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Get ready to be entertained and informed with the Need To Know crew every Thursday! These three individuals, SaVon, Alex, & Regi offer a fun and thought-provoking listening experience on current events, entrepreneurship, relationships, and more. With their unique chemistry and relatability, there's no topic off-limits for this team. So don't miss out - subscribe, comment, and tune in to The Need to Know podcast for everything you need to know and a good time!

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  • Myah_T
    Love the pod!
    I’m a new “silent supporter” and I’m already loving the pod! It’s already become part of my weekly routine!
  • Giomor96
    had me weak
    there’s something about calling yourself an old school OG while improperly quoting an already commonly used phrase😂
  • Kayod.ilk
    I’m good.
    The fat shaming was unnecessary.
  • mageemanmatt
    Smooth listening
    Super easy to listen to, and every week the podcast gets better. Keep up the good work and I loved the mixer hopefully more events and content will come our way. Love you guys thanks.
  • dr. penn
    The chick is corny
    The chick is corny
  • Sade' A
    Great pod!!!
    Consistent every week with great conversations and content. Love this pod
  • Jqwun
    Podcasting all-star team!!
    having a team of superstars that play off each other so well makes for such a great listening experience! y'all are definitely my number one podcast!
  • CoryPerrymon
    Say something that provoke thought
    Lazy boring and just word vomit
  • VampLifeUN
    Industry Friends Episode
    I mess wit the pod y’all one of the only pods I follow (JBP NRM brilliant idiots) you guys have your pod the latest in the week compared to everyone else so everything that occurs on the weekend we don’t hear from you guys til 4 days later. With that being said I just wish there was more prepod discussions done. I don’t expect every fact to be right but after 3 days of me hearing about a story then false facts coming out on your pod it’s just crazy. You guys spend a lot of time on topics Savon always has to get his thought out and never lets anyone finish their complete thought. You guys have the opportunity to go crazy if you let everyone cook and not just on what Savon directs them to cook on
  • Shardé 💕
    Episode 211
    I really loved how you all got into this two-part conversation (including the Patreon) about greatness and personal goals, and how they can change over time. Especially Devvon explaining the moment that pushed him into music, that was so moving!! I just dealt with an unexpected career pivot last week, so this is rly timely for me. It’s just super inspiring and reassuring to know that you all have dealt with the same thing. Love this pod soooo much!! Also had to Google how to leave comments here lol, y’all bullied me into it 😂😂
  • dergef
    Need To Knowww
    I’ve been listening to the pod for a good year and a half and it’s one of my faveee podcasts! I love the random and current topics you guys touch on. Every one of you brings something different to the pod and I love how well y’all compliment each other. I’m for sure smiling, learning, or cracking up every episode. Keep doing y’all’s thing!
  • Fbrothers79
    Episode 209
    Love listening to y’all when I’m at work I’ve got through the back log love the all of it. I did notice this episode got cut off by 30 mins at the end
  • Cossell B.
    Vocal therapy
    Every time I listen to you guys I smile. Love the energy every episode, I learn new stuff, you guys open my eyes to new perspectives. Haven’t found a bad episode yet.
  • Sosababy12378
    I might be living in the future but I heard this episode already last week
  • LizzFoss
    Y'all a vibe
    It's hella cool how well y'all mesh together. Y'all so interesting to me (a 38 yr old Blk woman from the SF Bay Area). I'm so glad The Joe Budden Podcast shouted y'all out and put me on. I listen at work, thanks for helping pass the time. Love from Cali
  • lumberjackbash
    THANK YOU VER MUCH I MISSED YALL SO MUCH ON THIS BREAK! Lol I was hurt you and Jbp went on vacation the same time but salute to yall
  • KaitlynKohn
    Dedicated listener, friend they don’t know they have
    Thank you guys for having fun topics, friendly debates and great energy on every episode. Love that everyone brings different ideas & values to the show. The combination of these 4 creates an infectious show you can’t stop listening to! Ah-ah-ah!
  • alex lover of roblox family
    Get it together
    Fam y’all need to be more constant with dropping pods kinda hard to keep y’all in rotation when hit or miss if y’all drop something
  • Lunap16
    Stop interrupting each other :)
    The topic of conversations are interesting. However, they’re constantly talking over each other which makes me not want to continue listening
  • Jon Jon1906
    Episode 184- The Great Mistake
    Alex is stuck on semantics. It’s really all so simple. Once we decide to be in a relationship together, we either decide as a unit if it’s going to be exclusive, meaning it’s just me and you, no one else involved sexually or romantically, etc; or we have a relationship that’s more open and fluid and both parties are okay with being involved with others.
  • juancena416
    F Patreon
    Irritated by the constant mention of Patreon
  • starrbirdd
    i was singing & vibin w y’all on ep. 182. y’all had my stomach hurting while i was at work. much love y’all. keep doin what u doin
  • boxparty97
    Love the podcast
    Is this like the joe budden pod?
  • SinnaBunz79
    Loud for no reason!
    Good content, however after all the yelling and talking over each other, my ears ache after about 30 minutes.
  • Raine BeBuzzin
    Love this podcast!
    I love y’all! So motivational and y’all be having me ctfu! Keep going!
  • Ieisha M.
    My new fav.❤️
    I stumble on this podcast b/c I like listening the stuff while I work & I loveeeee it the chemistry between all the host make me feel like I’m apart of the convo. But I just be talking to myself lol.
  • 4juni
    I love y’all. Good it
  • damigo777
    I love
  • isthisandrew
    Checked my bank account, I can’t listen to the pod
    Too broke to need to know anything really. Savon really got it out the mud.
  • jbfromla
    Lost a listener
    Lost a listener by being associated with the nastiest man on earth, and by your horrible take on the jb podcast debacle.
  • Hazti
    Great podcast
    I am a new listener. I’ve literally been listening for about a week. I’ve listened to your most recent episodes and older ones. I believe having regi on the podcast adds a valuable insight and opinion to the topics. Keep her on the show!! I wish you all success and I hope this podcast grows to become something bigger than it already is.
  • Coop314
    Where Steph?
    I liked it better when the original 3 were on even when it was just Alex and Savon with a guest.
    Please don’t start the rants..
    Love the pod but I’m noticing lately that it’s become jbp jr with the rants.
  • Almighty lorde
    I’m late to the pod but I’m here!
  • Ishiro13
    Episode 124 was my first Audio only Experience
    This was a great way to start the year. Thanks for providing the content I started my ear a lil rocky, but its all UP FROM HERE!
  • oscarvelli
    Came from Joe’s pod & then saw that Savon is from my home town. Don’t know him personally but I’ve seen him in high school a couple times. Dope Pod!
  • dirty water podcast
    Dirty water podcast says....
    Major salute to you guys for the content and the consistency!! Dope podcast, check it out!!
  • Moon-Walking Chef
    Just finished the podcast. It was ight.
  • R. Bleezy
    Need to charge...
    Was a fan of the pod but it’s kind of weird now knowing your guests pay to be featured. The interviews feel like ads now. Just my opinion.
  • NolaBison26
    Shout out from New Orleans
    Hey y’all I’m a law student from DC, in law school in NOLA. Started listening after that hilarious clip of Savin wildin’ but been hooked and been going back and listening to the old episode. Keep up the good work and stay real.
  • Ghetto Woke
    Too corny
    Too many things they bring up and can’t talk about. Too much opinion without being objective. The effeminate male podcast.
  • JazzyKakez
    Great Podcast!
    Love the podcast!! Been listening from the beginning but I really enjoy the energy and the chemistry you have with each other. The lovely Steph is doing an amazing job holding it down for the ladies... Keep it up!! 😊🔥
  • Ninpppogr
    Great Podcast 🙏
    Came from Joe Budden Podcast and I can see the potential in this podcast being better than Joes. Keep grinding y’all. @NJNP6
  • ian sigman
    I know a good podcast when i hear one
    this podcast gets an unmodified opinion from me .
  • noTORRIEus
    Been following Stephanie on Twitter for a minute but didn't know she was on here until today. Also knew of Savon from The Joe Budden podcast ("Savon look that up and keep it to yourself") but never heard him really talk, he's hilarious. Alex reminds me of my friends back in Queens. Great pod and definitely subscribed after 2 episodes.
  • FHS2014
    The Need to Know Podcast
    This podcast is awesome! I listen to podcasts everyday at work and most I have to scrub through the ads and plugs, but this podcast keeps its integrity to its audience by providing content from beginning to end. Alex, Savon, and The Lovely Stephanie all come together from different backgrounds and offer some interesting insight on pop culture. Great and easy listen. Alex would wash Savon
  • ozzz_some
    Exactly what you need to know!
    Being a long time listener of Joe’s podcast I knew I had to check out Savon and Alex’s podcast from the very start too. They along with the wonderful Steph provide insightful and thoughtful commentary about news, hip-hop, and of course everything that you need to know in between. I would like to see longer content and perhaps more relationship advice if possible. Having Steph additionally provides a new perspective usually unseen! I’m also not sure but it seems like the audio quality has been improved since the first few episodes...Thank you guys! 👍 IG: ozzz_some
  • TreMac1515
    I love y’all! But Lebron still ain’t the GOAT.
    LeBron beat MJ in the human game years ago. And that may be more important than being the GOAT in basketball. But that has nothing to do with the basketball convo. MJ still has it.
  • Vonte Mill
    Super dope podcast
  • 601rep
    I'm trying to earn my 3 stripes.
    I'm a new listener coming over from the Joe Budden podcast. I love the chemistry over there and I'm getting adjusted to this one. Nevertheless, I need some new kicks. Who can go wrong with a free pair. My ig is @tevin_jamill. My Facebook is Tevin JaMill. Keep going with this podcast game. I believe that the chemistry is coming together.
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