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Plants are everything. They are also incredibly interesting. From the smallest duckweed to the tallest redwood, the botanical world is full of wonder. Tune in for a podcast celebrating everything botany.

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  • catoway
    Climate change
    Really?? The first thing I hear is climate change?? I already have a religious belief I’m tired of hearing yours!! Please make a pod cast for us non believers.
  • Memetic
    Very informative
    Typically I don't like podcasts that are purely interviews but I have been fascinated by the experts who have participated in this podcast. Even though the plant under discussion might not be found in my locale, I have not been disappointed by what I have learned. Thank you for your thorough research!
  • marketpop
    Used to be a fan
    Used to be a fan, but my interest has waned. Way to man people in the podcast…the whole podcast’s “guests” crowd out what could be a really unique show. Everyone wants to be important. Quantity not quality…
  • Zemyna21
    Interesting conversations
    I really love all the topics he chooses that are very interesting but things that are sometimes not well-known. Nice to hear from people doing research and in the field as well.
  • Heudjejsuxhdndbxhd
    good content too many mouth sounds
    A lot of the guests have habits of smacking their tongues or lips in between words. It’s really gross to hear amplified. It makes it hard to concentrate on the material when I wince every couple of seconds.
  • rmhowell1
    Love the Podcast
    Enjoying this podcast so much! Love the topics!
  • platelet Gina
    I learn a lot
    The topics are fascinating and they explain it well. 👍💛🌵🌻🌿
  • Scarletminded
    Thanks for having a show on bats
    I live close to a few nature centers where bats can be viewed. One of my joys in life is to see them flying around above lakes at twilight. I am beginning to see more and more of them in Mid Michigan each year, so that’s a relief to me.
  • rosallea
    Standing Ovation !!
    What an enriching show for us plant nerds. I agree that paying attention and observation are an essential first step and often say that plants, all life, want to live and we need to be present. And seek info!!
  • Ozarksiris
    Entertaining and educational
    Have listened since the beginning. Great info from Matt and guests. Learning lots of great stuff. I live in SW Missouri so interview with Justin Thomas probably got me started. Minor issue for me is it's sometimes hard to hear the guest's comments. Don't know if it is me or my phone or the equipment. It is better than it used to be when I first started listening. Keep up the good work.
  • Nicholas A Stevenson
    Best Plant Podcast I’ve Found
    For anyone interested in plants, gardening, or nature in general this podcast is one of the best. Each episode features a plant related topic and interviews a scientist or expert in that topic. It also includes discussions on their own work. Impressively, a new episode airs weekly.
  • ominousbagel
    nice! awesome!
    Browsing thru the episode list and the diversity of guests and subjects covered, I was excited to have found this podcast. Unfortunately the host seems to be targeting an audience of 5 year olds. I’ve yet to encounter any kind of substantive material, reasoning, argumentation.. Have not made it to the end of an episode yet, because I’d think that by halfway in you’d have moved past the “tell your story,” “oh, that’s awesome” section. And I’d enjoy the life histories more without the exclamations, which add nothing and only serve to send a shudder up my spine. One extra star because surely there’s something in here I’m missing.
  • jdbqn
    Great podcast!
  • Viveca1
    This show is truly wonderful!!! Thank you so much for making it. A gift to all who listen.
  • Ms. Spacely Sprockets
    A Breath of Fresh Air
    Really enjoying this podcast. Really found it quite by surprise, and find it to be helpful and enlightening. Thank you
  • hkbotanynut
    Best podcast out there!
    I have been listening to In Defense of Plants for a while, and love it. Matt has a soothing voice, the guests are knowledgeable, and sometimes entertaining. My 8 year old occasionally listens with me, and I spend a lot of time explaining terminology, but I am so happy she enjoys it with me. Also, I just got my In Defense of Plants shirt, and excitedly wore it and showed it off to my friend today! (My daughter also now wants one...) Keep up the great work, Matt!
  • anitajorg
    Emerald bore ash
    Good episode although I was disappointed not to hear advice for what to do if one’s property has dying white ash? Leave them? Or cut down?
  • cage35554673
    Rambling and anecdotal
    Select podcasts are interesting but many tend to follow the same format. There is too much emphasis on needless background information for the first half of the podcasts. The second half often involves the host regularly replying to the guest’s content with personal long winded statements that can involve multiple logical fallacies, such as appeal to pity or false cause, and then tying in these fallacies with some anecdotal statements and then an ending statement, which is somewhat related, which he then asks the guest to agree with, thereby giving the impression all of his guests agree with his we message. This podcast is heavily skewed toward nativism, often acknowledges a changing climate, yet gives little attention to ‘introduced’ plant species which may be better suited to new climatic conditions. What is a native plant? Do we take a snapshot of time before Europeans arrived and always assume that is the standard of restoration? If so, for how long do we do this? Even if the climate is completely different and changing, or soil has been altered in such a way as to not accommodate native plant communities? Are native plant ranges allowed to change with a changing climate, or do they become invasive and unwanted the moment they cross our imaginary idea of their range? I’d be interested in more guest substance focused on actual botany, less host soapbox content, and hosting guests with different viewpoints so every episode isn’t a Kumbuya around a campfire.
  • Nix357210
    Great look at plants and current research
    This is a great podcast to hear about plants and current research straight from the experts. It's presented in an informal manner and new episodes are released often.
  • AMR1957
    Little content
    Too conversational, for me. Much time is spent talking about guest’s background, epiphany moments, the path they took to get where they are, etc. Matt’s topics are of great interest and his passion shines through but the content weak.
  • oftensleepless
    I look forward to new episodes!
    Great host, interesting guests, so informative! I love this podcast!!
  • damnitdaviddevonhirschfield3
    Plants not people
    I’m sorry to say that this podcast does not live up to its promise. Too much time spent exploring the guest’s background and such. I’m listening to hear about plants, not people. Save that for the podcast “extra“.
  • Anale Bedz
    This just 𝑓𝑒𝑒𝑙𝑠 good to listen to
    I love this pod with all my heart
  • Lulu200018
    Plants are everything!
    Thank you for sharing your passion of botany!
  • swein08
    Join my friends and me
    Join my friends for a podcast Join me for a podcast Join my friends and me for a podcast
  • jambobenny
    Rock Gardening
    I have been enjoying the podcasts but I wish Matt would ask more questions and direct the interview. One of the world’s experts on rock gardening available, and I came away from the conversation having learned nothing about rock gardening. I learned that they both think rock gardening is amazing. Matt’s a good guy with wonderful enthusiasm but too often his conversations end up with two people saying how great nature is. I wish there was more structure to the conversations and more questioning directed at elucidating the topic. The enthusiasm is great, but you’re already talking to an enthusiastic crowd. Let the topic excite the listeners on its own and focus on questions.
  • Hoosier Nikki
    Episode 311 on Oak Seed Dispersal and Animal Plant Interactions is Fascinating
    Loved this episode. Informative and interesting guest speaker.
  • Violet Purple
    Fantastic Podcast!
    This podcast is exactly what I was looking for! I’ve gotten really interested in botany and horticulture in the past year, and this podcast has perfectly filled that new interest niche. Thanks so much for the fascinating content, Matt, and keep up the great work!
  • ~AmberDH~
    Great job Matt
    Keep up the good work, this podcast is great! It’s nice to have something educational and interesting to listen to at my boring day job. There aren’t many podcasts out there about plants, so keep doing what you are doing Matt! I am someone who was previously suffering from plant blindness, and once I was hooked, it was nice to discover your programming to continue learning about an amazing part of the world that was in front of my face the whole time. Cheers!
  • kunlaou
    Mucho info, but approachable
    Thanks sir for translating your passion into a deeply informative but almost always followable traverse through the world of plants. Thank you many times over, you are inspiring to me.
  • Fairy Flower Mother
    Refreshing and informative
    A great technical but accessible podcast. I have been listening for a while now and always am learning something new. My job that pays the bills is nowhere near in line with my actual interests which are plants/ecology and what we can do to help the planet. The most recent episodes guest mentioned reading guide books just to read them and did that ever hit home! I am glad to be part of that weird tribe and can distinctly remember reading my Nation Geographic guide to birds of North America most mornings over breakfast. My interest in birds evolved to how plants impact birds and all lives. Keep up the great work!
  • cbastianen
    No dummy down please😀
    Love this podcast. Listen 305 & question regarding more “accessible,” please keep technical, scientific yet excited about plants. Encouraging individual research, spark engagement. Posing questions. Thank you! Best wishes on published book.
  • saxophonelove13
    A brilliant podcast!
    Well researched and always fascinating! The passion for plants really shows!
  • 🐓🦎
    Amazing podcast
    I love your podcast! It’s so educational yet entertaining! Thank you for making this!
  • ZtheZ213
    Passionate, passionate plant conversations
    If you like plants to any degree you will LOVE this podcast, if you don’t, give it a listen and you will. Matt brings so much passion and excitement to every episode and all of his guests bring the same level. So much knowledge, so much excitement, this podcast is an absolute treasure. I cannot sing it’s praises enough.
  • bababooey420
    Could be better
    While I sometimes appreciate the content, I feel like the show could be immensely better. 1. Do some legit prep for the shows out the guest and subject. Write down questions and send them to the guest ahead of time. Delve deeply into all aspects of the guest’s profession. How do they make money doing what they do? What are the barriers to entering that field? What are the negatives about the job? 2. Listen to previous shows and take notes on missed opportunities. For instance, in a recent show with the NYBG’s herbarium director, the host never asked basic questions like: “How does someone submit an herbarium specimen?”, or “How does your organization afford 30 employees?” 3. Refrain from saying, “Wow, that’s awesome.” We know plants aren’t awesome. It seems like 2/3 of every show is spent telling the guest how awesome they are, and how awesome the subject is. Stop it. It’s too much. And it’s just fluff that takes up too much time. 4. Clearly introduce yourself. I’ve listened to 50+ episodes, and I don’t know what the host’s name is.
  • rikkiloug
    10/10 plant nerd content
    I do field work in restoration ecology and this podcast is the perfect nerd content to get me through 10 hour workdays. Matt is the greatest, I absolutely love this pod
  • musiclovindude
    if you like plants at all, give it a listen
    In depth interviews that are always a fun listen. Definitely subscribe if you're into botany, but even if you're just mildly interested by plants give it a shot. I've enjoyed episodes with flora I'm not familiar with at all and always end up learning something.
  • Eron Raines
    Not worth the effort
    I’m a science geek. I do science for a living. I’m deeply fascinated by plants. This podcast series is garbage. If you’re a science person who likes plants, skip this. Not worth the time.
  • blueCornLoom
    This podcast is wonderful, and not just for plant nerds. Knowing plants help us better know ourselves!
  • Deep_End_23
    One of my fav podcasts period!
    If I could only subscribe to 3 podcasts, this might very well make the list. And that’s out of ALL the podcasts out there, not just plant podcasts! So far the episode with Derek(spelling?) aka the crazy botanist aka botanical Highlander is still my fav. Thanks to you and all of your amazing guests, and of course a very special thanks to all the amazing plants! 😄💯
  • ebbbbbbbbbbt
    yes please
    so informative and an array of information. i am thankful for this podcast trying to cure plant blindness and also spread knowledge. thank you
  • Dhdkflcksjana
    Great listen, every week.
    This is one of my favorite podcasts, and the best about plants. Check out the old episodes on the Ozark Chinquapin, butternut blight, and Hawaiian plant conservation.
  • the_plant_heathen
    Excellent podcast! If you’re interested in plants and conservation then this is a MUST listen.
  • thebookaddict
    Almost there
    I really love the topics and guests brought to this podcast. As a fellow plant lover and lifelong learner, the guests share such interesting research and insights that I still subscribe to this podcast. However, when interviewing, Matt misses great opportunities to ask the guest questions! From my observation, after the guest shares a piece of information, the follow up from the host is to re-iterate what the guest just said in the form of his own opinion on the topic (usually in an over-complementary way). Come prepared to the interview with some great questions and the interviews would be 10x better and less repetitive for the podcast listener!
  • Jfrxxx
    truly excellent bedtime podcast
    i am really more of true crime/lefty politics listener however those podcasts are not super conducive to a good night’s sleep.... with this podcast i am asleep about 2/3 of the way thru and i wake with some nifty plant information rattling around in my brain
  • Birder45429
    Great Show!
    Your last two episodes on the resilience of plants /eco systems were great. Thanks!
  • jerusalem gurl
    Loved this piece. It made me even more determined to eradicate it from my sq valley garden. It I let it go, the world would be covered with it. Those seeds pop the second they put their sticky heads up spreading themselves everywhere.
  • Living_Botanicals
    10/10 Podcast
    This is an amazing podcast. Each episode is informative and interesting. Matt does such an amazing job engaging in intellectual conversation with his guest and always asks the right questions to make things more clear to the listener. Thank you for producing such a wonderful podcast!
  • Juno e
    Changed my life
    This podcast showed me what’s possible when it comes to engaging with the environment and working with plants! It inspired me to drop out of art school and become a member of the Florida Conservation Corps through Americorps. I now spend my days removing invasive exotic plants from national parks! I am so grateful the informative, uplifting and wide ranging interviews this podcast shares. Amazing work! Thank you for making it.
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