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Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons is a podcast where improvisers who’ve never roleplayed before journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The series is hosted by our dungeon master, Tom McGee, and features our regular players - the sneaky Tyler Hewitt, the brilliant Laura Hamstra, and the flatulent Ryan LaPlante - alongside a rotating cast of special guests. Featured on Spotify, ScreenRant, Lifehacker, and the official Dungeons & Dragons podcast Dragon Talk, Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons is regularly in the top 10 comedy fiction podcasts around the globe and ranked #2 of the top 50 fiction podcasts (and #72 of ALL podcasts) on Spotify in the USA. ScreenRant said of the show, "There's nothing better for beginning players!" So, join our heroes and find out why Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons has been downloaded more than 4 million times! You can follow the show on any social @dumbdumbdice, and become a hero yourself by joining our Patreon at www.patreon.com/dumbdumbdice

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  • dragonjelly
    ACK Y’ALL ARE SO FUNNY Ps.(tone down on the fart jokes)
  • TiverTonT
    This podcast is the best. It never fails to provide an engaging storyline, while simultaneously making me crack up through jokes and ridiculous situations. 10/10!
  • tyrionismydoggo
    Good podcast
  • Angry Burrito Eater
    The show is hilarious with creative fun stories with constantly evolving plot line. The cast is very in tune with one another. The DM is very well organized, charismatic, and easy going. The jokes and laughs never end. If I’m in a bad mood this show WILL put me in a good mood. My only complaint is random audio glitches, which aren’t that bad.
  • Sophiethehoplessfangirl
    This podcast is hysterical!!!!!!!
    *minor spoilers* Omg this is so funny!!!!! It’s like the one place in the world where fart jokes are even tolerable! I love the chemistry between the players and all of their guests, I relate to Alyn so much, sweet and naive on the outside but terrifyingly dangerous on the inside - the vampiric touch!😈 - but she always does it to protect her friends. Anyway it’s my new comfort podcast. “ROLL FOR INITIATIVE M*********ERS!!” Also, praise Moonhammer!! :)
  • My 5-9 Heroes
    My 5-9 Heroes
    I listen to the Dumb-Dumbs almost daily whilst working, they keep my good spirits high. (Except the end of season 2; How Dramatic!) I have reccomended this podcast to all Dnd groups I frequent!
  • Nomad7513
    One of the Best
    This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listen to. The people are funny and they make the show super entertaining. Thanks for many hours of awesome listening
  • Chaka buka
    This is the greatest podcast ever made and probably the only one I will ever listen to. This is great for DND fans and people who’ve never even heard of the game- it’s just plain funny.
  • beejj!!!
    a pretty dope show
    i found this podcast by complete accident and i’m very glad i did. the characters are funny and the voice acting is incredible. i highly recommend this to anyone who like DND.
  • he312
    Absolutely love this show! So funny and wonderfully played. Makes me happy to listen to the cast and they are all so talented! Thank you so much for making this show.
  • Greenbuggle
    Awesome show
    The cast is so funny and work so well together. They put so much love into the story and it really shows. The characters are compelling, diverse, and interesting. I genuinely love this show so much. 💚 Give it a listen!
  • toriaa0
    Absolutely obsessed with this show, I’m sure my coworkers all think I’m crazy with the amount of times I burst out laughing
  • Xeryxt
    Ohhh, the dumb hilarity!
    This is such an uproarious show to tune into. You can really feel the chemistry between everyone here, and it helps to make things that much more humorous and charming. I don’t even play D&D (though I want to someday), but I nonetheless enjoy Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons plenty. Make sure you give it a listen, too!
  • ClintC_utah
    Roll to keep yourself from peeing your pants laughing
    Entertaining and hilarious podcast. Multiple times I've had to stop what I was doing from laughing too hard at jokes that were said. The way everything is explained gives you a great visual of what's going on (even when you don't want that visual in your head. Ranger and Alan Tudyks). I recommend this podcast to anyone that loves D&D or wants a podcast with a great story behind it! PRAISE MOONHAMMER!!! Snarf Snarf!
  • Mentoma
    Entertaining at the least.
    I really enjoy it so far. I give it 4 stars… it would probably be 5, but I’m really not a fan of butt and fart jokes…. So it’s unfortunate, for me, that one character’s whole personality revolves around that… especially while having such a cool deity. Hail Moonhammer!! I’ll stick it out as long as I can.. hopefully the humor and gameplay can continue to outweigh the fart jokes.. Edit: Honestly… I couldn’t make it past episode 12… especially after reading more reviews and realizing the childish fart jokes never end. I unfortunately unfollowed the show. Before the end of episode 12… Edit 2: This show lives in my head, rent free.. every time I hear a well placed and well timed fart joke… this show pops into my head as a reminder of how terrible fart jokes can be.. It makes me sad. It’s very disappointing.
  • Trey W20
    Good no wait Greatness
    Started listening to the dumb dumbs once I started getting back into D&D and from the first episode of dumb dumbs and dragons I was sold and couldn’t stop listening!! From then on been listening to everything they have out!! Highly recommend for anyone who wants a good wait a great laugh and an amazing story line, this is the go to!! Anytime someone ask what playing D&D is like I tell them to give the Dumb Dumbs a listen. Great for newcomers and the veterans.
  • Pandapower 2969
    One great dumb story
    I’ve loved this show since day one I’ve fallowed it and all the other shows they have done love it
  • BlondeRecluse
    My absolute favorite show!
    They are the funniest group around! Great dynamic between them all. I’ve been addicted for awhile now. Keep up the good work!
  • The king of the dragons
    The best
    The famous quote leave me alone I listening to dumb dumbs and dragons
  • PuroPinchePariGomez
    Very fun and creative
    It’s a wonderful listen. Lots of fun comedy and creativity, and the whole cast just seems like nice people to boot.
  • SnowF7ower
    Replenishes me.
    The amount of times I laugh out loud listening. 😂 and the adventure is sooo good. I’ve really formed a bond with these characters, and the players, and the DM (sometimes I take “how to be a fun DM” notes). I listen to this while I clean up around the house. With my ADHD, it really helps. 😊
  • CDwarrior
    Awesome show
    All of the characters are amazing and hilarious.
  • Donny is real
    The best
    I want all of you to be my friend! Shout out to Ranger Ranger and Not Petyr Baelish. My favorite guest appearances. I am listening to 5.42 as I write this and the team is nothing less than masterclass and tons of laughs. Don’t ever stop. You have lots of fans that truly appreciate your craft.
  • HyperFeesh
    I loved this podcast and can’t stop listening.
  • Larseniowa
    It’s a shame it’s a F&F podcast…
    I was liking this show, right up until the Fable & Folly Network started using unsupported accusations to libel other networks. Not work my time.
  • Cyborgcapybara
    One of the best fantasy series ever (including books and movies)
    This podcast has brought me so much joy over the year. It’s funny, and it also does some deep dives into complex characters. The player and NPC acting is amazeballs. The GM roles with the punches, too. I’ve learned a lot of techniques that I’ll put to good use on my next campaign. Plus, it stimulates the imagination. I daydream a ton, and my stories now have much more flair and details. Also, episodes are highly re-listenable. Great job!
  • Chris Lamke
    Fun and funny adventure
    This seemed too crude for me to enjoy at first but it grew on me over time and is now my favorite D&D adventure, beating other more famous ones. It's a long term adventure, not a defined arc that ends in 100 or fewer episodes, and the DM and players are in it for the long term and the characters have grown over time and had countless great adventures. Both the DM and players are talented and committed. Worth a try if you enjoy D&D.
  • alex098h
    I’m sad.
    I really liked this podcast until season 5. I really thought and had high hopes that Ryan(butthole) was going to play a cool new character that didn’t have to do anything with farts. I just reached 5.11 and just heard his new character and its just not doing it for me. I can’t keep on going and listening to another fart joke. I really loved the show tho and special guest they were all great. Ryan is just killing it for me. I want to keep on going but his new character just doesn’t make me want to hear anymore. I want to skip but I love listening to the story and I can’t skip without skipping the story.
  • Darth Macho
    By Moonhammer, this podcast stinks…real good.
    This podcast starts in Phandalin with the Lost Mine of Phandelver, but the story diverts and finds its own way. Leaning heavily on comedy, it’s a pretty fun take, despite relying heavily on a long running fart joke. To be fair, there’s a lot more than hot air here, and the DM, players, and guests are all having fun and manage to weave a story worth listening to.
  • pegledteve
    Best podcast
    I’m on season two and I love it this podcast got me into D&D y’all are the best
  • Bacon 7x
    Keeps getting better
    You’d think after this many episodes of gameplay it would start to get old but it just keeps getting better.
  • Horror is Funny
    Improv is not chaos
    Ryan ruins this series in the most consistent ways. First of all is his insistence on using meta information to force the natural flow of “events” into weird, uncomfortable sequences. It’s amazing how the cleric character, despite being an intellectual idiot, knows so much information about people and things that he shouldn’t. But hey, somebody said it out loud at the table, so I guess he can use it, amirite? Ryan also delights in bringing that same uncomfortableness to any situation, regardless of the “ character”, which are all the same as the cleric, with his 2nd grade potty humor and 4th grade sexual innuendo to derail any of the MINIMAL necessary focus these types of stories need. The most disappointing thing about the whole situation is how the story writer ( I can’t call him a dungeon master) just lets Ryan take over at any point for his own immature spotlighting. I really like the other characters, and most of the guest players are genuinely funny, but this idea that Improv MUST be uncomfortable is flat out stupid. The fact that one “player/actor” is able to drive this story in any direction his childish and narcissistic whims desires really ruins this podcast. I listened to almost 4 seasons, constantly 30 second skipping whenever the cleric started his spiel, to give this thing a chance, because the idea, while incredibly derivative ( Hello, Canada) was an entertaining one. No more. I can’t Hate Binge it any longer.
  • janicen1092648
    Season 5
    Can’t remember if I rated this pod yet but it’s incredibly ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m on season 5 and I’m still so obsessed and love it so much.
  • Persona_User
    I love it but
    I absolutely love this show, I’ve listened to it for over a year now and never miss any. I still love all of the characters and how they’ve grown and developed over time. However, the new season just doesn’t hit the way the old ones do. Everyone is as amazing as ever in their acting, but the characters are entirely TOO powerful. There is no real excitement listening to them fight because they almost never miss and their damage is astronomical. I miss the first few seasons when they had to come up with wacky plans and they actually faced true danger in a fight. Would love to see this show continue with new weaker characters or new campaign. I definitely don’t wish for it to end.
  • Runs to Music
    All in good fun!
    I haven’t caught up to the most recent stuff yet, but this podcast has been getting me through a lot of long walks - which is the main thing I leave my house for, these days! While I find it difficult to say some of the characters names, the way they play with the world and interact with each other is pure joy.
  • ronxnxnxnz
    Best DND Podcast!
    Seriously, I look forward to every Monday(who even likes Monday's?) Just to listen to the latest episode of Dumb-Dumbs and Dragons while I work.
  • TheMax711
    Far and away my all time favorite podcast.
  • doorjamjabbar
    Excellent creative and professional DM, the Quin and Alyn characters are alluring and often charming. The guest characters are great. Butthole is funny enough, but dominates this show to the point where the others’ humor and creativity and improvisation are buried in his farts. He even controls the other characters’ actions, as if he’s the only player, and at time overpowers the dm. This is so contrary to the spirit of collaboration which makes dnd joyful that I’m not sure I can continue listening. He should just have his own podcast where he plays the dm and all the characters. I might even listen to it. Let me know if he dials it back in the second season and I’ll stick around for it :)
  • misslunabelle
    A Great Example of Collaborative Storytelling
    What I love most about this show is that it balances genuine characters and their believable growth, a wide variety of guests with different styles of their own, hilarious laugh-out-loud scenes, and truly heartfelt moments that make you feel for these characters and the world around them. The story is compelling and brings a smile to my face every time I listen. It’s one of my go-to podcasts to recommend not only to DnD fans, but to everyone in need of a good podcast.
  • ANerdReview
    The Perfect Combo
    I’ve listened to a ton of Dungeons and Dragons podcasts. This one is, by far, the greatest. The direction they take their adventures is entirely original and thrilling. Sprinkled throughout is fantastic humor that adds to an already incredible adventure. Don’t miss out on this podcast. 5 seasons in and it hasn’t lost its magic.
  • 😇or👿
    My favorite podcast.
    I’ve listened to all the episodes and this is still my favorite podcast, I have to ask will we ever see smart faerune ever again. And can you congratulate notpeterbaelish because that thunder wave was awesome and that’s still one of my favorite episodes also when are we going to see king mudbutt, yacob goodbark, lil pim pim, bryn, the cat prince? Has he disappeared forever? What’s going on with juniper, will she fade into the background, and will we ever see her again. And can we have notpete back again please? Pete was the coolest not original party member. Ps. Quincy needs a kingdom name like how butthole had Zarkan warbringer. PPS. Thanks, so much for all these podcast’s there awesome.
  • Trick$haw
    When LaPlante isn’t steam rolling over the other players it’s an amazing show. He needs to dial it back, you don’t need to be the center of attention every minute of every episode dude. That said, I’m just getting to season 3 so maybe he’s already had this talk with his peers.
  • Natt Attack
    Just Listen & Stop Regretting Life
    This podcast is the absolute best at improv dungeons and dragons that’s not super rules heavy with more role play but lots of opposed ability checks than the average bear even within the team. The character regulars, NPCs, & special guests all do an incredible job demonstrating the different types of DnD characters as written by WotC but played with a ton of flair and hilarious voices! I’ve been live tweeting my listen of every episode and the cast has been responsive way beyond my wildest dreams! They are totally rad! If you’ve been thinking about playing DnD or maybe struggling with how to play your character, just give this a listen. Short episodes that I can finish in a day during my drive time to & from work. Won’t take long to catch up on 4 seasons if you binge it or enjoy the slow burn of an episode a week and really torture yourself in a good way. #MoonhammerBePraised
  • pikkl_rikk
    A brilliant, dumb adventure
    An interesting meeting point of a couple sets of seemingly opposite descriptors. The setting is high fantasy and futuristic sci-fi. The humor is cranial and yet low-brow simultaneously. Give it a try, you may like it :)
  • Ironclad Diver
    I love Ryan!!
    I love garbage productions and anything Ryan does.
  • F1NA69
    V good
    Definitely the funniest Dungeons and dragons podcast I’ve listened to.
  • Rolie Olie
    Love it.
    Hilarious with a good story!
  • the1andonlykow
    Lovely cast, story, and I can’t wait to finish and catch up completely!!
    Alright so we have another d&d podcast that deserves
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