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Quite simply we are THE NUMMMMMMMBBBBBAAAAA ONEEEEEEE Podcast for The Challenge, All Star Shore, Temptation Island, Joe Millionaire and just for all of everything

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  • SJP142008
    Please come back!!
    Just want to say Love love this podcast.. but you’ll are killing me right now with the Challenge ban. You guys have the best recap episodes and both are hilarious, always look forward to listening. Please Mixie.. you can do it!! C’mon girl!!
  • Kauai 828
    Great show
    I would give this podcast 6 stars if I could 🤙🏻
  • AK_10
    Great job number 1
    Long time listener since the Brooke and Justin days. Just want to say you guys have been on another level recently. Funny as always, but getting screeners, interviews on the regular (AIRHORN!!), pushing video content, and still killing with the hot takes and good vibes. Not gonna lie, was definitely hesitant on with the hosting changes way back when, but you guys are killing it. Props to Stephen for holding it down and Mixie been a great addition and cohost. Definitely the number 1. Appreciate the grind
  • CostDaddyDirty$$
    Frustrated with spoilers
    Dudeeeee love this pod but GD they released their podcast before the episode was released and spoiled it for me. This close to the end of the season I can’t risk it and won’t listen.
  • ttyn22
    The #1 doing #1 things
    Love the pod and their takes on The Challenge! They notice such funny and small moments that are so good and so funny! ❤️ watched multiple new shows because of them and want it to keep going forevsss!
  • brittanyyM
    best challenge podcast
    I look forward to watching the show even more so now that I listen to your guys podcast after. You both say what us as fans are thinking and even point out things that I missed. Great addition to the entire challenge experience. Updating my review a year later to say: We can’t let Tim apple win (and this is still my fav challenge podcast) Update again: I still listen religiously and I needed to say that the two of you KILLLL Mellisa’s accent, it has me belly laughing at 7am. Seriously so good. Thank you so much for being the numbaaaa one challenge podcast
  • Rtooc
    Best all around podcast
    This has to be the best two hosts in a challenge/all star/ temptation island podcasts out there. I am here for mexie and Steven every week
  • sadie923
    Best TI podcast!
    Love love love this podcast and am torn every week between rushing to listen and saving it so it won’t be over! Love the nicknames, love the @&& of the week, love it all. ALL THE YELLING PLEASE.
  • elbe121
    My wife slayersnb loves y’all. Best podcast out there
  • Nick87!
    The yelling is too much
    This last TI episode was too much. Bad mouthing another pod for a different opinion (BTW episode 3 was a snooze) is tacky. The screaming is too much. It’s not funny, it’s grit my teeth and roll my eyes. I really want to listen the whole season of TI but episode 4 recap will be my last. Review update 7/30/23: I’ve seemed to hit a nerve with the podcaster since he has been throwing insults, mocking, making brash assumptions and overall poor behavior at the end of the last two episodes over my review. I’m flattered by the shoutouts and knowing I’ll forever be a part of your podcast now. Unpleasant reviews are hard to stomach, but can be useful to help you to improve the overall experience for a wide range of listeners. Just as I took your feedback and made adjustments, it truly can be beneficial for overall success and longevity.- for your podcast and beyond. But then again what do I know since I have “dumb ears.” Truly, the best of luck to you with your future endeavors.
  • Wini girl
    Mixie and StePHen
    I started listening during the challenge world championship and now have gone back to listen to every show, sometimes I re listen because I need to laugh again. Then I had to watch Joe millionaire and temptation island. Your timing, your comedy, your jokes, the names you give people. Genius!! I was getting yelled at by my mom so I said to her, I understand, I will take a step back ,I’ll learn and grow and take a break from social media. And it made me laugh and not take her seriously. I can go on and on but will stop here Thank you for doing this podcast !! I love you both. 😎 Lisa
  • fatty james
    You guys truly care about what you’re recapping and I appreciate that so much. I downloaded apple podcast just to write this review. We’re gonna get y’all back up on top baby ❤️🫶🏻🫖
  • MrsHanners
    Love this!!
    Turned onto this podcast by a friend who RAVES about how much she loves listening to you guys and your episodes! Boy was she ever right… I love the recaps, the nicknames, the banter… Keep it up! I’m looking forward to going back to listen to old episodes
  • Kbtoys385
    Love this podcast, I listen immediately after watching to hear someone share in my outrage at this debauchery. To the other reviewer who was upset about the yelling - how can you watch this madness and NOT YELL?! First season listening but definitely won’t be my last
  • Michelina321
    My mom loves you guys!!!
    Now I am a fan too. Entertaining, logical and a lot of fun👍🏻
  • Soul Skaters
    Pop culture icons
    Major tbt to Stephen referencing “Scuba Nelly T” with a “are you for scuba?”
  • Instantly has become the best
    Best reality pod out there!
    Love these two. Hilarious and great commentary. I would watch any reality show these two reviewed, just to listen to their pod.
  • Fromanader
    Spoiler Alert!!
    Is it my fault or the podcasts fault that the winner was spoiled for the day it aired?? Probably a little bit of both. Why is the Right Reality the last Challenge podcast I listen to? I listen to many and I do it in alphabetical order back and forth with the handful of Survivor podcasts I listen to. So clearly it’s my fault I was listening to the NUMBA ONE on the day the new episode aired. But why oh why start the new episode by playing the announcement of the winners in the first 5 seconds!?!?! I could be upset. But after I attempted to post my sadness of the Hotties Facebook page, I got a personal apology from StePHen LeFranc in Messenger not once, but twice. And that made watching a pretty mediocre final while already knowing the winner as satisfying as Sarah getting disqualified!
  • cargeezy
    Podcast of The Fans
    Mixie & Stephen are like watching The Challenge with your friends… if you don’t find them funny you prolly are the type to call the manager and try to get people in trouble!
  • Slayersnb
    Best podcast ever
    This is the best podcast out there. They cover the challenge like a true fan. They are hilarious. They also cover other shows during the breaks of the challenge and those are also amazing. Tim Apple give them their 4.5 stars back.
  • Digiorno Dance Club
    Five Stars for the Nuuuuuummmba One!
    Five stars for the nuuuuuummba one! I look forward to Stephen and Mixie’s bantaa every week and even as a lifelong Challenge fan there are many weeks where The Right Reality is far more enjoyable than the actual episode (looking at you world championship). Thank you for extending my enjoyment of The Challenge every week and introducing me to pure reality gold like All Star Shore!!!
  • Radioface79
    The best challenge podcast
    🔥🔥🔥 Always funny and some great names for cast members it a great listen extremely entertaining the moment if finish the show I’m looking for the pod and I watch it on you tube as well it hits different with the facials 😳
  • Leslie (Not Vernon)
    This is THE podcast
    This is THE podcast. There are no others. This is 5 star worthy all day long. In fact I went to said non existent other pods and left them a zero as to widen the gap from mediocrity to the greatness that is the reality right. Stephen and Mixie are the perfect hosts to take us on this crazy journey through the challenge. I feel like I’m watching it with friends. If you only listen to one podcast, make it this one.
  • PhatassPhil
    These people!!
    My wife introduced me the world of the challenge 5 years ago…what an experience. Anyhooters, a few months ago she introduced me to you two and holy crap. The banter, the coverage, the opinions (one million percent justified btw) on Sarah etc, the list goes on and on. But you two are the best hosts of any podcast I’ve ever listened to and it is hard to keep me engaged, but I make sure to listen every week. Y’all are incredible!
  • challngemon
    This might be
    The most cringeworthy challenge podcast out there. The guy on the show is obnoxious and hard to listen to
  • Lil_kk_junt
    Pure gold!
    I’ve been looking with a challenge podcast with the same views on the show as me! Yesssssss! This podcast is everything! I was listening to it at the gym via headphones and people were staring at me because I kept randomly laughing so hard! Y’all are hilarious! The nicknames had me cackling! I heard y’all say Kaycee’s nickname like 5 times before I understood what y’all were saying and I died! Literally spit out my water. This was the best episode of the challenge I’ve seen in a long time and I immediately wanted a podcast to listen to about it so I could geek out all over again. Thank you so posting so quick! Also I had the same reaction to the elimination. I was bouncing on the edge of my seat yelling “HIT HER LIKE A TRAIN KAYCEE!!!!” Best podcast ever! I’m so glad I found y’all! Can’t wait for next weeks podcast! I found my people!
  • Jeremy the game overlord
    Number one podcast!!!!
    4.5 star rating Tim Apple That’s a joke they’re at least 5⭐️‘s. I do recommend starting from the beginning of the season. That way you understand a lot of the jokes. Anyways, must listen or not It’s up to you. Also check check them out on YouTube.
  • pdlturbo
    Best Challenge Podcast!
    I listen to every Challenge podcast I can find and this one is the only one that seems to get me. Steve and Mixie’s views almost always line up with mine. I also love there never seems to be any commercials, they just keep talking! Great banter between the hosts and their latest interview with Devin had some amazing moments and questions! I see and you will to, why it’s called The Numbbbbbbbbbber One Challenge Podcast!
  • Tahneepr
    So much fun!
    I look forward to the review of the show from Stephen and Mixie. They're so funny and inappropriate at times and I'm here for it!! 5 out of 5 stars, highly recommend. Love you guys!!
  • GeorgiaButtPeach
    If you hate Sarah with a burning passion…
    you’re home! These two are 🤌🏻 They’re more entertaining than the shows they recap and their chemistry with each other is on point. I’ve only been able to watch one YouTube video (because, kids 🫠) but watching them is even better than listening! Don’t do them a favor, do yourself a favor and change your life by subscribing to listen to their bbbaaannntttaaaaaa!
  • BaBs6626
    This is the nnnnuummbbbaa 1 challenge podcast simply for the fact that these two hosts are naturally entertaining and engaging. They have great chemistry and their comedic timing is on point. They make listening to recaps of my favorite reality show that much more enjoyable. Also…. LOVE the video episodes- please never stop!
  • The roomie
    I look forward to this podcast each week!
    I started listening to this podcast during the “Ride or Dies” season (in heavy quotations). Halfway through the season, I wasn’t subscribing to Philo anymore so I just listened to this podcast, and it was just as good, and frankly, maybe better, than sitting through the season!! I love the nicknames for contestants like “Babe”, “greased back bun babe”, and “Kiki’s husband” lol Mixie & Stephen, you make it feel like I’m watching my guilty pleasure show with friends. Thank you for making me laugh each week- and for all the influence you have on the production of The Challenge 😜
  • Krissss10 M
    The Perfect Challenge Podcast
    The perfect mix of humor and thorough review of the episode!
  • kemmer13
  • DamienG 79
    Mixie is a treasure
    I had to leave a review that was long overdue. I was skeptical after Brooke and Justin left because Mixie didn’t have “5-7 yrs of experience” but the raisinet call out and the convo following deserved my rating. Raisinets are TRASH. Thank you Mixie.
  • Tmb22226
    You all best podcast of the season
    This episode of the podcast might have been best one since mixy has joined the show. You guys was hitting all the points on why this might be the worst challenge season of the 38. And trust there are MANY who share your thoughts on the nany angle they seems to focus on. God I hope she doesn’t win this season.Steven you are 100% right thry need to do a new fresh Meat season or at least a new rivals season
  • a_mac11
    Hands down.. the best
    No one gets the challenge like stePHen and mixie. This isn’t just an episode recap. This is an episode take down. That’s right mtv, they coming for you. They are spot on with their piping hot takes. A bit vulgar at times gotta admit but not too demoralizing. Honestly hilarious. I follow several challenge podcasts, but I only listen to maybe 2. Right reality is where it’s at.
  • nataliejo2
    Love the honesty!!!
    I love listening to podcasts about the challenge! This one is top notch because they say what everyone is thinking even if it’s not popular. They call out players for being entitled, give credit where it’s due, and their banter is hilarious!! Love!
  • ChiChris773
    4.5 stars or bust - Hot Take Hotties unite
    Leaving a 5⭐️ review for the Nnnumba 1 podcast! StePHen and Mixie are two people I could listen to read the phone book. It’s 100times better when they discuss realty tv, especially the Challenge. Their takes are hot! Their stories slay! I’d club a baby seal to get them over the 4.4 status! Let’s go!!
  • Melanie.Rose.Rickert
    Mixie & Stephen are fantastic. They keep it real, they are funny, entertaining and honest. Love listening to their recaps for my favorite reality shows!!!
  • goofriendTom!
    Love the show, longtime listener blah blah
    Ok this is honestly just a quick live comment (live for me, hours-days later for you). But had to do a mini correction corner.. I thought the same thing as you about Horacio and Olivia’s move being the same as Analyse and Tommy’s but it wasn’t it was just poorly edited and/or explained. Basically Olivia and Horacio didn’t approach either team, which is what made it brilliant. Nelson and Nurys made a deal with Kim and Colleen.. N and N won’t send K and C in BUT if they pick the safe knife they just have to save Olivia and Horacio (which is great for K and Co seemingly because it’s a rookie-rookie pair). Then N and N told Darrell and Veronica to go talk to O and H (this is when Nelson nearly flipped table bc Darrell suggested Horacio was wearing the pants not Olivia lol). Anyway D and V approached O/H and made a deal with them. Leaving O and H’s hands clean having approached no one. …… Until Nelson over celebrated when they picked the safe knife lol 😂 💀. Mixie you gotta lean into Nelson, he’s a gd mess but a national treasure. You can’t make this guy up. It’s incredible Anyway love the show !
  • D'oh!29
    Air 📯📯📯 horn
    Came for 5+ years of The Challenge, stayed for Joe Millionaire and only watched that show because of the great ban-TAaah between Mixie 😉and Stephen. Do I now need Paramount+? Ugh.
  • xhhzna zvzhb
  • _xangela26
    Apple is definitely trying to sabotage the numbaaaa 1 !!!
    This is my 3rd attempt at leaving a review idk what’s going on but I feel it is my duty as a Hottie to leave my favorite podcast a review. Especially after the pettiness of 2222222 blah blah the hater anyway you guys are great don’t change a dam thing keep being awesome I look forward to listening to the hot takes and banter every week. Air horns and Krispy Kreme for the best duo to ever do it.
  • BadTakeChampion
    I'd Give It Zero Stars If I Could
    It was difficult to decide what rating to give a podcast where the hosts are so wrong so often. I considered giving it 3 stars for average number of unabashed LIES about a PERFECT algorithm (not production!) in each podcast. Also thought about giving it 2.5 stars for the number of seasons Nitzie has under her belt. Just going with 2 stars seemed better though; I could see it as an homage to Stevyn for the number of times he's been right about anything in his life. However, as a public service to inform the public to stay away from such garbage, the most accurate rating would be to give it ZERO stars. As iTunes does not allow that, I will be giving it 1 st-- Oh? Oh. Oh no! It's the patron saints of FACTS and GOOD TAKES! They're forcing me to say that this is in fact the NUMMMMBBBAAHHH ONE podcast of ALL time for ALL topics. Mixie and Stephen are the perfect hosts and deal exclusively in the best takes, the best cakes, and straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥! LET'S GO! FIVE STAR REVIEWS ONLY FROM THIS DAY FORWARD! NOT EVEN TIM APPLE WILL STOP US!
  • xvvghhn
    Love the show
    Long time challenge fan, new to the challenge podcast world. You guys have quickly become my favorite, and I always look forward to listening.
  • Drapags
    All Star Shore convert, long term podcast fan
    You know what’s better than binging All Star Shore? Binging the Numbaaaa One Right Reality podcasts afterwards. Great takes and great cakes.
  • krista&mj
    I’ve been watching The Challenge for 10 plus years and this is the best podcast out there!! I love hearing Stephen (with a PH) and Mixie’s HOT TAKES every week🔥 I’m always looking forward to when the next episode will drop. Air horns for fans of the numba one!!!!
  • hugesnlfan
    From: The Algorithm
    I’m perfect, I’m random and totally not a person.
  • KristineMcC
    Always entertaining!
    Love this podcast. I look forward to it every week!
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