The White Vault

Fiction #24Drama #12

Explore the far reaches of the world’s horrors in the audio drama podcast The White Vault. Follow the collected records of a repair team sent to Outpost Fristed in the vast white wastes of Svalbard and unravel what lies waiting in the ice below. This Fool and Scholar production is intended for mature audiences.

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  • Bejoux420
    Complete chills
    The story is a fantastic horror adventure. I love it. Have listened 2X to piece things together. Please keep up the amazing work. I appreciate the story telling & narration too. Excellent.
  • radissh
    Literally the best audio drama I’ve ever listened to
    Their commitment to an authentic and an immersive experience is really is what hits this one out of the park. Each episode gives just enough to keep you hooked.
  • arisanthony
    Great Story!
    I wait on each episode with bated breath! The voice acting is great. The story is intriguing. And the mystery? I have a lot of theories, but I can’t wait for it all to come together. Give it a listen. But at home. Nowadays, travel is not advised.
  • HaitianBlasian
    Love it!!!
    I’m hooked!!!
  • The Better DrMG
    Kinda disappointed
    Listened to the first two seasons on bated breath, the end got a little loose and so many unanswered questions. Love the start of the third season the setting and the characters are great. Just kind of tired of all the dialects it’s just too much fluff for an already overly intelligent dialog. I’m just not that smart for all this.
  • Sakie3
    Blew it all on the first two seasons
    What on earth happened with season 3? Its impossible to follow or care about anyone in it or anything they’re doing. What a disappointment.
  • Dragonzam
    Great sound design and story telling
    I Love listening to this show. The sound design is first rate in my opinion. Eager to catch up with the rest of the seasons.
  • TheOGTonyG
    Simmering in-a-dark-place spookiness
    A slow-burner in a creepy, out of the way place...
  • rdreve01
    Needs Consistent release schedule
    I really love this pod cast but the releases are inconsistent. And if I have to wait almost a month for a new episode I’ll def end up forgetting about it.
  • SireSeraSarah
    Worth it
    Regarding the language and translation concerns. Everything of note in all seasons (currently 1-3 and 2 episodes of 4) is translated into English. The none English speaking parts that are not translated are mostly flavor text to enrich the audio. Most of the none translation parts are easily understood using context clues. The untranlated sections are mosty Spanish, a language most Americans hear everyday so I believe simple phrased such as “si” and “por favor” are easy to understand for Americans though it maybe lost on others. While small snippets of language maybe not be understood, the untranslated sections do not detract from the enjoyment of the podcasts. The White Vault is a wonderful and beautiful crafted podcats that deserves your attention. The inclusion of other languages should not be a deterrent .
  • tsvereen123
    So over this story!
    At the beginning I was really into the story. NOW....I am so OVER IT! It has become repetitive! The same thing over and over and over!!! Every episode is the same!!!!!!!! Small snippets of recordings of Explorers searching, hearing something mysterious, seeing something vague, something trying to kill them off. Now it’s going on season 3 or 4? ENOUGH ALREADY! SUCH A WASTE OF TIME!!!!
  • sensorypanic
    Ok, so I subscribed to this podcast and listened to the first couple episodes and I was bored with it and maybe a little scared of my imagination running wild with the unknown of many variables. I end up deleting the podcast. A few days later I find myself thinking about it and decided to re subscribe and start listening again, then I was like “nah, it really is boring.” Then, a few days later I re-subscribe AGAIN because I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Something about the great audio and the movie it painting my head just kept me coming back until I was sucked in. It’s not super scary but it leaves a lot to the imagination and if you have a tainted, warped mind like I do, you may find it enjoyable. I really like the podcast, I love the incorporation of various languages and the English overlap is great. It really is well done.
  • Urpodcaster
    Over-produced and too cheesy with really no plot to follow.
  • Antigone4ever
    My all time favorite
    The White Vault is my all time favorite podcast! I have listened through it several times. The writing, sound editing, and cast are all so amazing and really build an interesting story together.
  • Adfowler7
    One of my favs...but
    Need weekly drops. 2-3 weeks between new episodes is making me lose interest.
  • Jakalop3_Dreamer
    Binge Worthy
    I absolutely love this series! I have listened and re-listened to seasons 1, 2, & 3 multiple times over, and each time I am able to catch something I missed before. The mix of languages not only adds depth to the story but makes the listening experience so much more believable and immersive. Thank you for all your hard work bringing this adventure and story to life. I hope to hear and see more from Fool and Scholar Productions in the future!! ,,n_n,, <3
  • shuckllw
    An amazing introduction to audio dramas!
    I have binged the whole series to current in like the last week of this review. I was curious about absorbing some audio dramas because I myself want to do them with some table top RPGs I run. This show does not disappoint. From the voice acting, foley artistry, and sound design, and the music composition this hits 5 stars across across all point for me, and I am not easily impressed when it comes to stories. The mystery is compelling and even 4 season later I, in no way, think the the quality of commitment and skill has lacked or dipped in any manner. I’ve already recommended it to several people in my circles and I hope it grows like wild fire!
  • TerrifyingTurds
    Created my love for audio dramas
    This was one of the first podcasts I listened to, back in the end of season 2. Ever since then, I’ve listened to so many other audio dramas. However, this is still my all time favorite, and I’m so hyped for the next season! 🦷
  • Lassgiselle
    First story is good
    Enjoy the first two seasons, but pass on S3+ unless you have a solid grasp of Spanish and a high tolerance for bad writing and acting. S1-2 are one story and s3 begins another. Like many listeners I found the NoSleep guy’s weirdly affected voice-acting in seasons 1-2 distracting and cringey, but the characters and story in that story are compelling and it was a tidy and satisfying spooky tale. Unfortunately, not so the second story. The dialogue in s3 onwards is unbelievably stilted and some of the actors sound like they’re reading the script for the first time, with structural emphases in the wrong place and so on - real people simply don’t talk like that, even those for whom English isn’t their first language. Additionally, plan on being pretty lost from s3 onward if you don’t speak some Spanish: unlike in the first story, a significant amount of Spanish dialogue between characters is left untranslated. To someone who doesn’t realize different things are being said, the transition between Spanish and English might sound like a language course saying the same phrase in two languages, but there’s actually extra content there that non-speakers will miss.
  • Heavy businessuser
    Excellent Thriller
    Wonderful combination of thriller-mystery and Lovecraftian cosmic horror.
  • NORT14
    One of my favorites
    I love this podcast and was so happy to see the new season. It is intriguing, well done, and sort of creepy. Keep them coming!
  • bnewman1978
    Great BUT
    The plot to this podcast is absolutely amazing but all the languages make it confusing and to me it’s completely unnecessary to have your characters talking to themselves in a foreign language. It muddies the audio at times so bad you can’t understand it at all.
  • Slimeyshoestx
    Super fun pod!
    Thanks for this great story!
  • Bnvn
    Loved this series! This coming to an avid podcast listener, honestly it’s the first fiction or horror podcast I’ve ever been able to enjoy and commit to. The storyline sucked me in and I’ve binged seasons 1-3. Can’t wait for the next two!
  • Ahdawnis
    Love the pod, however...
    Peter Lewis is absolutely awful. He really made Season 2 hard to get through. Who advised him that “breathy actor” was the way to go? Bad choice with that guy.
  • barnacle boner
    Genuinely one of the best sci-fi/horror pods
    You guys have absolutely nailed the delicious combination of intellectual stimulation, real world tie-ins, suspense, horror and strangeness. Your research is obviously off the charts awesome, and your execution is MIND - BLOWINGLY expert. Thank you for filling my days of mindless tasks as a gardener with mental tickles and jolts. Xo
  • SoJunghan
    My new favorite podcast
    The White Vault is really a wonderful production; possibly one of the best audio dramas I’ve listened to thus far. I love how immersive it is. There have been times where I’ve jumped in my seat or spun around to look behind me because I wasn’t sure if a sound effect was part of the podcast or in real life. Also really enjoy the use of such a diverse cast and with different languages. The found audio format also really lends well to the overall mystery. I binged seasons 1-3 and can’t wait to hear more.
  • markadamarnold
    Can’t wait for season 4!!! Great suspense!
  • DawnCF
    Great podcast!
    Absolutely hooked on this podcast. Very comparable to some classic horror movies.
  • Mr. Fivestring
    Freaking hooked!
    Love the concept here and the delivery is really refreshing! Like “the thing” in podcast form (kind of).
  • chewie527
    White Vault
    So scary, I like to listen in the dark as I am going to sleep, what a wonderful experience. So real !!!!
  • Sarah L Wood
    The very first episode on season scared me good and got me hooked to listen to the rest of the podcast!
  • justjammac
    I love this Podcast
    I loved this Podcast so much to the point where I was pretty much obsessed with it! But, the time between episodes has finally killed my spirit. 👋🏻
  • DokturJhey
    True to the storyline
    Many of theses podcast dramas wax and wane, failing in their attempts to tell a story, and self destructive in their attempt to tackle post modern or social justice topics. Not here. Hat tip to the producers, actors, and production team for have the personal and professional integrity to tell the story. It’s magnificent.
  • LaurenGraceT
    Audio horror HECK YES!
    This is the perfect show for when you're in the mood to curl up on the couch and just get spooked af. The sound design is so evocative of the mood of the show and truly puts you on edge before anything truly spooky even begins to happen--many people ascribe to the belief that horror works even better in an audio format because what’s in your imagination is scarier than most things filmmakers could show you, and this show is the perfect argument for audio drama being the new frontier for found-footage horror. There’s also an amazing, diverse, multicultural cast that immediately delineate who their characters are so we can get our bearings as soon as possible and settle in (as much as possible when you’re battling feelings of dread from pretty much jump.) LOVE IT!
  • ashenol
    A Mixed Bag
    At the point of writing this review, I have listened through the first two seasons of “White Vault.” At points, this podcast is dizzyingly brilliant. The mythos they are working on has a potential to be fairly interesting. But regular cringeworthy writing combined with some odd creative choices hold this podcast back. Ironically, the last episode left me willing to give the third season a chance; though I still feel the bar is set pretty low for this one. All set and done, I just cannot recommend the “White Vault.” There are just so many superior podcasts and writers with which to spend your commute.
  • JQO92
    Do your ears a favor and listen.
    If you haven’t listened to The White Vault, you have done yourself a disservice. The times when they are recording their expeditions into the frozen waste never sound like someone just reading lines, it always sounds like a genuine recording of people reporting and reacting to their surroundings. The ambient sounds make the performances even more genuine. This is all made even more impressive considering this is some of the cast’s debut performances. I only wish there was more!
  • A Five Star Fan
    Would you please settle the cliffhanger at the end of season 2! Like continue the storyline. I love this podcast.
  • TheRevLark
    It’s pretty good
    The White Vault is good. It’s a little cluttered and sometimes hard to keep track of the characters. The mystery is fun and intense and you want to find out what’s going on, and then you don’t. You just don’t find out what’s going on and then Season 3 is somewhere entirely different.
  • Daveiii
    One of the Best
    The White Vault has consistently scared the crap out of me for three seasons (plus the Patreon mini seasons)! The audio quality is great too. The producers build one hell of an immersive world. Highly highly recommend
  • U know who the real n-m-e is
    Vast writing, great acting and editing
    This podcast is unique telling stories with addicting content good cutscenes and talented workers. I came to this podcast from tanja milojevics interview on tpw more tanja please = )
  • M.Borden
    Loved it!
    Very well produced and talented voice actors made this engaging story a real joy.
  • queenofcarcosa
    Lovecraft meets Indiana Jones
    I really enjoy this podcast, and am looking forward to the conclusion. Most of the negative reviews on here are about the use of different languages and accents, but the linguistic diversity is my favorite part about it.
  • Kai RM
    Immersive and fascinating!
    Great production, writing, and acting. One of the ultimate horror podcasts
  • kingkong573.05
    Probably THE best ear-movie out there
    Just the best. Creepy, weird, and interesting. I love the mystery of what the monster IS. Is it the same monster? Are there more of them? Really, this podcast is confusing and interesting.
  • BAM00003
    Oh cmon!
    I was really starting to like this podcast but I don’t know how much longer I can stand listening to Dr Schumacher’s whining and her voice makes it even worse. It literally makes me yell at the phone. No offense to whoever is doing the voiceover, it’s just not easy to listen to.
  • ShadyLady1989
    Phenomenal Podcast
    Listened to an entire season in a day because I was hooked immediately. If you loved John Carpenter’s The Thing, you will enjoy this podcast.
  • Seb 2.o
    Give The Wind a REST!!!
    While I appreciate that an audio performance is enhanced by sounds other than those of the lines spoken by the performers. I also recognize that good accents can add to the authenticity of a character. But too often there seems to be a tendency to go over the top with these efforts. Usually my biggest complaints have to do with way too much eating and drinking sounds that end up making me sick to my stomach and over the top panting that occurs to portray fear that ends up just sounding like a bad porno. This particular podcast brought two new annoying listening experiences to the table. #1 There are a couple of episodes in the beginning where the characters are speaking over a ridiculous amount of wind noise. So long stretches of dialogue where people are speaking slowly and shouting in various accents. It’s maddening and instead of creating an image of people clinging to a windy mountainside it just feels like a lot of noise and really bad actors. #2 There are 3 characters that often slip into their native tongue of Spanish or Mandarin. No translations...or very few anyway. There’s also an English speaking guy trying to speak in spanish and it’s excruciating. This occurs in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE and as a listener I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on an important aspect of the story. It makes you feel like this story can only be fully enjoyed by people who speak several languages and if you don’t, well too bad, you can just piece it together with scraps of English that are left for you. Overall this just seems to be a podcast that’s trying too hard.
  • GRE lit test studier
    Fantastic serialized fiction
    Great acting, strange, otherworldly concepts. Among my top three favorite podcasts.
  • Hand of Hecate
    Drags on.
    A great concept, solid start. The thing is, two seasons of no hope is wearing. The end is tediously inevitable. Whole episodes became background noise rather than entertainment.
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