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The Betchelor is a Bachelor recap podcast presented by Kay Brown and Chris Burns of Betches Media.. This weekly podcast follows the latest episodes and makes fun of all the ridiculous things the contestants say and do – because honestly, why else watch the show if not for the commentary? For more info check out weekly recaps from Bachelor alums at or their Instagram, @betchelorpodcast.

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  • JesusFreak!!<3
    Please start doing some research
    This used to be one of my favorite podcasts and now every time I listen to an episode I catch myself yelling at my phone because they don’t know basic facts about the show or it’s contestants. For example, being surprised about the fact that Tayshia and Sidney are good friends and then finally realizing they were in paradise together....they met during Colton’s season. They literally were friends there first. If you don’t know or don’t remember everything, it’s not a big deal. There’s a thing called google! But to come into every episode and be giggling because you just don’t know anything whether it’s history from the show, a contestant’s name, etc. it’s not cute or funny. It’s annoying and shows a lack of care and respect for your job and your audience. It’s not even solely on Derek’s absence because Chris is usually doing a better job trying than Kay. I’m really disappointed in how this podcast has turned out.
  • brookeeetaylor
    My favorite bachelor podcast!!!
    Not sure why there’s so many negative reviews??? I think Kay and Chris are hilarious and relatable!! I laugh out loud every episode. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!!!
  • Lil-Corn
    The Only Bachelor Podcast You Need
    I originally came for Derek then I quickly fell in love with Kay and her fun personality. I was bummed when Derek left the show but that did not last long. I love Chris. He is such a funny personality and compliments Kay perfectly. I love these two! A BONUS: They don’t bombard you with ads the entire time unlike some other (not to be mentioned) Bachelor podcasts.
  • mdud723
    I can’t anymore
    I can’t tell you how much I hate this
  • Janie Holtz
    Not the Same
    Missing Derek - nothing works with this now; there’s no balance between the hosts and a lack of historical knowledge makes this hard to enjoy any longer. Back to Game of Roses and Chatty Broads. Sigh.
  • Hannah181818
    We miss Derek
    Where’s Derek
  • craptasticblog
    What are you bringing to the table
    I listen to a handful of bachelor podcasts and this one used to be in my cycle. But ever since Derek left, this show has gone down hill. Every podcast I listen to about the bachelor had something they bring to the table. Here to make friends brings a feminist perspective, 2blackgirls1rose give me a perspective that I could never get by being a white woman, and the rosecast podcast gives me a masculine perspective with a good look into sports. That, of course, is not all the bachelor podcasts that are out there but is shows that the all have something. What does this podcast bring? Nothing. I liked this podcast before because it had an “average” persons perspective with a bit more insight given by Derek. It was also a good balance of the loud Kay and the softer spoken Derek. It balanced out nicely Now we have two people who are both loud people and don’t know some simple facts about the show. Kay said that all the bachelorettes choose their first impression rose as their final rose?????? No??? Literally the previous seasons bachelorette, Hannah B, didn’t pick her first impression rose. It’s only been somewhat recent that the first impression of one goes to the eventual winner. It’s like she heard Derek say something about that once and she’s repeating back the 25% that she remembered. This is not the first and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the last where they just don’t know basic bachelor information. So why should I listen to your podcast? What makes you different? What makes you a podcast to listen to? Do you even like the show enough to warrant a podcast is this something your boss wants you to do? Maybe it’s time to do some self reflection.
  • mags 34.
    Funny and good takes!
    They are funny and also have good takes on what’s going on in the bachelor world! Anything betches media does is great! Would recommend!
  • emilypaige
    Do research
    You need to do more research on bachelor nation. It’s not fun to listen to you guys not remember whose season someone was on or another obvious fact about a prominent persons background. It also sounds like you arent prepared about the details of the episode. Sometimes there are a lot of ummms which makes it seems like you didn’t prepare. I wish it was more of a free flowing. And sometimes Kay abruptly tries to switch to another topic when Chris is saying something funny. Also the audio is janky and hurts my ears. Betches, get them a real mic.
  • EmilyMF
    Stopped after Derek Left
    Miss the old betchelor. Nothing against Chris, just miss Derek.
  • jonnykaw
    Used to be my favorite podcast...
    I’m sad that this podcast isn’t good anymore. Kay acts like she knows everything about bachelor nation but she is usually wrong. Maybe do some research before making statements? Or just don’t say anything...And it’s cool that you guys don’t let Claire, but please try to remember that she is a human being with feelings.
  • bachbetches101
    New hosts aren’t it
    Seriously downhill since Derek left. This used to be a great podcast but is now low quality (terrible audio and can hear text alerts), and the hosts appear that they barely paid attention and don’t even want to do the podcast
  • maggie.a.mills
    Vibe has changed a lot
    I listened to this podcast during Peter’s season and loved it! I particularly liked Derek’s perspective as someone within Bachelor Nation. FCB is funny but their apathetic vibes bring down the whole pod!! I think they’re just too similar that it makes it boring and honestly like they just don’t care. Podcasting is hard I’m sure, but I think the chemistry in the hosts really matter. I don’t think I can keep listening honestly...
  • AI344
    Stop using clinical jargon when you’re not a licensed clinician
    I used to love this podcast and the pleasant trolling of bachelor universe but started falling off when the pattern of incorrect psychiatric diagnoses and symptoms continued to increase (starting with Hannah’s season). It’s frustrating from the the perspective of somebody who IS a licensed clinician to see this pattern continue. Your continued use of the word “manic” and “manicky” are no different than saying somebody was “acting bipolar” wake up and stop acting more “woke” than you actually are.
  • Cryssteen
    Chris Burns?!?
    Hey boy hey. How did I not know that you’ve been co-hosting this pod? I can never get enough FCB, but added to bachelor nation. Oh. Yes.
  • Beccaisawesome
    The podcast used to be so good. Nothing against FCB but the chemistry between Kay and FCB is not there. Bring back Derek. Also don’t get me wrong left leaning but this is a bachelor podcast, not a political one. Enough with the politics.
    You got me to not have anxiety about the election for 36 minutes straight.
  • podcastguru-2020
    Worst coverage
    Seriously this podcast is SO boring! Do not waste your time. It’s one of the worst bachelor/bachelorette coverage. Go to Nicks Viall and you will be a little more entertained
  • sarahdee23
    Miss the old
    I started listening a season or two again and would be so anxious every week to hear the latest podcast from Derek and Kay. This season, I thought it was just me, but is horrible. I read other reviews and was happy to know it’s not just me. Awkward pauses, monotone voices, horrible audio quality (I get quarantine.....) but it’s painful to listen to. Each of these hosts are good on their own, but they just don’t have that chemistry together. Derek and Kay had something going.
  • One Tree Hill<3
    Please Bring Derek Back
    Seriously. Betchelor nation has spoken and we all want Derek back. Save the podcast and just give us all something to look forward to again. 🙃
  • Tracyqv
    What Happened?
    Y’all I loved this podcast so much when it first started but it’s seriously gone down hill. They do zero research and I don’t think they take any notes. I understand not knowing everyone in Bachelor Nation but as a Bachelor podcast, do your research and come prepared. Their commentary isn’t even adding anything of value. I keep listening hoping it will get better but it just gets worse 😭
  • Zanninoelle
    I find the most recent episodes to be very cringey to listen to. Kay just parrots everything FCB says immediately after. She doesn’t seem present at all, like contractually obligated to be there. While FCB is trying to keep the conversation afloat but to no avail. Unsubscribe:(
  • HipHopeApotamus
    The most dramatic podcast ever!
    @fatcarriebradshaw & @kayyorkcity cuttin up every week! Hilarious perspectives on all Bachelor Nation dramz. I became a Bachelor fan solely bc of Kay & Chris’ humor👏🏻👏🏻🥂
  • Aimetx
    Check facts
    This is an okay Bachelor podcast but so often they don’t seem to be prepared. There is a lot of wrong information given (like there won’t be an episode next week - FYI there will be one on Thursday). It’s just not professional at all. There are too many good pods out there to listen.
  • zqxwcevrbt
    This podcast needs to rediscover itself
    I have been listening to this podcast since it was the betches founders hosting. When Derek and Kay took over I was thrilled because it was organized, well researched, and they both had great energy. I was so sad Derek left but excited for FCB. I think FCB brings a different energy but I like it! I like FCB and Kay together, I think they are funny and I agree with their takes most of the time. What is making me so sad is the lack of effort put into this podcast recently. Please make an outline or take notes so the podcast doesn’t feel so all over the place. It’s so frustrating that I feel like I know more about whats going on than the hosts do. And I’m not even a crazy fan. I would love to see different segments back, like a cheesy moment, a sweet moment, and a salty moment. Skinny pop isn’t a sponsor anymore but could you still do this but reword it?? What about the cringe Harrison award? I would just love to see a little more structure.
  • gemini442
    My bf and I listen to this every week after the new Bach episode and are in tears laughing. Idk why there are so many negative reviews...
  • SydneyAXiD
    Does bachelor franchise fund this pod? Seems biased.
  • Tayayayapoo
    It’s like they know what I’m thinking!
    Another week another hilarious podcast! It’s honestly like they have the same thoughts as I do on the episodes! With this season in particular I find myself more excited for the podcast episodes than I am the actual show each week. No insult to Claire or the show but that’s just how much I love this podcast.
  • Elizabethsydneyy
    Kay is literally the WORST
    Betches...... why haven’t you gotten rid of Kay yet?! I used to love this podcast, I really did. I listened every week. But ever since Derek left the show, or whatever happened the show has gone down hill. I have no interest in hearing about Kay’s ‘quarantine dating’ game or whatever it is, and honestly Kay, without being held up by Derek is pretty unbearable. All Kay does is complain about people in bachelor nation and NEVER has anything positive to say. I’ve unfollowed this podcast and I’ve also unfollowed the Instagram related to this account. It’s a shame. Betches should consider finding a new host for this show.
  • podbod29
    This hurts
    I am a long time listener of the pod. The betchelor is what got me into several other of the betches podcasts and I’m really sad to say but this just ain’t it anymore. Idk if they aren’t fact checking or taking notes anymore but they’re missing information and saying things that aren’t true. I hate to add to the I miss Derek reviews because that’s a given. I think FCB was a great add and has the facts down more than Kay does. I understand Kay just moved and is probably going through big life changes but I’m just sad that I don’t even look forward to this pod anymore. I miss the insider and thoughtful perspective Derek brought. I’ll be here waiting for a much needed refresh for this pod. But til then I might just stick to Jared freid’s live screams. 👋🏼
  • taydortott415
    Negative and a downer
    I used to LOVE this podcast. It was my favorite bachelor podcast to listen to. It was funny, I loved Kay and Dereks dynamic. Now it’s negative, full of complaining, awkward pauses....I do think Chris is funny and sarcastic, but I feel like he then needs a different personality to bounce off of him. Kay has adapted to Chris’s personality and now it sounds like two people talking crap about the show. It puts me in a bad mood listening to the judge mental tones, and is now the last bachelor podcast I listen to each week. It’s too bad :(
  • sam82829
    This podcast was my saving grace during my 1.5 hour commute and I enjoyed listening to Kay and Derek’s banter almost as much as watching the bachelor but after listening to these new episodes sadly I’m removing this from my list of must listen to podcasts. The dynamic between Kay and this new host just isn’t funny. Honestly, I feel like I’m at a socially awkward event where two people who haven’t seen each other since high school are making small talk. Zero chemistry. If you end up bringing Derek back I’m sure I’ll start listening again but looks like I’ll have to find my bachelor fix elsewhere.
  • Modbeibj
    Incorrect information
    I used to like this podcast. At least get the facts straight. Half the information they say isn’t even true.
  • jcw90732
    take notes for crying out loud! your facts are always so off & you’re so negative. it’s like you don’t even care about your job. not listening anymore bc you guys don’t even seem to enjoy the show. over it!
  • Smurfyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    So negative and judgmental
  • MTarrant19
    Giving me LIFE!
    These two hosts give me LIFE! Always cracking me up and saying my thoughts on the show out loud. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Keep these episodes coming!
  • Kbuggs82
    Bring back Derek
    Please bring back Derek
  • 6 Red Aprils
    FCB is saving this podcast. Kay just repeats everything he says (literally repeats it) and it is a lot. She often doesn’t seem to have done her research or know the tea on pretty well known bachelor stuff. Also get the vibe that she’s just trying to be famous/date these BN guys now so she’s filtering her comments. She seems to guess what Chris is about to say then gets it wrong half the time.
  • rikkil99
    Chris make me laugh out loud!
    I love the way his mind thinks...he’s so honest and unapologetic, love him!
  • Summer Kelley
    Lost its energy :(
    I tried to give this podcast a fair shot after Derek left, with the expectation that it won’t be the same show with Chris as co-host and that it wouldn’t be fair to compare. But I’m SO disappointed in the new dynamic. Betchelor was my favorite podcast and I always looked forward to it, but once Derek left, there is just NO energy in the show anymore. It’s like Kay and Chris are either tired, sick, or just don’t want to be doing the show at all. In a way though, I don’t blame Chris. He is exactly the same person he was when he was a guest on the show: low key, sort of monotone and judgmental. So I knew what to expect from him as co-host. But KAY. Oh my gosh. Her vivacious joy that made the show so charming and fun is completely gone. She is matching Chris’s energy, which makes the show really dull. I used to finish an episode of the Betchelor feeling happy, but now they just make me feel melancholy, which is NOT the vibe I’m looking for in a Bachelor recap show.
  • kuuulala
    Stop saying “um”
    This would help
  • TylerCWannaB
    LOVE Kay and Chris
    Only Bach podcast I listen to/would want to listen to. Kay brings such fun real time experiences with bach contestants / history of the shows and Chris’ off the cuff humor / memory of the specifics make me crack up every time. I loved it when Derek was on but I think it’s even better now!
  • jemcamn
    What Happened?
    Not sure the reason behind a Host change but the negativity in the season premiere pod cast was rough to get through. Kay and Derek had a positive spin and actually reviewed each episode. Sadly this felt like a bashing with no one safe. If this is the new format, please reconsider your approach.
  • Jo5683
    Yikes. Not the same.
    I used to listen religiously to every episode of this show. I love The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and always listen to this recap after watching the weekly show. But man, I miss the dynamic with Derek. It was funny and just so good. The change is boring and it feels awkward.. Not going to listen anyone. What a bummer!
    Gimme all three
    LOVE Kay. LOVE Chris. But Derek was the sweet to Kay’s salty. It was the PERFECT match, and the old dynamic was sooooo good. Both Kay and Chris are great individually, and actually my favorite episodes in the past were when Chris had a guest appearance with Derek and Kay. KEEP Chris, but bring back Derek. The trio would be AMAZING.
  • Mrspeeper
    Party poopers.
    I used to love this podcast but I couldn’t listen all the way through the last few episodes. Part of the fun of watching The Bachelor is talking about all the drama but they have a really negative take on everything. It just bums me out to listen anymore.
  • VegasJSSS
    This used to be a great pod - listening felt like sitting around with my friends Kay and Derek. For whatever reason they replaced Derek with Fat Carrie Bradshaw and the show is almost unlistenable. Zero chemistry between the hosts. The LACK of synergy that Kay and Derek had is almost painful to sit through. RIP Betches
  • kwind7
    Miss Derek
    I used to love listening to this podcast but when Derek left it changed the vibe. I’m not really into Kay’s commentary in general so I will be unsubscribing.
  • JessicaArianne123
    I used to LOVE this podcast. It was my favorite. I listened religiously to every new episode. But since Derek left, it’s terrible. Chris does not have the same likable, funny personality that Derek has. And the conversations Chris and Kay have are extremely dry and feel awkward. They sound tired or drunk. The quality is bad. It’s not just good anymore. Kay and Derek were SO fun to listen to together because they had amazing chemistry as hosts. Chris just isn’t funny, he just feels dry. Feels like he was just put in that role because they needed a body. It’s just not good anymore. I love Kay always, but this podcast is terrible now. I’ll gladly contribute to a gofundme to get Derek back.
  • leeleeds27
    I miss the old podcast
    This used to be my favorite podcast and it’s just lost it. I was always obsessively refreshing the app the day it would drop bc I was so excited, but ever since Derek left the vibe is just mean. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Chris and Kay too, but their energy is just so different from before and it’s making fun of everything?? I also feel like they give up on things. Like where’s the bracket from peters season or even an actual break down of each episode? Like they’re just running through each episode so quickly it’s barely a recap... I dont know i feel like the podcast used to be very well organized and now it’s a hot mess.
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