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Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos host Love to Sew, a fun weekly podcast about making clothes, sewing community, and small business. They talk about their passion for sewing a handmade wardrobe and their daily lives as creative entrepreneurs. Listen to interviews with indie business owners and inspiring sewists who totally understand your obsession with sewing.

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  • Redhead242
    Love Love To Sew <3
    It feels like I’m having out with sewing friends. Love getting advice and learning more about sewing from the gals and their guest and love hearing their personal stories from sewing experience. They have done a great job listing to feedback and taking suggestions. Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • MDebbieR
    Pep Talk episode
    Whether you need a pep talk right now or not, you NEED to listen to the Love to Sew pep talk episode. Every single talk was inspirational and so much fun. And, as you can imagine - the pep talks were practical for sewing AND for life in general. So good!
  • musichobbet
    To the point, informative and fun
    These two ladies know their sewing and fabrics!! I really appreciate the audio format for learning more. Eager to check out more episodes.
  • WhichIsViciousSquishesWitches
    Wonderful to listen to!
    This podcast is fun and informative, and Helen and Caroline feel like your sewing friends who you can come to for information about everything from different kinds of thread to why we sew. I found this podcast while looking for a quilting podcast, (this is garment sewing), but loved it so much that I still listen. And their love for garment sewing seems to be infectious, as I now am starting to garment sew!
  • SuzieSews1972
    Catching up on missed podcasts
    Can we please just sew? I am “sew” over everything I read or hear is telling me how I should think or feel. On more PC PlEASE! I skip over ones that are not directly related to sewing.
  • FacebookUser
    Great content Hate non-stop giggles
    Generally this podcast is fantastic, but it is extremely difficult to listen to when the guest is talking the entire podcast on very serious subjects and nervous giggles the entire time! Hard to take her seriously.
  • AmyOtherwise
    Seriously the best sewing podcast EVER
    I am honestly addicted to the Love to Sew Podcast, I’ve listened to all the episodes and am starting over listening for the for a second time. It’s that good. Helen and Caroline are just the absolute sweetest Canadian sewists ever while also being complete bada** businesswomen who singlehandedly run their own sewing-related companies. They put incredible research and effort into every episode while also being incredibly charismatic and listenable. From deep dives into sewing topics like thread, zippers, and buttons to philosophical discussions about sustainability, the maker community, and inclusivity, these two absolutely overachieve at all of it and I am here for it!!! My personal creativity and productivity has blossomed in no small part to the inspiration and encouragement from the Love to Sew Podcast. A million thanks for putting it out into the universe. ❤️❤️❤️
  • tcon10
    Too political
    Honestly this used to be my favorite podcast. And they have the right to do what they want with their show. But it’s not for me at all anymore. Everything is political and by trying to be ‘inclusive’ they’re actually excluding many and beside that, they’re going away from sewing and the joy of it to hyper political topics that are no longer an easy fun, relaxing escape. It’s just been totally ruined for me. So over it.
  • urbansun
    LTS is Audio Hugs
    Love to Sew is a cotton-candy scented, cream colored, soft cardigan you pull on and snuggle up with and sip hot cocoa. It’s a butterfly that lands on your windowsill while you're listening to a voice message from your best friend. Basically it’s happiness in a podcast. How do two people generate so much bubbliness and genuine enthusiasm for their craft and each other in this cold dark world? We will never know. But we WILL know how to work with linen, how to use invisible zipper and how to start a trans and BIPOC friendly company. Even if you don’t sew, listen to Helen and Caroline and you’re day will be 110% more cheery.
  • geeemom
    Love listening to you!
    As a veteran sewer (50 ) years, it’s hard to find podcasts with sewists who really know their stuff and deliver it in a very listenable way. Thank you for your inspiration!
  • gmmjcba7
    Best Sewing Podcast
    Oh Helen and Caroline! I just love you ladies so much. I look forward to each new podcast every week with much anticipation, and when I’ve listened to that I catch up on older shows. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’ve listened to all of them! Probably start over at the beginning again! Love to Sew is an amazing, wonderful, magical mix of hilarity and laughter, technical teaching, some serious and thoughtful topics, and stimulating interviews. I’m always encouraged, I always learn something, and I always have a smile on my face when I listen to Love to Sew. Even though Caroline and Helen aren’t my IRL friends, I talk to them like they are because I really do feel like I know them! After each podcast is over, I always wish them “a buh-bye!!”
  • SteRS1238
    Please keep the politics out
    This used to be my favorite podcast, but I really wish they’d keep the politics out of it. I understand that it’s so prevalent in today’s world...and that’s exactly why I would like to listen to content about SEWING and that’s all. I’ve found some new podcasts to listen to that stay on topic and don’t feel the need to present their political views...
  • Sam The Cat 97446
    I really, and I mean REALLY, wanted to like this podcast. However, the two hosts voices are so whiny. The incessant giggling makes them sound like 13 year old girls. You are intelligent, try to sound like it.
  • bhrath
    My favorite podcast, hands down!
    I’ve been listening to Caroline and Helen for little over a year now, and they are my all-time favorite podcast! I love their cheery attitudes and enthusiasm for sewing. Listening to LTS always inspires me and gets me excited for my next project! I’ve learned so much, too— I can’t even begin to list all of the techniques, notions, fabric facts, and more that I have learned about through this podcast. The kind of knowledge that would have taken me years to come across is now top-of-mind thanks to their teaching! Also, thank you Sam & Melanie for your behind-the-scenes hard work!
  • cmay522
    Unfortunately too political
    They have every right to make their podcast what they want. However, I feel it’s getting away from the great content they had at the beginning and becoming a platform to express their political views. By thinking they are being “ inclusive” they’re actually excluding many. Get back to great sewing tips, interviews and info, stop making a wonderful hobby into a political soapbox.
  • myopus73
    Love this podcast!
    I bought the Made With Pride clothing labels from Great podcast!!!!
  • Non-fiction
    Stay in your lane
    Take action? So now you’re a politic sewing podcast? Total turn off. Loved you guys, but ya lost me.
    Thank you
    I love this people they help me a lot
  • Lalalakengarman
    So much good info!
    These ladies are so positive and inspiring! They are so much fun to listen to and bring the best guests. They have episodes on basically anything you have questions about and their tips and suggestions have helped me so much! Their episode with Emerald Erin inspired me to take the leap and make my first bra and I couldn’t be happier with it!
  • the sewest
    Love to sew podcast
    Love listening to these ladies! They do their homework about the topics. Their information is very organized and well presented. I always learn something and I’ve been sewing for over 50 years! Their cheerfulness is what the world needs more of! Thanks so much for what you do!!
  • RuthV8
    Awesome Info & Input
    I’m learning so much from these amazing ladies. Their voices are so easy on the ears. I’ve learned so much in just a few shows. If you are interested in the sewing world this is the definitely the podcast!
  • SewPodGirl
    I’ve taken away so many useful tips! I think the diversity and inclusion aspect of those interviewed is also great. The podcast and the hosts are truly inspiring. Keep the content coming
  • DSolveig
    A warm re-entry back to sewing!
    After a 20 year break, I started sewing again last year. I found this podcast and the lovely, supportive Carolyn and Helen. Their love for the craft, warmth, and humor introduced me to the beautiful online sewing community and to the world of indie designers and vendors. Thank you!
  • FFMedic13
    Good Stuff!!!
    It’s a good podcast, they are super giving with their knowledge and put together a really fun listen. They are positive and interact great with each other and the guests. The ONLY gripe I have is the uptalk and vocal fry that is the constant. It’s almost cringeworthy and makes me want to stop listening at times. It’s like OMG - gag me with a spoon. Check YouTube for examples of Upspeak and Vocal Fry. ...or just listen to this podcast.
  • cricketdoll
    Love it!
    There’s a great mix of practical tips and insight into the wider sewing community. I am learning a ton! I love that it is informative and I get your awesome personalities shining through. Listening makes me think and smile every time!
  • Sew Shannon
    There are not enough good podcast regarding sewing. This one is pretty good, however stop the useless giggles and dragging outer your last syllables. It makes the podcast less professional.
  • Nubian716
    Information & Knowledge
    Listening to this podcast has made me keep a pen & paper close! I do review the show notes. I have been introduced to others who sew, craft & design items related to sewing. There are so many new Instagrams sewers that I now follow. I’m learning a ton of sewing related info. Inspired to sew more and be happy with all of my new garments. I’ve sewn for many years, but the podcast makes me want to create more & more. Thanks for your work with the podcast, keep up the good work.
  • AJA 24
    They bring the sewing community together!
    I absolutely love Helen and Caroline. They really bring the community together and I love how much fun they have together while recording the podcast. I always learn something new from them! And I love how they are body positivity—it is so important and sewing can play a big role in that so I’m glad they have a body positive framework for the show. I’m a Patreon contributor and am so glad I donate to the show! Keep up the amazing work!
  • e_kaye_u
    Can we all be friends?
    Hello hello. If you’re a sewist, please listen! Where I live doesn’t really have a sewing community, but when listening to Love to Sew I feel like I do indeed have a sewing community, although it’s virtual and not local. I am a beginning sewist, and while I’m sure I could have figured everything out without Love to Sew, I’m sure glad I didn’t. First time sewing with knits? Listen to the episode right before. Jeans? There’s an episode for that! It gives me so much confidence that I can sew anything... and so far I’ve worked through a lot of skills with Love to Sews help (with the help of my well used seam ripper).
  • Zoe Seamstress
    Stop using the word “like” in every sentence—almost every other word. Very irritating.
  • 3o4u3o4iu
    My Favorite podcast
    Love to Sew is my favorite podcast. I am middle-aged and nearing retirement. I grew up sewing, then got too busy with life, parenthood, and career to make time for sewing. Helen and Caroline have drawn me back into what I love about all things sewing. Listening every week reminds me that I am part of a very creative tribe. Caroline and Helen are our glue. Thank you for inspiring and connecting us!
    Where are links in show notes?
    I love this podcast but I don’t know where links are?
  • Robin Dini
    Great listen
    I love having good conversation to listen to when I'm working at my machine. My first listen with this podcast was with Meg of Sew Liberated and I was so inspired afterwards. What a great communal space to help one another in the making and creative process.
  • Ali Moncrieff
    Happy new listener
    I just discovered this podcast after following an instagram thread (I’m not even sure where it started but it had something to do with the Cheyenne tunic by Hey June!) and I’m basically in heaven now when a new one comes out. The diversity of topics and folks interviewed and Helen & Caroline’s humor and the gigantic well of sewing wisdom & techniques & rich resources. I’m just over the moon. Thank you so much for this offering, it’s golden!
  • ElinT17
    A Must-Listen for Home Sewers
    Never before have I heard of home sewers so connected in the world of garment sewing. This is a must listen for all home sewers who are looking for advice, challenges, and community.
  • RayinBoston
    More than sewing
    Caroline and Helen are wise, articulate and self aware. They are so knowledgeable about sewing, and they promote sustainability, diversity and compassion. Their voices are my comforting companions. Plus great show notes - “thank you Sam!”
  • Pick112
    Professional and Fun Podcast
    The podcast is well researched and polished. Helen and Caroline are so open and fun to listen to. Thanks for helping to make sewing cool.
  • Q2w6kauai
    Sewists of all ages--please listen!
    Very pleasant on the ear and very informative for sewists.
  • Tedkaren
    Geek out on sewing!
    I LOVE this sewing podcast! Caroline and Helen are my sewing heroes. I’ve learned so much from listening to all the episodes (I’ve bought an overlocker after listening to that episode numerous times. I love using it! Thanks for the pep talk 🤣). Please make your guys those animal capes they talked about.
  • KristyMiddleUSA
    Wonderful sewing friends!
    If you want to learn about sewing and listen to 2 besties chat and interview super interesting guests this is a fantastic podcast. Thank you for publishing every Tuesday and I REALLY appreciate the show notes Sam! Oh, and my kids know your theme song and we all can’t help but sing along with it, it is nice that this podcast is PG.
  • LizJoff
    The best
    Full of helpful info, well thought-out interviews, and inspiration for sewing and life in general. Listening to Helen and Caroline is like hanging out with friends while you sew.
  • jessk7
    so helpful and delightful
    they've improved my beginner sewing skills and given me confidenc to try new things and "level-up" - plus they are adorable and listening to them is so pleasant!
  • Cataluna40
    So Cool!
    I found this on a surf looking for sewing podcasts and am now fully hooked. I love Caroline and Helen’s fresh and user friendly approach
  • Frustrated100%
    Time and energy well spent!!!
    Due to some pretty crazy life circumstances over the last two years (son diagnosed with leukemia - blood cancer), my “creative time” has been spoken for and I haven’t had the time or energy to spend actually being creative! However, to keep my brain engaged and my creative soul fed, I began listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos. The one podcast that I have not gotten enough of has been Love To Sew!!! Once I tuned in for the first time, I was hooked. I am learning, being inspired and encouraged and simply enjoying the conversation. I feel like Helen and Caroline (and Sam too!) really pour their heart and souls into their pod cast. Their energy into engaging awesome guests is energies well spent. Love to See offers a VAST array of guests, topics, viewpoints and interests. Keep it up! We still have 9 months of these 2.5 years of chemo treatments left for my sweet son and you’re the bright spot to my Tuesday morning drives to bring him to the hospital! I just wish I had found the show sooner...I could be all caught up by now! 😂😂
  • debbayyyy
    Informative and SEW entertaining!
    This podcast is a great resource for modern sewists and really inspires me to continue my sewing journey.
  • sophtware
    Best Sewing Podcast
    I've listened to a lot of sewing podcasts over the years and this one is by far the best one out there. These girls are very organized! I really like hearing from other sewers in the community. Keep up the great work!
  • Jeremymmm
    Love this show
    I started bingeing this today and I cannot stop listening! I’ve learned so much already!
  • egrace63
    I love this podcast. You’re so cheerful!
    I find myself humming your theme song. Your interviews are inspiring. I look forward to reading your episode notes too. Thank you SO much!
  • SlowCrafter
    Great, fun, inspirational podcast for this listener, who is returning to her sewing machine for something more than just altering and mending family clothing. Love it. I am so very thankful to have discovered Love to Sew!
  • lovesflags
    Refreshing my Skills
    I listen to Ed Tech podcasts for work and when I decided to take up sewing again I realized that there must be podcasts about sewing and quilting. Love to Sew has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts! I’ve even gone back to the beginning to listen to most of the old ones. Thanks ladies, you are incredible. I’m catching up on what I’ve missed out on for the past twenty-five years.
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