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Welcome to The Game Podcast where we talk about how to get more customers, make more profit per customer, and keep them longer, and the many failures and lessons we have learned along the way to $100M in sales. We've got roll up your sleeves kind of hustle with a little bit of cleverness and a lot of heart. Hosted by Alex Hormozi.

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  • Bad to the Bone Awesome
    Best Podcast In the Game
    Literally this is the best podcast on the market. I highly recommend every single person to listen to this. THE BEST
  • Galactic Flex
    Love you Alex!
    If you want your beliefs to be broken give this show a listen
  • RazorRay1
    Game changer!
    Alex provides so much value for entrepreneurs. His ability to explain concepts is tremendous and I have personally benefitted from all the information he puts out! 👏
  • Jen Johannsen
    Alex’s knowledge and ability to deliver it blow us away every time. On a long car trip and we’ve been listening for hours. Thank you for all that you do!
  • dt94095
    Under rated. Over value delivered!
    This podcast over delivers. Very valuable. It’s insane more people aren’t listening to it. Thanks Alex and company for this gem.
  • Erik_LO
    Breaking my brain…in a good way
    I love how Alex breaks my brain with the possibilities. I’m reading and listening to his stuff on repeat and learning so much each time.
  • cnguyen333
    Practical. Straight forward. Priceless
    This is the only podcast that I listen to that got me hooked. I like to listen to this podcast during my gym session and it teaches so much. This podcast gives practical steps to move forward & helps shift me into a more realistic business mindset. What it takes is not like what everyone else talks about…. It requires massive work and consistency. Love the podcast ❤️
  • Jskapdodeh
    Alex is a genius
    It’s incredible you can get his experiences and knowledge through this podcast, I learn more through him than through college and past mentors!
  • _jcl_22
    Best Business Podcast Ever
    Alex’s content is like a $100,000 course for free.
  • 142558
    Seems scam-y, is actually really smart and reasonable
    Really. I was surprise.
  • BLew321
    Can’t believe this is free
    Better than any $2,997 course
  • Coal2Diamond
    Thank you!
    A podcast jam packed with blocks of info to build a proper foundation for business and life! Killer content, thank you Alex!
  • G Lee 93
    Consistent Mental Gems
    It’s a part of my everyday morning routine to start my days with the perception I need.
  • Perfect sweets
    The Giving Never Stops!
    I can’t say enough about how this podcast and Alex has shifted my mindset of the business game and how beneficial his insights are. I huge shout out to everyone on the team that works with Alex and thank you for never stopping the giving! If there is one thing you can do for your mindset and your business- Start listening NOW! You are going to wish you started years ago!
  • screvin
    How did I miss out on this content for so long?! Alex is one of the GOATs
  • Jeffney34763888444
    A genius mind for business.
    Just listen to it. The information is priceless and it’s free. No better offer than that😁😉
  • Timmy Douglas
    He’s a BEAST!
    Love what Alex is doing. Puts out great information that has changed my life and shaped my own podcast. Go get $100m offers! Be on the lookout for $100M leads. What character traits, lack of skills, and beliefs are holding you back?
  • Chicago Kory
    Best in the game
    Great content delivered short and to the point.
  • I.O. Lewis
    Sacred Wisdom
    Alex gives the most crucial and powerful information on making money in business that you can imagine. It’s so fundamental that everyone can benefit and utilize it, and it’s so advanced in its implications that someone could literally listen to this podcast and build a multi-million dollar business. So blessed this man is putting this level of wisdom out here for free.
  • TC111
    My new favorite
    Alex is a rockstar!
  • CorySmth
    The salesman we all want
    I love Alex’s approach to life, optimistic, realistic, and not obnoxious. I have a ton of respect for Alex in his honesty.
  • Shanaroberson
    Best business content available period
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year now and I’ve listened to almost every episode. Alex delivers real tactics and strategy along with wisdom & tough love that I’ve never heard anywhere else, especially this consistently. Most people either don’t have the experience, the perspective or the guts to do it. It’s just what I need to hear to stay focused and grow as an entrepreneur!
  • B_Smith1214
    Best Business Podcast Hands Down
    The amount of truth and business building wisdom that is shared in this podcast is unbelievable. If you listen to this podcast, you will become a better entrepreneur and business operator. Alex knows what he’s talking about because he’s done it before. He’s sharing all of his business lessons and they’re invaluable. So do yourself a favor, listen to this podcast, build a better business and make more money.
  • GregHorn27
    Absolute gold!
    Alex breaks down concepts both for those just starting out as well as those of us that have been in the game for decades. His ability to simplify the complex and make it easily digestible for everyone is true genius embodied. If you own a business or ever want to own one, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not following Alex and listening to this podcast.
  • SophieInOhio
    Essential. Listen now.
    Thank you, Alex. Goodness gracious.
  • Satch Bernhardt
    Life and business lessons
    I love Alex’s views on business and life. I think he has a way of taking complicated concepts and articulating them in a way that are easy to understand. I have applied countless pieces of advice from this podcast into my own business.
  • derfmmit
    Alex is well beyond his years. He provides tons of knowledge and helps reinforce my mindset daily. KEEP GOING ALEX
  • ekumaj
    The Game plan
    This is one podcast that I am going to listen to for a long time not for entertainment but as I build my business to reach $3m and beyond.
  • MarioThayer
    Second to None
    Alex has a depth of knowledge and skill of communication unlike anyone else in the entrepreneurial space. There is so much value in each sentence of content that it’s truly unbelievable that this is free. One day we will look back at these podcasts when Alex is worth $10B and analyze his every word.
  • jerry monster
    Alex deliver concise and actionable content to help you scale. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, his insight will empower you to make an impact. 10/10 recommend
  • Brothers in Law"n"
    So spot on, relatable and extremely applicable.
  • Isjdnnfjv
    Best show if you want to grow
    Alex drops major, applicable business knowledge and leads by example. Dudes also ripped! Major role model and mentor.
  • Dh Nurse
    Love this pod!!
    Super great super real super beneficial info in these pods! Alex is a breath of fresh air!!
  • rbolski
    Singles, Doubles, Triples
    The Game is practical and actionable. Love the bite size wisdom that I can run with. Thanks, Alex.
  • Tongan_Pride
    Very insightful
    Very helpful and insightful podcast!
  • Chaudhary Investments LLC
    The paradox is the opposite
    While we have family members who gives us an information or suggestions to become wealthy we tend to listen to them thinking their older then us and have lived longer so they might be feeling us the truth, However the paradox is the opposite. There’s no way a person can become fit by listening to an obese person. There’s no way a person can become healthy by listening to an unhealthy person. And lastly like wise, there’s no way a person can become wealthy by listening to a person who is having financial difficulties. Conclusion is that in 1922 there’s no content creator like Alex himself or any other successful person. Yet now we have people who have become successful and are giving great insight into how to become a better and successful person in life and in business. These podcast are crucial in entrepreneurial life or just to become better at personal level. Ya self help books are amazing and helps us become better mentally and physically however if no work have been put into the business it’s simply is equivalent of someone who doesn’t read a book. Knowledge + action = result. See you soon.
  • ahewitt7
    Must listen for small business owners
    Whether you are new to business or a seasoned vet Alex has a way of making complicated concepts simple and repeatable so that you are able to take action on what you learn instead of just listening to Business theory.
  • Jmoore2390
    Amazing podcast, Alex is always dropping gems. 💎
  • Solarpoweredceej
    Alex H
    Knowledge bombs left & right. Listening to this guys is like trying to drink water from a fire hose! There’s just so much info!
  • jake salazar, husky rei
    All value
    No fluff, just gives as much as he can in a well thought out way using language that I can understand.
  • AkPrad
    Perspective changing
    I’ve followed Alex on YouTube, Instagram, and now this podcast. His knowledge has changed how I see the world. I really stop to consider the size of the opportunities I pursue, how I spend my time, and I hope to continue to keep getting better and better. He’s doing for me what he says his mentors did for him, and I am eternally grateful. Thanks Alex, hope to work with you some day
  • gunbect
    Great and inspiring
    Alex Hormozi's Business Podcast is one of the most inspiring and informative podcasts I have ever listened to. He interviews successful entrepreneurs and business people from all walks of life, and they share their stories, tips, and advice on how to be successful in business. I have learned so much from this podcast, and it has really helped me to focus on my own business goals and ambitions. Alex is a great host, and he has a real passion for helping others to achieve their dreams. If you're looking for inspiration and practical advice on how to be successful in business, then I highly recommend checking out Alex Hormozi's Business Podcast.
  • dr. cey
    Must listen!
    If you are wanting to growing your business knowledge, this is a must listen to!
  • Pwechpwech
    I have learned more about marketing, business, and how to dominate life from Alex then my 4 years of business school. This man is the GOAT! Give him a listen!!!
  • MattJinSD
    Must-listen if you want to be rich!!
    Greatest podcast on business and marketing, hands down. This man is brilliant!! Phenomenal business mind, and has a knack for making complex concepts easy to understand.
  • Ammar Albakali
    Priceless advice
    Alex is one of the only folks out there giving the best of the best advice in exchange for nothing! The best podcast out there. Should be #1 in Business in terms of value and content.
  • sidunga
    Crazy helpful
    The amount of information in this podcast is insane. I feel like I’ve learned more in a few listens then I have from reading multiple business books.
  • Ty_Ty89
    Simple and easy to understand
    I absolutely love listening to Alex. Everything he puts out is gold! The thing that draws me to him the most is how he says it. He puts it all in his simplest form and makes it so easy for entrepreneurs of any level to understand. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is trying to grow these business and themselves!
  • mrsIngleton
    The podcast show I look forward to every week
    If you’re considering listening to this show, do it. Subscribe. It’s a no-brainer. I’ve never personally “worked” with Alex other than listen to this podcast, watch his YouTube videos and buy his book $100 Million Offers…but just consuming his ideas, opinions and frameworks have improved my business, marketing, sales and the personal way I think because of the beliefs he helped me shift. I’m so happy he creates this content. It’s Changed my life for the better. Subscribe and listen. You’re welcome 😊
  • JonoAymin
    Literally the BEST podcast for business owners. Ever.
    Alex Hormozi is a powerhouse of information and knowledge around anything having to do with sales, marketing, or just running a business overall and mine said it takes to achieve incredible things!
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