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James Richardson and the Totally Football Show team are here three times a week for the 2019/20 season. On Mondays, it's the Premier League; on Tuesdays, we're all about Europe; and on Thursdays, we'll wrap up everything from midweek and look ahead to the weekend

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  • danielbartolini
    Great combination of insights, nerdiness, and lots of bad jokes.
    The summer quiz series (The Inter-Totally Cup) was perfect. And though it was content created out of necessity, and in response to a pandemic pausing sports, it represents the kind of joyful, insightful, and silly experiences this show can produce.
  • MattZip
    When the fun stops ... stop
    Do you enjoy smarmy, pretentious, second-rate pundits who try desperately to sound “cool” but drone on in unfunny, self-serious tones? What about over-laughing at your own dad jokes? How about a washed-up World’s Toughest Man host who can barely conceal his contempt for the game and the supporters? Would it help if this was all “soft power” for a reprehensible gambling firm with a very recent history of racism and labor law violations? Then this is the podcast for you!
  • Nico_laos
    Thank you James Richardson
    I will follow Jimbo to the ends of the earth.
  • NorCalStickyIcky
    Hang It Up For The Summer
    Hey guys I’m a big fan of the show but I haven’t made it past 5 minutes in the last month. It’s obviously not your fault but it’s getting pretty bad. Save your dignity and just grow some dank this summer and resume when football does. I know everyone has a family to feed and needs a source of income but you also want something to come back to when this pandemic but this is having an opposite effect. From your point of view I understand what you’re doing, putting out content and people can listen or not listen. The problem is from the listeners point of view. You’re putting this out to people who are fans of your show who have an expectation of you guys. They no fault of your own you can’t meet that expectation right now, but your fans are still listening expecting you to do so. Basically, you’re a band that’s put out a few good albums and will stick with you after a bad album or maybe two but after a couple of them you just start to not like the band anymore. If you can support yourselves and maybe put something out once a week or maybe once every two weeks and ride this out you’d all come off better in the end for it. Just my .02
  • JoseangelB
    Just not that great
    Once they split from football weekly of course I followed. However, recently, all you need to do is listen to the Europe pod with all the top guys. Their domestic shows (Monday and Thursday) suffer from nerd pundits dumb stats. Someone like Michael Cox deserves better people to bounce off of.
  • NYCAnfieldRed
    Where Jimbo goes rightminded ppl follow
    Simply the best UK based football pod, by far. (Only Second Captains, Irish, on football is as good...or possibly better, heresy I know.) The Jimbo/Honigstein bromance is beautiful, real and dare I say, sweet. No wonder Glendenning is so bitter.
  • Benjjj77jjj
    The Totally LFC Show
    I know it’s what selling at the mo but while the same crew with their LFC fan producer seemed to be able to reign it in when at the Guardian, they have slowly degenerated since the split into seemingly having a cast of LFC fans dominating the show Jimbo seems jaded by it all at this point, I think I am too
  • Footy Jedi
    Football Sherlocks
    Excellent, informative, full of football mind-palaces
  • legaleagle22
    Football Weekly lite
    It started our strong but it’s turned into Guardian Football Weekly with worse chemistry and more ads, and in particular a ton of gambling ads. Its tournament coverage is really excellent and unique, but otherwise it’s not essential.
  • exs
    More ads than football
    Yikes. I’m wondering if we could cram more ads in here - did anyone know this was officially sponsored by paddy power? And that there’s a new website? Let’s also talk about how the ads are about twice as loud as the actual content. I’ll stick to other footy pods.
  • Blue1189
    This is Krzysztof Piatek ( no not that one ) The Totally Football Show in association with Patty Power is a must listen for any Football fan. An absolutely Must!!!!
  • Brokenanklemiles
    Poor taste.
    Always loved you Jimbo, but the joke about the Norfolk fingers is way, way beneath you. Distasteful, which is something I had never reckoned with you.
  • Ben47031
    Love it
    Jimbo and the gang are the best
  • Pat's PO
    As Good as Podcasting gets
    TFS makes the world a better place for soccer fans
  • frolichemann
    My favorite weekly
    They always have interesting topics (very much enjoyed Zonal Marking episodes, I’ll be picking up a copy) and their panelists are always well informed and honestly quite humorous. Love the show
  • HamTheZenithMan
    The Thunder-God of Football Podcasts
    James Richardson is a deity in the football podcast world for a reason. A great presenter, equally at home in audio and video formats, with razor sharp wit and capacity to keep his cohorts on the ball and the conversation moving forward. This podcast still hasn't reached the dizzying heights the Guardian one did when James was presenting, and it may never do. The Totally Show drew the short straw when it came to splitting up the cast, with the Guardian keeping most of the top contributors (Honigstein and possibly Cox aside), and their recruitment since then is not as sharp as their adversary’s. Still, this is a really good podcast and the presence of James makes it a “must listen” most weeks.
  • my bae pinochet
    AC Jimbo til I die
    There was a hole in my heart (and two in my head) once James Richardson left football weekly. He’s back and ha brought all my favorite pundits along with him. The right balance of subtle humor while remaining focused on the footy ensures new episodes are always at the top of my queue Check out Golazzo which is fantastic too.
  • BT Jordan
    AC Jimbo is the best podcast host around. Terrrific panels. Love the show!
  • Dinojong
    Unsuccessful Ole
    Listening and you have some idiot saying Ole has been an unsuccessful manager. I guess winning the league with Molde after they had not won for a billion years is nothing. I guess coming back after the Cardiff episode and taking them to 2nd is also nothing. Getting Molde out of a tough CL group is nothing. But hey.
  • freitasna
    The Cancer called paddy power
    Good, just get rid of the growth
  • liamjp86
    “Var var var”
    Bravo producer Ben!
  • Squidratt5
    Totally Russian show
    With Sasha?
  • Visc@B@rc@1
    Unbelievable this!
    Great listen.
  • bixby4545
    The innovator, all to often imitated,James Richardson!!!
    Get in the James with much appreciation from LA! Couldn’t survive the week without you!!!!
  • northbanker
    Worth leaving Guardian for :)
    A few years ago I found Jimbo's podcast at the Guardian. Once he left I picked up on his new show while still listening to the Guardian show. I've since deleted the Guardian folks (Max, Barry, et al) and I'm happy to keep listening to Jimbo and his friends at his not so new home now. PS the quality of wit and puns is unsurpassed here. 👏
  • Electric Bliss
    If David Prees is on just skip it
    No one is that interested in Goal keeper discussion and it’s all he adds
  • MK2817
    Love Jimbo’s charm as a host and conversation facilitator. Enjoy Michael Cox’s tactical analysis as well. A pleasure to listen to twice a week during my commute
  • Mick Fishbaum
    Great job with the daily World Cup podcast. I listened every day.
  • Dude69.8---D
    Great show
    Best football podcast
  • Beezfudd
    Unbelievable, this
    Nobody does it better than James Richardson
  • JockJockey
    Great show & absolutely love the Russian jingles on Daily World Cup podcasts
    Great show every Monday & Thursday. Always look forward to Jimbo's introduction with great witty prose. Good variety of guests and regulars.
  • FA von Hayek
    Tons of pun
    AC Jimbo is back with play on words silkier than Zidane gliding past opponents. With the perfect mix of humour and information, this is the golden standard of sportscasting. BOOM.
  • FutLuke
    Super smart!
    Better than The Guardian’s which I used to love. James R is the money. I’m a busy dude and this my England- Euro podcast, top of the list!
  • RIT66
    Good. But would be fantastic without Julien Lauren’s.
    Please don’t use him. He dominates conversation and his use of slang filled English is awful.
  • becket505
    Form is temporary; class permanent.
    It may no longer be the golden age of FW but class is eternal, thank Mr. Richardson.
  • Pippa 675
    Not quite there
    Unsurprisingly the panel doesn’t always have the depth of quality of Football Weekly. Former soccer players repeatedly saying ‘no offense but’ is just too low brow.
  • scifo and the man
    smooth listening
    When James Richardson left his old gig, I was sure that "Frings would never be the same," but The Totally Football Show is every bit as good. Richardson's appeal is as follows: he's the quickest wit at the table, but knows the least about football ... but he knows this and doesn't mind, thereby allowing his guests to shine. Bravo, TFS!
  • Jeffbas
    It’s good
    James Richardson is my top choice for football news. He has the best analysts and brings some good laughs throughout the pod. It’s the best show I’ve found and I’m a fat wank yank who likes to play soccerball.
  • Mattbrooklyn
    Best football pod
    Love AC Jimbo and the guests that appear on this pod. Wonderful insights and lovely puns. A lot of fun and good information. Keep it up!
  • CastelloFamily
    Short Memory
    Even better than that old football podcast!
  • ACGieffro
    Top shelf, Gents!! Glad for the new tack, great quick foundation, Jimbo & Ian are my faves!! Serie A pod in 2018?!!!! Cheers! & Thanks! AC Jeffro
  • Sloooooooooooooooooooooow
    Hooray for history
    The history section of the show is especially interesting for this idiot North American.
  • MumbaiHeroM
    Love it
    Absolutely love it. Smashed it! HOWEVER stop making the podcast episode descriptions so long. I ain’t got time for all that scrolling. Cheers
  • iona.tom
    The jimbo show
    Great podcast, classic jimbo as always and always has decent sidekicks to discuss the important things in life with
  • Ponticianus
    Excellent Pod
    Great transition and continued lovely chat. Well done and keep up the great work!
  • Koolhand21
    Jimbo no know but guests do
    Anyone who leads a podcast about football but can't be bothered to understand expected goals needs to find a different topic to lead. Since about 50% of goals are down to chance, xG helps show if team and/or players are creating chances, what type and from where. It's about the process not necessarily or just a result. Writers. Often dumber than Historians.
  • Bazzza G
    Mediocre, Richardson
    "Stuppendous stuff from my bezzie mate, Jimbo. Come back all is forgiven, Max is a pain in the a@se." Only joking,TFS is a great podcast, carrying on from where they left off with Football Weekly. Football Weekly still going strong, so now I get too great podcasts instead of one. And the Ramble is still rubbish. Sorry Pete.
  • hanoihoward
    Simply the Best
    AC Jimbo is incomparable!
  • rynssprk
    Favorite Football pod
    Top shelf.
  • NYC7949
    The best football podcast
    Missed James Richardson on the other podcast. Glad to find your new one!!!
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