustrating that Kara claims her certification program is “advanced feminist coaching”.
  • Special Jess
    Trauma Survivor w PTSD
    This filled in the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I go to therapy, support groups, and attend numerous 12 step programs. None have broken through to me in the way this podcast has when it comes to dealing with negative thoughts, feelings, and the self harm and negative coping I have used to numb myself from feeling them. Thank you a million times.
  • Nznshdbakebidneksnenjene
    Absolutely life changing!
    Kara has absolutely changed my life, so appreciative. Every woman should listen.
  • chd108
    Victoria Albina episode
    I love Kara’s podcast but have to leave a comment about the Victoria Albina episode. First but least importantly, the wokeness is obnoxious. Enough already. But more importantly, please put someone on your show who can address the issue of codependency in a more accurate and helpful manner. Codependency is not all about self esteem. This is pop psychology at its worst. This topic could be super helpful to many people if it was addressed by an expert.
  • laura_v2345
    Omg LOVE!
    I don't know how I only found this podcast now 🙈 so so inspiring, educational and empowering!! Thank you for being you! X, Alexia
  • Hdjcieeurbdjckskdirjr
    Very Helpful
    I have been listening to Kara for a while now and even belonged to her Clutch group. Overall she’s very helpful and I have gained confidence from her podcasts. I don’t agree with everything she says. But that’s ok. Nobody agrees with everything. She’s an empowering feminist.
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