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There are things in this world that cannot be explained. Join me on a weekly journey down the path of high strangeness, as I explore Hauntings, Bizarre Creatures, Extraterrestrials, Folklore, Missing People, and countless other unexplained supernatural phenomena. The unknown awaits you.

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  • 6thtrymakinganickname
    The movie theater shadow person.
    I listened to the doppelgänger and shadow people episode and that was a truly creepy story. I have a slight memory of a two dimensional being that would appear like the one in the story. I can’t really recall specifics but I remember the uncanniness of it and being really scared because i knew it was trying to look real. I really hope the story is true. I love this podcast.
  • Major Troubles
    Fake stories from wannabe horror authors. Don’t waste your time.
  • jbdrub
    Great show!
    He is always great to listen to. Great storytelling and easy to understand. Keep up the great work!
  • lol its ari
    Reused Content and a new cohost?
    I have listened to many podcasts where they use a voicemail format but this was kinda bad ngl. I listen for multiple stories not a biography of one woman. It was frustrating when I would skip over halfway through an episode and it’s still the same person talking. I do think the stories you read and the shorter voice mails are very interesting and I thoroughly enjoy these… But, I don’t like how some stories are re uploaded as a “rewind”. I have my selection under Unplayed and I download episodes on my way to work as I get no service. So I’m sure you can understand my annoyance when I download episodes I’ve already played.
  • Dogggsssssssss
    I love it
    All of the stories are so good and they are scary but not so scary. I like that you can send your own story and he will read them.
  • nadineamberg
    Help with dealing with hauintings
    This show is fantastic and a lot of the experiences shared here have encouraged me to deal with what is going on in my own home. Thank you for giving this space for sharing.
  • Vjacked
    Paranormal accounts in their own voices.
    If you are going to present the listeners experiences in their own voices please don’t allow one listener to call back repeatedly and dominate the whole podcast. This first one in early January was the worst podcast I’ve listened to so far.
  • Sharkseb
    This is a great podcast 100/10 the best one I’ve listened to
  • LoneCrimson
    Amazing show with great stories
    Found this podcast a little bit ago and it has become my go to for listening to paranormal stories of all kinds. Absolutely love having it playing in the background listening to everybody’s experiences and the narration is perfect. Still got about 200 episodes to go before I’m fully caught up so I can’t wait to hear what else is in store.
  • austin dillman
    Wonderful podcast!
    I just finished listening to every episode and absolutely loved them the stories are very interesting to listen to and they are narrated well! This podcast feels like a very safe place for people’s experiences. -AustinLane
  • Scrantnicity
    Really great podcast
    Binge worthy podcast. His voice is amazing for narrating and the stories are so interesting. The podcast is a safe place for people to share their stories.
  • Artist2133
    I love this podcast
    I love this podcast because he gives us a place to share our stories without being judged. I love how he reads them to us and we get to enter our own stories easily.
  • bekalorren
    Rare character
    I just want the host to know how much I appreciate he doesn’t force his listeners to become a “paid subscriber” to listen to certain episodes as so many podcasters now do. He kindly asks if you would like to donate you can and doesn’t force you. THANK YOU! You are such a breath of fresh air as not all of us can afford to pay $5-$15 a month for all their favorite podcasts. Your content is amazing and I am a loyal listener. Keep making content. 🖤
  • joe-hio
    Liked it at first… but no new content for a while
    I’m a big fan of the paranormal and found this podcast and immediately was hooked. Now after being a regular follower, I’m finding there are a lot of repeats and rewinds. I get that he’s working on another show, but why not focus on what’s working for you now? Ah well, just tired of the same stories. Maybe I’ll check back at a later time…
  • Dark719
    Love this podcast
    This is such a great podcast! My only complaint is the episodes aren’t longer! Always a great listen though.
  • allen lassiter
    I like your show a lot and really like when you have stories from SC
  • Abhi0123
    Collection of letters
    The only effort that the host puts in is in monitoring his email inbox, and he happily reads whatever nonsensical story makes it past his spam filter from people looking for their 15-minutes online fame without any sort of investigation, verification, or truth seeking. It is not so much a podcast as it is a post office, because there’s nothing else than a collection of letters.
  • Shawtee08
    Love it!!
    I really love listening to this podcast! It’s my favorite! I recommend it to anyone who is interested in paranormal and enjoys listening to others views on their experiences.
  • Mbrohms
    Fantastic show
    I absolutely love this show! I like to hear the paranormal experiences of others. Nic does such a great job with the narrations.
    Great podcast
    I loved this podcast but I can no longer watch it because of it being age restricted.
  • neal.j.fisher
    These stories are very lame.
  • Quiet Haunt
    Love the show but not the voice
    I am a new listener. You recently played some older episodes that I really enjoyed. Your voice was more natural sounding in your early shows. I prefer that. I like your format and your content. I prefer a quiet natural sounding conversational cadence for this genre of podcast.
  • ER46665
    Intriguing and spooky
    I really enjoy these stories! Very creepy. I listen to these in the car and I don’t notice the long drives as much because these are so entertaining. Keep up the spooky stores!!
  • Desi712
    I just start listening to this!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯
    Wow mind blown!!!!! I'm really digging this but I lost it when he said one or two of the hikers tongue ripped out or ate out by some type of bacteria and had no eyes!!!!!! Like what?!
  • くらい☆
    Good podcast but…
    This guys cadence is the same as the Pet Rat Gummi Candy video and it can’t be unheard. 🤣
  • Shepherds09
    I’m so happy I found your podcast. I love learning & listening. Your one about a Ouija board was very enlightening. Thank you. It was also short and sweet right to the point. I’m excited I have a awful lot to listen to. Thank you so much for doing such a great job..!
  • Chibb22
    Good podcast
    I really like listening to this. I’d give it a five except I can’t stand the three minutes of music at the end of each episode.
  • mylovetotheunexplained
    Great podcast!
    Hi Nick, I really liked the last episode about the Moth man, the way you narrated was very pleasant and natural. Thank you for all the work you do.
  • Hfcvffhh
    Just user submissions
    I only listened to some of two episodes before I had enough. Just stories submitted by listeners. I was hoping for weird events that were researched but this is more like generic campfire stories.
  • EmpireD
    Good listening.
    I found this podcast recently and have really enjoyed the diversity. I grew up in southwest Michigan and had no ideas about the stories in the area. I grew up in a haunted house on Saddle Lake. I never realized how unique it was till I went off to school at Michigan State. I moved to Texas at the end of university and have had only a couple of paranormal since the early 80s but the house I grew up in it was a weekly if not daily experiences. Thx for all your hard work!
  • Guest 1053
    Paranormal encounters happen, a lot in lives
    I’ve seen paranormal counters in my life is there a creepy one almost killed me like it almost gave me a heart attack but anyway, this is a great show
  • D. Boissonneault
    U And I Don’t Exist!
    Everything is already perfect!
  • Skybluerocks
    One of my favorite podcasts ❤️
  • juilus curet
    Love the show keep it up! I’m a huge fan of the paranormal!
    Huge fan!
  • henneietta
    Old Hag
    I really identified with the old hag story. I’ve had many of these episodes, and I’m a sane person but truly find them to be paranormal. Especially when said episodes have left me physically harmed.
  • Maxmilian the demon
    Greatest podcast ever
    This podcast is a must if you like the paranormal and a great place to share your story because there’s no judgment and Nick is open to anything.
  • Gladys Cooper
    Don’t let the naysayers get you down
    Really enjoy this podcast, the narration and your kind, empathetic demeanor, Nic. For those of us paying attention, we know you’ve been going through a life transition, hope it brings all good things to you, and realize that the podcast has had to take a temporary back seat. Your fans can be patient as you and your family settle into your new home! Thanks for all you do! Update: Excited that new episodes are dropping regularly again, but I miss the old opening theme music a little bit 😪
  • onlifeshighway
    One of my favorites
    I love this podcast. Always interesting . Nic Ryan is a great host . The topics are always good and keep my interest .
  • Ozdockemeyer
    Great Job
    Hello Nic, i came across your podcast after taking a break of my usual due to being caught up for the 2nd time. I never thought I’d enjoy another podcast that would intrigue my curiosities. I give you 👍🏻👍🏻 Love your podcast!
  • wndjdhbr y shjai
    Amazing podcast
    This is the most amazing podcast (and one of the only) that I have listened to. I find nic’s voice so relaxing.
  • kcckwitt99
    One of the best!
    One of the best podcasts. I’ve finished the entire cast. Now I re listen when I good to bed!
  • ✨SpicyDaikon✨
    This is So Good!
    I listen to this while trying to sleep, not a good idea I know, and it’s so interesting and Nic’s voice is nice so I find it relaxing. However, I was listening to the cinematic ghost story episode, and I was almost asleep. Then the part where it says “Talk to me” IT SOUNDED LIKE IT WAS IN THE ROOM. It woke me up so much! It was scary haha. Anyway, this is a very entertaining podcast! Definitely Recommended.
  • Msamanda87
    Love how different every story is! It’s great to hear all the different paranormal experiences!
  • dark radier
    Awesome podcast
    This is so scary but in a very good way
  • Ramen Rileyyyy
    Omg love it 😍
    So I just listened to the Hexham Wolf and it freaked me out ina good way 👍
  • AshhMariee88
    HIGHLY recommend!
    I get so much into the story I end up freaking myself out 😂😂 Great job! Keep them coming!
  • paranormal beliver
    Omg I started listening to your podcast the other day and I was HOOKED, the stories that we get to hear are so fascinating .. I had to start from episode love love your podcast!!
  • Lungworts
    Too man rereleases, unfollowing
    Most of the episodes are rereleases of old episodes. The host relies too much on this tactic vs producing original content like all other podcasters. It’s lazy and a waste of your time. He’s boosting his numbers, falsely by doing this
  • 1845 hog ST
    Thanks for the stories
    These stories make me believe in the paranormal even more with each new episode, this podcast is a lifesaver when I’m doing something boring and I need something to listen to. Keep up the work!
  • parentwhoplays
    I seen a shadow man that looks like Abraham Lincoln and then I saw it just go into time in Space. i’ve also seen a saucer up close it’s not really a saucer it’s actually it has a big red round light on The bottom of it and Had four windows on each side it had metal for its whole thing with lights on all of the metal on the ufo.
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