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Cars, Coffee and Comedy hosted by comedian and automotive enthusiast Spike Feresten and featuring Jerry Seinfeld, lawyer Paul Zuckerman, MotorTrend's Jonny Lieberman, and The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah with guests from the automotive industry, notable comedians and celebrities. As always, there's one empty chair at Spike's table saved for you, the listener.

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  • Bhkhfygbnkohv
    Started as one of the best automotive podcasts available, devolved into rich white guys ramming their liberal politics down your throat. I do find it hilarious how spike pretends that matt Farrah and Seinfeld are “ part of the show too” to avoid paying Zuckerman and Lieberman. I know spike regrets that day he “ offered” Lieberman to be a part of the show loosely, then Johnny went all crazy with his big elaborate post and probably added “cohost” to his linked in profile.
  • JRB199
    Could be much better
    Zuckerman is good for a laugh, but Spike is the whiniest beta ever. He’s very good at interrupting guests and killing the momentum of the conversation though. I also wouldn’t trust Lieberman alone around children.
  • 80carfreak
    Excellent , thanks guys
    I always waiting for the next episode , you guys are hilarious and informative at the same time, keep the good works !! I am with zukerman, I will stick with Dino gasoline cars , I would like to see a 30 years old classic electric car running ( electrical parts have date in f expiration)
  • D day Normandy
    Why Denigrate?
    Hammering Farrah on what is essentially syntax is unmanly and a waste of airtime. Disappointing
  • MDSchlachter
    A car guy show for car guys!
    Spike and friends banter, companionship, and car talk reminds me of my friends at our local cars and coffee. The reviews are great and I can’t wait until the next episode.
  • Lord Zevallos
    Needs more Zuck, Lieberman & blue chew
    We need more
  • BozzHogg
    Know-it-All Lieberman and Loady Farah Must Go
    I’m a long-time subscriber of SCR, and have always enjoyed listing to Spike, Zuckerman, and when he drops in, Jerry talk cars. I have never been a fan of Spike’s lefty political rants, or the episodes focused on watches - in both cases, I fast forward or delete the episode. It’s a car podcast - focus on cars! Anyway, the podcast used to rate 4-5 stars, but with the full-time addition of Know-it-All Lieberman and Loady Farah, the rating has sunk to 2 stars, at best. And the only reason I didn’t select 1 star is because on some episodes, Lieberman and/or Farah are tied up with other commitments. Please dump both of these clowns, and bring back the coziness and close camaraderie that once was.
  • FF1058
    Can you bash me some more.
    Is every episode going to have bashing of Trump or conservatives? I’m cool with you not liking muscle cars and hot rods, at least that’s car related. But calling conservatives dopey every episode is getting old and tiresome.
  • TrailTracker515
    Fun show!
    Spike has a fun show with a great group of friends. The only knock is that occasionally he has to dip his toes into the politics of the moment causing me to tune out.
  • Commodity futures
    Cancel show due to zuckerman being a poor piece of dreck
  • The Life Ruined
    Let us hear bout these bugs, Spike.
    Love the cars don’t get me wrong, but cmon Spike let Zucc talk about his bug collection. Five stars.
  • GabeArioso
    Blue Chew
    My favorite thing to do on Wednesday mornings is have my morning cup of coffee and listen to you guys.I laugh every time Zuckerman mentions Blue Chew. They’re getting a great deal.
  • tim jabaley
    Sometimes great. Love zuckerman
    I’ve been listening since the start. Love the Porsche and auto discussion. I thought Lieberman would be a good add. But I gotta turn it off. Lieberman is taking air out of the room, limiting zuckermans antics and politics has steadily taken a lead in the conversation. I don’t even like Tesla, but the latest excoriation of elon musk has soured my enjoyment. Sorry guys. I really enjoyed it with Earth Wind and Fire and Porsche talk. Best of luck with future podcasts.
  • Giosdad
    I have listened to every episode
    One of my favorite car enthusiast podcasts with hysterical hosts. I have listened to every episode. Spike and his regular and not so regular hosts create a fun listen every time. You never know where Zuckerman will take the conversation sometimes stopping Spike in his tracks. I like the addition of Lieberman and it is always great when Seinfeld joins the crew or calls in.
  • Southold massive
    The show has eaten itself
    95% rich guy babble. 5% cars.
  • JesseAdrienne
    So glad Jonny is on full time!
    I love having Jonny on a more of a full time gig. I wish he could finish his sentences more often without being interrupted but still a wonderful show!
  • xsnay
    We Love Spike..& ..Zuckerman
    Love the Show! Something for everybody🚗not a fan of Lieberman. Zuckerman is King of the F Bomb. Spike is hilarious and a great host. Keep up the good work guys.
  • Roadhog1972
    Stick to cars
    There just might be some individual in the listing audience that believe in God. I know it’s your podcast but the more I listen it’s very apparent you have no morals towards others. Hey free country to do what ever you want but I can no longer take part in this podcast.
  • themailman100
    Just no -
    Should be rated with explicit language at least bleep it out glad I didn’t have any young ones around + half the show was nothing car related first episode for me was on future of Lotus should have been future of this show which is not for me-
  • Wav111111
    Don’t interrupt me!
    Spike does NOT like to be interrupted, especially when he’s interrupting! I still listen every week.
  • McRae555
    Spike blocks people with opposing opinions
    I was a listener from day one mainly to hear Zuckerman, Jerry and Matt. Unfortunately Spike acts like a liberal open minded person yet blocked me on Instagram when my opinion didn’t line up with his own. I left a polite comment and suggested that Spike gets more car people on the show. Boom he blocks me. Spike also sells out to gain access to press cars yet offers zero quality information to the audience. On to better podcasts.
  • IM Toast
    Downgrading to two stats
    It is just so repetitive and the whole faux testosterone thing has gotten old. The show needs an overhaul and can start with these: - Get to the guest in the first 10 minutes - The inane banter replete with Leno and Seinfeld name-drops should stop immediately - Dump Zuckerman. He adds nothing to the show and should be replaced with a savvy female motorhead
  • PNW678
    Great show
    Real car guys, who just like to talk cars. The Zuckerman impressions are hilarious
  • YoMommaIsSo
    Diamond in the Rough
    Ahem, ask a question then shut up. Otherwise a well done and entertaining show ... often educational. Lastly, more motorcycles.
  • I. F. Will
    I unsubscribed
    Talk about cars. Editorialize elsewhere.
  • mick durs
    Talk about cars or stop talking Spike
    I like Porsches and Zuck, but man, Spike ruins the show. Every show he proves again and again how arrogant he is (accusing Magnus of being a pothead), depending on his friendship with Jerry, not knowing anything about cars, etc. He’s not a car guy. He’s a guy that likes to be seen in cars.
  • Bill's Dills
    Fantastic Episode Boys!!!
    Loved it!
  • RyTy28
    Great Podcast!
    This podcast is very entertaining and a joy to listen to. Whether or not the discussion is about cars, this is funny and insightful content that always has me looking forward to the next episode! As a Porsche guy, I especially love the hosts’ affinity toward the marque. Thanks Spike and Zuckerman!
  • 964Rob
    Hey Spike keep to car talk. Love your car passion.
  • _JLD_
    30+ minutes of Next Door old man rants
    Old man uses podcast to shake fist at sky.
  • Bernadette5
    Nothing more annoying than someone who is intolerant of everyone that doesn’t agree with him...as he whines about the intolerance of others. Occasionally talks about cars...very occasionally of late.
  • eddy752
    Don’t go getting big fat heads
    But, yeah I like this podcast. True car guys talking cars with humor and total lack of grace! The interviews are done well. But, the banter between Feresten and Zuckerman make it fun to listen to.
  • please upgrade the service
    Car talk good. Political talk bad
    When Spike and Z talk cars, Porsche, have guests, excellent show. When Spike goes self-righteous, entitled whiner, bad show. Cars and Porsche yes! Whining delete the episode.
  • BenSeaton
    Stick to car talk and skip the politics
    I listen for the car talk, not the political opinions of Spike and Z. If I wanted to listen to politics, I’d be tuned into a political podcast, and not this one.
  • RobUSMC TN
    Love the car talk
    Hate your political rants... Half the county doesn’t agree with your liberal mindset but loves your car knowledge and passion. It’s your show and you can take it where you want, but but us more conservative listeners would love for you to share with us your vast knowledge and passion for the cars. The Bugatti episode was an hour on Covid and next door.Let’s get back to the cars RobM
  • BB_ME
    A. You’re not Seinfeld B. You're not Seinfeld C. You’re not Seinfeld
  • Stuttgartforlife
    Too political
    Just listened to the latest episode where Spike whines about his leftist beliefs. He’s been in Commiefornia too long and it’s starting to show. I’m going to stick to listening to a real comedian/car guy on The Adam Carolla Show. Spike should listen to Adam’s December 2nd podcast, Titled “Reopen the Schools”. He could learn something.
  • sanity54321
    Too political
    Unfortunately this podcast has contempt for Trump voters and frankly why do we need to hear about politics from a third rate comedian? Stick to cars why does everything have to be so political?
  • GasGuzzler
    Potential to be moderately entertaining
    This Pod is worth a listen if the right guest is on. Spike is a radical leftist who isn’t afraid to bring politics into what he claims to be a show about cars. His sidekick, Paul Zuckerman, is a character and is funny. The show is at its best when they talk about cars. I always check to see if there will be a guest on before listening to it.
  • Midwest Motorhead
    Took a swerve into the political, done
    I like to listed to car podcasts as an escape from the daily grind of politics and pop culture, aparently this is no longer the case with this podcast so I've unsubscribed. Unfortunate, I liked it prior to now.
  • g_man_joe
    I listen to this every week
    That is the highest praise I can give a podcast. I listen to it every week, I don't skip episodes, and I rarely fast forward. Not a Porsche guy per se, but I like cars and car talk, so I recommend this show.
  • jpajya
    Cars please, not politics
    No longer subscribing since politics have been added to what previously been “car talk.”
  • P. Munro
    Tell me more about how progressive and intelligent you are. Mildly interesting stories loosely related to automotive news. Please continue telling us how little listeners with opposing view points matter.
  • zekebass
    Count how many times the self righteous wimp from Brentwood can name drop Jerry. Used to be a car show now it’s MSNBC radio from a car who knows everything about everything.....just ask him.
  • Tired of Lazy
    The Petrolicious debacle/ Hannah Elliott - Bloomberg
    Good interview with Hanna Elliott discussing the owner/head of Petrolicious posting racist remarks and being called out for it recently. I agree with both of you that racism, homophobia and misogyny have long been systemic in car culture and it’s way past time to check ourselves and be better lest we all find ourselves in a white male privilege echo chamber.
  • ticktime911
    Most changed show
    Used to be my favorite of many podcasts, just a good car chat show. It’s now very little about cars and a political podcasts. Not a political person and I didn’t sign up for a politics show where you whine about social justice issues. Time to move on to another show.
  • E-P2 user
    Namesake is self important but Zuckerman is The Real Deal
    Feresten used to be interesting. He had a point of view that resonated with some car folks, but it’s mostly based in fairly vapid opinion without a real basis in engineering. After a few “reviews” the listener will get the idea he’ll gush over any shiny new car the manufacturers let him test drive. Zuckerman, now that’s a guy with taste and knowledge. I could listen to him talk about cars, law, or why he bought or sold certain cars. Great insight. Lose the politics, boys. We come for cars, not your political opinion, nobody cares who you like or dislike so stop acting like a 56 year old snowflake, Spike.
  • Steveobacker
    Z for Prez.
    Zuckerman always gets me laughing and I dig his taste is cars. I have to admit I almost lost my mind in a fit of jealousy when I saw (and heard about) the Audi Quattro Coupe. Reminds me of when I was offered one in 1999 (it was a 1984 with 7k miles on it) and I passed. Doh! Anyway sorry for the ramble. Spike is nice, too.
  • walltoo
    I’m Done
    Long time listener but I’m finished. I most recently tuned in for car talk but it was all pretty much political drivel.
  • Just my opinion:
    Used to be a good show, then went political.
    Used to be a good show, then they got political like every thing else. This used to be an escape from that crap. No more. I’m out. BTW, alienating half your audience with misinformed political commentary isn’t the smartest move.
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