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For the second-guessers, the chronically hesitant, or anyone who suffers from decision fatigue, best-selling author and host Emily P. Freeman helps create a little space for your soul to breathe so you can discern your next right thing in love. Because out of the thousands of decisions you make everyday, chances are a few of them threaten to keep you up at night. If you're in a season of transition, waiting, general fogginess or if you've ever searched "how to make a decision" on the internet, listen in.

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  • Kjjjhjjh
    Well now I’m crying
    I’ve been feeling the heaviness of a new season and confusion at how to move forward. I was using my next right thing journal and a list of episodes was recommended. Listening now and it’s balm to my soul.
  • MillieSC
    The BEST Podcast Ever!
    Episode 289, How to Get Relief from Information Overload, is easily my favorite episode, primarily because it’s so practical, so timely for me now as I try stepping away from my smartphone, and because of the well formulated questions and statements by Emily. I especially like the invitation to check social to determine what I’ve been seeking lately based on who I am following and to set boundaries on when and where I will check or not check my phone. After following this podcast for several years, it continues to be my favorite. Thanks to Emily for using her gifts and talents so well and for being so incredibly organized…the links and show notes are invaluable!
  • jerzygurl64
    Safe landing space
    Emily has been one of the few influential voices in my life for the past few years. She is a safe and familiar landing place when you need a literal rest. I love the Psalm Summers the seasonal recaps or just a nugget to keep in my minds rotation.
  • Alethia70
    The Next Right Thing
    LOVE THIS podcast and author has been a more powerful voice in my life in the last few years
  • REWind516
    Great Nugget for the Week
    Emily P. Freeman has become a parasocial friend of mine. She’s kind, thoughtful, and honest. Her episodes range from five minute contemplative moments to 45 minute raw interviews. I love how she encourages and provides ways to bring the Lord into your daily life and the decisions you have to make within it.
  • debg5968
    Love everything about this podcast
    Amazing and calming amidst chaos
  • Ayn Fon
    Worth it
    Good job, thanks for this!
  • Beth Salas
    Refreshing …and soothing
    How did I just discover Emily p freeman’s space! It’s safe, refreshing and insightful
  • DBD So Cal
    I absolutely love this podcast and just about everything Emily P Freeman writes also! This Friendship series was wonderful & at a key time in my life. Thank You, Emily for everything you do!
  • seaseaknitter
    How I love the peace that Emily P Freeman Provides
    How I love the peace that Emily P Freeman Provides. A Step away from the loud noise of Daily life, deep lessons about the things that REALLY matter and the feeling that I’m talking with a dear friend. Thank you Emily.
  • 9676Kat
    Peaceful Wisdom
    I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to write a review. I found the podcast after I read the book. I started at episode 1, so I am not completely up to date. I do get the advantage of listening to a new (to me) episode on my daily commute. Emily is relatable, kind, and shares wisdom in a very peaceful and calming way. I highly recommend giving it a listen!
  • effdeeW
    My comfort listen
    I love hearing Emily’s voice and wisdom each week 💕
  • cancel tik tok
    A calming and helpful voice
    This podcast always helps center me and gets me thinking in different but good ways. Plus, Emily’s voice is very soothing!
  • Nick1495512
    Not very good
    This podcast was recommended by a friend. It is honestly one of the worst podcasts I’ve ever heard. I struggled to get through the How to know what you want episode. She repeats herself a lot and it takes forever to get to the point. Not very informative.
  • Stephyweds
    My go to podcast!
    I have listened to these podcasts weekly as they come into my inbox. This podcast is helping to deepen my faith and discernment process as I make important career and life decisions. Thank you Emily for your guidance and important work!
  • Anon1234735987
    Always helpful and encouraging!
    This is the one weekly podcast I never miss! Emily always has a quick, calming message to share that points me towards myself and towards God. The podcast has helped me through a job change, relational turmoil, raising teenagers, and sending one off to college. I started at episode 1 in 2018 , quickly caught up, and haven’t missed one yet.
  • kennnnntftygjvhrd
    One of the BEST podcasts!
    This podcast is one that I am excited to listen to each week, as new episodes release. Emily’s voice is gentle and her words tender. She can share advice about a daily routine or about Spiritual Direction and her advice is so helpful. She’s wise and brilliant. The world benefits from what Emily shares.
  • FiddlinGal
    I used to like this podcast and now I just feel like the people are so liberal. The guests say offensive things assuming we are all on their political side and I for one am not. There are conservative people who want to grow in their relationship with God, too. On the most recent episode I had to listen to a guy refer to God as “it” or “they” and tell me I was offended because I listen to media propaganda. I don’t think so. Never listening again!
  • lynndar
    Sometimes - I just reach out for Emily’s words, her wisdom, and the calming cadence of her voice. Sometimes- It gives me peace, the simple sense that I’m ok, all will be well, and God is aware. Sometimes - It’s all I need
  • vgiamanco
    Uplifting transformation
    Jesus draws us to repentance by loving us perfectly. This podcast is similar. The Next Right Thing makes me feel warm and loved while also encouraging me to transform and move forward. This podcast is perfect to listen to when I’m feeling a little down, a little lonely, a little scared, a little nervous, a little bored, a little uninspired… all the feelings. Thank you!!!
  • Rmogollon100
    This Pod is your next right thing
    Emily’s words are like a big exhale out with the old and deep inhale in with one next right thing to consider . Truly a reprive from the ‘constant stream of information’ a space for the soul to pause, hear a thoughtful anecdote and consider one nugget of truth. Contemplative, and just enough wisdom to consume without feeling overwhelmed, Emily helps guide the listener to self reflect through these episodes. Love the podcast
  • Lauragvlsc
    I don’t have trouble making decisions, but…
    I love Emily’s voice (literally and figuratively) and the solid questions she asks. Whenever a new episode comes out I am so excited to listen… a little refuge from day-to-day hustle. It’s so peaceful and helpful!
  • BreeHill
    Exactly what I need
    The Next Right Thing is best listened to in the quiets of morning as I’m making breakfast for my children before they roll out of bed to get their day started, or as I’m washing my face and brushing my teeth before bed-my night time routine. Emily’s podcast is the only podcast I listen to and pause constantly to crack open my journal and take notes or jot something she said down. She’s become the girlfriend who hits me where it hurts and says exactly what I need to hear.
  • LPinkansas
    Almost every time, I get goosebumps if not a tear. Podcasts are my partial flavor of media consumption and this. Is by far my favorite. From reading of the Word to borrowed prayers to the gentle music that frames each episode. Do yourself a favor and... “Listen in”.
  • Cynthlouwho
    All of her podcasts
    All are so helpful and her opinion is never judge mental or critical…. So gracious and real just like her voice!!❤️Cynthlouwho
  • Sher Sutherland
    E224: Two of my favorites together
    I listen to both Emily and Kendra (The Lazy Genius). I knew they were good friends but Episode 224 brought it home. It was just the best ever. A real heart-warmer AND a reminder that good friends are forever precious and special. Thank you Emily and Kendra for giving us an inside peek at what a beautiful friendship looks like with the added bonus of some Lazy Genius Kitchen tips! You’re both great on your own podcasts and dynamite together. My Next Right Thing was to share the link to this episode with my precious circle of friends.
  • jesterlady
    Wonderful listen. Definitely subscribe.
    Emily is the best. It’s so simple, so wise, and so easy to listen.
  • FlowersMakeMeSmile00
    Making space for my soul to breathe
    This podcast showed up in my “suggested for you” list for a long time before I started listening. I guess I had never heard the phrase “The Next right thing”. I’m so glad I finally gave it a try. It’s been such a “just right” for right now thing that I’ve started listening from the very beginning. I appreciate the questions for reflection. Knowing that those transcripts are there means I can be more present as I listen and do any writing I might want to do afterwards by going back to the transcripts. I love the short psalm reading episodes. I sent some to a friend preparing for surgery. They were just right. (More please!). Thank you for episode on naming a posture for this season. It helped me receive permission to be kind to myself in this season.
  • used2luvit
    Gentle direction
    I came to this podcast in recent months via another that I listen to. I have found Emily to be so thoughtful and loving in her witness to our humanity, the struggles we have in making small and large decisions, while illuminating a path forward. Her gentle voice soothes and her message uplifts and reassures.
  • scwjesuswept
    I did love the podcast but she blocked me on Instagram
    I’ll be unsubscribing. You just blocked me on instagram. I shared this podcast with my friends cause I really liked it but I won’t be listening again. You’re mean
  • nonickname29
    Listening to this podcast IS The Next Right Thing!
    Listening to The Next Right Thing feels a bit like coming home. When the episode starts I unintentionally take a deep breath and begin to unwind. Listening to Emily feels like talking to an old friend. Her words are kind, gentle and guiding. The Next Right Thing has become a part of not only my faith journey but personal development journey as well. Thank you Emily P. Freeman for the this gift!!
  • debstepp
    Literally only 3 episodes in and cried in 2 out of those 3. Her small prayers & benedictions at the end are so encouraging and life giving. Love how short, simple & profound these are.
  • PWM78
    Not just for Christians
    I love Emily’s voice and the thoughtful ways she looks at life. I am normally turned off by the Christian bias, but I feel that this is more of a person of deep spirituality who is okay with talking about her beliefs, rather than someone trying to convince me that I must be Christian to be a moral person. I find her thoughtfulness calming and reassuring, her voice soothing, and her occasional guests are also usually quite open to other ideas and thoughtful. Thanks for your hard work on this podcast and all the help you provide!
  • Dave Wernli
    An Oasis on the Internet
    This podcast gives me peace in the middle of a hectic, noise-filled world. It’s perfect when I get anxious and overwhelmed. Everything, from Emily’s smoothing voice to the calming piano theme to Emily’s thoughtful wisdom, calms me down, helps me re-center and focus, and decide my next right thing. Thank you Emily, this podcast has blessed me in difficult times beyond measure.
  • Boston Random
    Loved hearing everyone’s Yes’s…
    From around the globe. Thank you Emily for encouraging us to pause, reflect and consider what our next right thing should be in love. ❤️
  • M1mt:/
    Long Haul Listener
    I’ve been learning from and listening to Emily for sometime. What a gift. Thank you for sharing, making me pause and think.
  • Klmdjm6
    Love it
    This podcast is one I listen to when I need to calm my nerves, when I am winding down from a long day, or when I just want to think a little deeper. There is something about Emily’s voice that is soothing and even when she raises a lot of thought provoking questions, it is never overwhelming. I love the focus on staying grounded in faith. Thank you so much for adding to my week in a positive way!
  • Lisa Winton
    Marxist episodes and Heretical content
    I stopped listening to this podcast several years ago when Emily began going a direction away from solid biblical teaching. Episode 213 was recommended to me recently so I gave it a listen, and it was so far over the edge it sounded like listening to a New Age spiritualist. Anyone with a very simple amount of Bible knowledge will recognize how far off she is. If you want to remain grounded in Christ and truth, this is not the podcast for you... don’t walk, RUN away from this one. Try The Strong Women podcast out of the Colson Center or The Alisa Childers podcast instead.
  • richi84533
    A comfort & a challenge
    Emily, thanks for taking the time to make this podcast. I often feel comforted & challenged while listening, a combination that doesn’t seem possible at first thought. Your podcasts are presented in such a way that I’m still chewing on the thoughts you present days later, and often noticing ways I can incorporate the latest NRT insight into my life—if I’m not already actively doing that. Nonetheless, I don’t feel overwhelmed, but free to take what I need and leave the rest behind. I recommend this podcast whenever I can.
  • MimiJan67
    Love this podcast!
    I’ve just found this podcast and am so very grateful for the thoughtful and Thought Filled content. Usually I’m one to binge a podcast, but I don’t want to do that with this one. This one is to be taken slowly. Meditatively. With a heart open to the Lord and a mind turned toward change and introspection. Thank you, Emily, for the hours of time that I know have gone into these episodes.
  • burgundyshoes
    Emily’s voice is a trusted companion
    Her thoughts give me a lot of peace whenever I listen.
  • jodibmadison
    The best ..
    I don't know how I lived without this, until now ... thank you
  • luda mats
    Exactly what I needed
    Wise & contemplative but also actionable. So good
  • BizzyBear124
    I absolutely love this podcast! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and words. It has been a tremendous help to me over the past year, as I find myself again. It has helped me to find peace, show grace and compassion to myself and others, and to start taking steps towards my next right thing.
  • NatureMimi
    Your episode really touched me this morning. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and kindness. I am getting ready to retire at 75 and have been with this wonderful company since 1992. Your words about leaving and entering rooms will always stay with me. God bless and watch over you always 🙏🏻❤️
  • Penny J, Louisiana
    Voice of comfort
    Emily, I want to let you know that God spoke to me through your podcast this morning. My dad passed away one week ago and I have been contemplating things. Your soothing voice was just what I needed! Keep up the good work - you are an influential voice in my life. - Penny J, Louisiana
  • Snowski824
    Too vague and not enough practical advice
    I liked this podcast when I first started listening but lately I feel like the episodes are too vague and feelings based without practical advice. For example, the last episode recommended you discover who God really is but doesn’t give any guidance for how she suggests you do this because she doesn’t want to tell people how to think or what to do in concrete terms. For a podcast in the “Christianity” category from someone who teaches spiritual formation that seems a little off.
  • Storey_Time
    So so good
    OK a friend recommended this to me, and I thought I don’t need a podcast about decision making. I don’t struggle with decision making. And then I realized just how much decision making is part of our lives and how much we do it every day and how much it helps to look back and see what decisions we’ve made in the past and how they have helped or hurt us. It really has changed my perspective! It has made me more introspective and I may even start journaling this year. Something I’ve never done before! Very grateful for this fresh perspective. (And, bonus, Emily has the most soothing voice ever!!!)
  • Some random personified person
    Episode 205 - 5 Strong Ways to Finish Regular
    Thank you, Emily, for giving permission to finish REGULAR! That’s all I have this year. And it’s enough. It’s enough! Nobody lives on the mountaintop 100% of the time, and some days, some YEARS are just.regular. Thanks, Emily.
  • Mothersluv
    I love listening to this podcast before bedtime because Emily’s voice is the most relaxing and soothing voice ever. I have listened to many of the episodes more than once to be sure I catch all of the pearls of wisdom.
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