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This podcast is devoted to all things gardening. National gardening television host, Joe Lamp'l, guides you through each episode with practical tips and information to help you become a better, smarter gardener, no matter where you are on your journey. This series has a strong emphasis on organic gardening and growing food, but covers a diverse range of topics from one of the country's most informed and leading gardening personalities today.

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  • Lskraus87
    The Catalyst I Needed
    I’ve gardened my whole life, but it wasn’t until I started listening to the Joe Gardener show that I really fell in love with it all over again. It sparked all the curiosities and passion I had under the surface, and now I’m more confident and more excited to try all the things. I appreciate the research-based information, the variety of guests and topics, and all those show notes. I’ve listened to every episode at least twice, if not more. Thank you, Joe!
  • Vegeta love
    Thanks for all the help.
    I’ve been listening for six years now growing food for six years now. You’ve given me the confidence and knowledge to grow food for my family and I really appreciate that. I’m also planning native plants all over my yard now here in Batavia Illinois Because of this podcast. I can’t tell you how much I love the podcast and the show really really appreciate all the work you do. Nick Frank. PS. my favorite part about growing food is watching my two little ones go from raise bed to raise bed picking vegetables and fruit and popping it in their mouth.
  • judilenore
    Great podcast. Learn something new each week!!!
  • ol'Greg12
    Great source of information and inspiration
    I started listening to joe’s podcast while working on a 10x20 foot community garden plot in Anchorage, Alaska. I had no idea what I was doing! Joe and his expert guests (especially Lee Reich) helped steer me in the right direction. Now, my wife and I enjoy fresh cut veggies and flowers every night. Thanks, Joe! -Greg
  • Judysfnm
    Encyclopedia of gardens
    Joe’s episodes are my encyclopedia of the best way to grow my garden. Even the sponsors he endorses are a source of great information Thanks Joe and crew!!
  • GL Folorunso
    Informational & Inspiring
    I listen every week and always get a takeaway to use. Sometimes I even listen while gardening. Thank you, Joe
  • JuJuLee67
    Squash Bugs bye bye
    Love all your shows! I only turn on the TV on Saturday to watch Growing a Greener World, but it disappeared on PBS recently (I am in Cedar Rapids Iowa). So I have not turned my TV on in over a month. I quit paying for cable when your DIY show ended. I finally figured out how to listen to podcasts in mid 2020. You have been with me through 10 hour drives when my company would not allow me to fly. I have binge listened though all episodes. The tips and tricks have been enormously helpful. Following yours and your guests advice on squash bugs, I hunted for and squished all the eggs I could find for the last two years. Got rid of all squash plants by fall. This year, I have not seen one squash bug nor any eggs! Are your students and listeners having the same experience? I also did not get powdery mildew on any of my squash this year either. Is this a theme across the country?
  • Concretegirl74
    Long Overdue Review!
    Joe, I can’t thank you enough for the gardening education I got from listening to your podcast over the last two years. During the rougher days of the pandemic your kind voice brought so much comfort. I have developed a Pavlovian response when I hear your podcast theme I know I’m about to become immerse in some wonderful stories, interviews and gardening information. I’m now a second year gardener and actually have neighbors asking me for gardening information as they too get to enjoy my new garden. P.s. I Always preface my info with “I’m still new at this. You should check out the Joe Gardener Podcast!” Anyway, I huge thank you to you and your crew, your podcast has truly been a gift. Best, Diane Rader, (From the state with a lot of liquid sunshine this season. Redmond, Washington.)
  • Pat Tarter
    So much great information
    I just love all the information you and the interviewees share in these podcasts! Probably the most important thing I’ve learned is that all the clean up we’ve been trained to do all these years does more harm than good. Leaving the plant and tree debris actually improves the soil and provides food, shelter and more for animals, insects and birds. The podcasts on biodiversity and the purposes of insects both good and bad are wonderful! Thank you!
  • lemonsqueasy
    With the millions of Podcasts on Gardening I dropped out of all but this one
    This is a well thought out, planned and very informative podcast. I love the guests and the topics and listen to this podcast every week. I have learned more from this podcast then any other. Thank you for your generosity with this information.
  • Bookworm84074
    Love, love love this podcast!
    If you’re looking for a well thought out well researched and very informative podcast, this is the one for you. I alway learn something new with each podcast. My only request is to maybe include do a podcast or two on the drought issues facing the west coast. Lots of the podcasts are geared towards east coast and midwest issues. But not so much our issues. Keep doing what you’re doing!! Kari S.
  • Hdyevs
    Very knowledgeable!
    I think gardening is intimidating, but I feel like Joe makes it approachable and fun! This podcast is an asset to any gardener or would-be gardener out there!
  • Oldtgolf
    Joe, Your Guests of Late...
    ... have been so inspiring. I also do a weekly gardening podcast and though it concentrates on ornamental gardening, sustainability is a big part time of my message. Your episode with Dave Goulding about insects had a dire message, but one we all need to hear, and I was impressed by how both of you got the word out without ruining everyone's day. You struck a difficult and delicate balance in that show. I recommend podcast episodes to my listeners and have mentioned several of yours. Your episode 258 will be another one. Goulson's message is essential. Thanks for hosting him. Leslie Harris of Into the Garden with Leslie
  • LCgadgets
    Abra Lee is a rock star!
    Kudos to Joe for bringing us Abra Lee. What an uplifting and thorough ride through the history of Blacks and their amazing contributions to our collective history of gardening. I look forward to reading her new book, Conquer the Soil, due out this fall 2022!! Great job, Joe!
  • bennisecreto
    Favorite Episode
    I loved the recent Abra Lee episode! Gave me such a warm, fuzzy, hopeful feeling while I was tending to my garden in the early morning. 🙏🏻💕
  • MamaMelSue
    Uplifting and Informative
    Growing up with our neighbor Jody, and his family in Miami, FL was great. Who knew he would grow up to love gardening, and be a star. Knowing his lovely parents I can see why he has succeeded. Just recently I learned how to listen to podcasts on my iPhone being an old timer. I tried a podcast by Jody, and Abra Lee, his guest on public landscape architecture, and I’m hooked. Abra’s uplifting and light hearted story is inspiring. Loved the conversation with Abra and Jody. Continued success to Jody, and Abra! XOXO
  • Awesomeshtuff
    My most favorite podcast
    I am new to gardening and I had a lot of questions about how to get started. Boy did I underestimate how much information was out there for me to know! I can’t get enough of your podcast. It has given me a lot to consider about what I’m going to do with my own garden as well as tons of interesting information that has helped me see the natural world in a new way. Also, major bonus points for being family friendly. I can have the podcast on while I go about my day and I hope my kids will absorb some information as well. Emily from Knoxville, Tennessee
  • JasBradley
    Informative, Approachable & Entertaining
    We look forward to every episode and often listen to them twice to be sure we didn’t miss anything. The guests are knowledgeable and interesting. Joe has a positive, lighthearted, and encouraging tone. The way he delivers information makes us feel like we are capable of doing great things in our garden, too! We learn so much from each episode - this is our favorite gardening podcast, hands down. We always end up with at least a few takeaways that we put into action immediately. -Lane & Jasmine
  • Madeleine Runyan
    I Can Not Praise Enough
    I’ve always been the type to need to know why. I’ve been asking why since I can remember, much to my parent’s exhaustion. I love this podcast because it answers my burning questions with science-backed evidence. I also have been the type to have an affinity for nature, wildlife, and ecosystems. However, I was overwhelmed with how to make a difference. I truly appraise you joe and look up to your for the work you do. Keep it up.
  • thegoatbarn
    Uncle Craig Speaks the Truth
    “Habits are not as much fun as new explorations.” - Craig LeHoullier
  • LBS124689943
    My FAVORITE podcast!
    I always look forward to the release of a new Gardener Joe podcast - as a mother it is very rewarding to provide food for our family and friends from our garden & fruit trees. Joe and his guests have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and I enjoy learning more to continue improving my garden. Thanks, Joe
  • Bluegrassyogi
    Learning forever!!
    I like Joes TV show, I have taken his gardening courses and it was great, but I have to say these podcasts are my absolute favorite. It’s like free school in a subject that is relevant for me and my favorite subject. Look at the choices and pick one for you!!!
  • Spideyjon
    Great Gardening Podcast!
    Occasionally, I’ve heard a guest compliment Joe on “having done his homework.” Clearly, they don’t understand—Joe IS the homework! When I moved to a small farm a couple years ago—in part to do the organic gardening I had been dreaming about so long—it was Joe’s show that finally unlocked how to get it going successfully. I’m always going back to old episodes for reference and sometimes shocked at how new episodes have already anticipated things I want to learn about. Thanks for all the great insights, Joe and team!
  • Dammashani
    Garden grandma
    I recently discovered this podcast and have been binge listening. Where have you been all my life Joe? I love listening and learning. Thank you for all the info and please keep it coming!
    Long Time Listener...
    Binge listening during my fall vacation. Two and a half weeks off to dig in the dirt...Almost Heaven. The whole time with the podcast. What fun. Thanks Joe and team for a very well produced and written program. I spend my time in my zone 9B landscape building new beds, planting blueberries, and mulberries. The whole time with Joe, Lee, Margaret, and more right there in my ears guiding me along. Thanks for the help, but next time pickup a shovel would you. Nelson L. Morris Lacoochee, FL
  • bugguyguss
    Wasp do way more good than harm.
    I just got done listening to the episode on wasp. Loved it a bunch. It is incredibly informative about wasp and the general environment in which they live. I have been in the structural pest control industry for more than 25 years. The first thing most of my customers say when they see a wasp or bee or spider is “KILL IT”. That’s when I step in and try to educate them as to why they shouldn’t be so quick to kill them. I usually give them three options. Leave them alone, relocate them or kill them. I have relocated several underground yellow jacket nest and bald faced hornets also. I wish I could make all my customers listen to this episode before they ask me to kill the wasp on there property. Mike the bugguy Greeley Colorado
  • OuiChef!
    The primo gardening podcast
    Everything you need to know. Look no further. I especially appreciate the show’s focus on sustainability. I loved the interview with the professional gardener in Brooklyn. Hearing how she thought her way through what could have been problems helped me think about my own space. I could see that an easy, simple-yet-brilliant sustainable solution was within my reach too. Kudos!
  • Sarah Brown- Almond NY Zone 5B
    So much more than just a gardening podcast
    A quick back story... In 2015, my family and I bought a new home on 3 acres of land backing up to a creek.The back yard was dense woods filled with tree killing vines (still not sure what they are but they are relentless). Since then, we have been cleaning everything up, clearing dead trees, and making the back yard our "wooded sanctuary". I knew the basics about flowers, so I finally started the fun part...planting. A year ago I made the choice to leave my 9-5 job as our school was "hybid", 3 days remote 2 days at school and they shut down at least once a month and my children were starting to struggle. I've been a true crime podcast listener for years, but never looked into anything else. Knowing I would have more time to dedicate to outside work, I decided to look into gardening books and podcasts. I happened upon Joe Gardener by searching for gardening podcasts. I've been hooked. I tried other podcasts as well but NOTHING compares to this. I've tried audio books but still couldn't hold my attention the way this podcast has. I've learned so much about so many different topics. Every episode I learn something new. Like why some of the flowers down by the black walnut tree keep dying... never would have known if it wasn't for this podcast. My favorite part is putting in my headphones, listening to Joe and his guests and loosing myself in the backyard, knowing if there was something I wanted to remember, I can go to his website later and find it in the episode details and add it to my notebook. His resorces are incredible and I have them all printed in book format so I have them whenever I need them and can highlight key details. He even has online course that I'm so excited to for. And he doesn't stop there... He takes all of his incredible knowledge and brings it to life in his YouTube channel. I can never get enough. Thank you for all of your knowledge and the laughs during the hardest times I have seen in my lifetime.
  • Greg5606
    Greg in Sandy Springs
    I recently started listening to the joe gardener podcast, and I am so thankful I found it. A few weeks before I started listening, I was raking and bagging leaves and clearly looked overwhelmed. A neighbor walking by saw me struggling and joked “you may win today’s battle with the leaves, but you can’t win the war”. After listening to joe Gardner I started using my lawn mower to mulch leaves, and it is so much easier and faster - and I get free high quality mulch! My years long war with the leaves is over, and I’m now using the leaves as my ally to mulch and fertilize my garden!
  • nehsani
    A beacon in the dark
    I am so grateful to have found this podcast. Joe has helped so much as I have cultivated my new found passion in gardening. I am a physician and the last two years have obviously been stressful. I also had a baby in 2020 and found that time in the garden helped me out of the depths of postpartum depression. Gardening has become such a source of joy in my life and a wonderful way that my children and I now bond. Thank you Joe for everything you put into this podcast. As much as you do to teach us, you also help many of us find peace in gardening. - Nilou
  • DailyKindleReader7458
    Hi Joe! This is Stacey in SW Ohio. Thank you so much for your informative and inspiring podcast - as well as your GGW series on YouTube. I’ve been gardening for nearly 5 years now and I listen/watch your content every week and always look forward to it. I especially love learning more about regenerative gardening and ecological restoration as well as humane gardening practices. Every podcast and episode are inspiring and informative and I’m so appreciative of the work you are doing. Thank you!
  • Nancy in NorCal
    Exceptional podcast and online courses!
    I have been a long time listener of Joe’s podcast and have taken every one of his online academy courses. Joe’s dedication to protect the environment and to promote organic gardening is clearly shown by the topics and guests featured in his podcast. I also highly recommend his online courses, all of which are full of useful information and practical tips. His availability to answer students’ questions in many of the courses is also invaluable!
  • Nachi Genender
    Podcast with Page Dickey
    Hi Joe, thank you so much, as always about your podcasts and shows, but the one with Mrs Dickey couldn’t had been in better time for me. A month ago, we moved from Evergreen Co, to Durango Co, after 25 years. I left behind my garden of 10 years, but listening to her and reading her book was extremely helpful to cope with the sadness of my perennial babies left behind. But Page helped me reignite the fire of looking forward to my next garden 6 hours ago and lower elevation from where I was. Thank you so much for all your podcasts and shows, you, your team and all your guests makes such a beautiful impact in everyones life. Happy New Years, and blessings. Nachi
  • whitcom
    Yes - I have cut back on peat moss use.
    Just because I have other options. Still trying to build compost, leaves and other options. Not because of “climate scientists”. Please stay out of this flawed debate. Too much money involved in this carbon question. Carbon credit purchases - what a joke!
  • Macnamy
    Keep up the good work!
    I am one of the many new COVID gardeners out there. I religiously listen to this podcast to learn and improve my skills. I really appreciate all of the recent episodes on native plants, native pollinators and ecological gardening. They are super informative and are helping me learn to be a better steward of my suburban environment. No more pesticides for me! I have bought several books written by your guests, so my garden library is quickly growing. Please keep these types of podcasts coming!
  • DoorDash 8563
    I’m seven but it’s good
    This is amazing I really appreciate you the Episode of pest control is 😎😎😎
  • Nsh50a
    My favorite podcast to soak up.
    I grew up gardening with my mother from a young age and thought I had a good grasp on the how to of it but continue to learn new things episode after episode. I am an infectious diseases physician and the past 2 years have been a little crazy. Getting home and spending time in my yard and garden have been my primary way to recenter destress. Having a pair of headphones in and listening to these episodes while doing garden chores has greatly added to my enjoyment of the experience. The depth of information unpacked in each episode continues to excite me, expanding the amount I realize I still have to learn. The expertise of the guests you have and continued range of subject matter has me coming back again and again and relistening to many of the episodes. Can’t wait for more.
  • Kevin in Maine
    Loving this show!
    Hi Joe and team, just a quick note to tell you how much fun listening to your podcast has been. I came across it in a recent quest to turn my lawn in Maine to a meadow. Your guests and content on this have been great. Really enjoyed your recent shows with Heather McCargo, Owen Wormser and especially Matt Rees Warren. Keep it up!
  • Oklindaloo
    Love this podcast!
    I LOVE this podcast! As a novice gardener who has been interested in native plants, soil health, ecology, flowers, birds and pollinators, Joe Gardener has provided a tremendous amount of geeky information and perspectives, which is AMAZING! I have been thoroughly enjoying the ecology based podcasts lately. He’s also incredibly pleasant to listen to. Since listening to this podcast and referencing the awesome show notes, I’ve planted three native trees (to include one oak) in my small property without mulching with mulch volcanoes, bought a leaf vacuum/shredder, adopted no till techniques and have developed a native wildlife habitat garden. Thank you so much for all you do! -Linda Torres, Glenside, PA
  • Lexi113
    Garden Challenges and all things Joe…and Amy
    Hi Joe! I am an avid listener of your podcast, a viewer for GGW and YouTube. I enjoy your approach to all things garden. And I love the addition of Amy! What a great human being she is and a great addition to your media! Thank you for all you do! All the best, Hope Finger Lakes Region, NY Zone 5a
  • Mbrookeo
    Thank you!
    This gardening beginner has never been more grateful to find such a helpful podcast with info even a beginner like me can put up use! Learning gardening can feel like drinking from a firehouse but the info you have available is so helpful and accessible. Can’t wait to explore more !
  • NDJIson
    Great podcast
    Just wish there was a few episodes on design and non-vegetable topics.
  • Ocean604
    Transformational and Mindblowing Indeed!
    Episodes 232 and 233 on Ecological Horticulture with the impressive Rebecca McMackin were a feast and an inspiration for the ecological gardener. I’ve learned so much from Joe’s podcast over the years, but these two were the best ever! Wow. My brain was on fire the entire time, listening and learning. Joe’s line of questioning, as always, was thorough and well prepared and led the way for Rebecca’s incredible message of how we can do so much more in our garden pursuits to benefit plants, wildlife, insects, soil and water. Dynamic exchange and listening. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can do on a local level, and keeping a list, with all the talk and concerning worry of climate change. After these episodes, I’ve got a lot to add to my list. I operate so much better on inspiration and action, over fear and overwhelm. We can all do our part thanks to many new things shared in this podcast. Thank you Joe and Rebecca, and teams! Especially Pawell and Bella! Bravo! Amy Monteith, western Montana
  • Dr.rickloftus
    Not your average gardening podcast
    Joe’s recent enthusiastic interview with Rebecca McMackin really resonated with me as a permaculturalist and beekeeper with a love of invertebrates and pollinators. Bringing the perspective of gardening for our beneficial animal partners, and gardening to support those crucial animal partners *over time*, over their lifespans, resonates with ongoing conversations of succession gardening and syntropic farming and orcharding happening in contemporary horticulture. It’s the joyful curiosity Joe brings to such interviews that makes me a fan.
  • wyhhsh
    I am only 8 but it is still interesting
    I am only 8 but it is still interesting. I love listening and I understand it
  • Hannah from ga
    Lots of info for newbies!
    How lucky am I to have found such a well made podcast, lovely to listen to, which respects and encourages the newbie gardeners, like me! Joe wants every single person to try and succeed in gardening and it shows !!!
  • MSW44
    Hello Joe! Loved the episode on the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Learning about insect habitat and the value of over wintering growth really validated the way I’ve been forced to care for my large property. I don’t have time to do more than a few hours of work outside per week and so I drive the landscaping toward sustainability. That means I cut the grass a couple of inches higher promoting a drought/flood resistant lawn composed of flowering weeds; allow the edges to be taken over by shrubs and long grasses; converted the old barn foundation into a wildflower garden; and really try to focus my time on removing invasives. I grow my tomato plants in the same place each year and just accept that only half the varieties are going to tolerate the blight and am bemused by how the fruiting parts stay just above the dying parts all season long. Instead of trying to dig all of the concrete out of the barn foundation, I just threw rotting logs on top. And because I didn’t pull out all the jewelweed next to my front door, I found out that the female hummingbirds adore it. Your episodes on native plants, bird habitat, humane gardening, wildflower gardens, foodscaping, Lee Reich’s weed less farmden, hugelkultur, etc. have been like having a constant support group reaffirming my commitment and giving me ideas on how to achieve ecological peace. And wow, the varieties of birds, frogs, wild bees, insects, and flowering plants I’m seeing has increased every year. I’m exhausted, but I’m approaching a sustainably healthy ecosystem. Thank you for being my mentor, Madelyn from Pennsylvania.
    Always Awesome
    I love Joe! The latest episode is a perfect example of the geeky greatness that I love so much. Thanks Joe!
  • Linkster78759
    5 stars!
    Greetings from Link Robertson in Galveston, TX. Listening to Joe Gardener while digging around in my own gardens keeps me busy all weekend. Episode 230 Monarch Rx was especially good as I raise a lot of milkweed for the monarchs that pass through Galveston each year. I was also pleased to hear them discuss blue mystflower, which is like catnip for butterflies. They are a fantastic flowering perennial that is easy to start from seed along with your Spring veggies. It was fascinating to learn about PAs (pyrrolizidine alkaloids) and happy to know that mystflower contains them. Win win win! Thanks for the great podcasts.
  • CarlyBeeGirl
    Joe basically curates my reading list.
    If someone visiting your show has written a book, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone and read it within a week of the podcast airing. I love the conversations you have with your guests and walk away with something new every time I listen.
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