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Buckle up, Bros and Hoes. Join Wells Adams & Brandi Cyrus every Wednesday as they share their favorite, and sometimes least favorite, things: movies, TV shows, books, conspiracy theories, influencer faux pas, you name it. No streaming platform or viewer discretion notice holds them back; they cover everything from Christmas classics to erotica and everything in between. If you don’t like it, we’ve only got one thing to say to you, ah f**k you very much.

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  • J-boo and the invisible ninja
    What Movie??
    I too want to know what MOVIE? Thank you for all of the laughs you provide for free. And I can’t wait for Wells to host BIP and Bachelor Forever
  • DetroitDFF
    I don’t often review
    I’m a over 60 white fat guy and just got to say you guys got the best podcast on the radio and I feel you do a great job! I’ve been listening for over a year so great job very consistent and a lot of good Hardwork!
  • callalily13
    I’ve been doing what Wells suggested
    Instead of saying “have to“ – i’ve been saying “get to.“ It has made all the difference in the world. Love to listen to a podcast with two extremely decent people who also happen to be interesting. Their hearts make the show what it is.
  • Lis530
    Love this pod
    You two are the best, I’m sad Patreon is over but as long as we have the pod!! Also one of the my favorite things, the fact the show page for this podcast has John Krasinski as a guest!!! 😂😂😂
  • skash723
    Ya’ll are the best!! Have found so many of my own favorite things because of your recs! Thank you!
  • Taylor603
    My favorite things!
    Oh goodness you two know how to make me laugh! Just need to mention I often catch myself looking at my Apple Watch to make sure I didn’t accidentally hit the speed button. Then I realize nope, that’s just Wells talking real fast because he’s either really excited or really annoyed about something. Either way, I appreciate the passion! 🤣 thanks for keeping me laughing folks!
  • Beata (Be- 8-A)
    Fun podcast, love listening!
    Love your podcast Brandi and Wells! Fun approach feels like hanging out with your friends. I love learning about fun new suggestions from you both. This comment is for Wells, the band Maneskin is Italian and they won Eurovision this year. I just wanted to clarify since you weren’t sure what the origin was and you mentioned Swedish in your latest podcast. Thanks for hosting your show!
  • Meg.Gem.
    Stop eating and don’t keep wildlife
    Wells why are you eating during the pod?? You know better, SO GROSS. And brandi, you cannot keep a wild deer. Call FWS. Be better yall
  • Hwww1111
    Pretty sure I’ve listened to almost every episode. It’s a cute, funny and light listen.
  • !apg96
    So much fun!
    I listen to Podcasts while I walk in the mornings. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because I get to listen to Wells and Brandi while I walk. They make me laugh! I LOVE that they primarily talk about happy things. When the world is a mess, as it has been, it’s a place to go smile and laugh. Thank you for bringing me joy❤️
  • CowgirlfromKS
    Love your podcast - My favorite thing, is your podcast! 💜you guys!!!
  • Cstrickel
    It’s obnoxious and just poorly structured. Nothing they talk about makes me want to listen.
  • saraiah267
    Segregation is cool according to wells?
    Wells is gushing about how great it is to segregate people according to medical status! I can’t 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • jasmore10
    Bring Derek Peth Back
    Really enjoy having Derek Peth co-cohost last week’s episode. He was incredibly funny and entertaining!
    Derek Peth
    Okayyyy Derek needs to be start another podcast or just join YFT! I miss him on betchelor! Also... LOL that Apple tagged John Krazinski as a guest instead of Derek. 😂
  • ouchmybones
    5 Stars but...
    Love this podcast, probably would go so far as to say it is one of my favorite things! BUT I just have one issue and that issue is that Wells gives way too much information about every single show or movie he talks about. He’s not telling you how stuff ends but IMO giving a play by play of every event that takes place in the first episode of a show is a spoiler! Dial it back my dude! So that’s my only qualm. Besides that it’s a fantastic podcast and Brandi you’re perfect. Love ya byeeeeeeee!
  • Momof4pics
    Diamond Art and binging
    Ok I’m a little late Wells but I am finally doing Diamond Art and I am addicted!! Binged Ginny and Georgia andThe Circle and on my 4th diamond Art....can’t get enough. Going back to listen to the Diamond Art pod!!! Love you Wells and Brandi
  • Bskell
    Used to love this podcast but it’s gone down hill so much. Brandi is boring/awkward. Wells is funny but the voices and impersonations are so cringe I have to skip over them.
  • Allnicknamestaken23759
    Just one thing...
    I enjoy this podcast, the things they talk about, the banter (which is the majority of the show). But I may be the only person who cringes at the voices Wells uses - not his regular voice, but the radio-type voice, goofy voices, impersonations, etc. It’s just so grating to my ears. But I just skip forward 30 sec and deal with it. I’m sure others love it. It’s just too “perform-y”, or like the kid always trying to be funny kid in class. But, you be you.
  • Rlhood354
    Love love love
    Obsessed with Brandi and Wells, their banter, recommendations and I am waaaay too invested in your personal lives 😂 hopefully once the pandemic is over you’ll be able to go on tour!! Also my favorite thing is Wells singing to the Skype song 😂
  • KaitlinMW
    YFT is one of the things I look forward to every week. It helps me get over the hump that is hump day. Wells and Brandi are so delightful to spend an hour with. I laugh and relate to almost everything. Only problem is I need more. MORE! 5 stars because this pod is great, but 1 star because it’s only once a week. Let’s ramp it up guys!!
  • vicswitz
    You got me nervous!!
    Wells I’m concerned about your high BP !!! I rely wayyyy too much on you two for content and we gotta get a handle on this!!! Anyway love the podcast and how is anyone sleeping on it!? It’s simply the best . Love you two and give us updates wells!
  • Mandino1234
    Funny stuff
    Love the banter and erotic grandpa is my favorite. Always makes me laugh!!
  • missycabs
    Fav thing
    Bing bang boom. Bad dam bam bam! Also Ding ding ding!!
  • Megnnn1234
    My favorite thing
    My favorite thing is hearing Wells scat with the Skype call song. PLEASE DONT EVER STOP. love you both S’MUCH! 😘
  • ADY!
    Sleeping on The Challenge
    Can’t even express how much I love The Challenge content. No one in my life watches this show and I’m so happy to know I’m not alone in my obsession.
  • Fsukbxd
    Love this duo
    The dynamic between Wells and Brandi is amazing. Since I’ve started listening I’ve grown to love them both so much more than I already did.
  • Rbatra
    10/10 Recommend!
    I definitely recommend listening to this podcast. The chemistry and friendship between Wells and Brandi is really amazing, and both of their personalities put together create the perfect balance!. Other than that, I can always catch myself laughing along to their crazy (but hilarious) stories, and even better, I am constantly getting great recommendations and new ‘favorite things’ to try! This is just one of those podcasts that I can have on in the background to keep me amused, and these two never fail to entertain me :)
  • lizard722
    I love you guys !!
    Hi Brandi and Wells !! I love YFT !! I am currently listening to this weeks episode and Brandi asked when Manifest is coming back. It is coming back April 1st !! Looking forward to it. Keep being awesome :) Liz C
  • Armcherry 2020
    Diamond Art Club
    Wells you talked about Diamond Art Club and I ordered one immediately!! I am OBSESSED!! They should definitely sponsor YFT!! Love your show!
  • Sam1981allen
    Loved the Hootie and the Blowfish throwback 😂 I have not heard that song in forever!
  • manch123
    My favorite thing 🛎
    This podcast is number one on my list to listen to each week. Brandi and Wells have great chemistry as hosts and it feels like you are just friends having a drink and hanging out. Sometimes I am not sure why I love listening to these people I don’t know talk about their lives, but OHH I DOOOOOO
  • mariah36
    Diamond status podcast 💎✨
    YFT is one of my favorite podcasts! I am able to wear headphones at work, so I have listened to quite a few podcasts. I just listened to the latest episode after binging from the start a couple months ago! YFT always makes me laugh and is totally relatable. I love The Bachelor and I grew up in the Hannah Montana era, and am still a Cyrus family fan! (Sorry We’re Stoned is also a favorite thing of mine!) Thank you for being an hour that I look forward to each week and a great source for amazing recommendations!
  • Msstate56
    Can I get a ding?
    I love this podcast and have been listening since before there were bells.
  • Mk437
    Brandi thinks it’s so cute that she doesn’t know what anything is. It’s so nice your last name gives you a platform but you can at least try. The only redeeming quality is Wells.
  • Kenlee81
    LOVE this podcast! I look forward to it every week. Brandi and Wells are the perfect duo’
  • rfmarie
    Best podcast ever!
    Literally look forward to Wednesday’s when this comes out every week! Always makes me laugh!
  • sammyricc
    Thanks for upping my music game
    I love having the sweet sweet voices of Wellsy and Brand-I in my ear every week. They give me happiness and comedic relief to this pandemic pandemonium. 🛎 My fav thing is hearing the anecdotes about their families 🛎 My ears would like to thank the pod for making my music library cooler. 2017 and 2018 were some dark times not knowing when we’d hear from them, but boooyyy have we come a long way.
  • Cortbrew
    My Favorite Thing!!!!!!!
    YFT is such a fun podcast to have to look forward to every single week. Wells and Brandi are spot on with their music, movie, TV, and book recommendations. When they bring guests on, they are always fun to hear but that isn’t even necessary because I just love hanging out with the two of them every week. You can also look forward to the reading of hilarious Amazon product reviews, hearing Cyrus Family stories, and the adventures Wells and Brandi go on. If you have not listened to YFT, get on it and subscribe!
  • Isthisnamealreadyused
    Such a happy listen
    I so look forward to this podcast every week. It’s always upbeat and positive and brightens my Wednesday mornings! Wells is hilarious and Brandi is always earnest and real. I love their banter and recommendations. They make me laugh and forget about stress for a little bit. I find myself writing down the names of movies, books and shows and actually following through because they’re diamond status content. Love love love this podcast.
  • jessmichellex3
    The best podcast (especially right now!)
    This podcast has quickly become one of my favorites. I love the banter between Wells and Brandi, and always love their tv & movie recs. It really feels like you’re sitting in a room and having a conversation with friends! Brandi & Wells are great hosts and I’m so glad to have had this podcast, especially over the past year!
  • Bl0nd3Br00k3
    My Favorite Podcast
    This podcast is so laid back, funny, and entertaining. It makes my job even more enjoyable to sit and listen to two wonderful people. I love the no filter talk, and the song recommendations. Definitely one of my favorite things to listen to! Keep it up! Wells always cracks me up so much - love his humor! 5 stars!
  • sydpay
    Favorite thing
    This is my favorite podcast. I have found so many shows, movies, books and songs. Always a fan of the behind that scenes bachelor content. I vote Brandi for co bartender on Paradise.
  • ForeverInWanderlust
    Wells reads reviews
    I got my Brother in Law a drop stop seat gap filler off Amazon and the reviews were hilarious. I know Wells would like to read them. Love your show!
  • OJD4life :)
    A great part of my week
    I look forward to Wednesday’s for this show!
  • ShannieRiebs
    Bleeding Purple, Yellow & Neon Green...
    ... after my earhole's hymens got f*ucked by this podcast. Ding, Ding, Ding 🛎 one of my favorite things! My sense of humor aligns fully with Wells. I cry with laughter on a regular basis. Brand-I's sarcasm and banter are a perfect balance. I "challenge" you to find a better pod!
  • Danielle S (sollydolly13)
    LOLing on my walks listening to this podcast
    I started listening to this podcast in late 2019 sometime because I saw someone talking about it on insta! I distinctly remember them talking about the just in case bread and wine! I instantly got hooked! Then the pandemic hit my and usual podcast listening time (commutes to work) was gone! I started listening to podcasts when I went on walks and would literally be laughing out loud and I’m sure some neighbors gave me weird looks. This is all to say this is an AMAZING podcast, I love Wells and Brandi and they always keep me smiling and laughing and are sooo relatable! I feel like they’re my friends and look forward to listening to them every week! I highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking for a light hearted podcast that will make you laugh lots and is truly entertaining!
  • CailynV
    This podcast is my favorite thing!
    When I tell you Wednesday is my favorite day because of this podcast I’m not exaggerating!! The contrast between Wells and Brandi’s personalities killllls me, I find myself laughing out loud on my way to work! 7AM, alone, laughing in my car💀
  • dcgesx
    Favorite podcast
    I listen to a lot of podcasts, but this is the one that I’m most excited for every week. It’s so fun, and I’m always sad when it’s over! It’s really nice to have all of the recommendations as it has added great books, film, and music to my life. Thanks for what you do!
  • alicia_french
    this podcast is my favorite thing.
    i’ve been listening to this podcast for about 2 years and it’s become one of my favorite things. definitely my favorite part of wednesday. i’m always trying to stifle laughs at my desk when i have this on. it always makes me feel a little happier and lighter. and, the suggestions are great! i’ve found countless great shows, music, products, etc from this podcast. so excited for YFT to expand, as i can never get enough! love YFT so so much.
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