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Jomboy & Talkin' Jake are recapping every Yankee series, breaking down every roster move, and Talkin' Yanks every week! Podcast Intro Song by Dan Zlotnick

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  • --EMA--
    great job guys
    Still the best Yankees Podcast !! keep up the good work fellas
  • Marcus J. Bennett
    How could you not love these guys. Can’t wait to hear the episode after a World Series win.
  • bigbabydavid
    Rodon a Yank
    Love the show and BBD
  • JC_1995
    Some constructive feedback
    As a die hard Yankees fan, Talkin Yanks is my favorite podcast. They bring a nice combo of insight and goofeyness /humor to keep it interesting. However, one piece of feedback I have of Jomboy recently (writing this Nov 2022) is he has seemed super disengaged. His co-host Jake will bring up something about the Yankees in the news or rumors, that Jomboy has no clue was out there. He often is condescending towards the fans ideas and hopes for the Yankees, when his company’s brand was built off of being relatable and having fun. It’s disappointing to see because I used to love this podcast so much. Now he feels unprepared, disengaged, unbothered and a big condescending. My feedback to Jomboy is to actually analyze the news and give us his perspective. When there’s a rumor the Mariners are interested in Gleyber Torres, don’t just make fun of fans that want Trea Turner, half-heartedly downplay the Mariners rumor, give an uninspiring take about the Yankees packaging their second best prospect to get rid of one year of Donaldson (which isn’t realistic), and finally just satirically say the infield will be the same as last year with no emotion in your voice. Instead, analyze a potential trade of Gleyber to Seattle? Who could we get back? Why would it work, or not work? Give us real insight as to why people that want Trea Turner shouldn’t give their hopes up. Give us a serious take on what the infield should be. And be prepared. Know the news you’re about to discuss. Jomboy Media has taken off over the last year or so and that’s awesome, and I’m sure he’s crazy busy especially with a young baby at home, but if he can’t give better than the effort he has been giving over the past 3-4 months, I’d rather they get someone else to do the show. A Joez and Jake Talkin Yanks would be so much more insightful and fun to listen to at this point.
  • perspective1
    These guys were a good experiment but they (especially the guy not named Jimmy) are way too concerned with maintaining a relationship with Yankees. Now they are another (low quality) propaganda source for an awful baseball organization. Also, For a good time, count the “Yeah man”s and other yeah verbal ticks by Jake.
  • Hdjxkzmzndjsjxjxndjksoz
    These dudes are cool
    Daaaaa Jankees lose
  • HPcatmom
    I love this podcast!
    It’s the best baseball podcast ever!
  • DaXGaming
    Awesome Commentary!
    The puns are out of this world. “Just short of being too high” (in reference to Donaldson hitting one 419’) had me dying. Great stuff!
  • stormin gorman fan
    Jake, great job hosting.
    Jake great job hosting this episode. Best to Jimmer. I dig 2 game sweeps at Fenway ! Go Yankees
  • nelly neller nel
    Jom should focus on growing the company. He clearly doesn’t like doing podcasts anymore.
  • swf rick
    What the heck
    Why is Glaybor batting fourth and benitendi batting sixth
  • clearpurple89
    Definite funny business
    Word is Gleyber and Donaldson were doing a Geppetto/Pinocchio roleplay in their passionate embrace. 5 stars
  • Lewisny27
    An extension of Yankees baseball
    Great podcast and fun commentary. I’ve been listening to their show since 2016, needless to say I’m a big Yankees fan. I wish they kept the episode to a maximum of 40 minutes. I think what makes them original is also their achilles hill they can deviate a lot from topic which is somewhat annoying and sometimes absolutely hilarious-“The Jake burns” (also funny) specially if you didn’t get to catch the games. Don’t care much about the awards but do offer a bit of a performance summary of the players that land on the list. Overall great podcast
  • Yanks4Ever611
    Love these guys!
    Jomboy and Co are simply the best. Hilarious, informative, and extremely down to earth. Great way to get your info without all the reporter mumbo jumbo!
  • Jose_Ruiz
    Luv Them Guys
    First saw them at Winter Meetings breaking the Cole to the Yanks story. I’ve been a fan ever since. A great way for an LA kid to get his fix of Yankees talk.
  • AlexM127
    Best Yanks Podcast
    Easily the best Yankees pod out there. These guys do a really great job - funny and informative
  • Carlos T Bear
    Awesome Yankees podcast
    Jomboy and Jake are so so so good at what they do.
  • slat ⁶𓅓ᵒVᵒ𓆲𓅓 ⁶₆⁶
    Talkin giants eat our ahh
  • daababy
    eat our farts
  • Always_AproPoe
    Dynamic show
    Eat our farts
  • be careful of this app
    Talkin Giants eat our farts
    Your team hasn’t spent a single day above .500 since 2016 and your draft didn’t change who you got playing QB. You wake up every morning wishing you could be like Jake Storiale, who is notably well dressed every Wednesday and the greatest blitzball player on planet earth, but you never will be
  • Ronworth
    Talkin Giants vs The World
  • austindias17
    Go yanks
    10 game win streak calls for a 5 star review
  • La240825
    Eat our Farts Talkin Giants
    Thanks you guys for everything! I’ve always loved the Yankees but you guys have made my love for them grow and I appreciate everything y’all do and am so happy to see you guys on YES Network
  • Hffhhggvyvvyhujhyh
    Eat farts talkin giants
  • E39Dave
    Talkin Yanks have more 5⭐️ than Talkin Giants
    Talkin Giants can eat are farts or something. I think that’s what Jake said.
  • Groin24
    Yee haw
    Talkin Giants eat my farts
  • FookJessicaBiel
    Eat my farts…
    Eat my farts, Talkin’ Giants. Go Yankees!
  • EricFredNorris
    Talkin Giants, eat a bug
    Really appreciate all the dolphin talk lately 🐬 “F* a dolphin, I’m Joez” -James Vincent Michael O’Brien
  • moknhhingfdecch
    My Favorite Podcast
    I enjoy listening to Jomboy, Jake and BBD for all of my Yankees content. I have a forty minute commute and love listening to the perfect mix of playful banter and baseball news each week. Also, if you enjoy this podcast—don’t forget to check out Talkin’ Baseball with Jom, Jake & Trevor Plouffe for news and updates around the league.
  • JT Pizzz
    The People’s Podcast
    These guys crush…best podcast out there for yankee fans and baseball fans!
  • hashtagaims
    F a dolphin I’m a whale
    Been listening for years, every pod makes me laugh. Proud of how far you guys have come!
  • Tbone1120
    The best Yankees podcast
    I would be lost without this podcast! PS: joez ❤️ 🐬
  • moshe neumann
    Legendary podcast
    Love it
  • Asdfaeou
    …this is a better podcast than Talkin’ Giants, though that one is also good.
  • Panda pouch 1974
    Critical analysis
    Eat our Farts talkin’ giants
  • jeffdefatlol
    Eat my farts talking giants
    This and the frieze are my favorites
  • dannyow23
    The Go-To for Yanks Fans
    Jimmy and Jake are unmatched, from enjoying to highs to getting through the lows of Yankee Fandom. Every episode is quality.
  • Speedo4280
  • DrLagwagon
    Great group of fans
    Lesgoooo yankees
  • scottnyy27
    talkin yanks
    talkin giants eat my farts
  • Njfergie
    Talkin Giants?
    Eat my farts.
  • Jacob Leckart
    Talkin’ Giants eat our farts
  • ruben_salinas
    Talkin Giants eat farts
    Spit in my mouth let’s go Yanks
  • neighbsy
    Eat our farts Talkin Giants!
  • Cznp
    Real Baseball Media
    Jomboy and Jake are great! They cover baseball, baseball, and baseball. No politics, or other stuff. Great outlet for an out of market fan to feel connected to the Bronx!
  • gzrthq xl /mupncfldbz
    Best podcast ever
    Best podcast ever
  • dane cecil
    Be aware
    Jimmy I get it you think religion is a joke, but you are in a serious minority for that view. Can you please leave your snarky comments about Easter and God off the show please? I like the jomboy media content, but if this continues I can find new content to spend my time on.
  • Albearrrr
    Thanks for eliminating cursing
    I had left a 2 star review previously on account of the cussing. Gave it another listen and was happy to hear no cussing. Their knowledge of baseball is great. Their inside knowledge of the Yankees is great. They try to make the podcast different in an entertaining way. I find Jimmy quite relate-able with his takes on the Yanks. Good job. Please keep the cussing out so I can continue to listen with my family around.
  • TRSears
    Most annoying laugh ever
    Please never allow whomever was on the Geo and Gary trade podcast to laugh on the podcast again. That piercing, high-pitched laugh is enough to make you drive off a bridge. If you aren't sure who it is, just listen to the last 10-15 minutes and you will hear it. I don't even know who it was but it made me want to remove my eardrums
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