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Cars, Coffee and Comedy hosted by comedian and automotive enthusiast Spike Feresten and featuring Jerry Seinfeld, lawyer Paul Zuckerman, MotorTrend's Jonny Lieberman, and The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah with guests from the automotive industry, notable comedians and celebrities. As always, there's one empty chair at Spike's table saved for you, the listener.

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  • Eye.surgeon
    Insufferable rich guys talk Porsche
    Have you ever wished for a podcast featuring a third tier comedian and an ambulance- chasing personal injury attorney discussing cars, mixed with expressions of generalized distain for most of their listeners and some five-year-old level fart jokes? How about a steady stream of unrelated rants about middle America and pretty much anyone that isn’t a Brentwood liberal? Look no further. welcome to Spike Feresten’s Porsche podcast. Yes Spike is the kind of guy that gives himself his own nickname. Be prepared for a steady stream of celebrity named-dropping, and occasional Johnny Lieberman guest appearances to remind us that Spike may not be the most annoying person on the planet. The only episodes where I can hold my nose and listen are with Jerry Seinfeld, who, in between sycophantic sucking up by spike and Paul, actually has some insightful thoughts on Porsches. Unfortunately, you also realize that Seinfeld is kind of a jerk in his own right.
  • minnesnowta ice racer
    You didn’t know things could be this… I want to call it “real funny” as opposed to REALLY funny, it is really funny but the realness of what we end up laughing at is the most real elements of life. It’s real AND it’s funny.
  • iEdge
    Ferris Bueller Rivan episode
    I really enjoy the show - especially Spike, Zuckerberg and Seinfeld. However in the Ferris - Rivan episode stop the political and religious talk. We don’t care what you think about that. Better to remain silent, and be thought a fool, then to speak to remove all doubt. Stick to your knitting gentleman.
  • Curtis Schmitt
    A Podcast So Funny BlueChew Pulled Out
    From within five minutes of Episode 1, I knew I had finally found my podcast. It was a revelation. I am extremely grateful that people like Spike, Jerry, Paul, Jonny and Matt exist in this world and furthermore that they put in the work and energy week after week to deliver entertaining podcasts. I hope they continue for many years to come but whenever it ends, assuming I outlive that moment, I will start from the beginning and re-listen to every episode again.
  • Zllvn3
    More lefty politics than car talk.
    If you want to hear more lefty politics than car talk tune in. Spike ruins the show constantly while Johnny and Zuckerman provide actual knowledge and are the reason to tune in. To bad the other idiot runs the show. If your looking for a good car podcast , listen to THE COLLECTING CARS PODCAST
  • Deborah9750
    So love this show
    I should not love this show - I know NOTHING about cars but I LOVE IT!!! They are hilarious and I love all the guests and I am learning about cars - a Must Listen!!!!
  • DJ 356
    This is my favorite show, Spike is great. Z is fantastic. And the guests are always interesting
    If you love great talk you will love this
  • slcutler922
    A great reason to look forward to Wednesdays!!
  • Cobra 6
    Luft nein
    Really excited to hear about Luft 9 till about a few minutes into the podcast spike referred to listeners as “idiots”. Great another car bro to sell you mail order underwear…or some other stuff you won’t need like: benis supplements and manscape templates for bald spots… I’d rather listen to Farah than this hack.
  • camaaron
    Leave the Tesla talk to the computer nerds.
    This show was better before Spike got a Tesla.
  • sneesburger 856432
    Demons and hellcats
    Can you make an episode on the dodge demon and the challenger hellcat? I would want to listing to that
  • Charleston Living Mark
    Comedy, Cars & Hazing - nothing better
    Spike strikes a great balance between car talk, comedy and just enough banter between him and his co hosts. Top 3 favorite podcasts for sure ! 👍 - @CharlestonLivingMark 🏝
  • Cashnchrome
    Great entertainment. Listen to every episode at least twice. A real genuine feel
  • tua84243
    Great show too much Covid talk
    I listen weekly it’s an awesome show. They really really know their car stuff. Just be prepared to hear Covid talk on EVERY single episode.
  • Jdawgkilla
    Great show for the most part
    One of my favorite podcasts and regular listens. As a fellow lawyer I enjoy hearing Zuckerman talk and say the things I’m thinking. That being said, Spike has gotta learn to shut up for a second and let the other guys finish their thoughts! For Christsakes man, let them finish before you jump in!
  • FF1058
    Can you bash me some more.
    You morons bashing Musk for not knowing his audience, yet you continually bash republicans. Do you not know your audience? 4.000.000 podcasts out there, I’m sure I can find something else to listen too.
  • zeek55555
    Great Podcast for Several Reasons
    I love this podcast because I feel like I’m in California with the guys talking about awesome watches and cars while mixing in some innocent, comical candor. The hosts and guests and great to listen to, down to earth, and relatable. Every time I listen to an episode mentioning the GT4 RS, I regret not getting on an allocation list last year when I first heard about the car, which I can’t stop thinking about now! If there is any chance I could drive Spike and Paul’s allocation when they take delivery, I would be forever grateful! Keep up the great work guys.
  • Airfreek
    Saturday Night Cigars
    Crappy and unorganized show…you all can do better. No one cares if Spike doesn’t like Johnny’s kids long hair. Best line of the episode “…you’re so insecure”
  • usm1987
    Good times with friends
    I think I figured out why this show is so enjoyable, just found this last week and listening to lieberman, spike and zuckerman going back and forth reminds me of sitting with my friends. Add in cars and its a great way to spend a commute!
  • mamaooh99
    Great podcast
    Great funny car radio!
  • Realchrisglass
    More advertisements than a late night tv show
    Geez at the advertisements! It seems that I’m listening to more advertising than content. I understand that a podcast must be financially viable, but instead of interrupting the conversation every 3-5 minutes to announce something I'm not interested in, please consider having all of the ads at once.
  • PazzoAmore
    It’s not my fault I just bought a Porsche
    Spike’s Car radio has been the greatest inspiration in my recent purchase of a beauty of a 2006 911 C4. Midnight blue/ sand beige leather. My car enthusiast son , and I went to the Saratoga Springs Auto Museum in April and just missed the Porsche exhibit, but got the catalog of some of Steven Harris’ Porsche collection . Stunningly photographed and exquisitely beautiful sculpted art pieces! I’ve had the obsession ever since to have a Porsche. After speaking to my son about Harris’ collection, he recommended I listen to your Podcast. Since then, I’ve listened to the last 35 shows and you and the guys have been a constant source of inspiration to make the leap and enter The World of Porsche. Thank you for being there and sharing your Porsche stories and improving the quality of my life! Gratefully yours Angelo Castello
  • nathanv
    Family Crisis Averted
    My seat at the table with Spike, Zuckerman, Johnny, Matt and Jerry saved my marriage. Had I not been listening I’m sure I would have channeled the real Zuckerman, said something wildly inappropriate and honest and ended my 7 hour road trip in divorce. Thanks guys!
  • MooseBonersenn
    Mercedes Vault 3
    The best episode since Bugattis in Beverly Hills. Zuckerman is a national treasure!!!
  • Evo1200
    Late Night meets Cars & Coffee
    Spike Feresten brings his impeccable experience as a brilliant comedy writer for some of the best TV ever into a podcast that is as passionate as it is sincere and intelligent about cars and the car world. Utilizing the forever entertaining late night talk show format, he takes it further, by bending it to make you feel like you’re sitting with them smoking cigars and chatting. You feel so good when your done with a show, like hanging with the smartest and most fun friends a person can have, talking shop. It’s not good. It’s not great. It’s brilliant. Johnny Lieberman is brilliant. Paul Zuckerman is simply perfect and brilliant. Jerry Seinfeld is a genius. And yet, for all that collective brain power, they make you feel completely welcome. Smart. Funny. Cars and cigars for everyone.
  • Srowan28
    Why would you let Farah back on the show after his last visit. He is a walking disaster of a person. I agree with other reviewers that you should lay off talking about Porsche. We get it. They make too many models and they are all almost the same.
  • H.G Pennypacker
    Porsche, schmorsche
    Enough already with the Porsche talk, dear god!! You give the anal Porsche crowd an even worse reputation. Zuckerman makes the show by the way.
  • HankBeiter
    Zucker Man Rules
    Anyone who left a bad review is a shmuck. These two are absolutely hilarious. I strive to be like the Zucker Man one day!
  • Ant from Cha Hill
    How lucky are we to get this to free!
    I’ve been a fan of this show for years and never gave a review. So here goes. My wife and I love Car Matchmaker. We downloaded episodes on ITunes and would watch them when we traveled. What is so great about anything Spike hosts is the enjoyment he has while doing it. Having someone like Zuckerman, who is one of the most naturally funny people I’ve heard, and the others to let them go and play the straight man is so fun to listen to. The clever part is Jerry’s role. For once he is not the straight man or the funny man, but now the wise man. GFY
  • BlueChew Blue
    Never Fails to Entertain
    Bring Blue Chew back, no matter the cost!
  • The Epi Man!
    Great show
    Fun and interesting. Great personalities.
  • Alpine Andy Allen
    Non-Journalist Spike
    I have followed this podcast for a while now. But I am getting tired of Spike using his excuse “I’m not a car journalist - I just love cars” to babble nonsense on the podcasts. I guess he thinks this is entertaining? Sorry it’s not to me! I’ll listen to experts & journalists who do the work to know what they’re talking about. Good bye & good luck Spike.
  • The Life Ruined
    Use to love it. What happened.
    Love the cars don’t get me wrong, but spike is the rudest most dismissive person I’ve ever heard on a podcast. Struggles to grasp his own hypocrisy when telling others not to interrupt him, while talking over everyone at the same time. Can’t imagine how he has any friends not to mention a wife and family.
  • podcastreviewer314
    Used to be good.
    Loved the older episodes before Spike got a soundboard and they started spending half the show giggling about blue chew.
  • KryptoF15
    If you want confirmation that Porsche owners are jerks, this podcast is for you
    Self-centered clowns. At least they have guests that they invite in so that they can talk over them.
  • Werewolf0926
    I like Zuckerman, spike and Lieberman are good when on car topics. Started losing interest when spike was doing the sound board. Lost even more interest when they talk about political stuff. Maybe I’ll give it another go later.
  • existenzkampf
    Almost Perfectly Cringe
    The chemistry between the host, Spike, and the cast of Jerry, Paul, Jonhhy, and Matt just cracks me up. They're consistently dynamic and while they share a love for cars, and Porsche in particular, it's what they don't agree upon that's the most interesting part of the listening experience. When Spike and zuckerman disagree it's a fiery sparks show. Johnny never gives up his stance, nor should he, but stands toe-to-toe with them all. The inclusion of Seinfeld is a nice feature every once in a while and it's really good to hear his takes in a very uninhibited environment.
  • svrnclv
    My new favorite non-educational podcast! Would love a podcast with just zuck and spike.
  • Hovag
    Only thing I look forward to on Wednesdays…
    I just want to make it clear that I don’t even watch podcasts, but when it comes to this one, I watch it religiously every Wednesday and that should say a lot about what these guys are really about… I love the amazing stories along with all the car talk which I can never get enough of.
  • Sssszzz
    Best car podcast
    Just started listening to this podcast, it’s my new favorite. I’m enjoying running through the back catalog.
  • Fred Spagoo
    Based on the reviews, this apparently used to be a good podcast. I listened to the latest episode (as of writing this. 11/14/2021.) it was boring, then some rich guys wondering how many Porches they can squeeze into their garage. Then some weird singing and music, then I turned it off. I’m all for getting rich. I hope to be rich some day. I’d love to have a garage full of expensive cars. Good for these guys to have achieved financial success. It’s not an interesting topic for a podcast; at least for me. If you want to hear excellent car content, go to Donut Media and listen to Past Gas. Yes, they are millennials that were born long after many of their subjects, but they do the research and make some interesting content.
  • Evm.......
    Stop with the music !
    One of my favorite podcasts (possible was?) It has been tuned by Spike getting new equipment and acting like a child. No one wants sound effects and music. I almost can’t listen anymore. Please go back to the purity of real podcasting. I beg you. Please!!!!
  • Bhkhfygbnkohv
    Started as one of the best automotive podcasts available, devolved into rich white guys ramming their liberal politics down your throat. I do find it hilarious how spike pretends that matt Farrah and Seinfeld are “ part of the show too” to avoid paying Zuckerman and Lieberman. I know spike regrets that day he “ offered” Lieberman to be a part of the show loosely, then Johnny went all crazy with his big elaborate post and probably added “cohost” to his linked in profile.
  • JRB199
    Could be much better
    Zuckerman is good for a laugh, but Spike is the whiniest beta ever. He’s very good at interrupting guests and killing the momentum of the conversation though. I also wouldn’t trust Lieberman alone around children.
  • 80carfreak
    Excellent , thanks guys
    I always waiting for the next episode , you guys are hilarious and informative at the same time, keep the good works !! I am with zukerman, I will stick with Dino gasoline cars , I would like to see a 30 years old classic electric car running ( electrical parts have date in f expiration)
  • D day Normandy
    Why Denigrate?
    Hammering Farrah on what is essentially syntax is unmanly and a waste of airtime. Disappointing
  • MDSchlachter
    A car guy show for car guys!
    Spike and friends banter, companionship, and car talk reminds me of my friends at our local cars and coffee. The reviews are great and I can’t wait until the next episode.
  • Lord Zevallos
    Needs more Zuck, Lieberman & blue chew
    We need more
  • BozzHogg
    Know-it-All Lieberman and Loady Farah Must Go
    I’m a long-time subscriber of SCR, and have always enjoyed listing to Spike, Zuckerman, and when he drops in, Jerry talk cars. I have never been a fan of Spike’s lefty political rants, or the episodes focused on watches - in both cases, I fast forward or delete the episode. It’s a car podcast - focus on cars! Anyway, the podcast used to rate 4-5 stars, but with the full-time addition of Know-it-All Lieberman and Loady Farah, the rating has sunk to 2 stars, at best. And the only reason I didn’t select 1 star is because on some episodes, Lieberman and/or Farah are tied up with other commitments. Please dump both of these clowns, and bring back the coziness and close camaraderie that once was.
  • TrailTracker515
    Fun show!
    Spike has a fun show with a great group of friends. The only knock is that occasionally he has to dip his toes into the politics of the moment causing me to tune out.
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