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Join Nic Ryan as he takes you on a weekly journey into the strange, but true world of unexplained, and supernatural phenomena. Show topics include historical accounts, and listener experiences involving Ghosts, Aliens, UFOs, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Dogman, Monsters, Cryptozoology, Fairies, Witchcraft, Folklore, Legends, Missing People, Geological Anomalies, and much more.

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    Reliably excellent podcast
    Great stories and Nics voice is soothing. I’ve been listening for a few years and didn’t realize I never left a review!
  • douginMI
    This is the best PODCAST EVER!
    Listen to this podcast this is the best podcast ever if you don’t believe in the paranormal then you should Believe in it after this podcast it makes me scared at night sometimes but it’s awesome I would give it 1000 stars you better try it.It can change your life forever!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨✨⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Lilsunshine4Utoo
    One of my favorites
    Great podcast. This really keeps my attention….well done.
  • Poopzord
    Kip Dynamite is that you?
    I’m a huge fan of paranormal podcasts so I listen to this podcast from time to time. It’s far from the worst but not my favorite. However, I can appreciate it and the work he puts into it. It has some good stories for sure, but his voice is far from creepy. He sounds just like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. Kip is hilarious, but can he pull off a somber and scary ghost podcast?… not so much. I recommend changing the style of the show or start podcasting about something different.
  • kip King
    Pretty good except for the voice that narrates is awful It’s so monotone and boring
  • lowe1038
    Best Podcast!
    Nicks Podcast, Paranormal Mysteries is the best paranormal podcast out there! He gives his listeners a voice to share their experiences. It’s easy to get lost in listening to him share everyone’s experiences. It’s good to know there’s many people out there that’s been through something paranormal and that gives your experience validation. Thanks Nick!
  • munkybutt17
    Tina from McKeesport recommends this pod cast
    Just found this today and I definitely recommend the pod cast it’s amazing gets straight to the one details are on point as well and just all around amazing!! MUST LISTEN!!!!
  • OldieNewbie
    My favorite
    It’s so easy to listen to Nic reading his listeners stories because he has such a reassuring voice. I enjoy it so much that I am a show supporter through Patreon. I highly recommend the show!
  • Miss sipsey valley
    Love it
    Love it 🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶
  • pont rhodes
    My favorite weekly show
    Nick does an amazing job telling the stories of his listeners. This is one of my favorites
  • tonylakin
    Became my favorite, stayed my favorite.
    Love the podcast, been listening for ever. I just finished the last episode today ,no more binging. I am now sadly going to have to become a weekly listener!
  • Dave W 1967
    Nick Ryan has one of the best paranormal podcast available today
    I’ve been listening to Nick for about three years and he has great stories to come in from listeners what are the things that I really enjoy about his podcast is it airs three times per week which makes it possible for me to get my paranormal fix almost every day if you like paranormal podcast then you should give this one a listen and I’m sure I’ll be coming to central part of your listening rotation
  • gamercat1212
    This is a really good podcast, I travel a lot and listen to it when I fly, it is amazing
  • claudsssssssss
    Awesome show
    New listener. Love it already. Gets right to the good stuff.
  • lindybo21
    Great podcast
    Can’t wait to hear the next episodes. Great host- interesting topics.
  • Addicted2matching
    I’m not big on Podcasts, but this one really hits home with me. As an empath, I’m drawn to the super natural and love hearing stories from various walks of life on a range of topics. I appreciate that the host doesn’t add his own opinions and creates a safe place for those that have experienced some very scary situations to share their stories without fear of judgement.
  • JPM514
    creepy, good stories, calming voice
    I see many who did less than 5 stars commented on Nic's voice. but that's why i like it- it's calling for night time listening as i'm winding down. great podcast one of my favorites. thanks Nic!
  • naomikatt
    Been listening for a year now and it never gets old! Love Nicks voice and story telling. My fave are the listener stories! It’s a great way to bring people together through shared experiences. Thank you for all the great content!
  • cobroy
    Too much wasted talk about other things
    You’ve got to stop talking about other things than the stories… soo annoying, I’ve fast forwarded through almost half the podcasts to get to where it was left off. Also you repeat yourself too much
  • Snorpthus D
    Robot voice makes this a hard listen
    I just listened to an entire episode and barely retained any of it due to the unbelievably robotic tone of the show. The topics and information contained therein may be interesting, but the delivery kills it.
  • #june is awesome+🐱
    One of The Good Ones
    A no fuss, no muss approach to real listener stories. Nic is a real enthusiast and dedicated to this podcast. Both regular and amazing stories can be heard here.
  • ernmills1
    Love it
    I love the podcast! I listen every day! (The kids love it too).
  • Jra4776
    Love the podcast. Just found & I’ve been bingeing for days. Highly recommend!
  • hometownSER
  • tigress✌🏻🦋
    Best podcast but...
    It is a really great podcast, it is really cool and mysterious with all the weird stories but, you should put more emotion into it.😊😕🕸🕷🦟
  • Sherib707
    Love, love this podcast.
    Love the scary and mysterious. I look forward to every new release. The kids with the black eyes freak me right out!
  • 🍫🍫🍫🦠💤🛏👵🥵❤️‍🩹😁
    Great podcast
    It’s creepy, it’s scary, it’s a great podcast I was freaked out by the Ouija board but it was so interesting I can not put down my device for one second because I always want to know what happens next
  • CANDICE_Went
    Great Podcast, but Nicks very robotic voice
    Great podcast but Nic you have to add more emotion into it sounds very robotic and lifeless.
  • juliegee87
    I’ve been looking for podcast to listen to while I’m at work and I just wasn’t vibing with anything until I stumbled upon this one! It really draws me in while not overdoing it. Nic really sets the tone perfectly and makes it so easy to listen to and get work done at the same time!
  • scifiguys
    Can’t get past the cadence
    I can’t listen to podcast where they don’t talk normally. Anytime I try a new podcast and they sound robotic or like a newscaster it’s a no for me.
  • Need more emotion
    Great Listen
    Good podcast. I really enjoy the stories. But Nick, you sound so robotic. It’ll be so much better if you put some emotion behind what you are reading. But otherwise a great podcast
  • nekuk0
    A creepy listen
    Love this podcast a good variety of stories
  • Mriaaaa
    Best pod ever
    This is one of the best paranormal pods out there! From the forest is my favorite!
  • Carmacasino
    Love it!
    Thanks for providing a space for us to share experiences without being judged. Love to listen on my lunch breaks and while doing chores at home! Update: are stories being repeated? I love the show but I’m listening to the latest stories and I’ve heard them on on here before.
  • bbbbbftastzjj
    Good but….
    OMG! Please quit playing these citizens hearings! Insurance seminars would be more interesting 🤨!!!!
  • SerenityRoseE
    The absolute best paranormal podcast
    There are many paranormal podcasts. Some will try to grab your attention with foul language, repetitive sounds, or shocking (untrue) details. The reason you should give this one a listen is because it just rings true with sincerity. Nic cares about his listeners and honors their stories. You will hear things here that have never been heard before, and some that you will never hear again. You might even hear an experience similar to your own.
  • aerdog
    Lovely podcast!!
    I don’t typically enjoy or listen to podcasts, they’re just not my thing, but this is absolutely an exception. I love that Nic’s voice is very calm and he’s straight to the point and unbiased, reading submissions word for word. Quite a few of the stories are similar, yes, and not that extraordinary or terrifying, but that’s something I really appreciate because that’s often what weird, irrational, and paranormal experiences are like. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of tantalizing stories that reallllly make you wonder how much more there is to reality. Reading some of the bad reviews made me sad because this podcast is so awesome. It’s not for everyone (nothing is), but it is definitely for me!!! After finishing all of the episodes I’ve tried listening to other paranormal podcasts, but nobody does it like Nic. Thank you and I can’t wait for more episodes!!! :)
  • AudieArn
    One of the best Paranormal Podcasts
    I have to commend Nic, the host and narrator. His reading voice is just perfect and dignified. I have quit listening to most other podcasts of this genre due to the poor quality and tacky ambiance. However, this one is truly good. Thank you for the excellent work!
  • Gamesrcool5752802948
    Consistently entertaining.
    Always a creepy listen!
  • Waggerdog
    Great forum for fiction writers
    Some of the people seem believable but for the most part it sounds like very imaginative writers trying their hand at writing fiction. Who knew that there were so many witches summoning demons, who also happened to have seen UFOs? Nic does a good job and I like his narration.
  • argus1979
    Love this podcast!
    Never a dull moment listening to the stories and experiences that Nic shares.
  • Onica03
    great paranormal podcast
    Love this podcast, great stories .
  • El chicano 509
    Amazing 🤩
    I’m so glad I found this podcast very interesting and interesting 🧐
  • nsjdidjwksk
    The voice is like nails on a chalkboard frfr.
  • luciagalen
    Great consistent show!
    Good luck with the apartment repairs, and we’ll be here when you get back.
  • Brit8977
    Not for me
    I’m sorry but the voice is so monotone I can’t listen to more than a few minutes at a time. It all runs together.
  • juanduarte200
    Great podcast
    Idk how or when but i got caught up with all the episodes, i like the fact that he doesn’t over hyped the stories with sound effects.
  • katie109754
    Love it!
    I’m new to listening to this podcast. I find it extremely interesting and have found a lot of episodes I relate to. I’m thinking of adding my experiences and am happy that I’m not alone. Thank you to all the people that contribute their stories. Lisa
  • The Curly Haired Listener
    Just Okay
    The content of the episodes is good—but I absolutely cannot get past the narrator’s voice. It’s so flat and monotone that it becomes a distraction to the actual content.
  • mylovetotheunexplained
    To the point
    Can’t stop listening. My favorite podcast. Real stories plus the great extra contents. Keep up with the excelente job.
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