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We are the Legendary Creature Podcast. We're a few dudes that just want to play Magic: the Gathering. So we talk about EDH when we're not slinging spells.

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  • Darth Ends
    Best Commander podcast by far
    Just an absolute joy to listen to. It’s like having a beer with my buds and just bsing about Magic, but with a good focus and objective with nice philosophical thought experiences on the format. Love it and subscribed to the Patreon.
  • Hot Doggy Boy
    To Andy and Kyle
    Hello, I’ve never done this before and I actually have no idea if a podcasts creator can actually see these messages. But I wanted to make sure and support ya’ll in whatever way I can. Being a broke college kid means I don’t even have the money for magic cards let alone magic content, otherwise I’d be a patron for sure. You’re the most authentic and interesting commentators on the hobby I’ve heard and I’ve listened to every episode, some multiple times. You’re the type of people that make me feel like I’m a friend not a fan. When things were dark for awhile there I frantically searched Twitter and the web to see if I could find anything, but I couldn’t. I was worried the show was over, but you two have since shared that it’s something far more serious. I wish Kyle and his family all the best and am in full agreement nothing else is a priority. All that said, just know there’s one more person out there eager to support anything you create.
  • cobaltgrc
    My favorite EDH podcast
    Great theory crafting and good vibes.
  • Jason Belk
    Great casual edh chat
    I’ve enjoyed every episode. Definitely recommend
  • Acoke1
    The Perfect Commander Podcast
    From the jokes to content, it’s everything you could ask for. They don’t try to be too polarizing like other podcast or creators. They always have light hearted jokes to keep episodes and nothing is every super heavy. If you play commander and you don’t want the traditional play this don’t play this podcast Kyle and Andy are for you!
  • dc1152
    A good listen
    The hosts are charismatic and keep you drawn in through out the episode. I listen to quite a few commander podcasts and this one is always up to date in my library where as others may fall behind.
  • Don_Quesote
    Nuanced and introspective, with exceptional emotional intelligence
    Kyle, Andy, (and AP!) produce nuanced and introspective content. In particular, their work is infused with an uncommon emotional intelligence that has skyrocketed it to the top of my media rotation. Unfortunately, as an innocent bystander of the purging of their Discord server of non-patreons, despite being initially encouraged to join the server by the creators, I feel that my initial estimation of their emotional intelligence may have been overstated. Now I find it hard to enjoy their content because I question their insight. Nonetheless, despite unsubscribing, I wish these creators the best.
  • Rumpled Foreskyn
    High Grade Content
    I consume a fair amount of Commander/EDH content, and this show has been my favorite for a while now. The larger picture analysis of the game/archetypes/play, you name it, is unrivaled. This show has truly made me a better deck builder and player. Also, best f@%king intros in the game bar none. Thank you Kyle and Andy, my deck thanks you.
  • Cole444Troll
    The best EDH podcast
    Tired of 25% of your podcast being ads? Do you hate the word “shenanigans”? Well then this is the podcast for you. These dudes are chill af and aren’t afraid to just be themselves and have a conversation about magic. And that’s what I want out of an EDH podcast. Casual listening to go with my casual format.
  • Thank you based god!!!!!!
    the popeye’s chicken sandwich of EDH podcasts
  • EroyJack
    Real talk
    These guys have amazing insight into how a casually competitive meta should work and their deck techs reflect that.
  • Suns_Champion
    EDH talk at its finest
    LCP is my favorite EDH podcast out there. Andy and Kyle are relaxed, relatable, and very funny, and make listening to hundreds of cards highly enjoyable. If you’re looking for a unique voice in the EDH space, this is it.
  • edh is good
    Best edh podcast period
    I have listened to ~15 edh podcasts and this is best, no sellout good conversation different ideas
  • Zomb1eTurtle
    One of my favorite Edh podcasts
  • Flop123
    Just a fun time!
    These guys are awesome. Definity not a family friendly pod cast but that makes it special! They are so Worth a listen. They give the best approximate advice in magic.
  • Chris_von_doom
    What more can I say?
    These guys never disappoint. Down to earth, insightful, slightly off the beaten path decklists and hilarious. My personal favorite EDH podcast out there.
  • This Will is the Best Will
    Love this podcast
    I started listening to you guys a couple of months ago and I’m loving the content. You’re a good listen and I’m really enjoying the lore shows. I’ve been going through the backlog of your content and I’m excited to see where you guys go with this. Let us know if you put up a Patreon account.
  • Wolfystar12
    Great podcast
    Really great music and love the discussions
  • Google Chromium
    Beautiful Voice
    I stumbled upon this podcast while scrolling through Spotify one day and immediately was hooked. Their love of cussing and chemistry combined with their hobby of mispronouncing words is priceless Good show
  • Tiffersneeze
    They know what they’re talking about
    I’ve had my own Nath of the Gilt-Leaf deck for about a year now that I’ve been playing as mostly an elf deck. I edited mine based on the build Andy suggested in the Golgari episode and made Nath more of a stacks build. I can say, it’s way more lethal and honestly more fun to play. I definitely trust what these guys have to say! Keep up the awesome work, love the podcast.
  • CommanderCodyWA
    Solid Commander/EDH podcast
    As a long time commander player and commander podcast listener, the legendary creature podcast is a refreshing viewpoint into the world of commander. They at least sort of earn their explicit rating, so if cussing offends you, move along.
  • OstrichFace
    Honest Look at EDH with original deck techs
    Insightful and honest take on EDH by people who clearly love and play the game. They recently started doing gameplay videos that do a good job at condensing the turns with insightful commentary. You’ll find good tech here regardless of your budget and also learn the politics of not getting hated out of your play group.
  • dpkrause
    A nuanced view of the EDH format. Highly recommend you give these guys a listen if you like the Commander format.
  • EnjoyKristofer
    Great Podcast
    These two dudes add a breath of fresh air to the MTG commander podcast arena with the swearing and fun takes on alternate commanders. Keep it up guys and I’ll continue to listen.
  • The KREM
    Great podcast! Very entertaining and well put together.
    I am seriously so excited about his podcast and love how well it has been put together. I highly recommend it.
  • Thebiga641
    Great EDH podcast
    These two do a great job with deck techs and overall set reviews. Really enjoy the podcast.
  • beach burglar
    Great podcast
    Each episode is well crafted and the dialogue is engaging.
  • Boggra
    Dig it
    Stumbled on this by accident looking for some edh content I could stomach.. & gotta say this one deserves a bigger following. Great production, good chemistry, thorough, insightful, interesting, & entertaining. Keep on keeping on. Love, -your loyal subscriber
  • nathones
    Great EDH podcast
    Keep up the good work guys
  • Mtgtulsa
    One Eyed Wills brought me here
    Have an Admiral Beckett Brass deck and listened to your pirate episode. Loved the interplay in your podcast!
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