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Highest Self Podcast is the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes and for a reason. Sahara Rose makes spirituality fun, diverse, grounded and relatable! With 4 years and over 4000 5-star reviews, Highest Self Podcast will teach you how to Discover Your Dharma™ (soul's purpose), embody your fullest expression and blossom into your highest self. From divine feminine wisdom, to taking action on your dharma (soul's purpose), to manifestation, to past lives, to sacred sensuality, to conscious entrepreneurship, this podcast is the spiritual friend you wish you had, who lifts you up and gets you on all levels. Welcome, sister queen!Discover your Dharma Archetype and Dosha (Ayurvedic mind-body type) with Sahara's unique quizzes www.iamsahararose.com and dive into her latest book Discover Your Dharma. For her monthly Goddess Circles, join Rose Gold Goddesses at www.rosegoldgoddesses.com. Follow her on Instagram, TikTok Facebook and Twitter at @IAmSaharaRose

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  • souloftaylor_
    I have listened to many podcasts regarding spirituality, soul’s mission, and dharma. But nothing has quite shown me the insight like this podcast with Sahara Rose. There are no coincidences. I’m very happy I am now listening to all the content to help guide my on my spiritual awakening. I highly recommend anybody who is new to this journey or you’re a veteran just curious to hear a new voice. I highly recommend this podcast talking all things with living in your dharma. I am currently on the waiting list for the dharma coaching institute and I’m so excited.
  • M 💓
    Vibes 💓
    Hi Sarah, I found the Highest Self Podcast amidst lock down. You really got me through some tough times in my life and opened my eyes to a whole different world
  • julieczerwin
    SO INFORMATIVE. Sahara is so authentic, bold, & brave
    The podcast on alcohol & why she doesn’t drink it is so life-changing. She literally validated all of the thoughts towards alcohol & why my body keeps rejecting it more & more. The more I dedicate my life to spirituality, the more of an effect alcohol has on my body. She explains it the best. A huge eye opener.
  • Merg4444
    Absolutely LOVE this podcast. So eye opening. So reassuring!
  • KathrynAlejo1
    Inspirational & freeing!
    I was listening to the Manifestation babe podcast & Sahara Rose was on as a guest talking about Dharma’s or finding your life’s purpose! She spoke so flowy & beautifully so I instantly knew I wanted to join along on what she has to say on her own platform. She dives into spirituality in such a creative way & I am sooo happy I found her podcast because my daily walks listening to her inspire me to my souls depth & helps me understand myself a little better. Highly recommend if you are into spirituality, motivation, learning, & inspiring. Stay & Listen if that sounds like it aligns with you!
  • Camp Winkler
    Just what I needed
    I was just barely scraping by during 2020, and something didn’t feel right. I quit my job, bought a gorgeous canvas tent, and packed the essentials. My dog/sidekick Bodhi and I are headed to my moms land to do some soul searching. At the same time, I discovered Sahara Rose and her amazing podcast. I love her energy, her genuine attitude and her gentle wisdom. I want to be part of her tribe! She is helping me along the journey to authenticity. Just bought her book Discover Your Dharma, can’t wait to dive in!
  • EllieOC
    Sahara Rose is exactly who I’ve been looking for!
    OMGEEE I’ve been binging on Sarah’s podcast ever since I heard her smooth, authentic voice, as she was interviewed on another podcast. If you want to know about spirituality, Ayurveda from a person who has lived through it all for us then I highly recommend subscribing to this incredible woman’s podcast! I am “soul grateful” I found her! #FanForLife PS.Make sure you take her dharma archetype quiz!
  • reptarsquad
    Finally I belong
    Crying I’m so happy I found this podcast and other people in the world like me. I feel like I’m having a stimulating convo with my best friend on my couch every time I listen. Can’t wait for May 10th to be here!!!!
  • Nicole Hannon
    A True Gem
    I stumbled across this podcast recently and haven’t stopped listening since. Sahara is such a needed light in our world. Do yourself a favor and dive in!
  • Molly @the.hippie.housewife
    Just what I needed in my life <3
    I absolutely love Sahara Rose and am so excited to have started her podcast today after discovering her books a few weeks ago. I feel like this is what I was missing in my life and I'm looking forward to listening to this entire podcast! When she said, "Your mess is your message" I cannot express how much that resonated with me! I've been searching for mean and "my place" and I feel like I am finally on the path I need to be on! Thank you so much, Sahara... I'm so excited to lean more about Ayurveda and finding learning so much more about my higher self. I'm truly grateful and will recommend this podcast to anyone who can benefit from your message :)
  • SunshineSabs
    Love your podcast!
    Hi Sahara! Thank you for being you and for being a part of my life every morning. Listening to you, your guests, and your topics are uplifting and inspiring. Your soul sister, Sabrina @sabrina.jaye.sunshine
  • Lunarlove333
    Started strong, took a sideways turn
    I loved this show when I first discovered it about 2 years ago. After the pandemic things felt like they were shifting, and instead of Sahara calling out the exploitative and harmful aspects of new age beliefs, she went the other way. Having teal swan on the show, doing a kundalini episode where she doesn’t explore the dark history of yogi bhajan and just tries to sell you more and more “masterclasses” cleanses and books. I feel like this is a good starting point for those on a spiritual journey, but there comes a time when it just feels superficial and phony. Sahara also talks over her guests often, cuts them off and seems to demand all the attention.
  • recovered_Stephanie
    A place of Love’ 💜
    I just finished the magic and miracles episode!! I LOVED it! My favorite thing about this podcast is how it teaches spirituality and manifestation from a place of love instead of ego! I’ve been definitely getting more connected and feeling at one with the universe since listening!
  • tinaness
    L♥️ving this podcast
    Just started learning about dharmas and can’t get enough! Sahara is the go to guru for everything spiritual ♥️ Absolutely love her!
  • Giselle Terez
    Most relatable Spiritual Leader—an truly authentic being :)
    I found this podcast because my work manager sent us the “Discover your Archetype” quiz to get to know us better—it sent me on a journey (like only the Universe can) to her books Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, Discover Your Dharma, and this podcast, The Highest Self Podcast. I LOVE how real Sahara is, I find myself saying out loud “YES, girl!”, nodding emphatically and relating 1000x to what she is saying, recognizing my own limiting beliefs, and now working on manifesting an abundant life instead of subscribing to the “this is as good as it gets” type of limiting belief mindset. Thank you Sahara SO much for the work that you do, you truly have a gift!
  • sydneybeggs
    New favorite podcast
    I love this podcast! I listen to so many and this instantly became one of my favorites. Her words are whatever everyone is feeling but can’t put into words. She has an extremely unique, positive perspective on life, and I’ve already seen a change in my mind and spirituality since listening.
  • Dodahdodado
    Just what I was looking for.
    This podcast has been great for me to listen to as I become more aware of the power of manifesting and becoming familiar with spirituality. Definitely recommend!
  • qwerteqq
    Love love love
    I just started listening to Sahara and now I’m completely in love thank you for all the beautiful content! Much much much love!
  • MirMaverick
    New to Spirituality
    I found this podcast when I search “best spiritual podcasts”. I am new to this area but have already learned so much within the first couple of episodes I’ve listened to! Hoping to learn more and grow more as I continue this journey.
  • Clarissa B 21
    Modern Ayurvedic Queen!
    I recently found this podcast and am loving it! Sahara puts such a fresh and modern spin on Ayurvedic principles and I’ve learned so much already. This show is inspirational, relatable, educational, and a joy to listen to. Thank you for everything and for helping others to find their Dharma!
  • Liss.LM
    Thanks Sahara
    I absolutely love your podcasts, you have encouraged me to keep following my dreams and reminded me about embodiment. THANKS for putting in kind words what all of us already know deep inside us already. You da best !!
  • Margaux Marine
    Absolutely love this podcast
    The first time I listened to this podcast, I cried. Tears of feeling seen, heard, validated and understood. It felt like Sahara was speaking right to me. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone on their spiritual journey, or anyone that’s just curious about the topics she covers. Sahara delivers this information and insight in a way thats easy to understand and that makes you eager to implement it or explore it further in your own life.
  • ashp
    Great listen
    I very much enjoy this podcast! Sahara is very down to earth and easy to listen to. I just listened to several episodes in a row and they all kept my interest and I learned things also.
  • kmcooney22
    I recently started on my self healing journey & with doing so, I came across saharah's podcast & also ordered her book called, "Finding Your Dharma". She talks about how finding what our soul yesrns for is what our true purpose is & gives detailed, positive insight on how to do so. What she touches on is so relatable & always seems to be exactly what i need to hear!
  • bri_thebee13
    I am becoming my highest self!
    This podcast has been an extremely helpful resource, and is helping me to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to attain my highest self! I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is on the journey of healing, self-discovery, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, etc. This podcast will surely help you on your path!
  • Sea_vibez
    So raw, real, inspiring, & just all the feelzzz
    Honestly love her voice & her whole vibe. Every podcast is so interesting and informing. Just feels great to find something I can totally vibe with in the car, at work, literally anywhere. This channel is sooo dope, Incredibly captivating, a whole lotta value, & I 100% reccomend <3
  • Meli B_ee
    A - MAZ - ING !! AMAZING
    There is an energy that Sahara exudes in EVERYTHING she dose! I true modern day goddess sharing her wisdom and light with us all! Within the week I started listening I have grown so much! Feeling empowered in who I am and where I want to go! I lover her bad b!tch energy and what she brings to the spiritual table. Unapologetically her and I love love love every bit of it! A true role model of mine! From conversations, to messages made with love, and the friends she invites on - this podcast calls to us all!
  • Gonzarie
    A Journey Worth Taking!
    Sahara Rose has a voice that resonates and reaches the masses! She is upbeat, informational, relatable, explorative, and simply beautiful. I have learned so much about myself as well as been inspired to delve deeper into topics that I never woul dhave thought I would have. Every episode has a message for any and everyone. Its worth a listen and your soul will thank you, trust me!
  • Stingle73
    Love it!
    I see Sahara dancing across my IG occasionally but never really paid much attention or turned up the volume (dancing is not my thing😬). I was searching for something to listen to while out for a walk and stumbled across her podcast. I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to listen to more episodes!
  • Jamie Kowalik
    This podcast has become my weekly ritual
    Sahara is just SO good. She creates a conversation around the topics we NEED to be talking about including collective consciousness and becoming more in tune with well... your highest self. Her episodes are inspiring, uplifting, and most of all help spread awareness and opening up to magical possibilities.
  • MosaicDental
    Soul Awakening
    This podcast has so many deep insights and wisdom which make you go beyond the 3D world as well as internally. It answers the real questions we should we be asking ourselves for a more meaningful life and guides you towards “your” answer since everyone’s is going to be different. Thank you Sahara for all the work you do because of it my life has become more purposeful and soulful. You make my soul happy!
  • erinlynneg
    If you are on a path of leveling up this podcast is for you! Sahara helps you get to the root of your purpose and bring it to life! Her guests are inspiring , and bring ease and simplicity into up-leveling your spiritual practice!! Thank you so much Sahara !
  • CBlueFlames
    LIFE CHANGING!!!! ❤️❤️🦋🦋
    I started listening to Sahara’s podcast about a month ago, and listen to it almost daily! I feel so aligned, balanced, and vibrating at my Highest Self when I am listening to it. Listening to an episode is part of my daily spiritual and self care practice. It is SOOOOO AMAZINGGG!!!! She has such a soothing, comforting voice. And she speaks on the most amazing things. Be prepared to catapult down a path of amazing growth! She also does interviews with other amazing people, so I have gone down other avenues of growth as well by being exposed to these individuals, their work and books. Sahara has also written several INCREDIBLE books, and she also has an INCREDIBLE website, and Rose Gold Goddesses group. Sahara thank you so much for the work that you do, and for being who you were truely meant to be!!!!!!!!! 🙏
  • KalonieK
    Chills! Thank you!
    G-unit lol 😂 I am so grateful for this podcast. Opens my heart mind body for more spiritual growth. I claim this beautiful energy. I’m excited to start asking the bigger questions. And you really made me aware that being spiritual doesn’t have to be so strict about life. I grew up a Jehovah witness and was told a lot of things were wrong. But ever since I left that religion maybe 4 yrs ago now. I’m relearning and re teaching myself. It’s a hard journey but I am so ready for it. I also make music and feel like when I write I am channeling 🤩 my music will help heal people I know it. You gave me that push I needed to live my Dharma ❤️ can’t wait to meet you one day. Speaking it out 🙏my name is Kalonie Kruse.
  • Kennnystars
    What I didn’t know I needed
    This is an amazing and calming podcast, every episode I listen to is exactly what I needed at that time and have always been inspired and feeling lighter by the end of every episode 💕 I stumbled across a random episode a long time ago and that exact moment was when my spiritual journey began and I had no idea how much positive change was about to come ❤️❤️❤️
  • Taylor Alexa Gu
    I’ve listened to every single episode of the podcast!! It truly helped me evolve on my spiritual journey and learn what actually makes me my highest self. Sahara Rose is an inspiration and role model to me! This is a must listen podcast.
  • CC Sunshine
    What my soul has been searching for all this time!
    This podcast, and Sahara Roses tools on her website, definitely helps my “soul to its highest involvement” to help me discover my true happiness. My journey thus far, has led me to believe and theorize certain things and this podcast, these tools and books, has helped me to firm up my belief systems, set them in stone, to finalize my foundation to help me embark on my mission helping others in this lifetime. Thank YOU for your messages as I am not alone any longer and have a tribe, virtually, with zero boundaries holding me back. 🙏🌞🖖
  • Snappyc
    Engaging and Informative
    Sahara Rose, such a beautiful podcast. I randomly stumbled upon your “Eat Feel Fresh” cookbook after clicking on someone else’s reviews. I of course bought the book and have been reading it (ish) as a guide bc I’ve been struggling with my mental and physical health. It’s been my go-to and while I don’t listen to podcasts often, you’ve made me an active listener (on a slow roll-in basis). Tip-toeing into manifesting my greatest self through some of your teachings along with those that already exist inside of me. Thanks for sharing yourself. Interested in digging into it more!! ✌️
  • thesamied
    The best spiritual podcast
    I love this podcast. I feel like I always find the right episode when my soul needs it. The guest she brings on are amazing. I am so grateful for this space to learn while I’m on the go.
  • ashlundy
    spirituality + swear words
    i’ve been binging sahara’s books and recently found her podcast. her voice is beautiful and her style of speaking (spiritual with a few swear words) is RIGHT up my alley. grateful for her and the work she’s done to make Ayurveda more accessible🤍
  • Diamond97
    5 Stars!
    I listened to my first episode of this beautiful podcast today and immediately cannot wait to binge the other episodes. I was holding on to each word and felt so deeply connected to my highest self. Highly recommend for those walking a spiritual path.💖
  • gumby's_dick
    Doesn’t explain how to fix my hair
    This show is mostly baloney. No hair tips, no dinner suggestions, just aliens and monk people.
  • Madelinerenai
    Favorite podcast! ♥️
    I love listening to you I’ve been listening for a few months and you’ve helped me in many ways , so thank you ! 😊
  • spacey-kacey
    I love Sahara. I have been listening to her for a few years now. She has such a peaceful voice and I love hearing what she has to say. I especially live her recent episode with Elizabeth April. This episode has truly confirmed a lot of my beliefs from when I was a little girl. I no longer feel like and outsider but I am embracing my “weird” ♥️
  • MichelleLyn29
    Love this podcast!
    I love this podcast because not only do I learn from Sahara Rose I also learn from the amazing guests she has on the podcast! I am currently taking the 21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey and am so excited to be on this path!
  • slorayne
    Just what I needed
    Iv been diving into my spirituality and just asking for guidance ! Every episode I listen to I just feel deeper connected with myself 🤍
  • LittleMsHappy
    Highest Vibrations
    I recently started listening to Sahara’s podcast and just fell in love with the content. She presents things in a different light and helps bring so much clarity into my life. So grateful to have found this podcast. I also purchased Sahara’s book “Finding your Dharma” and am loving it!!!!! Thank you Sahara!!!
  • chloedevonmiles
    Meaningful, knowledgeable, and relatable.
    This podcast has been so wonderful to work my way through. ThoughI was only recently introduced to it it’s brought me to a new level of growth. I always enjoy the various guests and topics that Are discussed. Thank you for creating this powerful and useful content.
  • gratitide_ally
    I love Sahara
    Everything about Sahara, her podcast, and her guests always have me flowing! Thank you 🙏🏼
  • houstondoula
    Really informative and interesting
    I stumbled across this podcast after a fb ad asked me to take a dharma quiz. I’ve been listening constantly ever since. Not only are there so many new episodes coming out frequently, but all of the episodes in the archive are amazing. I can’t get enough and haven’t listened to a bad episode yet! Sahara has a really comforting voice too and is really easy to listen to.
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