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Mogul is a show about hip hop’s most iconic moments, told by the people who lived them. In Season 3, we’re telling the story of DJ Screw, a reclusive genius who changed the sound of music forever. An auteur who created his own genre — Chopped and Screwed — Screw slowed music down until it sounded like syrup coming out of your speakers. It quickly became the soundtrack to the city of Houston, before influencing an entire generation of rappers. But the man behind the beats was a mystery to all but his closest collaborators, and to this day remains one of hip-hop’s greatest enigmas.

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  • Jamaikn
    Not going to Spotify.
    Great podcast but…I’ve been listening to podcasts for years on this app & I’m not downloading Spotify just so I can hear this. Sorry not sorry!
  • TidalRules
    Mogul Season 3!!!!
    We need season 3 !
  • Fruity3377
    I absolutely loved this podcast both seasons. I think you guys featured 2 great people. Would love to hear Andre Harrell, Diddy, or BabyFace/LA Reid....even Pebbles
  • See Fuller
    Superbly done...
    This podcast is as close as you’ll find to a Hip-Hop version of Slow Burn, which I also love. AND THE MUSIC IS BANGIN’! Takes me back yo... keep up the good work and keep it coming...
  • Emilsal
    Love this!
    Entertaining, insightful, and very high production value!
  • zkesh
    Season 1 was amazing, Season 2 not so much
    S1 was amazing and engaging from start to finish. Best part of S2 was the tribute to Reggie (Rest in Power). S2 is not captivating in any way and I get disappointed when the only podcast left in my feed is Mogul. Makes me super sad to feel this way since S1 was probably one of the best podcasts ever created. This season just really misses the mark.
  • UPdrafter
    Just absolutely love this! Every episode gets better. So many interesting stories behind so many of the most influential artists in the history of hip hop. You don’t have to like hip hop to love this.
  • 20-4-7 hi
    Freakin Addictive
    The storytelling is the best. I can't wait to listen to every episode. So engaging and both seasons are amazing. I actually listened to Season 2 first and it brought back so many memories and reveal so much more than I ever imagined was going on behind the scenes of the infamous 2 Live Crew and Luther Campbell. Now, I'm half way through season 1 and it is even better. F'ing Great!
  • cjx3illo
    If you’re intrigued, do it.
    I’m gonna be honest, I heard the title in an ad and something about hip hop and started listening. I didn’t know anything about Chris or that it was even a biography, and I’m not a huge fan of old school hip hop. Even still, I was intrigued- and finished all of S1. With unexpected facts, guests telling their stories, and the personal connection by the host, they weaved a well crafted story and made a really great podcast. I can’t wait to binge S2.
  • dufflm
    Great Show
    Interesting well reported
  • iamthejake
    F**k Navarro
    F**k F**k Navarro
  • WolfBoii
    Love it
    Can’t wait to hear the subject of the next season
  • Kmacfarlane77
    I’m hooked
    This is the first podcast that I’ve listened to in a while that wasn’t some sort of true crime story. I grew up listening to these artists without knowing how they became famous. I was hooked from the first 10 mins. And the fun part is listening and reminiscing to all the classics.
  • Pinkyheartypink
    I just finished season 1 and it’s all so interesting. Lighty was an extremely flawed guy. He was great in what he did but also awful when it came to hitting his wife. But never the less his story was amazing and he touched so many people. The podcast is very well done. Kudos
  • RosieSavannah
    I Couldn’t Stop Listening!
    This series is phenomenal!!! I learned so much about the culture that I love. Thank you to the producers.
  • Sammmsonite
    Listening on iTunes
  • swepler
    Season 2: A must listen for hip hop fans, it’s just awesome!
    So interesting and entertaining! Full second season available now on Spotify. A MUST LISTEN for anyone who enjoys hip hop and music history. I was too young to remember 2LC’s media attention in the 80’s & 90’s. I really enjoyed listening to the in-depth look at the group’s story, their rise in the public eye, and the impact & influence they had(and still have) on hip hop culture.
  • Timmay13579
    Heeeeeey we want some Mogul!!!!
  • LAtotheRA
    Technicolor Reggie O
    I devoured every Mogul episode (some multiple times) as it came it in 2017. Reggie’s storytelling and compassion, especially his handling of DV, stood out and moved me. So much so, that I emailed him to tell him that - two years ago to the day of episode, July 31, 2017. He was kind enough to reply personally and show his gratitude. When I heard he passed, I was so glad that I had taken the chance to let him know how much he impacted me. Thank you for sharing Reggie’s story with us all and letting us know even more just how wonderful a human he was. And telling me about the Combat Jack show, which I had no knowledge of, unfortunately. Doing my best to live in the technicolor and surround sound, now also with Reggie in mind. Lara
  • comegetpapabear
    This is very well done. It’s an awesome and entertaining history of hip hop. I’ve listened to al the episodes multiple times. Love it! Reggie Ossé needs to put out more! Update: Incredible tribute episode to The GOAT. Beautiful episode, had me in tears. Thank you
  • ElevenKrause
    This is a wonderful podcast. Well-written, compelling. I love hearing this story. I just can’t figure out the logic behind the bra ads in every episode. Is that really the target audience here?
  • BOSStown -NF
    I’m a little late to the whole podcast obsession. Mogul made it worth the wait! Compliments to the team - definitely worth listening to!
  • brosephus_josephus
    RIP Combat Jack
    This show was fantastic. Reggie Ossé brought the entertaining narration, satisfying pacing, and energetic and fun interviews with key players in the Chris Lighty story, like Warren G and Fat Joe. I hope Gimlet and the production team find another obscure but important hip hop story to tell, to respect Reggie’s death.
  • Bloomingdale's Baybee
    As a 40yr old native NY’er, specifically with roots planted in the Bronx, I am so pleased to say that this podcast was well articulated & narrated from start to finish. I laughed, I shed a tear. Bravo!
  • LanceAustin
    Outstanding! One of the very best.
    I’m a Podcast junkie and this is the 1st show I have ever reviewed - that’s how good it is • Captivating from start to finish (this seems cliché, but this show immediately hooked me and I ended up listening to all 6 episodes back to back) • The narrative unfolds at an ideal pace with editing & production that is professional and never distracting <— thank you for that. • Not even a dull 5 seconds anywhere in the entire series (the exception being the sponsor ads) • Absolutely one of the very best mini-series shows out there (on par with Serial Season 1 - but a bit easier to follow)
  • EAlbrecht
    One of the most raw, passionate, real podcast out there. Thank you for the energy and effort you put in to sharing this with us.
  • 75cdr
    So so so good!
    I’m an avid podcast listener. This is, by far, one of the best I have listened to. Do yourself a favor and go on the ride they take you on. Reggie and team did a terrific job.
  • RandallAud
    Outstanding podcast for any music lover. Can’t recommend it enough.
  • Ceejay11
    Hip hop story
    Two of my favorite things are good stories and hip hop. BANG!! This podcast is both. Perfect
  • The savior 2000
    Right in the feels man
    Great show, got me interested in hip hop and a new appreciation for urban culture.
  • DuppyChubbs
    Incredible Story
    I never heard of Chris but it was amazing to learn about his journey and contributions rap.
  • Natural/SMALLS
    I knew Chris Lighty had a big impact on hip hop but I had no idea he had such an influence. This 6 part series was eye opening! I really appreciate the time and effort that was put into this series and at the end of each episode I couldn’t wait to start the next one. It is truly a shame he how it ended and hope one day his family finds out the truth.
  • Mr. Gweilo
    I felt a little bored at parts. I’m not gonna hate too much, but I did feel like the host was trying a little too hard to remind people of his roots through sometimes force use of slang etc.
  • Mantosfer
    Amazing! Such great story telling, has kept me wanting more episode after episode! And I don’t even listen to hip hop that much.
  • Ajbuda
    Interesting but...
    I can’t stand when hip hop movies/docus/podcasts gloss over an artist/producers domestic violence offenses. There wasn’t just ONE police report, THAT report mentions how there was several. And to act like no one in the circle knew he was abusive is ridiculous. Reminds me much of how strait outta Compton glossed over Dr. Dre beating down Dee Barnes. Makes your credibility drop in my book. Amazing, a battered woman doesn’t want to come on a podcast glorifying the man who beat her. This is not the man you people should strive to be. His way to get things was with violence. When a problem showed up that he couldn’t handle with violence he ran from them. And then you basically accuse her of murder. My rating has gone from a 5 to a 1 because of how the guy continued to be treated like he was a hero. And then you take zero evidence whatsoever and make it sound like she was responsible. Shame on you. Disgusting.
  • T.L.56
    Great Insight
    I really enjoyed this podcast despite it being a tragic story. I think all not just hip hop fans will find these snapshots of Chris Lighty's life interesting. RIP Reggie Osse aka Combat Jack.
  • Podcast_fella
    Great rap history
    Loved this podcast! The history of rap music through the story of one man. Amazing
  • Nickell86
    Such Vibrant Storytelling
    Hip hop has the best stories, hands down and the medley collected here is everything! I love how the storyteller doesn’t shy away from difficult and important topics for the hip hop and the Black community.
  • Zoomer5477
    One of the BEST!
    Excellent storytelling! And the production is amazing! This is one of the best podcasts I've listened to. Pleasse make more with other subjects. The story is tragic but incredibly well told - the soundscape is fantastic.
  • Lori923
    Great show
    Great show, in-depth. I learned so much. Keep up the good work!
  • HalfAssKiller
    Amazing story with amazing delivery
    Reasons to listen to this podcast: 1. The story 2. The music 3. The heart
  • bonnstarr
    Download this one today!
    Fascinating and extremely well produced.
  • chromes45
    This story is so fascinating and I absolutely loved the inside perspective from so many industry heavy weights in the world of hip-hop. They history laid out in this podcast is amazing.
  • boundfortrees
    We need more like Mogul
    Excellent storytelling and sound design. It’s like This American Life with less white people. It included needed discussion about mental health and domestic violence. We need more podcasts about African-American experience.
  • Victor L. Haseman
    Amazing and Bitersweet
    I have loved HipHop for such a long time. And this inside view of one of the industries most prolific and important figures just rebooted my whole understanding of how it got from the Bronx in the 70s to where it is today. This podcast rivals TAL, Serial, STown and Embedded in terms of reporting, research and integrity. Listen to it. Share it. Love it.
  • GibJib
    Captivating story-binged this series because I couldn’t get enough.
  • SirDuxAlot
    I'm a 50 year old guy from Oregon. My knowledge of rap is limited Kurtis Blow's "Basketball" and DMC's "Walk Thie Way." I'm clearly not the target audience for "Mogul." Didn't matter. Chris Lighty's story is fascinating and "Mogul" tells it brilliantly. I could not recommend a podcast more.
  • Turbo137
    Straight dope
    I’m living abroad right now, and so always on the lookout for good hip hop stories to stay connected; Mogul delivered big time. Sincerely enjoyed listening and learning about this titan in the industry. I wasn’t familiar with him, but came out knowing a lot more about Lighty and about hip hop. Highly recommended listening for headz.
  • beattrain
    Excellent Podcast
    Highly Suggested! Highly Suggested! Highly Suggested! Highly Suggested! Highly Suggested! Yes!
  • Niccidiamind
    Chris Lighty/Mogul
    Rags to Riches...Great story, but sad in the end...
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