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UnF*ck Your Brain is the podcast for high-achieving feminist women who struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. If you know you’ve accomplished a lot professionally but still secretly feel like you’re unqualified….if you want to feel confident but you worry about what everyone else thinks about you...if you want to succeed but fear failure...this podcast is for you. In each episode Master Certified Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., will teach you how to overcome social conditioning and your own self-critical thoughts so that you can reduce your anxiety and insecurity, boost your self-confidence, and get what you want in life. Download a free guide to creating confidence at www.unfckyourbrain.com/podcastconfidence.

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  • qualifiedhotperson
    Truly Amazing ❤️
    Thank you Kara!! I have been so much happier and more emotionally stable in just a few weeks of listening to your podcast :D
  • Fxputxkyfxxutxuxtuf tuxut
    Great podcast!
    I have been in therapy, readbooks and listen to a lot topics on self love and care. I love her podcast in Anxious attachment. That is me and I have struggled with this my whole adult life. I have been aware and working to a secure attachment. Thank you for bringing it up a lot of people are afraid to do it. Keep educating people. This is good stuff.💜Thanks Kara!
  • DallasKenz
    The OG
    Kara is my most honest friend, though we’ve never met or spoken in a real conversation. The thought work she puts forth feels uncomfortable and foreign at first. She breaks apart thoughts into logic, whilst removing the wet blanket feeling of exploration into the more punishing parts of your mind. Being ultra-responsible for your thoughts and the feelings they produce allows an emotional autonomy I didn’t know possible. I will be friends with Kara until the day I die, then I will find her in the next life and walk in her wake all the same. Thank you, Kara. For being the voice in my car speaker that has changed my life.
  • Ttvv67
    Low density banter,
    Hard to listen to for several reasons, and information light.
  • snskicis
    Really wanted to like
    I just stumbled across this podcast and read the details. I was excited to listen and after listening to about 3 episodes I am disappointed. I happened to end on the trauma episode. Extremely insensitive and minimizing. Layered with the the inflection at the end of her sentences, I just can’t.
  • RVWinkle
    The answers I’ve been looking for
    I started listening to this because of MFM. I have tried therapists, podcasts, friends, Reddit, books, meditation apps, yoga, 4-7-8 breathing, EVERYTHING to try and get a hold of my emotions. THIS podcast and technique speaks to my soul. It is all the theories in ACTION. It is psychological ACTION. you want to change your life? This is how.
  • Tayler I.
    Life changing!
    Kara is an amazing teacher! Capable of breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable and applicable morsels. Thank you thank you thank you!
  • Melanopoly
    Dismantling the Patriarchy One Thought at a Time
    Kara has helped me uncover so many thoughts I had about me body, money, and relationships that I thought were just my personality that I now see were there largely because of how I was socialized as a woman. She is brilliant, funny, and has the most adorable laugh She is doing amazing work in the world. I am also a proud member of The Clutch, which has been well worth the money.
  • tejascowgirl
    Listener Q&A you say being obese does not lead to poor health outcomes. Please read up on the medical literature and stop misinforming the public to protect your ego.
  • 1j2n3l
    Love it!!!
    This podcast has helped me more than three years of therapy. Kara describes ideas in a clear way that are easy to apply.
  • Gparkison
    Connecting the dots
    Kara Is amazing. She helped me realize that all of the disappointing and anxiety-inducing areas of my life are due to my own thought patterns, and that I alone can change those thoughts. It’s terrifying and empowering — give her a listen, it will change your life!
  • strgwmn
    Very uplifting
    Love it!
  • NicoleGrins
    Life-changing. and i dont say that lightly
    Thank you, Kara, for having the foresight and courage to bring this podcast into being ! My life has completely changed. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who thinks of themselves as more empathetic than those around them, to anyone who was raised with a sick parent, in a "dysfunctional" household, etc - any circumstances in which you felt you had no control and learned only to serve others without ever asking yourself what YOU really want out of your life. I had not ever understood so clearly until this time that I have lived my life without purpose, and that i have spent WAY too much time wondering what other people think. I could go on and on with praise for this podcast and Kara. Thank you !! Comment re latest episode on productivity tho- Kara you steamrolled over your poor guest as she was trying to share her new coaching concept ! I was getting so much out of her dichotomy re the two models of creativity (patriarchical vs female) and you interrupted her and didn’t let her finish what she was saying .. like you weren’t listening . Disappointing
  • Mandaj4467
    I can’t get past the first few sentences of episode one or take you seriously with “fight or fright!” Maybe you shouldn’t be so condescending when speaking of “woo” when most people who engage and share more spiritual practices way more knowledgeable about the body and physiology than you are. Trite background, trite story, trite attitude. Way more learning and growing to do. Fight or FLIGHT. Which are also very limited in scope as far as physiological responses, but you don't know that I’m sure.
  • 801queen
    Helpful in addition to therapy
    Kara provides some of the thought exercises and homework that I’ve been hoping to receive in therapy but haven’t. The perfectionism and tomorrow thinking episodes are particularly relevant.
  • Creative pixy
    Changed my life
    My mindset and life have greatly improved since I’ve started listening in late 2018, and I cannot be more grateful to Kara and her podcast!
  • HT.mn
    Simply amazing
    Game changing in all the best ways!
  • jobseeker2
    So confusing
    I really wanted to enjoy this but hard pass. I can't tell if host is confused or is deliberately trying to confuse. I listened to election podcast and her problem was anti-semitism from a man with Jewish children and grandchildren along with him achieving greatest peace in Middle East. Btw no mention of literal anti-semites on political left. If host can't think outside her chosen narrative, she can't help anyone
  • GPSnark
    “EWWWWW, A Holiday Inn”
    I found this because of a My Favorite Murder recommendation by Karen Kilgariff and spent 1st few minutes eyerolling at faux-innocent plug for their Make $100,000 a Year As a LifeCoach™️ spiel. I tried to skip ahead but host & guest were still cracking themselves up about that time when they were so poor they had to huckster their roadshow on the cheap and stay in a chain hotel that was next to a Target (O THE HORROR).
  • Waste of Money I want it back
    Life Changing
    Seriously! I will never be same!
  • SaltySpeget
    Just when I thought I was special...
    You had me at my own self-talk: “I am type A. I don’t want to procrastinate. I most definitely work best under a deadline.” Thank GOD MFM’s Karen Kilgariff recommended this podcast.
  • Saralynn2017
    A must for anyone with a brain.
    This podcast is slowly deconstructing the misinformation I’ve collected over the years from my lizard brain and, well-intentioned, but misguided friends and family. I recommended this podcast to 7 friends after the first 2 episodes. She offers practical, actionable advice and I. Cannot. Get. Enough.
  • Catenotkate
    Murderino Certified Marvelous
    Please listen to this! MFM brought me here and it’s sweet sweet medicine for the brain. Great listen. Short and sweet and right on track if you are looking for help I feel this journey of self love.
  • Em Hawke
    Good in theory?
    I liked this podcast until I heard her interact with other people. Weirdly antagonistic and passive aggressive. I had to unsubscribe after hearing a couple live coaching episodes.
  • robikkah
    Hits and misses
    Came here from MFM rec Armchair psychologist that occasionally drops useful knowledge.... but you have to wade through 7-10 minutes of shenanigans. She’s also got a very off-putting sense of smugness - very hard to listen to, wish it came with transcripts so I could just filter out the other stuff. TLDR: Narcissistic vibes but occasional nuggets. Worth the trade off? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Alf415
    I just started listening and already heard so many helpful things. Love her approach and wisdom. Everything she says seems so obvious but exactly what you need to hear. Can’t wait to listen more!
  • dca303
    So good!
    Not to be dramatic, but this podcast is life changing!
  • 679!$)
    Great podcast
    This is absolutely a great podcast. It has helped me so much in my daily life. Putting into practice what I’ve learn from Kara has changed me. I feel less anxious at work and more in control of my emotions. I’m so happy I found Kara. I look forward to her podcasts every week. Thank you Kara! Christina
  • Lbrezzy625
    Kara shows you your brain and how to adjust accordingly
    I learn so much from Kara and UFYB about how my brain works, why it does what it does, and what to do about it. She is my daily dose of truth as I manage my brain.
  • unsolicitedfeedback
    Helpful but not evidence based practice
    I found this podcast when I was in the pits of depression and found Kara’s synthesis and personal descriptions about anxiety, perfectionism, avoidance really helpful. That said, coaching does not require formal education and is not an evidence-based practice meaning there has been no research on demonstrable effects. Seems almost like it’s short-circuiting the requirements of becoming a therapist, which could have potentially devastating effects for some clients. Take it for what it is!
  • Ezz090
    Great episode
    Just found this podcast and listened to the one on friendship. She’s interesting, and has well thought out ideas. I found it very thought provoking and I will be taking time to analyze my own friendships and relationships through the new perspective she’s given me. I’ll definitely listen to more episodes.
  • fjdifndjdnwis
    This podcast saves lives
    This is the best podcast I have ever listened to in the self help genre. She explains how your mind thinks and that its possible to change your thoughts to build a better life. These episodes have gotten me through life’s struggles pre-covid, during covid, and will continue to help in post-covid times. This podcast saves lives.
  • B. Sierra
    Extremely biased political opinions and a big ego. Not worth listening to anymore. I don’t want to feed my brain your content
  • thewanderingemini
    Love this podcast!
    I listen to a lot of podcasts and even have one of my own that covers similarish topics, and I find this one so refreshing, easy to digest, and really powerful. Thank you Kara for providing helpful ways to challenge our own ways of thinking! Highly recommend!!
  • Instauser82
    Mandatory listening for everyone
    Please make this podcast a mandatory class in all schools. Thank you.
  • apppodoo
    Thought-provoking & free-ing
    My sister sent me the Radical Self-Love episode, and I spent the following week listening to 1-2 podcasts a day after work as a treat...because they made me feel so good. Like the missing pieces that I had been looking for in my brain. Each episode is thought-provoking, compassionate, and practical. Kara clearly breaks down common thought patterns in women, the roots of how we are socialized into thinking them, and practical steps toward overcoming them. I appreciate that she does not offer her solutions as a quick and easy fix, but something to work for over time and with which you probably need the help of a professional. She is transparent about the services she offers and transparent about how she makes money. I want all the people I love to listen. I also really appreciate that her episodes are generally only 15-20 min which makes them manageable. A really great podcast.
  • RMCM1261
    The newest episode w Stacey B was out of touch w the audience. Hearing you joke about the Holiday Inn Express and how you’re above even staying there was gross. Going out on a limb here but I doubt the majority of your audience makes a 6 or 7 figure salary. I used to enjoy your podcast but your ego has taken over and I no longer like your content.
  • Mary Jelkovsky
    Inspiring, Thought Provoking & Real AF
    I’ve been listening to Kara’s podcast for 3+ years. She is so wise and explains things in a way that feel relevant and reachable. She is very real about social justice issues and how to approach them without sacrificing your mental health. She’s taught me so much and continues to do so every single week. I love this podcast and can’t recommend it enough!! 🙌
  • Cannarazzi
    Admits to being a Biased coach
    Very biased in her political views. She thinks everyone’s brain should match hers.
  • 1624ACG
    Best content for perceptual shifts
    I love Kara and the content of her podcasts. I also love listening to podcasts where she is being interviewed because she is hilarious. Like, LOL funny. I only wish she would bring in that humor more with her solo episodes but of course there’s a certain chemistry that happens when you’re having a conversation with someone. I actually like that she mentions her membership site the Clutch every episode. Anyone that thinks it’s a hard sell hasn’t actually experienced a hard sell. I mean, you’re getting great free content so why wouldn’t she share her other offerings on her podcast?! I will probably join the Clutch in 2021. I’m currently in another membership site for business owners that is ~$300 (yes, $97 is REALLY affordable for a membership site from this caliber of professional female). I think she’s awesome. Her work has really helped me get out of scarcity thinking and put me more in alignment with what I WANT to create, rather than perpetuate my own self-proclaimed limitations. I’ve also developed a deep level of self-acceptance and positive emotions around my body image. That alone would be reason to listen to this podcast, but there’s so many more good gems. Thanks Kara!
  • mandelovich
    Just brilliant
    Just so good!! I am so late to the game and am listening to every podcast with intense appreciation for the brilliant insights and humor!
  • scoopysnax
    Great content but
    Some episodes have way to much small talk and self-promotion. I get that a certain amount is necessary but it seems to take up more time each episode. I also wish her coaching - not her coaches coach or a coach she coached- was more accessible to us regular folks. Generally she has very good information to share. I don’t buy everything she says, but that to be expected in anything. I would give 3.5 stars if halves were available
  • Megmandala
    This has been changing my life
    Slowly but surely, my life and my mindset when I’m at work, home, with friends, whatever it may be... my mindset has been changing. How I think about thoughts that pop up in my head, how I think about things that people have said or done... I’m in love with your podcasts. One day (hopefully soon) when I have the income back again, I’ll get the clutch again. ❤️❤️❤️
  • 66shelbell
    Good day.
    I just want to say I listen to two of your podcast and I love the way you approach thinking. I am definitely an over thinker due to many different reasons not important. And so appreciate the way you look at her thought processes. It’s a great way to unplug your thoughts and redirect them into healthy ways of moving in the world. Thank you so much for bringing this forward into the culture.
  • savannahhhbelle
    spoke to me so so much!
    I just listened to your podcast on social anxiety and it was incredible and definitely spoke to me. You’re so right that it all come down to what is in your own brain and never really about the other person/people around. You’re brilliant and I’m so thankful for you and this podcast!
  • audreyHope91
    I seriously love listening, definitely makes me see things differently and life changing I love your podcast!
  • Cee_Senn
    Fantastic is every way!
    I love everything about Kara’s thought processes and topics. Incredible podcast for personal growth!
  • frozie25
    I love this podcast! kara really nails it!! Thanks for a great podcast! Listen everyone it is life changing!!
  • Maryam in Marrakesh
    Loves to brag about how much money she makes and is constantly selling her services. Makes my skin crawl.
  • heveihesube
    She’s the best!!!!
    This podcast helps me so much. I love that they are not too long and overwhelming!
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