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"For the love" of...People. Home. Stories. Shoes. Family. Jesus. Community. TV. Travel. Food. Culture. The hilarious best-selling author and star of HGTV’s “My Big Family Renovation” invites you to drop by and catch up with her friends as they laugh and chat about all the things we love.

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Recent Reviews
  • BenEmme
    Love the content
    BUT, what is with ALL the background noise??? So hard to focus
  • NaturalKnitter
    You Won’t Be Sorry
    I am so excited about this podcast. I have been following Angelica for a while now I can assure you her theology is solid and her tips and strategies are always on point! Whether your focus is building a ministry or just building your relationship with God, you are in the right place.
  • laureniniowa
    Edit by 25% please
    I love this podcast. The content is usually wonderful. Great conversations and Jen is really delightful and smart. But please, FOR THE LOVE of all that is good, edit! These episodes are sooo much longer than they need to be because Jen (whom I really admire and love) takes about twice as long to get to the point as she probably should. It’s an audio program, so it should be easy enough to edit out some of the meandering. Not all, just some. The intros are the worst. Not every word is precious! Less is more.
  • katyjo30
    Please invest in sound!
    The content of this podcast is pure gold. I’m a very big fan and eager to listen and learn, but I beg you to invest in better sound equipment! Some of the interviews are barely audible. The Liz Gilbert interview is so hard to hear. The Amy Grant interview is too. It’s hard to listen to, and if not for the content quality, I wouldn’t be able to listen! Help your guests test their sound and make adjustments. Thank you for doing this podcast!
  • five feet of fury bri
    Thank you for introducing me to enneagram I’m a 4 and as you may know I think all 4 like test that tell them they are unique lol but love this podcast ! Super informative ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • FrenchHornChicka
    It feels like Jen is one of my best friends...
    I started listening to this podcast when I moved abroad for work a few years ago. Through this podcast Jen has comforted me during the hardest times, connected me back to “home”, introduced me to some FABULOUS new people, convinced me to buy and read waaaaay too many new books, and made me a feel a little more human along the way. The different series are great, and this is one of the few podcasts I almost always listen to. (My only critique is that Jen interviews many of the same people as other podcasters I’m subscribed to, especially if their books are being released. This makes sense with the media circuit, but I sometimes choose to listen to one podcast over others since the conversations with authors are often so similar.) I just had a baby and (once again) I find myself reaching for this podcast regularly for something familiar and comforting - Including revisiting the “For the Love of Parenting” series. Thanks for all you do, Jen! XOXO, your expat BFF in the Netherlands
  • 3 buoys
    How have I not heard of you?!?
    Thank you thank you thank you for this podcast series and the episode with Rachel Hollis (where I first heard of you). I don’t know which rock I’ve been under but now that it’s been lifted, I am binging on your content as your voice speaks to my soul and my past experiences with my first husband and biological family. Thank you thank you thank you!! Susie Pettit
  • monalisa1220
    Thanks for being real!
    You two are so real! Thank you! Will you be my best friends?
  • Music Download Master
    I love hearing the stories!
    I love most of the guests on the show. Have listened to all of them twice and saved 35 or so episodes to my library to play again. Some have 4 or 5 plays. I hate the commercials, though. Not gonna lie. There are TOO many - often 4 or 5 in one episode - and they’re spliced in randomly, right in the middle of a sentence usually. That gives it an amateur feel though they aren’t amateurs. I’d rather pay for episodes than hear some service being hawked at me every 10 minutes or less. It feels disingenuous to me. I guess in this day and age where I pay for movie streaming and music streaming and satellite radio without ads, the ads really stand out to me. If you must monetize the shows, put all the ads together at the start of the show or the end of the show so it doesn’t break the flow of the conversation up. I subscribe to 21 different podcasts. Only 3 of them have ads. The other 2 have one ad and it’s usually at the front to the episode. I was disappointed how much backlash Jen got for having Max Lucado and Andy Stanley on a few months ago. She apparently got so much, she apologized twice for it, and tried to make atonement with her listeners by bringing in additional voices on the other side. But those were 2 of my favorite episodes!! It bothers me that the so-called tolerant group, who labels themselves as progressive, always feel that only people on “their side” should be heard. Max’s whole discussion was on how we can all find common ground for discussion and agreement but then when Jen basically walked back her decision to interview those 2, it said a lot. I’ve unsubscribed for a while. Maybe I’ll come back again soon but I’m interested in hearing platforms where EVERYONE has a voice without judgment or disdain.
  • tcvirta
    Nom Nom
    Thank you for the interview with Michelle! Thank you both for the encouragement and reinforcing when we help each other we help all💕 stay safe and healthy 😷💝
  • Sweetcaroline517
    Love this podcast, what I look to on my commute.
  • KCMom59
    Loved Hillary Scott
    I really enjoyed the Hillary Scott episode. She is so relatable and I enjoyed your guys' conversation.
  • SmithLB
    Truth, humor, warmth & clarity
    Jen looks at daily life and finds the sacred in the midst of the mess-with dallops of humor, humility, transparency and clarity. She is a true disciple that is approachable and encouraging.
  • Matt-a-bl
    Loved Austin. She was magnificent.
    So so mind blowing. I don’t know what else to say but an awakening at how much I don’t know. But what her friend said is she will sit with them in it and time to stop being a passive audience member. Ok she didn’t say that exactly. I mean that about myself. Thank you so much Jen and Austin for opening our eyes, minds and hearts to what other human beings are living.
  • JenFan79
    Taking “White Fragility” Too Far
    I have been loving this podcast from the start, and told many friends about it. Today I was hurt by something. I have tried to respectfully fight for justice in my deep East Texas town. I loved Austin Channing Brown the first time she was on, but today I heard her trivialize the risk that white people assume in our communities when we oppose white supremacy, describing it as “feeling we need our hair brushed.” This is insulting and insensitive. I came very close to losing my relationship with my mother completely because I tried to explain to her how “Robert E Lee High School” was a racist name. She refused to speak to me for six months after the conversation, which was deeply painful, but I stood my ground with as much grace as possible because I believed it was right. I do not see many black people having to lose family members and friends (as I also have) over this. My relationship with my mother will never be the same. A friend of mine was fired 2 weeks ago for posting a thoughtful article on Facebook about homosexuality, another marginalized group. White people take on real risk and suffer for causes that often do not even benefit them personally (in financial or societal ways) because it is the right thing to do. That should never be trivialized or taken for granted, especially if the goal is to build bridges.
  • puglover84
    First Time Listener
    First time listener. Thank you so much for having this discussion. I read Matthew Vines’ book about 2 years ago (secretly) because I was afraid what my evangelical friends might say, but knew in my heart that what I had been taught couldn’t be right. I’m so thankful for your openness about this subject because I’m still learning and want to be supportive without fear or hiding. Matthew, Michael and BT were so gracious and I’m thankful to have gotten to hear them.
  • blah8580
    Answer to prayer
    I have been praying for answers to the Biblical perception of homosexuality. I am digging deep with your help!
  • andi kreamalmeyer
    Thank you
    Thank you so much for being here!
  • patchesn
    Episode with Beth Moore
    Thanks for featuring Beth Moore. I was so glad to hear Beth can still laugh after the heart break of the responses from evangelical leaders to our country’s current leadership. 20 years ago when I came face to face with the Lord- and experienced His transforming love- I didn’t hesitate to call myself an Evangelical. But around 2006 I heard a male evangelical leader refer to a woman who had had an abortion in a derogatory unloving term, something in my spirit was alarmed. There is NO way Jesus would have referred to one of His daughters this way! No way! No wonder people are hostile to the Gospel! Is political POWER worth an unloving approach to all of us sinners?
  • Misheltie
    Laugh, learn & grow!
    I love Jen’s podcast. I have learned so much and had a ball doing it. Even when it is a topic I am not that interested in like cooking I find nuggets of wisdom that are so helpful to my life. So listen to them all! She has introduced me to new authors I love. Thanks Jen for teaching, encouraging and inspiring us to grow and lead! I also love that the podcasts are transcribed! I use that all the time! Love to hear from Shasta Nelson again on friendships!
  • Cae56
    Jen interviews some very interesting folks. I enjoy the breadth and width of her curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Her lead into a question can sometimes be long but she does get there. Worthy listening.
  • august dawn
    Dear Jen,
    Love your podcast and look forward to listening! Thank you for your thoughtfulness. You courageously cover topics that are so controversial in the Christian world and you do it with such wisdom, love, and a refreshing lightheartedness. You’ve helped me look at faith differently. I needed that! Thank you!! Keep being you and shining His light in your way❤️
  • Rachel Logan @cleverbetty
    Just beyond
    I have absolutely loved EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of this faith icons series. I just listened to Beth Moore and I’m undone. Thank you for choosing icons with all the diversity, leadership and FRUIT that each of them represent. I hope this series never ends—we need these voices from our faith communities to rally us on and speak truth to us. Thank you for the care and thoughtfulness in conducting these conversations. Love you.
  • Nanner533
    Thank you Jen
    I so love what you’re doing with the series and talking with Icons of our faith. I loved the one with Andy Standley. Those of us who grew up “churched” have different struggles in defining our own faith walk. Andy is such a fabulous teacher and keeps it real and so simple. His book Irresistible was life changing for me. Thank you for doing this ♥️♥️. Love how you keep it real! For the love 💕!!
  • THoffe
    Great podcast!!!
    Such a great opportunity to hear from both familiar voices and new ones!!!
  • J_Bogacki
    Great podcast!
    I feel so inspired listening to this podcast. I feel stretched and exposed to new ideas. Jen asks great questions and I love the guests she has on the show. I just finished listening to the Andy Stanley episode and I just loved it. I haven’t heard him before, and I liked his approach to faith. The Max Lucado episode was also fantastic, as well as countless others! Thank you Jen for the ways you have encouraged, inspired, challenged and broadened my horizons!! I am learning that you don’t have to agree with everything a person says to hear the truth in some of the things they might say. We are all on a journey and faith is such a beautiful mystery.
  • Abbey Gayle Birch
    Just what we need
    I just listened to my first “For the Love” podcast, and I couldn’t be more encouraged. In Jen’s conversation with Max Lucado, my soul was uplifted to hear Christian leaders acknowledging that Jesus is being misrepresented in the media, and those portrayals do not speak to who Christ is. It comforted me immensely to hear all the wisdom from Max Lucado, the author of my childhood favorite “God Made You Special.” I loved the book as a child and recently used it to teach college students that they are *still* made special by God. Thank you for this podcast.
  • Elizabeth Dailey
    5 stars for Max Lucado interview!!
    Jen always has fabulous guests but her conversation with Max Lucado was just what I needed this morning. A beautiful dialogue between believers - ending with what matters the most, the Good News. As always, highly recommend the podcast as a whole. Thank you Jen!!
  • RustyKraft
    Love Your Work
    Keep it up Jen. You are such an inspiration!!
  • Carrie3818
    Rambling Questions
    I love Jen’s humor and conversational rapport. However, the questions she asks are extremely long and sometimes she gives her own answer in the question. One particular time she asked about 5 questions at once and her guest (Andy Stanley) was like, woah that’s a lot. And it is. And it’s all the time. Just makes it hard to follow what she’s really trying to find out and forces the person she is interviewing to partially answer instead of giving a concise answer to a concise question.
  • suzlt
    Max Lucado.
    I had just finished a long shift at the hospital and cut this episode on to stay awake on the drive home. OMG. I circled my neighbourhood forever to hear it all! It touched me, made my cry, made me think, and made me ponder. I definitely needed this at this time. Thank you!
  • free4evermore
    Max Lucado
    It was my first time ever listening to the amazing Jen and her guest Max Lucado who is by far my best loved author and one of the best Pastors to listen to! Loved the questions, conversations, stories and wonderful down to earth advice. Absolutely loved every minute of and and have subscribed to the podcast. Best discovery ever!
  • Haveaheartmom
    Great start to 2020
    What an amazing way to start off 202 0 by listening to such an inspirational message from Jen and Max. They said everything I have been feeling this past year. We are ALL Gods chosen children not one of us is more important than the other! Thank you both and Happy New Decade!
  • Olygirl67
    No nonsense. Down to earth. Real.
    Max Lucado. Best episode ever.
  • fosterthegrace
    A no brainer
    One of my top three podcasts to listen to - entertaining but at the same time challenging content to grow and reflect as a person - a stellar line up of guests
  • TnT Pro
    Listening to this podcast has opened my eyes to a different way of thinking. The conversations that happen here are so open, honest, and real. I love Jen’s boldness to stand up for truth, which validates all humans and leads to better people who are kind, loving, aware, and affirming.
  • Amanda in PA
    She’s the best!
    I love spending time with Jen each week. Her series teach me, motivate me and open my heart and mind, drawing me closer to Jesus.
  • FaithLanay
    Love it
  • Anne Kuehl
    Anne Kuehl
    For many years, God has used Jen’s voice to heal deep places, transform my understanding, and steer thru complicated crossroads in my life. The depth and breadth of her hard won, Spirit-led perspective is astounding, challenging, and lifegiving in everything she takes on, including the masterful ways she draws out the wisdom of her guests on this podcast. (Oprah should hire Jen!). I learn so, so much each week; what an extraordinary gift her work is to the world.❤️
  • Willdav5
    Love this podcast. BUT I wish it didn’t sound like Jen was in a tin can 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Katie Joy B.
    So much goodness!
    Jen and her guests WILL rock your socks off (in all the ways)! Need encouragement, parental advice, or just a good laugh? You're in the right place! Each and every minute of For The Love is dripping with authenticicity and engaging conversation. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and give it a listen! When you're finished your coffee may be gone but your cup will still be full. Thanks so much for putting out all this goodness Jen - keep up the phenomenal work!
  • happyHappyJOY
    Always good and raises up new voices
    Keep it up. This is good work.
  • littledudeeeeeee
    Great until
    This was a great podcast until it seemed to lean on a political view held by the author in every podcast.
  • Noenoe0345689
    One of my faves!
    Thank you so much for this podcast Amanda. It has inspired me in so many ways and I always look forward to listening!
  • cfpierce
    My happy place
    I don’t know that there is any other podcast that is so relatable for me than Jen and For The Love! Thank you for being real and open and honest. Jen, you bring real people who always bring something new and interesting and broaden my mind and open me up to learn and grow and laugh! Thanks Jen!
  • jenvanpro
    Love this podcast; just 1 suggestion
    I adore Jen’s vivacious energy and look forward to listening each week. My only critique: since she does such a great job of highlighting strong women and gender equality, I’ve become increasingly thrown by how often Jen uses the phrase “you guys.” Would it be possible to substitute a different term for guests/listeners that isn’t as gendered? “Y’all” could be a perfect replacement in Jen’s Texas drawl! ;)
  • JRob85
    Thank you!!!!
    The Secret Lives of Black Women episode was so great. Thank you for having this conversation and acknowledging and learning from difference.
  • rwalsh1977
    Thanks for showing up + being so real.
    Love how authentic you are, Jen. Listening to For The Love is part of my self-care routine. You rock.
  • m@rg@ret
    Love her
    I really enjoy Jen Hatmaker’s guests and conversations. She is so lovely.
  • Gentle thunder
    Worldview influenced by experience over Scripture
    As a mom of young kids, I’ve been looking for a podcast to help me renew my mind in the Word and encourage me in the Lord - a friend recommended this podcast. I wanted to love it, but feel a bit concerned about the worldview behind it. 1. Jen’s worldview is strongly influenced by the reigning opinions on popular topics on social media and in the news etc. I expect a podcast creator to host topics that are popular but her response, rather than being refreshingly Christian seems to be mired in people-pleasing, caveats, etc. which I also am prone to. 2. An example of this is her view that homosexual relationships “can be holy”. Her response is a classic case of experiences trumping the Word: she has seen a lot of pain between LGBT friends and the church. However, I don’t think the only compassionate road is adopting an LGBT worldview. I also have close friends and a few family members who have chosen an LGBT lifestyle. I am not a blast-them-with-truth type. I love them and keep loving them and want them to find healing. But that has not skewed my view of Rom 1 and other passages: that homosexuality is a sin, and all sin brings death. That’s not something I want for my friends or my cousin, and telling her a lesbian lifestyle is OK and can be holy is not the solution to the pain. 3. She uses superlative language frequently (ie ‘it was the best ever!’) which - eh, just isn’t a habit I want to get into. So yeah, I don’t feel these things are huge deals in terms of Jen as a person, it just takes emotional energy to analyze every point she’s making and figure out if it is rooted in Scripture. I’d say it’s 80/20 in terms of take and leave. In this season of life I don’t have the capacity to work thru the 20%. And the other superfluous things - I reeeally need to step up my game in terms of discipline, wisdom, responsibility etc. and Jen doesn’t really line up with the type of mentor I’m looking for. If I didn’t have limited time for podcasts, I’d enjoy keeping this one to dabble in but I just don’t have the margin right now. I’ve since found Risen Motherhood and found it to be closer to what I was looking for in this podcast. Still kinda looking. I like the concept of a topical podcast!
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