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Inner Work: A Spiritual Growth Podcast is committed to walking with you on your journey of awakening and self-development. Host Josephine Hardman, PhD is a second-generation intuitive healer who transitioned into full-time spiritual work after teaching college English for 9 years. Inner Work features illuminating discussions and interviews on spirituality, self-development, inner healing, and manifesting the truly abundant life you deserve.

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  • JustNew80
    Awesome spiritual podcast
    I’ve listened to many spiritual podcasts on my journey. Josephine really connects on a deep level while also being super grounded. Ive had trouble understanding a lot of spiritual concepts in the past but somehow Josephine gets most of it to make sense for me. Thank you.
  • Callihj987654321
    Clear, concise, exceptionally well articulated
    Josephine is so clear, concise and spot on. I bought the very economical Akashic records companion guide and listen to that regularly as well. I find it is helping grow my own intuition.
  • trigrnbay
    I am loving this podcast! So empowering and insightful, looking forward to hearing more of the Awakening. Inspiring, thank you for sharing your story. Trina Empey
  • mmmmccccsssere
    Motivating and gave me the best perspectives and shift my paradigm for the better.
  • 90997
    Love this podcast
    Authentic, genuine, helpful, thank you!
  • nvchamp
    Extremely helpful
  • uvi-1888
    Amazing clarity
    I found this podcast very helpful in providing direction to my spiritual growth. I love the content and presentation of concepts.
  • MK3❤️
    I am new to spiritual awakening. I like Josephine’s explanation that spirituality and manifesting only comes from a positive place. She clearly explains if you are feeling fear or doubt then this is coming from your ego rather than your soul. Thank you!
  • kenneystarr
    This podcast is great for those who are going through a spiritual journey or awakening!
  • Roma Ave
    Glad that I found this podcast!
    I just love the content and the way she talks is so calming and easy to understand. This podcast really helps to find the inner you. Thank you so much, you are helping a lot of people! I drive an hour to work everyday and with this podcast that time has become my therapy hour and it feels like 20 minutes driving now !
  • Junkyard89
    Mic Drop
    I keep getting sucked in, by a variety of the things I didn’t realized I needed guidance with. From affirmations, journaling promps, advice, healing and connection. I love that I found this podcast and have it in my weekly rotation of inspiration.
    Genuine. Thoughtful. Helpful.
  • JensGlitterObsession
    Episodes 1-97
    What happened to episodes 1-97? I just came across this podcast and wanted to start from the beginning.
  • CapeAnner
    Interesting episodes!
    I’m enjoying it. I like Josephine’s point of view and persona.
  • Deshlie
    5 star Podcast
    One of the best podcasts I’ve heard. Most therapists would charge money for this information. Thank you so much Josephine 💋.
  • Duendishdjdbehddjdhdhd
    My favorite podcast!
    She has taught me so much! Josephine has a way of explaining things so well, and I love all the book recommendations!
  • Michelle Glew
    Exactly What I Needed to Hear
    I found this podcast during a time where I needed to hear many of these messages. I am grateful this podcast exists and the many blessings and messages it brings the listeners who are open to it.
  • Sarah Harrell
    Awakened HSP Sanctuary
    This podcast and Josephine’s kind, and supportive energy have become crucial support resources for my Spiritual Journey. Whenever I’m seeking guidance, inspiration, or support the right podcast shows up. I listen to many episodes on repeat. Thank you for this beautiful gift! With deepest gratitude, Sarah
  • Footprintz86
    Just AMAZING
    I stumbled across this amazingly awesome podcast while looking for information on shadow work. And oh my goodness this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! All of the information on the different topics related to spirituality and inner work that I am struggling with!! Such a gem!! Thank you Thankyou Thankyou for such an amazing informational show!! Currently binging all episodes now!! 💜🤍💜
  • Mirra Cole
    A daily listener!
    I’ve recently left the religion I was raised with and that has caused a lot of trauma about a year ago. I’ve been dabbling in tarot and basically just finding myself and unlearning a lot of things from previous religion. I’ve felt so grounded and whole listening to this podcast. I’m able to study tarot as well, and relate so much within this podcast. I’ve even sent some of the podcasts to a couple of friends!
  • Zandria_Lynn
    Thank you for this 💚
    I’ve learned things and gotten closer to answers that I didn’t know and knew I was searching for prior to discovering this podcast a few weeks ago. Now I can’t wait for the next episode 😌
  • Joe98797564
    Beautiful Guidance
    Josephine is pure and loving in all of her advice and wise words. I am so grateful for her and this podcast. Thank you Josephine 💕
  • -TRO-
    Five star
    I’m going through a tough time in my life right now and this podcast is helping me get through it! I really appreciate all she is doing!
  • Conscious_Marketing_&_PR
    Highly recommend!
    This podcast is amazing for whoever that needs a spiritual boost! It is divinely inspiring.
  • breathworkisamazing
    My favorite spirituality podcast!
    I have gained so much from the this podcast. Everything Josephine says seems to be exactly what I need in the moment. Listening to these episodes has been a huge help in my spiritual awakening. Definitely recommend!!
  • Irish Potato Lover🇮🇪
    The Real Deal
    This podcast is the Real Deal - an informed, compassionate professional sharing their knowledge, personal experience, and insight in full service of others (not to promote themselves or sell stuff). After going through some major life upheaval, I got serious about doing inner work and, in the process, listened to many podcasts and read a ton of books. Inner Work is by far one of the most helpful resources I’v found. The episodes are carefully prepared (not “winging it”) - well organized, with a lot of thought behind them, and content rich. The length of the episodes reflects this: ample time to cover the topic but manageable (30-45 minutes). Topics are covered in a concrete way, with real life examples and application ideas vs. theory/philosophy only and virtual free of spiritual of spiritual jargon and buzzwords. Finally, and maybe most importantly, Josephine is HONEST about the challenges as well as the opportunities of the spiritual path - no quick fixes or lofty promises - and makes it clear that she herself is a work in progress (as we all are). She will share her personal experiences at times, but only as they illustrate a broader point, not in a self-involved way. She’s clearly sincere about her beliefs and committed to her work, but doesn’t oversell - simply offers what she’s learned, true to her promise to be “a companion and guide” to listeners. I’ve found this podcast to be comforting, informative, challenging and inspiring - I’d recommend it to anyone who is serious about inner work.
  • LCW4106
    Just what I need!
    After suffering a humiliating and ego-shattering work experience, I started walking instead of using unhealthy coping mechanisms. I had listened to all the episodes of my regular Podcasts and started looking for something to help me with understanding why this happened and how I could move on. I found this Podcast and it is exactly what I need!!! I listen to 2-3 episodes on every walk. Unfortunately I can’t take notes while I’m walking so sometimes I’ll listen to the same episode the next day. I’ll even listen to episodes at home and have to stop the show so I can write the information down exactly as Josephine has said it. Thank you SO MUCH for this podcast. The information you’re sharing speaks to my very soul and is a great tool to assist me on my spiritual and inner soul work. I’m learning something new every day or hear something I’ve heard before but this time I finally understand.
  • jmamababe
    Easy to understand the concepts presented here and apply them to my own spiritual growth. I am really enjoying learning from Josephine!
  • Amber Eve Johnson
    Transparent and Insightful
    Easy to listen to voice, teaching with transparency, and stays in alignment (no tangents or hims an haus). I appreciate the genuine intent of spreading knowledge to ask and promoting discernment.
  • jaay.xo
    Best Podcast I’ve Ever Listened To
    Dr. Hardman has impacted my life in more ways than she can ever imagine. I highly recommend listening to her, no matter if you’re new to spirituality or an expert. There’s always a podcast relevant to events in my life. She’s helped me manage my anxiety and learn how to guide my own life in the right direction. The world deserves to hear her 🦋
  • politicalchick
    Love this podcast
    This is an excellent way to get guidance and insight as I work to improve myself.
  • kaniyyag
    Loved it
    Found this episode at the exact time I’m going through this. Thank you.
  • Ruth04055
    Such a great teacher
    Thank you , what I was looking for !
  • tankbodybuilder
    Going through the hard, thick emotional stuff
    Hi there! I am reaching out to write up how Josephine’s Podcasts have help me. Being a healer myself I was drawn to her right away. I have listened to mostly every single one. At the gym, in the car, before bed. She really wants her listen to understand that we are all going through it together. She is the real deal in regards to doing authentic spiritual work. Thank you again for your help with motivating me to jump back in to healing work when I was ready to give up. ♾❤️🙌🏻
  • BeStill84
    I am so happy I was lead to you ! This podcast has helped me change my life! I wish you much love , inner peace and joy! I’m glad we have you so a little while :)
  • ING in DC
    My gratitude
    I like the new artwork for the cover of the Podcast. I like the new music too!! Thank you, simply - Thank You. My most sincere thanks. 😌
  • 0-'jVbauklfna
    Always helps with exactly what I’m going through
    Her episodes really hit a deep spot. There are times when I listen and it’s like the episodes we’re meant for me to listen to them. They’ve helped me realize so much about myself and how to change things for the better. I recommend this podcast to anyone on a spiritual journey of learning and healing
  • notYOURaverageMOM
    Saved my sanity
    I was not and am not in a good head space at the moment. I want to say THANK YOU!! This podcast as help save my sanity. I love how you explain everything and your prospective on law of attraction. So thank you 🙏 for sharing what wisdom you gave been gifted with!!
  • jwguidry
    Refreshing and authentic
    Josephine is the real deal. She walks the talk and seems to have built her life around a mission of helping others heal.
  • seeking wisdom2
    Awesome insight
    A lot of really awesome insight in this podcast!!! You’ll learn a ton about healing and living from your heart! Highly recommend!
  • murrieta fan
    The real deal!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while and I love it! Josephine is honest & vulnerable and shares from her heart. She is the genuine article & when I listen I feel she truly is invested in her listeners getting some golden nuggets from each episode. Her guests are super interesting and I like her interview style which really allows us to get to know her guests.
  • my dad owns microsoft
    Everyone needs this podcast!
    I’ve been following on IG for a while, loving all the content and tarot spreads. Then realized there was a podcast…whoa! You will regret not following her podcast. Just do it! She’s a powerful intuitive with so much truth, inspiration, reflection and healing to offer you!
  • namaste$1
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom
    I really enjoy these podcasts, they teach me so much about aligning my mind, heart and soul. I have tools that assist me with my healing and also empower me to live this wonderful life to the fullest. Namaste!!!
  • peep:D
    Love her podcast really good !
  • Louys53
    Well done
    Josephine Hardman’s “Triggered” series is excellent. She’s articulate, insightful, so easy to take in. She has a wonderful way of sharing her own struggles without making it about her. Her counsel is always practical and helpful. Highly recommended.
  • ninakarinaddd
    Love it
    First off, her voice and the way of talking is calm and professional. I feel like most podcast people try to be too “perky”. I like the fact that she’s calm and collected. Her advice and perspective are extremely zen ways to handle situations in life. I would recommend her!
  • Jessica K. D.
    Enlightening & Informational!
    I began my spiritual journey recently, and I wanted to broaden my knowledge and understanding, so I looked up good spiritual podcasts, and I found this one! I absolutely love how informational and open she is about different topics. I started from the beginning and I am on episode 24 now. I have been able to learn a lot about myself with Josephine's guidance and find ways to control my anxiety. I have also learned different meditations to do which have also helped. I'm excited to learn more as I continue on. :)
  • Inner Work is the best!
    My favorite!
    This podcast rapidly became my favorite a couple months ago. All of Josephine’s intuitive insights speak directly to me and just make so much sense on a soul level. She beautifully simplifies big concepts without dilution of their subject matter. Her suggestions, reframing and journal prompts are all priceless. Every guest she’s had on the podcast have been equally a joy to listen to. I love the ranges of episode lengths too! The easiest listening and digestible podcast I’ve listened to yet. Thank you, Josephine!
  • sillybee123
    One of my favorite spiritual podcasts
    I look forward to listening to Josephine’s podcasts because the topics are relatable and each episode is filled with useable advice. I also enjoy her engaging interviews. Truly exceptional!
  • yogiwithin
    Thank you
    I love the way Josephine is able to get to the point without having the need to over complicate the topic. It’s an easy to digest, on point knowledge share that encourages more learning and growth.
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