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Twice a week, this podcast will take you on a smart, direct, sometimes scary, sometimes profane, sometimes hilarious tour of the inner workings of American power and of the impact of our leaders and their policies on our standing in the world. Hosted by noted author and commentator David Rothkopf and featuring regulars Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School, Kori Schake of Stanford University and David Sanger of the New York Times, the program will be the lively, smart dinner table conversation on the big issues of the day that you wish you were having...without the calories. Sometimes special guests will join the conversation and always the emphasis will be on providing the unvarnished perspectives others shy away from. Deep State Radio is the insider perspective on American national security and foreign policy that you can't find anywhere else.

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  • DrDK2
    Polling Rerun Missed Opportunity
    When you re-run an episode like this discussion on polling before the 2022 midterms, it would be so much more valuable to then update it with a 10-15 minute discussion through the lens of the actual 2022 voting results. A sad missed opportunity to really make it relevant.
  • Sizemore24
    Democrats State Radio
    These people are nothing but democrat talking heads … you can find more intelligent conversations with a wooden door. Ukraine good USA bad is what these morons preach . They turn a blind eye to the blatant corruption of the biden crime family and blather on about how big of a criminal that Donald J Trump is. The reason they hate Donald J. Trump is because when he wins the 2024 election he will cancel their podcast because the deep state with cease to exist ( it really does exist no matter much you idiot democrats want to say that it doesn’t )
  • ViewerOne
    Straightforward, Objective
    News presented straight-up without speculation or “both sides” diffusion of fact (editorial obfuscation).
  • 😉💙🙃
    30 May ‘23
    Well you missed the boat once again! Uganda’s laws were life in prison and death, depending on the homosexual act…
  • crap nic
    DSR - Trump town hall
    Is there any conceivable chance that licht (CNN CEO) staged this Townhall with Trump supporters so he would be as bad as he could be, thus revealing his horrible self?
  • gray paw
    Love it
    Nice objective summary of today’s news.
  • CRLadra
    The Best
    Than you.
  • newgal2
    Deep State Radio
    Good podcast. Often poor audio. If you’re going to be a podcast, you should have decent audio. Downgraded a star for that.
  • Lackland Cowgirl
    Any podcast that has the opening bars of “Midnight Rider” has to be great!
  • mert 08
    Love Deep State! Love AG!
  • Slanebrain
    Daily Brief - deadpan and tough listening
    I have but rarely heard a voice less suited to audio presentations than the voice doing DSR DAILY BRIEF. DB’s content, like all the rest of DEEP STATE’s content is great! But for mercy’s sake, get another voice, please.
  • mindcentric
    Deep State Radio is Essential Listening
    David Rothkopf and guests are superb !
  • Briseis27
    I have heard smart analysis here, but taking my leave after listening to shockingly facile analysis of the way that the”left” (by this they mean Greenwald apparently — Oy, Rosa —srsly?) has come to mimic the trumpist right on Russia - this is dangerously wrong — it is shockingly myopic as well, because many throughout the world are deeply concerned about escalating the war— not because we “love Russia and hate Murica” but because this war is being escalated by the same insulated and naive coalition of hawks and neocons that brought us into disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — and that coalition does not represent “America” any better than Trump does. And the Ukrainians are not the only peoples waging a valiant struggle, though their struggle is indeed our responsibility— we must handle that responsibly. The globe cannot be reduced to the views of people in UK, US, and those that we select as interlocutors because they say things that mirror our own fantasies or preoccupations. Other people matter and they do not fit your cookie cutter vision of the world — and there are other, better, podcasts to be found…
  • Minder01
    Monetized push ruins show
    I appreciate DSR trying to make a buck, but there is the process of over monetizing your product. The last episode I listened to, they cut it off in mid sentence to play an ad. The show should be monetized because it is a fantastic product, but the middle ad needs better placement.
  • Connie RR
    Best podcast for those interested in the world today
    A must listen to podcast. Incredible important info.
  • Pablo Puppy
    Feb 24, 2022
    ‘Russia is not China in terms of its economy”. This statement should make us all think. Maybe pay a little more for things, and bring chip manufacturing home completely, before China puts the screws to us. They will.
  • swwpc
    Africa Summit
    Good show. While it is right to focus on China, the real problem for Africa is the role of France in Francophone Africa. US government does not really focus on that aspect.
  • cappuccinoalmcocovegan1
    Great show
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five-star show
  • drylwlsn
    Awful sounding Text-to-Speech in Nov. 21 2022 episode.
    As DSR listener from Day 1, I found the banter, personality and opinions of the participants 75 percent of the podcast. With the info being the remaining 25%. Episode #185 November 21, 2022, was all (at least all of what I listened to) multiple computer voices of very flat affect Text-to-Speech. If I wanted to hear an A.I. read the news, I’d listen to my toaster go on and on about the differences between rye and wheat.
  • vieille dame
    Recently Subscribed and I love it!
    After hearing David interviewed on amicus by Dahlia Lithwick, I went straight to sign up to your podcast. Very thoughtful and clear. This can join us all together: these are things we should all be thinking about and discussing together.
  • JGLevi
    Love the podcast.
    So much that I joined. With all due respect to her, however, Rosa Brooks is out of place on these panels.
  • TressaMN
    Kinda boring.
    This thing makes me fall asleep.
  • Larryfl1
    DSR reports
    The podcast’s hosts Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University and David Rothkopf are excellent. They usually talk with Ed Luce of the Financial Times and David Sanger of the New York Times. The group discuss current topics in the world and United States, domestic affairs with the depth unavailable anywhere else. A topic cable news may spend 10 minutes on they spend an hour. Their knowledge and insights are something I look forward to listening to every week and never miss an episode.
  • banjo mando
    Excellent Foreign Policy Podcast
    Dinner table type discussion of (mostly foreign policy) issues. Bright, often humorous analysis.
  • pilateskristen
    Best cross over episode
    Summer Weather Forecast: Best cross over episode ever! What a treat to get to hear Allison Gill twice in one day!
  • Livy3681
    Great podcast!
    Great Podcast! Love the insight and humor!
  • Mynicknameistaken56
    Poor Judgement
    If you give a platform to Yashca Mounk, I'll find the time to say your podcast stunk.
  • uhoh7
    Bait and switch…
    Successful insiders torture us with uninformed humor promising insight to come….for those who pay.
  • Pohokano
    Beware trying to pay for this
    Interesting enough I thought I might chip in to become a “member” and get the additional content, and help the cause. Although the signup instructs to pay any amount you think appropriate, it changes a lesser amount entered back to the $5 they first suggest. (Limited income here.) Did this several times; no warning, nothing. This is misleading at best and essentially dishonest. An organization that would do this suggests their substantive content be viewed with suspicion, too.
  • Bpm98
    Great source of reality
    Absolutely love this podcast. Intelligent discussion of today issues from foremost experts. Haven’t heard a bad episode after listening to 40+ episodes.
  • podsrhealthiernnews
    Deep State Radio
    It’s filled with knowledgeable commentators and humorous too. I’ve been a member for 6 months or so. Alongside the Times “Daily” it is my go to place for what’s happening.
  • jbliving
    Once Great Show with Fatal Business Model Problem
    This was once one of the best news and information shows anywhere. Then they started playing half of a conversation and holding the rest hostage behind a pay wall. Even that wouldn’t be so bad if it were possible simultaneously to consume podcasts the way you want to AND pay them. Instead, they expect you to stop what you are doing, open a browser, enter a password and listen to a podcast on a webpage! It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.
  • midwestBlue
    3.10 pod
    excellent discussions regarding Ukraine. today’s was very informational as well with the guests you had on. thank you
  • invent a nickname
    Bad Audio
    Audio quality is so bad I rarely listen, even though I would like to. *** speaker phones or other low quality mikes.***
  • Diego7568
    Definitely a Deep State Podcast
    Just another podcast pushing deep state talking points in foreign policy. If you like deep state talking points and consuming fluoride this one is for you.
  • CaityC
    About ready to unsubscribe
    So I’ve listened to this podcast since 2017, according to my device, and have mostly found it quite interesting. Though at times horrific audio & production values. But no, I don’t buy lattes & can’t send everyone $5 a month. My assumption was that you all use your pod work to show that you have a fan base & to get book & article deals & paid speaking gigs. The half podcast thing is just 😑 & tbh is starting to make me dislike you. Maybe try what Lawfare does — have ads & an ad free feed for Patreon fans? Consider asking for far less as a base & asking for far more from those that can afford it. Ask your well-paid friends. You all have sooooo much more money & income security than I do.
  • Loganfool
    Could be more interesting.
    Too much unnecessary information and not enough sticking to the subject. I think podcasts were meant to be a little bit more entertaining as well as informative.
  • sfncar
    Omicron whinging
    Good grief, stop whinging about the Democrats/administration/CDC as if that’s going to do any good. Are you working for the GOP? That’s what you sound like. If you want something to say about what they’re doing then go get a job in the administration. Otherwise shut up! Yelling because they aren’t doing what you think they should is stupid, not to mention a waste of my time.
  • Lss659
    Intelligent conversation
    Smart people and great conversations. Highly recommend this! 10/26/21: this is an excellent podcast, but the recent announcement that only a portion of the episode will be available unless you subscribe is disappointing. Every day some company wants me to sign up for for exclusive newsletters, podcast content, streaming service for tv shows & movies. If I signed up for only a few, I’d still end up spending $30-50/month for what is often news or commentary that’s irrelevant in a few days. As a retiree my funds are limited, so sorry, no subscription from me
  • DavidStirling
    I need more Mondays!
    Can we get Kori, Rosa and Ed more than once a week??? I look forward to their perspectives more than any other media source. Oh yeah, and that guy who hosts regularly is pretty good too.
  • vw10
    Extremist propaganda, hypocrisy, lies
    Would be laughable, if it wasn’t so destructive. Group of completely unaccountable, unaware people, engaging in, and frankly perpetuating, lies. PLEASE STOP LYING.
  • G. Possum
    Absolutely and Compellingly Superior!
    In listening to my first DSR podcast, “America’s 2000 Yard Stare”, I was completely taken with the clarity —moral and intellectual clarity— of the conversation. I followed up immediately by listening to the Afghanistan Papers conversation, and with it one of the most knowledge-based interviews I’ve ever heard on any subject. I’d give Deep State Radio 10 stars if Apple would let me!
  • Laurie715
    In a word of black and white, this podcast and David especially, explains things in shades of gray. Fantastic pod!!!
  • Peter Douche
    Black Lives Matter
    Stop trying to say All Lives Matter is the only thing that matters!!!
  • LostRiver5
    Audio Quality
    Please improve audio quality for Luce, but this is trivial when weighed against the value and quality of this dialogue. Grateful for Rothkopf’s balanced, fact and history based analysis.
  • HappiestDevil
    To the “experts”, small e, what we are seeing is the vaccinated are spreading the disease, according to your corrected science. Give my vaccine to someone who needs it, if it’s so good lol. I don’t want a “vaccine that enables me to spread the virus, get it??? Stop spreading garbage, my body my choice, let me die in peace fools. Again more garbage. Information spread to you by ignorant people.
  • Diplo Dave
    Great original show diluted by B-grade spin-offs
    This show is absolutely at its best with the original foreign policy-focused lineup on Mondays, when some combination of Kori Schake, Rosa Brooks, David Sanger and Ed Luce appears. The conversation flows and there is terrific chemistry between the participants. David Rothkopf has tried to expand from this original podcast to create the “DSR Network“ brand, with mixed results. There are one-off shows with one-on-one conversations foreign policy experts, which are interesting in parts, but this listener loses interest eventually if it goes on for 45 minutes or more. Less successful is the “Spy Talk” show, which is shoehorned in on Thursdays. It doesn’t quite fit with the brand and feels forced and foisted on listeners. Rothkopf has a history of trying to force new shows on the network, whether it’s his sister’s cooking show, or that Hollywood politics show a couple of years ago. None of it has worked as well as the original, which was really lightning in a bottle, and devilishly difficult to replicate. Which brings me to the Friday national security/ coronavirus/ threat to democracy show. This show doesn’t hold up as well as the Monday show, and I fault the personalities involved. Kavita Patel is excellent and shines brightly. But Ryan Goodman is too dry of a presence to carry this show. He barely participates and says little that is memorable. I get that he is super smart, but perhaps this medium is not suited to his talents. In short, the Monday podcast rocks. The rest could benefit from some paring down. 5 stars for Monday, two for the other shows.
  • wakefoot
    Progressive Poisonous excrement
    Hey Swalwell, why don’t you tell us about the Chinese spy you were screwing ? Why aren’t you in prison? How much classified info have you revealed to the CCP? You’re a disgrace. Also please keep your shirt on.
  • Christine_on_16
    Love the conversation but for the love of heaven,
    you deserve a professional sound mixer.
  • drums4life24
    Hilarious satire podcast (like Colbert Report)
    They play hilarious characters that display the mind of America today! Unfortunately it sounds like it was recorded on VHS! Hopefully CNN will pick them up!
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