VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

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In this weekly podcast, David Dobrik, a 24-year-old, sexy, millionaire YouTuber and Jason Nash, a 40-something single dad with a vlog of his own, take you behind-the-scenes of their vlogs and show you what living the “YouTube life” is really like. Join these two as they confess their most intimate thoughts, discuss pop-culture, and dissect their own contentious relationship. New episodes drop every Monday!

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  • enterajonahname
    Turn your house into a museum
    David, don’t sell your house!! Make it into a museum or tourist attraction or something like that, people would freaking love it, seriously though. The house is iconic!!
  • blanco_yyy
    No more Heath Please
    No more Heath and Mariah on the podcast please.
  • racechick302
    Although they try be serious sometimes, they are the single most funniest podcast Iv ever heard! I love these guys!!!
  • me boo😘
    tiny weenie
    the tiny weenie podcast needs to come back
  • niqqasaoures rex
    Best Podcast Ever
    This podcast is the best when I get the notification that it got posted I tap it instantly.
  • oogafuckinbooga
    I loved the podcasts when you had a more steady schedule, but now you have gotten hella lazy and it doesn’t seem like you rnjoy making them anymore, hopefully after covid you start vlogging again as well
  • hi124!
    Best podcast
    This newest episode was so good! It reminded me of older episodes. Keep up with that energy.
  • jasonsanildfuck
    why has david “just gotten the bose headphones” like 30 times 😂
  • therockbs
    Ela makes me cringe
    I cringe every time I hear Ela pronounce some words her weird way, please don’t allow her on the podcast.
  • IGNgamecritic
    Teeny weenie review
    I never get/understand what they’re talking about because as soon as I hear that old dude’s voice I press the skip ahead button
  • juelzzzt
    Where’s the teeny weeny podcast!?!?!? 🥺
  • A very annoyed personnnnnn
    I love it but
    I love David’s vlogs & the podcasts, bur I wish they were longer and more effort was put into them
  • space gladiator
    Wow I’m lonely
    I miss the 4:20 vlog
  • Tmarieseven1fout
    Anyone notice
    Dave has become a bigger douche than ever. I love the pod bc Jason and ilya keep it on a relatable level. Maybe he is just immature. If he wasn’t at the level of fame and $$$ he is, would be someone you’d want to be around - Fk no! No wonder Impaulsive is #1 w us millennials. 💋
  • Idklmk
    Modern Warfare
    Do you want to squad up I’ll bring you to the big leagues lmk??
  • abbey_mangandi
    Best podcast ever
    Hey guys just wanted to jump on here and say that I believe I am David’s dream girl! Any who, keep up the good work boys xoxo
  • katieadams219
    Lots of screaming
    I miss when the podcast used to be interesting discussions rather than everyone joke-fighting and yelling....Everyone is kind of screaming over each other for no reason. I’m sure a lot of people think it’s funny but honestly it really hurts my ears and made me stop listening to this weeks episode pretty early! Also, Jason’s croaky laugh that happens frequently is horrible, it sounds like the grudge and I hate it lol! I’m so Sorry! :(
  • TrueOlSkool
    Not as good
    Views podcast was good during 19 and when it started but when Natalie, Ilya, and the tik tokers got onto the podcast ruined it
  • bipcrp
    Such a great podcast
  • Everybody!
    solid job
  • KerryAndrea
    What happened, guys?
    Loyal listener since day 1, but this has basically turned into “arguing with Ilya and David.” It’s gotten so lazy, and that’s coming from someone who liked this podcast specifically because it was so unstructured and an easy listen. All of the VS has great input and could hold their own if not for being aggressively interrupted and shamed constantly. David acting like suuuucchhh a child has gotten worse since COVID-19 hit. Any topic that isn’t him bullying his friends about something gets cut off rudely or steered away. Hiatus is ok if you’re burnt out and unmotivated! Many podcasts do that and they come back refreshed and with new ideas. Idk. Maybe he’s changed, or maybe it’s just that he’s letting his guard down now, but hopefully it’s not like this forever.
  • thicumslush
    We miss you bud.
  • theonewhere1995
    Anyone else miss the sex talk 😂
  • podcast princess12345
    I am such a big fan
    I have been watching your YouTube channel and watching your TickTock‘s for a while now and since you have started this podcast I can listen to you anytime I’m a big fan of you and you’re my celebrity crush not Jason Nash David dobrik
  • havshahbahajahnanah
    best podcast
    i can't fall asleep unless i listen to them talking
  • Traven:)
    Funny love this.
    I love this it’s so funny.🤣😂💕💕🌼
  • carj3
    love it!
    I especially love the ones with Taylor Natalie and Ella
  • Taylore007
    Love this podcast and love the vlogs
    I love this podcast 10/10, very entertaining, also if David reads these hope u get to start the vlogs again by December cuz my favorite bit is when David and the new members of the vlog squad decorate for Christmas and then the old members that he did the bit with last year come in and they fight, to this day my favorite vlog is “CAUGHT MY ASSISTANT DOING THIS!!”, Vlog #625, release date 12/14/2019, because of the Christmas bit
  • Gem158
    My dog loves the podcast
    Me and my dog listen to the podcast together and he actually listens (or so I think)
  • werthdfygfjhf
    David is the best
    Love the podcast
  • jamescarlson
  • Julianna Alexa
    The boys
    I really miss the podcast when it was just the boys....
  • lulobshwjxbhs
    I never thought I would hear David so serious
  • tjv_lime
    Love it the best comity podcast you can watch
  • mannymadnesssss
    Report card
    I did the same thing back in elementary school haha
  • Hsbarbosa
    best podcast ever!!!!
  • helenp28
    david and jason theories
    i love this podcast so much i feel like david and i share a lot of the same views ( pun intended) but for example the whole theory he has about earth actually being hell is what i believed for years.
  • MarahMarshie1234321
    hate her
    don’t ever let corrina go on the podcast she’s such a butch and annoying. also madison beer is boring and no tik yorkers they stupid. also david need to stop interrupting people it’s rude
  • Brandon1618
    This is my favorite podcast out there it is so good
  • Erykah2020
    🤣 I Love your minds
    I love your minds, the talk about death and David wanting a girl that walks in front of him 🤣🤣🤣& and basically take over. Ok, I’ll take the job as your girlfriend I’m 5’1. Omggg and Ilya I’ll buy you new slippers 🤣🤣
  • hello im jess how r u
    hi Ilya
    I listen to this podcast every morning, it’s like having friends around who are funny as heck but I don’t have to socialize :) ty love you guys.
  • zjess02
    I listen to this podcast literally on my way to work, at work, and when I drive home. I caught myself listening to this podcast more than music and I thought that’s crazy!! You guys are awesome, I really feel like I’m hanging out with you guys! I love when you have special guest and creepy mike and Jeff are there haha and lastly I know you hate this but I just wish they where longer than 30 mins lol 🥺 (Joe cut the creepy part) lol...
  • Caroline loverrrr
    Can David and Ilya get laid so they can stop talking about sex on the podcast lol
  • 36543367
    I would want to experience death, so I know what it feels like. I always wonder what death feels like, so I guess I’ll get my answer
  • David's Bitchyness
    I love them
    They are my favorite, I love everything they talk about! They talk about funny memories and tragic stories, which I love.
  • DaySapp
    VIEWS IS #1
    I listen to this podcast EVERYDAY.. & very greatful for it cause it gets me through my hard times my good times my all the times I love this podcast!
  • bruce is
    We want joe back
    Where’s joe segment
  • Blogvault
    David’s Living Room
    This podcast is the simply best in-depth you can get with the vlog squad. You feel as you’re hanging with David,Jason and ect all in Davids living room. You get the real uncensored conversation’s with the vlog squad.
  • Brooklyndecember00
    poor single david and ilya
    your both too cute to be single 🤨🧐
  • Mike N Sr.
    More Natalie and Taylor
    Definitely more Natalie and Taylor!
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