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Welcome to "DFS For The Rest of Us." Join Fantasy Footballers industry experts Kyle Borgognoni and Matthew Betz as they bring you DFS winning fantasy football advice each and every week. The guys focus on what it takes to win on FanDuel, DraftKings, and Underdog Fantasy. Take your DFS Fantasy Football game to the next level. Look for special guests to join the guys each week to talk DFS!

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Recent Reviews
  • Bunchapalooza
    Finally winning in cash
    I’ve listened to this podcast for 4 years and the new format threw me off at first, but these guys are great and they finally have me winning in cash games!
  • Mike The Man 10
    They won me over
    Previously left a review stating I wasn’t happy with the new format. It took 11 weeks, but they’ve won me over. The guys do an excellent job and actually take the time to explain some of the nuances of DFS that aren’t obvious to the less savvy player. Keep up the good work, guys!
  • Jumpman23da
    Awesome Podcast!
    Great Podcast! Best in the business!
  • KTG2103
    Fix your feed
    Still put out shows from 2019! Get it together. It’s been over a month.
  • Ctwal
    Great Podcast! One problem right now
    Awesome show! One problem that I’m having and it looks like others are having too is getting the current 2020 shows sent to podcast feed. The only way I’ve found to get current episode is by unsubscribing and resubscribe. I just went from week 6 being my most up to date episode to week 8 after re-subscribing. It’s frustrating because without it sending the podcast I tend to forget about it and then mess out on the episode for that week. Is there a setting I missing? Don’t have this problem with any other podcast. Thanks
  • PdubyaL
    Love this year’s edition - down to earth advice ,approach , attitude etc - like loved the plea to keep playing (despite ridiculous chalk weeks from time to time ) so we can all eventually quit our jobs (was a joke but that IS the dfs dream nonetheless!) . Well done Matthew and Kyle !
  • jmc uk
    Excellent Podcast
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this year, Matthew and Kyle do a great job of going through the logic for how to approach each week and highlight games to target without just listing a hundred players to play. Really have enjoyed the format that they have brought! Side note, because of you all, I have only had one week this year that I didn’t make cash.
  • Kanyeknievel
    Immensely Helpful Immediately !
    I have dabbled in DFS here and there and this year i decides to try it and be better at it and more knowledgeable about it. I listen to fantasy footballers every day and listened to DFS when I had no new episodes and got into it. In the past two weeks I’ve just been doing $5 50/50s or less or some cheap couple dollar tourneys and I’ve been cashing in almost every line up ! Can’t wait to be better and win more !
  • Mr. Irrelevant-est
    Unable to find 2020 episodes
    I have started listening twice now and found myself like wait what is this... I usually like this pod but haven’t been able to listen this year
  • deadruner
    Please fix
    It’s sending me episodes from 2019 also. Loved the recent ones I’ve heard so far. Having to stream off of the website for current episodes.
  • Louis j21
    We miss the line ups
    Bring the battle royale line ups back!
  • partridge_21
    Why are all the episodes it keeps sending me from 2019?
  • NickHedglin
    Great podcast
    I’ve loved every iteration of the Fantasy Footballers DFS podcast and so far this years version is my favorite. Great advice, very different from the rest of the industry (in a good way), would love if Betz and Borg were able to do their own show year round, not even just for fantasy but these are fun to here talk.
  • I know whats good
    Love the update
    I’ve been a listener for 3 seasons. The revised format is super helpful and informative. Also lots of fun to listen to. Thanks!
  • ASchetter24
    Drew the food sample cuz this guy feasts
    Five stars. Great advice
  • JesseIU26
    They keep releasing 2019 content??? Why?
  • Guyzzies
    This show is literally CASH MONEY
    I have played DFS for a few years now and started listening to this show in 2019. Since then I have done drastically better on DFS and been making some good money. Sadly no Million Maker just yet but maybe one day :-). Either way, highly recommend this show even if you don’t play DFS and just regular fantasy cause they give great advice for season long fantasy as well.
  • Vinsdada
    Where’s week 3 show???
  • Mgoblue44
    The Best DFS Info.
    Their info along with the FFballers DFS Ultimate Pass has made me a much better player. No need for hours and hours of prep work when you have this secret weapon.
  • Joecool97
    So Helpful
    This Pod and the DFS Pass have been so helpful this year. It’s been my first year of DFS and I’m 3rd in my league so far and have made some good cash in cash game too. Can’t wait to tackle GPP with your help. The Royal Sampler
  • Jake Verdon
    Drew “Costco” Sampler?
    This podcast is informative on picking players week-to-week but doesn’t just tell you every single player to target, they help you actually learn about how to play DFS so you can be a more educated player. You may not get a full lineup from listening, but you’ll learn more information that’ll help you improve your picks not just in one week but every week! Love the podcast guys, keep it up!
  • Connor Corndog
    Betz, Borg, Battlestar Galactica
    Listened to this DFS podcast back in the very beginning and loved it. They have rotated host a couple times, but the quality has remained high as always. Matt and Kyle are entertaining, and have a nice template that allows them to give advice on how to build a good foundation with your DFS lineups. It’s not cut and dry on just players they think are good this week. but rather they are teaching you how to go about thinking intelligently towards constructing your (winning) lineups. Highly recommend giving a listen and a subscription. Hope this review was helpful
  • JoshSeg
    DFS For us!
    Don’t listen to this show if you play on DraftKings....because it’ll take away my secret advantage. I've played DFS for years, but these guys really help me win. This podcast is absolutely worth your time. Unless we're in the same tourney on DraftKings. Then go find your own podcast. They even recommend play Drew “Costco” Sample - he’s (practically) free and you can get a full meal from him. Love, @LegalBySegal on Twitter.
  • Anthony193
    Drew sample nickname
    Free Sample! (Especially since he’s basically a free square this week)
  • Genogwis
    Use to be one of my favorite podcasts
    Why did you guys change the format? I miss the cash game and gpp information. Now you guys just talk about the games. I can get this information from watching nfl network. I want names to use in my lineup.
  • Kenton S.
    Informative and fun
    Love the detailed information paired with the recognition that you have to go with your gut. It keeps it fun instead of just being a show that’s just statistical analysis. Would definitely love to chat football with you dudes.
  • InFazWeTrust23
    At his price...
    Call him Free Sample
  • dustoff88
    Favorite DFS Podcast!
    This podcast has really been a "breath of fresh air" for me. As a PA in the emergency department, 2020 has been mentally rough to say the least. These guys are fun, knowledgeable, and a weekly highlight listen for me. Their DFS incite is detailed, but easily digestible which helps me build solid DFS lineups. This is a must listen for any DFS skill level! Thanks Ballers, you guys rock! Drew Sample --- Costco
  • jandike
    Great advice
    Fresh air and great advice
  • Aap28
    Strait Fire
    Don’t focus 100% of the analysis on ownership and dive into more depth and players than others. Also the injury info is helpful. Doesn’t hurt there is an Eagles fan as part of this duo. Great focus on pace of play. Also I’ll be choosing the Ample Sample in some spots this week.
  • Ethan_Howell
    Love the Ballers
    Love the regular ballers, bought the DFS this week and this pod seems like a home run!
  • dbuckets1585
    Great show!!
    Great show! These guys really know what they’re talking about. I’ve been subscribed for years to these guys and they’ve won me a lot of money. I’ve also purchased their dfs pass the past couple years as well. SUBSCRIBE! You will not regret it!
  • boomdizzle23
    DFS knowledge on a weekly rotation
    The world of DFS is gritty and rough - but the DFS podcast for the rest of us, as they’re stated, is an easy to listen to, easy to understand, and easy to apply methodology to the world of fanduel and draftkings. Apply these thoughts that are offered in the podcast to one of these two platforms, and your knowledge (and hopefully bankroll) is sure to grow
  • adamen92
    Awesome DFS content week to week
    I had splayed DFS sparingly in the past but never considered myself a “DFS Guy”. Listening to the podcast gives you insight to not only guys to pick for your lineup, but also the strategy behind the picks. I’m way more confident laying down money and getting a positive return rate! The structure, flow, and chemistry between the hosts is great, keep up the good work!
  • Elam29
    What’s going on?!
    Love the podcast...normally! What’s up?! Haven’t released a new episode for week 2 or week 3? When I refresh it being up week 2 and week 3 from 2019. What’s going on guys?!
  • Brovendale
    Clear info that empowers you
    Love the cast! Folks, this cast has a good round table of different types of DFS players. If you want to know more than you would ever have time to research about dfs from some chill folks, this is the cast for you.
  • B Ward444
    Miss Chris Joe & Jake....
    The old trio was so funny and brought the best content and was my favorite podcast weekly.. was really sad to log on and see them gone.. I will give the new guys a shot but does not seem nearly as entertaining after one episode.
  • Acpro08251
    Informational and Entertaining
    Started listening to this podcast last year and it’s been in my regular rotation since. Andy, Mike and Jason are knowledgeable analysts and the back and forth between them is highly entertaining.
  • TerpMD
    I miss Chris, Joe, and Jake
    I’m open to giving them a chance - after all results will matter. But these guy just seem very long and dry. Miss the trio of Chris, Joe, and Jake. They had great banter and personality.
  • Sunny Choudhury
    The goats
    You guys are the best, ready to dominate my league thanks for all the in sight, keep it up!
  • JKauer
    The best dfs podcast ever!
    I highly recommend this podcast for anyone trying to step up their dfs game!
  • Djavo
    Started @TheFFBallers went DFS
    These guys got me into DFS and I haven’t looked back. I lend an ear to anything they’re preachin’!
  • RobertM0909
    Fantasy Football
    Fantasy Football!!!
  • Caleb Beaster
    One of my favorites!!
    Love love love this show! Weekly listen despite not even living in a state where DFS is legal!
  • rpdw
    More footballers? Why not
    How did I miss this. Great content and these guys are hilarious!
  • Cheeeeeetooo
    Favorite podcast by far!!
    Listen to them every chance i get!! Absolute favorite podcast!
  • Pat4rick
    Great Show
    Just started listening this year. Have been playing fantasy football for 6 years now. Love playing fantasy football and by listening to your guys podcast it’s given me an extra edge. Ended up taking home the title this year and couldn’t of gotten there without your guys advice and analysis. Also enjoy the comedy you guys bring to the show!! Overall great job and keep up the good work!
  • JimmBoooooooo
    Great dfs podcast!
  • b4murdoc
    Love it
    If mike comes back I’d give it 5 star
  • JonSolo12
    Nothing better
    Even my wedding video brings me less joy than this show.
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