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In this weekly podcast, David Dobrik, a 24-year-old, sexy, millionaire YouTuber and Jason Nash, a 40-something single dad with a vlog of his own, take you behind-the-scenes of their vlogs and show you what living the “YouTube life” is really like. Join these two as they confess their most intimate thoughts, discuss pop-culture, and dissect their own contentious relationship. New episodes drop every Tuesday!

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  • emmittmichel
    I started listening recently and it’s very captivating a funny. I hope to here the final two episodesbefore Jason dies🥲
  • Grace r.q
    The newer ep bad
    I like the old views before he got he’s the new studio ngl Jason dosent really talk much too but otherwise still a good podcast😊
  • ccchhhaaannniiieee
    i love this podcast i like when you bring people onto the podcast it more funny 😂
  • rositaa22
    Over Natalie
    Love the podcast without Natalie and Charlie and Dixie, you couldn’t get better guests?
  • jaalbra
    Bright future
    I like the new step. It’s a new step to growth. It’s a new step to get out of the comfort zone. Some may not agree but david & jason have been doing it for 4 YEARS now they need to spice things up to grow their platform. I have a suggestion, you may take it or leave it David & jasons team: To not strip views from it’s roots completely maybe make the first 10 min a convo between david & jason only. The next 30 min with the guest of choice (since not all of them are able or wants to do full on 40-50 min episodes. Last 10 min would be david, jason, the assistants and friends....
  • kristin223
    Not a fan
    I was a fan until everything came out and people shed light on David . It’s a disappointment he won’t own up to his mistakes. In this case I can’t support someone like that. Especially with what Jason has also done. So thanks. But no thanks
  • JeffreeStarrr
    Take Accountability !!!
    I’ve been a supporter for many years but the fact that you’re not addressing anything regarding Trisha or Big Nick is really annoying. Take accountability!!!! I use to really like you guys but now I’ve became more woke about all the VLOG SQUAD’s Flawsss! Zane, Heath, and David are Racist! Jason please apologize, I feel like you have your head on your shoulders. I’m OVER you guys. No more merch, no more likes, no longer watching anything, no nothing! David Dobrik, you are CANCELED.
  • DonovanJoseph1105
    I listen to the podcast more than music
    seriously though I listen to the podcast everyday at work and when i’m at home just relaxing. Thank you Jason for getting David to do the podcast and keepin him at it in the beginning. Look at y’all now, went back to youtube after saying you never would again. Crazy how stuff works out huh?
  • vanessabrad
    Not as much of a fan anymore
    Idk what David is trying to do, but these newer episodes aren’t it. Stop chasing clout and fame by having young guests on who don’t make podcast entertaining whatsoever. Go back to the old stuff, David and Jason are too funny on their own, they don’t need this
  • Blaine1 hahah
    The BEST YouTuber podcaster TikToker ever!
    Great, funny, and THE BEST
  • poptartlobster
    Okay but..
    The tiny-weenie makes me want to shoot myself._
  • waLaa_IsmaiL
    I really love this podcast BUT it could improve
    In my experience of listening in on these groups of friends has been a very enjoyable to me I just rather prefer that they stick to a hard schedule not mix and match on uploading Monday or Tuesday or WednesdayBecause I’ll be coming back every week to see if there’s a new episode and they have still yet to upload one and it’s really a blue ball and experience🤕
  • Danger Dylan
    Can you please start vlogging! And put taylor in the vlogs
  • bnxdisj
    Random Upload Schedule
    I like the show, it’s entertaining, but you never know when they will post an episode. They have gone from posting on Thursday, to Friday, then Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
  • Peoples are fun
    Not as good
    The newer episodes are not as interesting and not as fun and exciting.
  • T394
  • chdjhhdjyydfv
    I love this podcast
  • Erikaky
    Not a fan of the newer episodes. Too many people and Jason barely gets to talk.
  • R2-d2 better-8
    No one likes Madison Beer
    She is annoying and makes the podcast terrible. She tries too hard to be cool.
  • Shawnhporter
    Not good
    This podcast is just an obnoxious guy (David) that treats his friends like crap while they kiss his butt followed by David bragging about how rich he is.
  • MorganHLeigh
    Yes, but no to Ella
    Love everything, besides Ella.
  • EmmaKuch
    Thank you
    I just discovered this podcast early this week and have been listening day and night. I absolutely love it. I listen to it during school, walks, while eating, showers, where ever. This podcast keeps me so happy and cheerful. When I found the podcast i could not explain how happy I was.
  • artbytaco
    Not the same
    You’re a guest idea, that’s a terrible one. It’s not the same. I liked it when it was just Jason and David. There’s not a bunch of people talking over each other. He would talk about more serious topics rather than talk about an irrelevant person named Madison Beer🙄
  • bbjd d
    It’s good
    The podcast is really good and I really like it but Madison beer is just annoying stop bringing her on the podcast
  • goldnglw
    Why does David still have a platform!!
    Honestly this podcast is just a lot of David laughing, barley any actual good interview content. And I’m not even gonna start on how PROBLEMATIC he is??? Please do some basic research on him before you choose to support David and his content.
  • fhdjfudjrjfn
    Love this(make a yt gaming channel)
    This is so hilarious and awsome also david you sbould make a gaming channel since you cant vlog do a gaming channel since you like to game but also love the pod also love all the people that come on the pod it gives it variety
  • podman166
    GWF Fan
    I first found Jason on the old Guys With Feelings Podcast. It was always one of my favorites. Good to see he has found a new home. Don’t know much about this Dobrik character(I’m the middle age demographic) or any of the other regulars. Jason always had good taste in the people he chose to have around him and I assume that’s still true
  • Views17
    I just found David’s podcast and I love it!
  • hvsfffchjubccx
    plz no more madison beer
    pleaseeee i love the pod tho
  • TristaLea
    Listen here David. I don’t usually post a review on the App Store or anything like that. But Jason needs a raise to buy Wyatt a bedroom that fits him. Pls let your son out of his Harry Potter bedroom Jason.
  • teenage mutan ninja
    not the same
    i miss when it was just david and jason it was a lot better. now it’s just a bunch of people talking over each other
  • DLS011996
    Stop bringing Madison Beer
    Am I the only one who thinks Madison Beer is annoying?
  • txcogal
    Not good
    New format with guests is no good. Just David talking and laughing the whole time. Not a good interviewer- let others talk esp... your cohosts or change the podcast to the David. Podcast. Why change what was working for years.
  • dr. coomer
  • natalieesierraa
    Let Jason talk more pls
    I love Views but I miss hearing Jason in the new visual podcasts 🥺
  • buns28
    Love the pod
    Does anybody know if they will continue to post every week even though it will be video now?
  • Story Siren
    My one and only podcast
    The only podcast I listen to consistently and look forward to every week. I wish it was longer. The video component on YouTube makes it even better
  • Mrs. V.H.
    Can’t support people so problematic
    Honestly anything with David needs to be cancelled. The trauma he inflicts on other people is disgusting. Everyone with money gets away with their trash dangerous behavior and this podcast still being produced and still online is a perfect example.
  • Megggggg578
    Sexual assault
    You both need to be held accountable for the sexual assault you did against Seth
  • Babbyooboo
    Hollowed lads
    These guys are the most interesting thing going on in the entire world right now...
  • hi124!
    Fun podcast
    When I listen to the podcast it’s just like your hanging out with friends. My only thing I would change is go back to just David, Jason and Natalie. Those were the best podcasts. I go back to listen to them all the time.
  • #1Handsome
    Love it but....
    Jason is AWESOME!!! David is great but JASON is hilarious! The only thing that makes it ugh at times are the assistants. Toy lot is alright but the other one is so annoying. Natalie is also Koo is just ella who honestly makes my ears bleed.
  • crazy7292874839
    Great worl David!
    I’m only 17 I work and still go to school I love listening to music and I take time out of my day to listen to all of them podcasts they’re great and hilarious I love it man keep this up I agree with you so much when on your first podcast you and Jason were talking about you not wanting to stop vlogging bc you just like doing it I can’t wait for you to start again I know this covid makes it hard but we’re all waiting for more great content on other platforms and I’m sure all your real fans love this to keep it up g!
  • keeks:))
    i’ve been missing the vlogs like crazy but this is the next best this. love you david keep up the amazing work (hopefully you’ll bring the vlogs back soon)
  • katx00024
    Can’t listen anymore
    This used to be my favorite podcast but I just can’t do it anymore. It’s not even just Jason and David, so the podcast is probably really confusing to new listeners. Can’t do Ellas annoying laugh and Jason screaming into the microphone. This is my last one.
  • Destiny050405
    So funny
    You guys never fail to make me laugh. I’m always so excited to listen to the podcast every Tuesday. Love you guys❤️
  • Sadéé
    My name is Jeff
    It’s so cute and a little sad that he still says My name is Jeff at the end of the podcast 🥺 If he sees this comment “Hi Dabid” (in a Cindy Wolff accent 😂)
  • 5ftChicagoGirl
    i listen to this podcast to bed every night honestly. i love hearing their conversations. i love everyone one else who chimes in. please make them longer!!!!
  • LoLeezu
    To many people on the podcast
    There’s to many people on the podcast, Jason always has funny new material, David always tells the same stories, at least frenemies always talks about something new. Getting so boring
  • freankieee
    So funny!
    The only podcast I listen to.
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