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Scott Mason and a crew of All Star guests provide your daily Jets fix covering the latest news, stats, film, and everything else surrounding Gang Green!

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  • Going to see Jets win a SB?
    Best Jets Podcast
    Great contents and guests!! Episode 1781 may needs be flushed out.
  • azzag10
    Great daily content, which has to be hard especially in the dead of the offseason. If I was to offer any criticism it would be the audio quality of some of the guests. They all really should be using some sort microphone or Bluetooth device. Some shows I just have to shut off. For the amount of content put out on this channel for us content crazy Jets fans, it’s a small price to pay. Keep up the good work and thank you!
  • Jrsohn
    Awesome podcast
    Scott does a great job and always brings the juice. Thanks for all you do, man!
  • Dfhhhgf
    Ads, Ads, Ads.
    Content: 4/5 Sound Quality: 2/5 Amount of ad run time or them trying to sell us their shirts: 1/5 Guests: 3/5. This is just a very bad podcast
  • Jangles99
    PLAJ is top tier
    The daily pods are awesome. Different things are happening or being talked about every day in the NFL and having a pod to listen to each morning on my way to work to recap and hear other opinions are great. Intelligent guys doing a great job!
  • LeFlockoSeagulls
    Best Jets Pod
    I’m subscribed to all the Jets pods and PLAJ is hands down the best. Content everyday, always fresh, even in the off season. Sports is so real-time these days, many other pods deliver dated Jets news and stories. PLAJ guests are the best Jets pundits. Everyone knows what they’re talking about. Deserve 5 stars for sure.
  • AnnieD327
    Best Jet Podcast
    You can always depend on Scott Mason to provide intelligent unfiltered Jet information. No stupid jokes, no ditsy producers discussing their weddings, just pure Jet news. Like it or not you will get the truth. News you can count on. I have been listening since the beginning along with other podcasts. Play Like A Jet is by far the most thought out, researched and serious, if you are serious about the Jets. J E T S Jets Jets Jets Keep up the good work
  • 1nyjetfan
    Chris Nimbley offers nothing to your show please use Sabo or anyone from ustadium . What a waste
  • 4your9sense
    You continue to bring it even in this offseason
    You folks continue to find ways to have interesting and informative shows even though there are no team activities going on. My question concerns the comparison of situations with Josh Allen versus Zach Wilson heading into their second year. It took Josh 2 full seasons before he finally emerged as a very good quarterback in year 3, and yet many are talking like it is a do or die second year for Zach. Perhaps another way to think about it is to ask how do you think Josh would have been received and done in years 2 and 3 had he been drafted by the Jets instead of Sam Darnold? This continues to be the best Jets podcast and one of the best podcast available. Scott Mason does a wonderful job interviewing a variety of knowledgeable individuals about the Jets, from founder Chris Nimbley, to Luke Grant, Chris Moore of CBS Sports and Kyla Pace.The episodes are informative and often entertaining. My only critique is that I wish Joe Blewett would slow his delivery down as my phone sounds like it is set on 1.5x speed when he is speaking.
  • mike12171983
    It’s usually pretty good, but I have to avoid the episodes with Chris Nimbley. He sounds like Bobcat Goldthwait and he takes 15 years to make a point, and his points themselves are not well reasoned. Those episodes are zero stars. Like Grant is great. His breakdowns are 5 stars.
  • hiszo
    Great Jets Content
    Daily podcast with great insight on all things happening with the New York Jets. Great insight and guests. If you crave a daily fix of NYJ content, this podcast is for you.
  • stephen882
    Great Show. Best Hosts.
    Great discussion on every episode. Host Scott Mason gives excellent takes, but is not over the top like many other shows, and he’s respectful and most importantly he’s realistic. Love Luke’s passion and excitement.
  • donotsuck2022
    Play like a jet
    Great show!
  • ajthetrainer
    Best NYJ podcast
    I listen to this podcast all year round for the latest and greatest Jets news.
  • Coe Jonin
    Dated football mentality
    It makes absolutely no sense to say the Jets don’t need to get a WR1 to develop a young QB, yet at the same time say the team desperately needs a CB1. How can you say the team desperately needs a CB1, yet doesn’t need to worry about WR1 in the modern offensive NFL while developing a young QB. The game has changed since the 80’s.
  • Gary Veg
    Best FOOTBALL pod out there!
    Love you guys, but Chris, we understand that coaches lie to you guys. You always say it’s not worth talking about, and then go onnnnnnnn about how he lies “straight to our face”. We all agree it’s not worth talking about so just let it go man. Anyway, 5 stars love you guys lol
  • Thegoldengod10
    Best Jets podcast- but not much competition!
  • Rurimaj
    Best of the Jets podcasts but ...
    At one point I was listening to a half-dozen podcasts or more to feed my appetite for all things Jets. Now it’s just this one. Best by far. BUT it’s getting harder to stomach all the advertising. I get that ads are necessary but they should be placed into a single or at most two blocks so that they aren’t so disruptive. And, if you listen every day the intro sequence can start to feel like an eternity. They need a skip intro button like Netflix has on it's series!
  • Spartacus 1122
    Cough cough
    Get that guy off that coughs constantly. It’s like he constantly is coughing in my ear. Awful
  • Bboys2
    Very mixed bag
    While it is nice that they produce content on a frequent basis, and Scott & Chris are both very knowledgeable, too often there is just too much wasted time on each episode. Case in point, on the March 14th podcast which is approximately 23 minutes in length, they answered 2 separate questions from the mailbag having to do with their favorite pizza toppings and favorite pizza chain stores. Their replies took approximately 5 minutes of the 23 minute podcast. Not what I’m looking for when I want the latest Jets news.
  • NYCguyyeah
    If only the Jets where as good as Play like a Jet
    The best Jets pod by far. Smart, entertaining conversation
  • Mikelove0401
    Person of Color
    I have been listening to you guys for years now. As a person of Color, it was great hearing Eric Crocker give his articulate perspective and analysis of Eli Moore. Please continue to diversify your guess and pumping out amazing content! Listener for life.
  • GeorgiaJet
    Great Podcast
    Just starting listening this month great so far! Please keep up the good work Many thanks
  • PHS49
    Great podcast
    I really like the variety and expertise of Scott’s guest as well as Scott himself. The different takes and opinions makes this more than worth listening to.
  • jets fan 610
    Great pod!
    Love the insight on this podcast. Nice blend of scouting and analytics
  • songster1967
    Content and insight
    If you’re a pod listening Jets fan, this show is a must. Scott pulls out all stops to bring timely and insightful content to Jets Nation
  • max.j.a
    Best Jets podcast
    I love the level of insight and analysis they provide, and the diversity of experts and analysts they bring in each week. Have given me a new perspective on my favorite team.
  • JetsFan006
    Great Jets Podcast
    Scott is a great interviewer and has great analysis and insight. Has some great guests with relevant knowledge. Love the intro!
  • Hfifhxifzx
    Play like a Jet
    Lifetime Jet fan and never knew this type of coverage existed. Great show and a must listen if your a jet fan.
  • Jonathan Benton
    Great and Informative
    Great podcast for all Jets fans who want to learn about all the X’s and O’s of the game. Perfect balance of interesting and informative. Better than the normal team podcast.
  • mpric020
    Great Jets Podcast!
    Give this a listen if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it. Great Jets content!
  • Michaeland7
    Gross Coughing by host every episode
    Solid Jets podcast but the host (Chris Nimbley I think) needs to stop coughing every episode. It’s kind of nasty.
  • Dom08478
    Excellent podcast. Very informative and interesting.
  • twjets10
    The best Jets pod!
    The best Jets pod out there, no doubt
  • htrain38
    Love the pod
    You guys are the absolute best, I love all the different guests who come on and I feel like I’ve learned more about football since I started listening
  • JeditomTC
    Honest Jets opinions by dedicated fans and insiders.
    If you are a Jets fan then this is the podcast for you. Up to date information and opinions without any nonsense. By far the best Jets podcast out there! The Gary Myers episode is a MUST listen to if you want to hear a great off-season summary.
  • Capitalist KC
    Amazing Content
    Just want to shout out to the frequency of content. Having fresh stuff to listen to everyday is the absolute greatest. Although the questions are the same day to day, unless a big splash happens, it stays fresh due to the differing opinions of all the guests they have. Also these are good guests that know their content. Not regular people that have baseless claims for their views. I absolutely love this show. Im not famous but would love to be on it.
  • bigpedro44
    The Best.
    There is no better NY Jets Podcast. Period
  • RichRise93
    Scott does a great job
    Scott does a really great job and clearly puts a lot of work into this podcast. Daily episodes, seven days a week. He has relationships with lots of people and sources I really enjoy listening daily and am a diehard Jets fan. I have some different opinions. NEVER draft a running back high/in the first round. Mexican coke is better than regular coke in a plastic bottle or can. And I think Scott doesn’t focus enough on the opportunity cost a Deshaun Watson trade would cost (I’m still on board with a trade, just pointing out there’s a huge opportunity cost in making such a trade. Watson would be amazing. But I think Fields and Wilson are potential franchise qbs better than numerous past prospects completely worth the #2 pick, and if built around properly with legitimate draft capital, can be great in this league. Don’t forget, Watson wasn’t a can’t miss pick coming out. Fields or Wilson with proper investment around could be great. Super exciting to see where the Jets go. Conclusion: Great podcast for the die-hard Jets fan with daily content. Really respect the amount of work Scott puts into this podcast. Thank you sir!
  • gojets1
    Scott always has informative views & knowledgeable analyst & doesn’t overload you with a bunch of hyperbole
  • bsgehvsjsv
    Not very good
    Scott has a very bias view on the team. Sticks with his narrative and dismisses all other options.
  • Gillies9
    Play like a jet
    A listen for all aged fans of the NYJ.. Scott Mason is becoming an elite interviewer in the industry also has great insight on the NYJ Would have given 5 stars but he needs to boot that bore Chris Nimbley first Zzzzzzzzzz
  • Eric Ferrari
    Scott Mason is good
    Chris Nimbley, not so much. That guy has mastered the art of talking a lot and saying so little. Thank you Scott for your hard work. I’ll continue to listen because of the content you provide.
  • Freddy Boots
    The NY Jets Analysis Authorty
    The authority on NY Jet analysis. Look forward to all the pods !!! Can’t recommend it enough if you are a Jets fan. Scott Mason has awesome contacts and interviews!!! He is the man !!!
  • Niurko
    Great podcast
    Its an everyday listen. Great podcast. If you want smart Jets talk this is a must.
  • ZachWilson2Jets
    Scott is legit
    Better radio host than 90 percent of the guys on TV/radio
  • Uncle Bubbz
    Daily podcast!
    I’ve literally listened to this podcast every day since like March or April.. they literally haven’t missed a day!
  • Bellweather Trader
    The OG
    There’s always next year!
  • MaximusD163
    Get Rid of Mehta
    I will change this to a 5 Star review the day you dump Manish Mehta from the podcast. I also unsubscribed meaning I have to manually download the episodes I want instead of automatically downloading every single episode. I never liked him but with everything coming out on him you gotta cut him out, it hurts the reputation of the show.
  • jetspdx
    Ads kill this podcast
    It’s bad enough that the Jets are headed to 0-16. Spending 1/2 the podcast listening to ads makes it even more painful.
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