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Jamila Souffrant is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), blogger, podcast host and money coach. She is the founder of As a money expert who “walks her talk” she helps brave Journeyers; gain clarity around their finances and create an actionable plan to reach their goals. Her mission is to teach, inspire and help others reach Financial Freedom.

The Journey To Launch podcast explores all aspects of reaching Financial Freedom; from increasing income, becoming tax efficient, paying off debt, investing, saving & learning how to retire early and wealthy.

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  • Pyrniesade
    I learn so much from this show!
    I have been a listener of the “Journey To Launch” podcast for about 2 years and I will say it has been amazing to hear all the information about financial freedom. I love and share this show with friends all the time. It’s great that there is lessons, experiences, and experts in every show!
  • its.otey
    New listener
    I’m so happy I found your podcast! You have really encouraged me to keep pursuing F.I.R.E. I created a side hustle that I’m so excited about and that I’m hoping will get me get to finance freedom sooner. I also work a full-time job and work a side gig as well. I listen to your podcast daily to stay motivated. Thank you.
  • Cynthiao12346
    Diverse perspectives on financial independence
    I love that each episode showcases a different version of financial literacy and financial independence. Every conversation is interesting and engaging, and Jamila does a wonderful job curating guests with diverse backgrounds, approaches, and opinions. This podcast has been a great primer and jumping off point for learning more about a variety of topics. Highly recommended.
  • marivels
    Very informative and empowering
    Love this podcast! I’ve been listening for a couple years and was surprised I still haven’t left a review. Many if not all of the episodes provide so much information that can be applied to many aspects of my life. I find them very inspirational, practical, and informative. I learn so much through these episodes.
  • April Moreno
    Love this Podcast
    This is the one podcast I’ve heard all episodes of. As a podcaster myself, I rarely have time to listen to others but I LOVE Journey to Launch.
  • Al Lucero
    Real Perspectives on FI
    Jamila asks the real questions. The questions that you really want to know. I think there’s a lot of podcasts that walk through the numbers and tactics (and this one does too!), but Journey to Launch weave the personal stories into that so well. You can resonate with the guests’ paths and see your own unfolding.
  • va_phoenix
    Great perspective and information!
    I was researching the FIRE movement and saw a criticism of it is that it can be homegenous and bro-ey. An answer to that issue was Journey to Launch. It’s great. She asks the right questions, makes it easy to jump right in, and has great guests and topics. Check out her free jump start guide.
  • Devyn Salz
    Jamila is the BEST
    This show is one of the most educational shows I’ve listened to in the realm of personal finance. There are so many shows that tell you how to save, invest, 401k, and that’s it. Jamila teaches about important things like generational wealth, work life balance, family finance, and so much more with her guests that I wouldn’t have known about if not for this show.
  • pffan22
    Great interview!
    Came across the interview with Sam @ Financial Samurai - loved it thanks! Great dialogue. I’ve followed Sam for a long time and have always appreciated how he keeps it real with everything finance and also has a great sense of humor. Buy This Not That is the best personal finance book I’ve read by far and I rarely praise pf books. It’s truly a solid book to reference over and over again. Thanks for hosting!
  • Bodigs0403
    So helpful and uplifting!
    I just discovered this podcast and can’t stop binging! I love hearing the various perspectives from the guests about their unique journey. The interviews are thought-provoking and uplifting. Jamila asks very insightful questions. I love how everyone gets into specific numbers to paint a clearer picture of FI!
  • Financial Samurai
    Enjoy the show!
    It’s great to listen to a diversity of voices in the money podcast space. I also like how Jamila also shares her own journey to launch and grow updates. It’s great to see her do so well since starting the podcast in 2017. Consistency pays off! As a creative and parent, it’s not easy to juggle both. - Sam
  • Tiggety Fluff
    Great podcast!
    I find this podcast to be a nice mix of practical advice, hearing from experts, and elevating the voices of women and people of color in a space where they are under-represented. Jamila is also a refreshing voice in the FIRE/personal finance space, because she doesn’t preach crazy frugality or all of the same old, same old. She lives notoriously expensive New York City, and not in the middle of nowhere, so I find her a more realistic and relatable voice. She is down-to-earth and translates information well. Great addition to the finance podcast universe!
  • alicia.x
    Motivational + Actionable
    Great mix of understanding someone else’s journey and providing actionable advice. I’ve already learned so much that I’ve been able to implement on my own journey!
  • SunTXXx
    Helpful if your are feeling unmotivated on your financial journey
    I been listening to Journey to Launch since 2019 and it’s been very helpful in my financial journey. Everytime, I start feeling unmotivated in my financial journey to come back to some of my favorite episodes and it always helps me motivate me to keep going.
  • JasP Dmv
    Never to late
    I wish I was in the same mindset in my 20’s that I am now in my 30’s. Along with this podcast being around back when. However, since the past month of me starting to listen to Journey to Launch podcast I have never been more motivated, and encouraged to not give up and start where I am vs not starting at all. This podcast is awesome and just a great resource to all.
  • Honesty Clarity
    Picking Up My Stars Again
    I really wish this podcast was around when I was in high school. I been feeling like a lot of the people at my school failed up- the system failed up and I feel like I’m now having to pick up the pieces of dreams they shattered. I used to think I’ll be nothing but a housewife so I married young and now I’m divorced and trying to figure out everything money for me and the kids. This podcast is nothing but inspiration and keeps me pushing whenever I feel down. I’m so happy everyone who in a sense has made it- is able to pick themselves up and tell their story. Can’t wait to be that person one day. 🙏🏾 Thank you for letting us learn and hear stories that tell us it’s not too late. ☺️
  • DrivenDaisies
    Inspiring To my Journey
    Hi Jamila, I just want to drop by and say I love your podcast. I have been a journeyer for about 2 years . It has helped me with such a wealth of knowledge and inspired me to take control of my finances. I love the most recent episode of a actual journeyer story, it was really helpful to me as a parent and reassuring that the best way to your pour into our children is through the free things love and support. This is not always talked about but I’m glad I heard it here . Thanks for continuing to grow your podcast !!!!
  • Jocelyn Realtor
    This podcast has really helped me along my financial journey. It has instilled confidence and a given me a new level of understanding around wealth. I grew up in a family that never talked about money and so I’ve had to learn about it on my own and Jamilla has been a huge asset in this regard.
  • SunElephant22!
    Absolutely Life Changing
    She helps and not judge! Her gift inspires and not belittles!! Thanks so much !!! Can’t wait for more of your podcast
  • sayde anali
    Absolutely love it!!!!
    276 Networking It’s my first time listening to this podcast and OMG I just want to say Thank you!!!!! I currently do a lot of networking it was a challenge at first getting out of my comfort zone.Special after COVID we all basically became introverts. Listen to this particularly episode is exactly what I need to hear. I recently found my purpose. And well sometimes it gets difficult because I feel like my 9-5 interferes with it. I am an accountant for a small industrial company & I love fashion. I currently started getting involved with helping other designers backstage in fashion show’s and doing that makes me feel like I’m home.♥️
  • itsChantrice
    Financial Freedom Is Goals!
    Love this podcast and all of the information/gems we get from Jamila and guests. Financial freedom is so important, now more than ever and this is a great resource.
  • Dr Latifat
    Well done
    Thank you for all you do. You are changing lives
  • Tracy LezWatch
    Jamila is Amazing!
    I just finished binge-listening to all 274 episodes and I feel more inspired, motivated and focused than ever before on Financial Independence. Jamila is a expert interviewer and deserves every success she has earned and more! I can’t wait to see all of her future accomplishments. Thank you for this podcast, it has changed my life.
  • Tyreed
    Commuter Addiction!!
    During my 40 min daily commute to work I anxiously await for that new podcast to appear. Jamila I love how candid you are with your financial journey. Thank you for inspiring us all to be our best with our finances.
  • Devon09081991
    I love this podcast. After being stressed with financials in our everyday world, it has truly changed the way I think about money.
  • dancinfool68
    Jamila is so authentic and truly has an exceptional voice in the finance world!!! Love listening every week!
  • TonieRome
    I have been listening to Journey to launch close to a year now, In which I proudly consider myself a”journeyer”. Over this past year, I have learned so much and has successfully placed my financial desires into action. These steps has partially been attributed to listening to this J2L podcast. Every guest or solo from Jamila has ALWAYS elevated my knowledge to another level toward financial growth. Thank you Jamila for continuing to sew seeds of knowledge to God’s people. My prayer is that you All the desires of your heart are Granted, for you deserve that and so much more💛🧡🖤 Sincerely written, Toni L Sherrill
  • lalap62
    This podcast is helping me
    I started listening to Journey to Launch over 1 year ago. Although I am not where I should be but getting there! I like the show because it has information for everyone and it gives life coach help as well by talking about how your background in your life has an effect on how you handle money. It has taught me strategies for how to make my money work for me and not just staying above water etc.
  • KimH2
    Insightful and Motivating
    I started listening a year or so ago and somehow lost sight of this podcast. I recently rediscovered it and have been loving both the interviews and the solo episodes. I like that there is something for everyone, regardless of the phase you are in your journey. I’m debt free, and I’m gaining new perspective about how to be purposeful and deliberate in living a fulfilling life and how to pass these life lessons on to my teenage children. I’ve shared several episodes with friends and I appreciate all of the knowledge and insight you share. Wishing you continued success, happiness and prosperity!
  • MA Travel Dreamer
    So inspiring
    So inspiring, so real, so fascinating.
  • Chanteau420
    I appreciate this podcast!
    Thank you for sharing so much financial knowledge. I’m definitely at a place in my life where finances are a top priority and I’m able to gain so much information from this podcast! Please continue to share your greatness with us all! Peace and blessings!
  • Mariann!!
    I really enjoy your show, after listening to a few episodes I was totally hooked, it has great direction, it deals with very instructive and interesting topics. I really love this program!
  • barbs88312
    This is the show that finally got me hooked on podcasts
    I recently graduated with 260,000 in student loan debt. I was feeling panicked about the amount of debt that I am in…how am I going to do the things I want to do in life when my student loan payments take an entire paycheck to pay?? Well, this podcast will tell you how, empower you to start your journey to a debt free or smart debt life and more. I’ve been binging episodes, taking notes, creating a budget, and setting up a 5 year student loan repayment plan all from what I learned on this podcast. It feels like we should be paying for this content!! Cannot recommend it enough.
  • Liberty Hunt
    Accountability and kindness
    Stumbled across this podcast and found that it promoted being accountable and kind to yourself. I don’t often find that combo.
  • Elle Lizzy
    Episode 259: My Top 5 Favorite!
    Absolutely loved this episode with @HappyInvestormethod!!! I immediately connects with her energy, tone and strategy to investments because I have deployed a very similar approach. I appreciate Journey to Launch for this very reason because she consistently has diverse pools of thoughts and strategies…it’s something for everyone! Job well done on a perfectly executed episode!
  • desiree simone1234
    Speak what you seek…
    Ohhhh that hit me in my heart! Thank you!!
  • All Metz
    Think with the beginning in Mind
    Thank you so much for the Journey. (That’s actually my youngest name). Your podcast has been just that in my life. I have taken time to listen, and apply many of the principles that you talk about, and also those discussed by your guest. It’s been great to see your community grow. The process has motivated me to start a Daddy Daughter podcast to explore many of these financial topics with my 4 & 2 year old that came out today. Your light has inspired many especially me as someone who has not been on social media by choice since Blackplanet. Starting from zero is intimidating, just like having a large amount of debt can be but you have to start somewhere. Hopefully, you are still reading all of these, I would love for you to check out our podcast and follow back @familyabide.
  • StephPowell
    How to Become a Side Hustle Pro
    I really liked this episode because I learned you & you guest are Jamaican!!!! My mother was born there and I was born in NY! I appreciate that your guest highlighted this was not a hobby! Yes like what you do but it is business! Invest in learning as well as being consistent. Bravo! I think you guys are dope! Also I may be older than you I hope to be like you when I grow up! I’m listening and will follow your platforms. I’m a single black woman baby-preneur so to speak but hanging in there! This is my first review and I’ve been listening to other podcasts for years! You’re inspiring!
  • megnol
    My favorite podcast!!!
    I’ve been listening to the Journey to Launch podcast for the last 4 years and I am so happy that I found it; it’s my absolute favorite podcast! Jamila does an incredible job explaining the fundamentals of personal finance in a way that’s not intimidating. She shares so much valuable information about paying down debt, how to invest, how to manage your retirement accounts, and so much more! Her positive attitude and ability to deliver an entertaining and informative message makes this the best finance podcast! I definitely learn something new during each episode. Super grateful to be in the rocket seat and on this FI journey!
  • jljjul
    Beat Content!…
    Jamila! Your speech was AMAZING!!! I listen to a lot of podcasts but yours is the one that I have listened to consistently over the years. The speech you did was amazing and it may just be the ‘push’ I need to move forward:) Thank for your honest conversations, I appreciate you. Btw- this is my first EVER review;) Keep up the amazing work!
  • lifewithmoore
    Absolutely love this episode. Journey To Launch is one of the few podcasts I actually listen to. Been following Jamila for a while, she’s such an inspiration in so many ways!! So excited for whats to come.
  • bophia21
    Great job on GMA!
  • Mzstefany
    Insightful conversations about finance, life, in the context of financial freedom, Jamila is an expert in her field. I’ve been a Journeyer for a couple of years and I’m finally writing this long overdue review. Jamila has invited us on a journey to achieve F. I.R.E., for ourselves in such an authentic and relatable way. I especially loved the episode with Mandi Money! Listen to this episode like now. Thank me later! If you want an authentic outline as well as specific points to consider, this episode is for you. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world.
  • DaHaitianAmerican
    Financial freedom with financial empathy
    Jamila provides a unique financial perspective. The guests merge the idea of financial freedom with financial empathy. We don’t start from the same space and we won’t end in the same place. However, we can grow on our journey none the less.
  • Fashionistagirly1967
    Great Content
    I loved this episode! I find that a subject like how to use practical intelligence is not often talked about, and I enjoyed listening to your tips!
  • Lucy Hra
    Absolutely love this podcast! The topics and guest give the best advice. As a Latina woman, it is truly inspiring to get insight from other women of color to strive.
  • Vicky Willard
    I love this podcast so much. I’ve been listening for a while. As a professional home organizer, I was so happy to see you bring the Afrominimalist on. I love her and her platform. This podcast is very much needed and appreciated.
  • Fjuciensusjanjdjd
    I am so glad my daughter shared this podcast with me. Life-changing information here. THANK YOU😘
  • ashleylorraine425
    I love this podcast
    This podcast has been a blessing! I enjoy the topics discussed and it helps to get me through my long commute to work.
  • Tomesha R
    Just what you need to reach financial freedom!
    I stumbled upon the Journey to Launch podcast about a year ago and I’ve been hooked! Jamila is an amazing interviewer and brings on so many diverse voices to the podcast. From real estate agents to government contractors, you really get to hear the stories behind how people reached financial independence. You also get to hear Jamila’s own story and what’s she’s learned and is continuing to learn along the way. Whether you’re working at a 9 to 5, an entrepreneur or a home schooling parent, there is so much you can take away from this podcast!
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