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Ear Hustle brings you the daily realities of life inside prison shared by those living it, and stories from the outside, post-incarceration. The podcast is a partnership between Nigel Poor, a Bay Area visual artist, and Earlonne Woods, formerly incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and was co-founded with former San Quentin resident Antwan Williams. The Ear Hustle team works in the San Francisco Bay Area, both in San Quentin State Prison’s media lab and from offices on the outside, to produce stories that are sometimes difficult, often funny and always honest. Episodes offer a nuanced view of people involved with the American prison system and those reintegrating into society after serving time.

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Recent Reviews
  • Zombalikestoeatbrainsandworms
    Open your mind and heart
    I cannot say how much I love this Podcast! It is an honest look at the human side of incarcerated people. I encourage everyone to listen and open your mind and heart.
  • etesh12
    Interesting, juman, humanizing, funny, curious, moving. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It has opened my eyes
  • True Crime all the time Kieran
    An eye opening podcast
    I love, love the podcast! Really has opened my mind and changed my perspective. You can’t judge others unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes and this podcast does a great job of compassionately giving a look into the life of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. Thank you for what you do! Please don’t ever stop! Thank you for always bringing humor and compassion to the stories you tell and always keeping it real.
  • dhfhyfnhvthdmgh
    Good quality
  • ShelDolo
    I found you guys on the criminal podcast and it is awesome!!! Keep up the good work guys!!
  • DLRcowboy
    great show
    it’s odd how people complain about social justice warriors and people being “woke”, isn’t it a good thing to want to right social wrongs?
  • tbpjewelry
    Excellent podcast. Great insight. Love it.
  • PurpkeKnight
    The Best
    I was one of those kids who went on the prison tour to Angola State Prison years ago. I must say it was a deterrent for me and I am now a successfully retired citizen. To hear your stories and to listen to depth of your story telling capabilities is both refreshing and insightful. Please keep doing what you all are doing. You are the best! Very respectfully MMoody
  • angelajg27
    I love this show. You have educated me and opened my eyes with humor and humanity. Everyone should share in this experience. In a small way you have made me a better person.
  • forfickssake
    Good show
    I love this show but it’s turning into a S.J.W. Platform where everyone is getting woke now
  • jinny706410
    Amazing eye opening
  • JillieSue
    Thank you
    I have learned so much. Ehat a great gift.
  • hazelbnr
    Thank you is not enuf
    The content of episodes is often painful, but there is always humor and highly educational. This country, that says it is Christian, vindictively punishes people and justifies these actions through eye for eye philosophy. It is truly all about corporate greed and controlling power, prisons for profit, free labor, and needless cruelty. More episodes are needed on how we, as the people on the outside, can help change this revolving door of the prison system.
  • myrtleturtle06
    Fabulous show about the realities of prison
    This is one of my favorite shows and I look forward to each new episode. Ear Hustle shows the realities of life inside San Quentin and other prisons, and does so with compassion and heart. Listeners get a personal perspective of a system that many of us have the privilege to never have to think about. And although some of the episodes are tear-jerkers, others are really fun and lighthearted. Highly recommended to everyone!
  • Irishfan-12
    Amazing podcast
    I have listened from the very beginning. This podcast has touched me on so many levels. I’ve spent three months in jail over a probation violation. My heart is with those incarcerated. I was crying over the kids hurting when they felt abandoned by their parents. They will never realize that it’s probably only shame that has kept their parents from communicating. I HOPE that everyone knows that all they need is to be loved by their parents no matter what. All these kids want is to be listened to and loved no matter what. I’m still crying over this episode.
  • whytryagain
    Listen with caution.
    This is a romanticized version of criminality. It gives a “see how good I am” view of those who have been assigned to repay a debt to society but never addresses the huge amount of pain and suffering left in their wake. Their victims will forever carry the pain and memory of the actions of these felons, and unlike some on this podcast, the governor can’t just make it go away like he did for their debt to society.
  • Z00m F1r3
    My first podcast I ever listened to. I would listen to it while playing video games, and while working out. I feel this podcast needs to be given more recognition, as it not only informed me about a very interesting topic but was very entertaining.
  • Mom24crazykids
    My Absolute Favorite Podcast
    I wish every single person on the planet could hear this podcast. If this show doesn't break down prejudices and pre-conceived ideas about the incarcerated - nothing will. I have laughed, cried, and stayed up all night to listen to the episodes. I wish there could be a new episode every day. A truly beautiful artistic creation.
  • Tliddy22797
    This is so good! Can’t stop listening
  • rayna small
    This is amazing
    This show is addicting seriously I listen to it at work a loud and nobody says anything to me about shutting it off because everyone else enjoys this podcast as well... please please keep up the good work. I’ll be buying a shirt soon because it’s going for a good cause.
  • Mary_Pags
    The First Cook Off
    what a wonderful episode! I could almost smell the aromas and was right there with spoon and fork in hand.
  • EricM2285
    My favorite podcast
    In theory the concept of the show is brilliant. But the execution and production of thar concept is even better. Ear Hustle is one of those rare cases in life that happens. Having been inside myself in the past this show appeals to me even more. Big thanks to Nigel, Earlonne, SQ and all the people involved in Ear Hustle.
  • movies reviewer
    Eye Opening
    I found this Podcast through an NPR show Snap Judgement. Wow! Eye opening, educational and enlightening. So much I was ignorant to about the prison systems. The incarcerated deserve better. If the point is to reform it can start with humane treatment. I hope these stories will continue to be told and hopefully bring about change.
  • swiehe
    Great listen
    I love true crime podcasts and stumbled upon this one. It is great to see the other side of it. Hearing these men’s stories is great. Hearing everything for better or worse is so interesting and fun. The hosts are GREAT. E is the best
  • taypodcast
    Listen to at work
    I discovered this while searching for a new podcast. Although at first I thought it wouldn’t be a top pick for me cause I typically don’t listen to this type of podcast. I have found myself addicted to it. It makes time go by fast at work!
  • OK Olive
    I love EarHustle because it’s insightful to a part of life that many of us are not exposed to firsthand. The customs, doubts, worries, dreams and ambitions, the pain and regret, self reflection of those on the inside. I love every episode
  • Awesome Great Pod 👍
    I listen to many different podcast on a variety of subjects. This podcast is my new favorite. So insightful, informative and hopeful. Thank You!
  • dsm25
    I can’t thank Alan Alda enough for interviewing E on his podcast. That’s how I learned about Ear Hustle. These stories are important !
  • Lesiure Lotion
    This Show Gets Edited By the Prison Industrial Complex
    Laughing about prison guards destroying the only property an inmate has was the last straw for my friends and I. Haha so funny! It’s odd there’s never been a episode about the cruelty of the guards or how the system destroys humans beings by overwhelming them with negative reinforcement. This show supports the worst aspects of locking people in cages by giving the enormous yet fixable aspects topic zero criticism. The first thing people from other countries think of regarding American prisons is the regular abuse and criminal treatment of prisoners. Such a shock that this isn’t even in the periphery of this shiny polished puff piece. This show is nothing but a positive PR campaign for the American prison industry. If you want a first hand, non corporate podcast about life inside a prison in America that is not hosted by a bubbly woman who hasn’t even done time, than listen to “Notes From The Pen”. It’s hosted by an actual prisoner and recorded over the phone in 15 min increments. Warts and all...
  • Jawebber
    Great podcast
    I’m interested in different cultures within our greater society. This podcast is a very interesting look in to prison culture. Beyond that, it’s very well done, well written and always interesting. Anyone who knows me knows that I abhor reviews and that I never do them but this podcast is so good that I couldn’t help myself:)
  • MeggFarr
    Bing Worthy and Eye Opening
    For the past few months, listening to Ear Hustle has been my husbands and I nightly bedtime listen. We’ve recently listened to all the episodes and have started again at episode one. This show is so eye opening. For starters, we’ve stopped saying “prisoner” and have started saying “incarcerated person.” The episodes will have you laughing, crying, horrified, angry, and all types of emotions you don’t even know how to label! Naj and E (and now NY!) have such an empathetic way of listening to the stories and giving a voice to the incarcerated men of SQ. I’ve learned so much from this podcast.
  • jackiejackiebootysmackie
    Eye opening podcast
    This podcast has opened my eyes. I’ve cried so many times. I love Nigel and E.
  • marbleanne
    some of the finest story telling out there!
    i was lucky enough to stumble upon this gem when it very first started (thanks, radiotopia!!!), and six seasons in, i haven’t missed a single episode... i cried for joy when i learned e was getting out. right now, more than ever, it’s incumbent upon US to get educated about what’s happening “inside” to our citizens, with our tax dollars. you can’t fix or reform something you don’t understand. BRAVO, to everyone involved -please know that you are appreciated and LOVED ❤️
  • NuckinFuts101
    Love it
    Keep up the good work guys!
  • whitneyjp
    Love this!
    I can not state how much I love this podcast. I’ve heard about it but didn’t start listening until 2020... I have truly been missing out on an amazing experience listening. Thank you for what y’all do!
  • imreallynate
    Love this podcast
    This is one of the very few podcasts that I’ve actually given money to monthly. It’s not just entertaining, it’s important in helping change conversations around incarceration.
  • Libraryknight
    Great hosts, fascinating stories
    An informative podcast with stories from a wide range of folks. Sometimes funny, sometimes deeply sad; always affecting. I really appreciate the COVID updates.
  • 6-09-98
    Much love and we miss y’all ♥️🙏
    I love everything about this podcast. Definitely my favorite. Hope everyone is staying safe and strong. Much love and we miss y’all ♥️🙏
  • mommaplus2
    Say Yes Y’all!
    This podcast... I LOVE it! It’s really informative about the inner workings of prison but mainly the truth behind the truth to the human heart and how someone can change no matter how long it takes. Keep it up!
  • tine1971
    Sam Robinson
    One of my top 3 podcasts. Hurry back. So funny, this evening watch Q Ball on netflix and a voice came on and i was i know that voice! It was Sam Robinson. “And I approve this show”. 😀 Sam
  • Quanda123
    No words
    Truly an amazing podcast - one of the best I have listened to date (except for Criminal haha.) I finished all the episodes in a week and a half. So raw and real and the stories will make you laugh and cry. Keep up the amazing work!
  • miss cgh
    Emotional rollercoaster- the good kind!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts ever. I’ll say this- it’s not for everyone and you need an open mind. But if you’re up for it, Ear Hustle will extract every single kind of feeling from you over the course of its seasons. You’ll laugh, cry, cringe, get angry. Sometimes you’ll be mad at the men on the inside, sometimes at the system. But we all have a lot to learn from these episodes. Seemingly effortlessly, EH weaves together stories, interviews, music, and more to paint a picture that is not very pretty but is full of bright spots. Buckle up because it WILL make you uncomfortable. You’ll examine right and wrong, justice, your own bias. But at the end I guarantee you’ll walk away seeing the humanity in incarcerated people.
  • FacetiousMonkey
    Top Podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. High quality production and great insights into the prison industrial complex.
  • Bobobobibo
    This is one of the realist and street podcast on here. Love it
  • cosimascully
    great podcast
    Really enjoy this podcast. It's produced really well, always has interesting and informative content, and has really influenced the way I think about folks who are imprisoned.
  • HeyNikki!
    Is Ear Hustle amazing?...Indeed!
    Ear Hustle is one of the best podcasts out there. I was just recommended this show a week ago and I was totally missing out! Binged the whole show in a week and I want to hear more. These episodes were shocking, riveting, heartbreaking, funny, thought provoking, etc. In addition to the entertainment, it has really opened up my mind about incarcerated individuals and the prison system. If that’s not reason enough, the hosts are all amazing and the music in these episodes are incredible! Can’t wait for Season 6!
  • Spacekadette
    Just wow!
    So many people have been telling me to listen to this for so long. I should have listened sooner. This podcast is so good. Brilliant. It’s hilarious, sad, devastating, insightful and hopeful. Such a great listen! Also, I never ever write reviews, but this is worth it.
  • TanyaK1014
    Love it
    Ear Hustle is amazing! The stories of the residents illicit compassion and understanding. They tug at your heart and you find yourself rooting for their redemption, success, or just a chance to gain a private look into the lives of San Quentin’s residents.
  • melhol81
    Something totally new
    I haven’t enjoined a podcast like I do Ear Hustle in a long time. It’s like nothing I’ve listened to before. It opens my eyes to an aspect of society that is somewhat mysterious but one that many of us seem to have some mental image of. And it’s really giving me some faith in humanity during a time in which that is a challenge.
  • Rinosaur
    Journeys of hope and second chances
    I’ve listened to a bunch of podcasts by now, but haven’t binged one like I did Ear Hustle. It became easily my favorite over a lot of other quality podcasts. Sorry Criminal. You lost your spot at #1 because you previewed Ear Hustle and it was TOOO good. It’s stories of how to cling to hope, find redemption, and save yourself when society sets you up to feel like you shouldn’t matter. This show is FIRE.
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