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UnF*ck Your Brain is the podcast for high-achieving feminist women who struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. If you know you’ve accomplished a lot professionally but still secretly feel like you’re unqualified….if you want to feel confident but you worry about what everyone else thinks about you...if you want to succeed but fear failure...this podcast is for you. In each episode Master Certified Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., will teach you how to overcome social conditioning and your own self-critical thoughts so that you can reduce your anxiety and insecurity, boost your self-confidence, and get what you want in life. Download a free guide to creating confidence at www.unfckyourbrain.com/podcastconfidence.

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  • niclfree
    Lover her!!!!
  • Elle-the-Rapper
    Gaslight much?
    I was on board with about 80% of this podcast until she started victim blaming re: emotional abuse, gaslighting, etc. I’m an abuse survivor and I guarantee you that changing my thoughts would not have changed the situation. She’s kind of a one-trick pony and I’m disappointed because as a female attorney I’m always looking for resources.
  • Dani_merci
    Fabulous, sometimes difficult
    I love this podcasts and the topics discussed. So so necessary and empowering! I sometimes find it hard to listen to the episodes where K has a guest because she has a tendency to interrupt and talk over them, and it’s really hard for me to finish the episodes. But that doesn’t bother you please listen to them 💚💚
  • Syd Lag
    Plagiarism, Ableism, and Inaccuracies - There is no mental health “quick fix”
    This show is literally ableist. She has absolutely no background in psychology and it SHOWS. Any accurate or insightful bits are things you can get from one or two sessions with your average therapist or from a single psych 101 class… nothing scratches below surface level. The rest is either fluff or categorically incorrect. You can’t “cure” anxiety or depression overnight, never mind in a single podcast episode (which is something that someone with any amount of exposure to psychology would know). This show is inaccurate to the point of being dangerous. Any information that is actually useful is just her plagiarizing widely accepted psych information as her own development - trying to make money off of people looking for help or off of people who maybe in a difficult spot is despicable. Here’s some actual resources for you to switch to: • Sonya Renee Taylor (podcast, book, Instagram) • Brenè Brown (podcasts, Netflix, YouTube, books) • “We love you and so can you” podcast (good if you like the activities/actions) This is someone trying to make money, not a mental health podcast (she legit says “I guess some people do have heavier things like depression and anxiety” in the FIRST EPISODE of her so called ‘mental health’ podcast!) Just Google Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and you’ll find tons of info in this vein that’s actually accurate, presented with context, and discussed by people who have the intent to educate. This show is just someone who’s looking for a pay day off of your problems by butchering basic CBT. 🧠💔
  • BAM313115
    NO ONE should be taking advice from Kara
    Kara is apart of an MLM cult that preys of vulnerable women
  • SJ_loves
    This is my first and only review on this app—I wanted to listen and hear what you were saying as it seemed like solid advise but the, “Right?!”, after every hypothetical questions (Episode 199) were too much for me to focus on your message.
  • crclcsw
    Imposter syndrome uncovered
    First off, I appreciate the bite-sized podcasts that aren’t an hour long! Jeesh. Next, I found the podcast on imposter syndrome so good that the world started looking brighter & crisper in just a few minutes. I immediately began recommending it to my coworkers. And I plan on listening to it again. I thought out loud ‘ I want Kara as a friend’. Thank youuuuu.
  • CMHolt123
    OMG, where has this podcast been all my life? I do not describe many things a profound but that word describes this podcast to a T! I have an extremely high pressure, stressful job (auto industry COVID times, need I say more) One day I was in the middle of one of my daily, early mornings panic attacks and decided I needed help….I ran across this, listened to the first episode and immediately binged, the coping mechanisms aren’t some mystic, spiritual hoodoo, no take a deep breath and imagine a pretty place….just extremely practical, doable and rooted in actual science, totally my jam! Plus there is no talking over your head clinical crap. Really, if you’re living in your head which is about to explode, I beg you, give this a try….all you have to lose is time and you’re already wasting soooo much of that on stress and anxiety!!! I wish I could give 10 stars.
  • Tinazms
    Kara is by far one of my favorite life coaches. So intelligent and also witty. I recommended joining The Clutch as well! I continue to re-listen to some podcasts as well. Highly recommend! 🖤✨
  • pgbaby94
    I can’t even begin to explain how much this podcast has helped me. Kara is so clear with her message and always provides a tool or action item at the end of the podcast so it’s easy for me to actively put what I’ve learned into my everyday life. I love how each podcast is straight to the point and there isn’t a bunch of unnecessary filler talk.
  • Dehhvdgbgss
    Reaction to a response
    Love the topic but was a bit turned off by your comment,” this is my podcast and I’ll ask as many questions as I want”. You’re right it’s your podcast I just didn’t quite understand why that needed such an aggressive response. Seems like this is the dialogue between fantastic women and that response just felt unnecessary. There’s my two cents….
  • Blakeheem
    She is the worst!
    How can an obese person give any advice about how to live a good life? She needs to un-@uck her eating habits! I don't take life advice form very fat people!
  • katy si
    Hannah Berner?
    Helpful but I have to question anyone who puts Hannah Berner on their mental health podcast.
  • 👌😊🎀
    Body image episode
    I can say this episode change my perspective on how I should view myself as a person. Kara provides great advice on ways to improve my inner thinking on a mental level. Let the good things about me out way the bad. Great podcast!
  • girlsfeedanimals
    love it
    helpful, solid advice and coaching for all areas of your life...and brain
  • QT-Star
    ESP. 162
    Love this esp. 162. We are as we think.Just listening to you describe how confident you felt in making sure your soon to be best friend met you. Your many other esp. I.e Less work.. More money. How your your clutch college helped so many.. I’ve gone through approximately 152 esp and I’m in LOVE with you!!! Kara your a rockstar!! I love that you have guest on you podcast and that you talk about your life, yours days and whatever else, to help us understand what thought works really is and how to incorporated in our daily life , days, hours and especially the difficult moments.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
  • Perfect Review Michelle
    10 stars! I feel so much more in control of my life and my emotions. I use to feel like a plastic bag blowing in the wind. Like I had no choice but to suffer and I did. A LOT. Life changing podcast I’ve been listening to podcast for 6 years and this is the first review I have ever given. 🙏🏼 Gratitude
  • Mandy from SC
    Life changing
    This podcast has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and productivity.
  • DangerousV!
    She is complicit in breaking the family model
    She is complicit in breaking up the family model by promoting degeneracy and hatred of the white man.
  • mariannefox
    Has made my life better!
    This podcast has changed my life. I highly recommend Kara’s advice and self-coaching program. Because of them I have achieved results I never thought possible!
  • Shamus1920
    definitely recommend
    This is one of the best podcasts I have listened to. I never really thought I could listen to podcasts but I love listening to Unf*ck ur brain. Has helped me so much with a lot, love her content on spotify.
  • Kate in Chicago
    Forgiveness episode
    I really wanted to like this one. You’re saying that nothing truly bad happens to people, that it’s our thoughts about things/events that cause pain. So the death of a loved one? Abuse? Rape? I couldn’t finish this episode.
  • Esherman68
    So smart
    Kara is brilliant. I love her free content. It’s so helpful & has really helped me clean up my thinking.
  • Sarah Loves Podcasts
    Be Ready to Upgrade Your Life
    Kara is a rockstar. I’ve listened to her podcast since 2018, and it’s completely changed the way I think about things and show up in my life. I have less anxiety and less stress as a result of implementing the strategies she shares in this podcast. I also have more compassion for myself and everyone else in my life. I’m a better mom, a better partner, and just a happier person because of the tools Kara shares. Couldn’t recommend this podcast any more highly! I’m a huge podcast nerd and this one is BY FAR my favorite! Thanks for all you do, Kara. Your work has changed my life!
  • Harmony Jane Love
    Great. 10/10 I recommend to everyone.
    Your advice actually sticks most of the time, thank you.
  • OctoberWordsmith
    Ugh - I’m not your “chicken”
    The most cathartic thing about this podcast for me was reading the other low reviews and realizing I’m not alone in thinking, “Hold on, is this a podcast about helpful advice? Or is it an ego-drenched advertisement?” I’ve heard a little food for thought in a couple of these podcasts, but the annoyance factor is a 10. The host speaks in a tone that drips with over-cuteness (the up-inflection that others have referred to, and the laughing while she talks, as if she’s ever-so-funny) as well self-importance (repeatedly telling us how much money she makes is a *poisonous* way to say “this is the measure of my value”). And calling her listeners “my chickens” is *amazingly* disrespectful and infantalizing. Like others, I recognize that people have a right to do anything they want with their podcasts, and if this one is a long-playing ad for paid services, so be it. But I’m way too busy to listen to somebody’s ego-drenched advertising while hoping there are some good nuggets in there. The second most cathartic thing for me was unsubscribing. Unfortunately, I’ll never know whether she turns the podcast around and starts focusing on listeners’ needs instead of her own, but I can live with that.
  • mpavek
    Excellent podcast full of actionable thought work
    I have found almost every episode of this podcast very tangibly useful in improving my daily life. I appreciate Kara’s no nonsense and intelligent approach as well as the coaching skills and historic insights she brings to the table. The guests she chooses also bring their own wonderful styles and insights. Worth the time to listen to, again and again.
  • jazmyn king
    Well worth it
  • spegeti and meat balls
    Black and white thinking
    This episode of the podcast is very helpful to me! (As is literally every episode) I enjoy the was that Kara breaks thought work down into digestible, easy to understand terms. Thank you for all of your bad assery. Huge fan of the podcast. Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in improving their life. I probably paused this episode 20 or more times to take notes. Great content!
  • kristhorn
    Practical and so useful
    I especially like learning about the psychology behind my own decision making. There are so many relevant topics (anxiety/procrastination/manifestation) in each podcast and Kara breaks these topics down in an easy to understand format. I didn’t totally understand why I feel the way I do nor understand how to totally control my anxiousness as a high achieving individual, but with a few practical steps from Kara I’m more confident that I’ll be able to create neutrality with my anxious thoughts. Several podcasts will provide useful case studies, but where Kara excels is providing actual steps against the problem.
  • AngelBabymarykayLegalShield
    Love it
    When when I finally get a job I think I’m going to sign up for her to be my life coach because I have learned a lot in the first two episodes about loving myself through the biggest heartbreak of losing my grandmother who actually took care of me since I was one and I re turn the favor by taking care of her until she past away in Nov 2020.
  • LNNS72
    Lots of promotion
    I think the themes are important and the host is smart and inspiring. But 65% of the content seems to be promoting the paid trainings and classes. And I get it — make that money! But it’s disruptive to the message for us Regular Jolenes.
  • Dr Dixie
    I feel like I really want the information and when you finally get there then I really like it. But....this constant talk about signing up for The Clutch just feels like a constant sales pitch. It makes the whole thing seem disingenuous to me.
  • imbusybeingawesome
    Powerful lessons and valuable viewpoints
    Kara’s work is thoughtful, informative, and always gives me a new perspective or thought to consider during my journaling sessions each morning. I am so grateful for this powerful, free information that she shares each week. I highly recommend the podcast to anyone who is ready for a fresh perspective and an awesome feminist edge. Thank you, Kara! You’re changing lives.
  • Hklep
    Good, but...
    Remember to do your own research too! Kara is really good and really smart but remember she is a lawyer, not a certified psychologist. PROS: good thought exercises, inspiring, good productivity hacks, short episodes, and I take everything less personally now CONS: I have to take most info with a grain of salt, even if helpful. Like others have said, it’s really really weird to say “toxic people don’t exist” and feels victim-blamey. I don’t think this is what she means, and I think she needs to elaborate more, but it comes off that way.
  • Cold turkey minimalist
    Listen Now!
    A friend sent me an episode from this podcast (Ghost Patterns) and it resonated with me so much that I listened twice. I run my own business and my emotions and productivity and belief in myself can be all over the place. Kara fills in the gaps my therapist can’t reach in between our sessions and I’m so happy I’ve found this podcast. As a female raised in the south it often feels like she is speaking directly to me on my body image, self-confidence, and people pleasing. This is a must-listen for anyone (especially ladies!) that need a sane, BFF pep talk throughout their workday.
  • Charcharstar9
    Toxic People
    I don’t agree that people aren’t Toxic. YES people are toxic even psychiatrist and psychologist will say and use the word TOXIC to describe a bad human who sets out to hurt or destroy others around them. If you associate with a narcissist or a sociopath or psychopath or alcoholic or a drug addict there Texas City will lose into your life especially if you associate with them. That’s why staying away from toxic people places and things will only make one’s life better not worse. You are who you associate with and who you allow in your life.
  • Kay Em Bee Ess
    Can’t Take the Up Talk
    Been trying to listen here and there over the past year, but I’m giving up for good. The constant up talk/vocal inflection is incredibly grating. It sounds so unprofessional and makes it difficult to take her seriously. I’d hoped she’d wake up & lose it over time, but no such luck.
  • special-marge
    It’s good, but...
    I generally like this podcast, but it’s recently turned into a lot of self-promotion. Also, I’m so disappointed to see that Kara was recently on Hannah Berner’s podcast. Hannah joked about a friend being suicidal, saying “he just wanted attention.” Kara, please do your research before you blindly accept an interview with such a horrible person.
  • Gr8Gatzbi
    Useful info
    The mix of clarity, info, & feminism is awesome! Love the host, especially the mix between her kindness, transparency, & straightforwardness.
  • jphilippa
    Blown Away
    It’s like Kara took a walk through my brain.... I’ve never felt less alone in life knowing that my unsuccessful thought patterns are shockingly common. Kara is not only brilliant, but incredibly deep, and has a magical way of explaining things so that you really grasp them, even extremely complex concepts. Kara doesn’t just tell you why you’re not experiencing life as you wish you were and stop there, she actually offers actionable advice. She teaches, by sharing her own stories and transformations, that you innately have the ability to change your mind, and therefore your experiences. You don’t need to pay or sign up for anything. All you need to do is listen with an open mind and heart. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
  • jdjdhdbsjs
    Hot topics
    And I really wanted to like you.
  • Ghdncrcfcy u
    This podcast has literally unf*Ickes my brain. Whenever I’m feeling confused or unworthy of something I will listen go back and re listen to some of my favorite episodes. This podcast is a MUST!!
  • victactoe
    Worth every minute
    I’ve never gotten such straight forward, applicable advice on anything everything life related thru just a podcast. Couldn’t recommend this pod more!!!
  • WickedLester
    Absolutely love this podcast
    I absolutely identify with Kara and her teachings, I’ve recommended this podcast to multiple friends who also now love it. Quite frankly, I’ve worked in CBT before, as well as Buddhist principles - so this work 100% resonates. I’ve already started applying the work to my life with positive results. To the reviewers who mention she tries to sell her services in the podcasts and don’t like that…well, how is she supposed to make a living on a free podcast? She is doing amazing work, providing life-changing information free in this podcast. But yeah, she has other programs that she charges for - she’s a life coach and her services aren’t free. I’m not sure why anyone would want to deny her an opportunity to advertise her paid services on her free podcast, especially when the people listening are the ones who may benefit the most from her services. But, whatever. We’re all free to think whatever we want - which is a main premise of her work. The podcast is not primarily her “selling” anything - she really only mentions it at the end. This stuff is deep work, it takes a lot of practice, listening to a podcast is going to be helpful - but to really change your life, it’s going to take work. Therapists aren’t free. Prescription antidepressants aren’t free. Anti-anxiety drugs aren’t free. I’ve tried all those and they haven’t resonated or worked. Regardless, if you are the type of person who can’t get past some advertising (it’s really not that much) then don’t listen. But if you are the type of person who believes your thoughts cause your feelings, and you can change your thoughts to have a better, more fulfilling life - then give it a try.
  • dnikki80
    Y’all need to get over the Clutch mentions - this is great
    Having been furloughed for six months due to the pandemic (after starting my dream job in January 2020 no less), I went through a complete identity crisis. A friend rec’d this podcast for numerous reasons and I was immediately hooked. I am not saying the ads and Clutch mentions don’t get slightly irritating. But she’s out here hustling and I have respect for that. As a marketing professional, I appreciate the elaborate nurture campaign. This podcast is free and doesn’t have to be - you get out of it what you want. The best thing I’ve personally absorbed thus far (in an early episode) is how to stop, or at least lessen, my expectations everyone should be abiding my “manual”. That hit. Hard.
  • Cherry
    Tired of this giant advertisement masking as a podcast
    This podcast used to be fine and had some helpful tips, but after trying to get back into listening, I just found it impossible. The podcast isn’t really a podcast — it’s just a ploy to get you to pay money to join the clutch. The discussions in the episodes only go so far, yet all the “real secrets” are just behind a monthly $100 subscription fee. Also, I joined one of her free “trainings” on how to get more done in less time and it was — again — just a promo for her paid content. And to claim that $100 a month isn’t a lot for people is out of touch and honestly shocking. That kind of money should just go to a real, licensed therapist if that’s what people actually need, not a secret organizing method to fight the patriarchy. Also, if I had a dollar for every time Kara mentions that she’s made a $1 million, I WOULD HAVE A MILLION DOLLARS. And it’d be double for every time she mentions that she went to Harvard. Might as well post your GPA in your bio while you’re at it. The whole thing is just off putting. There are so many other, better podcasts and real resources out there where the hosts treat their listeners with kindness, compassion and respect. You won’t find that here, instead it’s just one never-ending ad. It’s an unsubscribe for me.
  • RebeccaML
    Still listening...
    Loved it but it feels like the bulk of the new episodes are a lot of self-promotion.
  • dmm78rkt
    Toxic relationships
    I love your podcast. I am curious how you can say relationships are never toxic/neutral? What if the person is abusive?
  • Erinbangify
    Just a long ad
    So much promotion for her clutch program. It’s literally absurd. Also, calling her listeners “chickens” just seems weird and demeaning.
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