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WARDROBE CRISIS is a sustainable fashion podcast from VOGUE's sustainability editor Clare Press. Join Clare and her guests as they decode the fashion system, and dig deep into its effects on people and planet. This show unzips the real issues that face the fashion industry today, with a focus on ethics, sustainability, consumerism, activism, identity and creativity.

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  • mjdwindchime
    Insightful and a great listen!
    One of my favorite podcasts. I learn something new every time and it always sparks new conversations with my friends. Thank you for this podcast!!
  • california native 11
    Everything but the song:(
    Love this podcast but please change the song. It’s pretty awful and I see I’m not the only one that feels this way.
  • emilie_ana
    My favourite podcast about re-designing fashion for positive impact
    I adore this podcast, and how much it has enriched my own carbon drawdown journey as well as my awareness of the amazing movers and shakers transforming the fashion industry head on. The show does not sugarcoat the systemic toll fashion continues to have on human rights, ecology, and our climate. That said, the show more often than not leads with relatable, hopeful anecdotes where positive leadership (and mostly women’s agency) is making a difference. By the end of each episode, I feel like I’m walking away with another one of myriad invitations to participate more responsibly (and creatively!) in drawing down the footprint of my wardrobe and diet. Keep up the great work, Clare — this show is so refreshingly sincere and continues to inspire!
  • ArtesaoAnna
    Hands down the best, most entertaining sustainable fashion podcast!
    I seriously look forward to every show, which I always find really engaging, interesting and fun to listen to. It’s a “must listen” if you’re interested in the various initiatives to make the fashion industry more sustainable, coming from industry insiders.
  • largebeef
    No need for the song
    Great, important podcast. The song is jarring and incongruous.
  • karifry3
  • AmandaDion
    Best Podcast for Fashion and Sustainability
    There are loads of reasons to be inspired by Clare Press-her podcast is just one of them. I’m a fashion designer and Wardrobe Crisis is my #1 go-to for learning about the challenges our industry faces and hearing from leaders and change makers she brilliantly interviews. Every episode is fun and extremely insightful. My favorite episode is: Claire Bergkamp- Stella McCartney’s Secret Sustainability Weapon, and my second favorite is the interview with Arizona Muse! Don’t even hesitate, just subscribe now and enjoy :)
  • LiisaHelena
    Best podcast about sustainability
    Love this podcast! With every episode I learn so much, can challenge my thinking and habits, and also get entertained. Addicted and a fan!
  • Katie Joy B.
    Sustainability Superstars!
    Clare and her incredibly knowledgeable guests shine the brightest of lights on what it means to live an eco-friendly lifestyle through fashion! Bold, insightful, and engaging are just a few of the words I’d use to describe the time you’ll spend with them. Thanks for putting out such a superb show Clare - keep up the great work!
  • lizzie2476
    Consistently great!!
    So, I confess - one of the main reasons I started listening to Wardrobe Crisis was because of Clare's lovely British accent! I know next to nothing about fashion (my own or anyone else's!!), but have become very much aware of the impact of fast fashion and am trying build a wardrobe that better reflects a caring yet stylish approach to dressing. She has the most diverse guests and the message she is putting out is so, so important. I had no idea about the polluting aspect of fashion and thanks to WC I am now aware of not only the processes behind how this came about, but also the people from all waks of life and stages of design and develpment who are trying to do an about face on this. Thank you Clare!!!
  • Idguy67
    Inspiring and thought provoking
    As a product builder and downsizing (former) super consumer, I find that these podcasts are changing the way I approach both my creative product building but also my purchasiong choices. Clare Press exposes and teaches the major challenges and shifts in the fashion lifecycle. She wants to help change the world and I want to follow her!
  • kris247
    Such a useful and inspiring resource!
    I'm so happy I found this podcast! As a sustainable knitwear designer, Wardrobe Crisis has been such a source of information and motivation. Clare interviews some big names in the industry, and it's awesome to hear how they are moving their brands towards greener practices. If you love ethical, sustainable fashion or just want to learn more about it, this is the poscast for you!
  • Han_Lough
    Simply the BEST
    Clare is so smart, well connected, well spoken and the perfect mix of posh and down to earth. She gets to the point, to the hard hitting topics, and makes you want to save the planet in a super chic way
  • suitablymiddleaged
    such an informative and beautifully layed out pod cast that talks about how we can work towards a brighter future in the fashion industry!! Must listen
  • rupa1221
    Love! So inspiring and educating!!
    Gotta listen to know what’s going on now in the world of sustainable fashion! It’s exciting!!!
  • ChiefStylist
    One of the best ethical fashion podcasts!
    Clare brings great energy and questions to these interviews. Some fascinating guests from brands and organizations I follow. If you're into ethical fashion you'll definitely love this!
  • Violeta Villacorta
    Great sustainability podcast
    I have been listening to podcast after podcast and I am impressed by the guests and the work that is being done to shift the way fashion does business. Time is showing us the drastic effects of planetary imbalance, exacerbated by humanity’s actions and inactions. We must act as individuals, communities, businesses and nations to shift, so that we can live in balance with nature for generations to come. Consuming less is key, as well as adopting a plant based diet and lifestyle, recycling, upcycling, ending the throwaway/disposable lifestyle to one where we value everything as precious and hold on to things for a longtime and pass on as heirlooms, etc. This shift is still too slow. I remember since the late 80s being involved in environmental causes and it was a bubble, small pockets of people in the environmental/ethical movement. It’s great to hear all of this from brands that are mainstream. Thank you for an excellent podcast.
  • Kristinamarieish
    My Morning Routine ☕️🎧
    This is such an incredible podcast that I look forward to driving so I can listen to it! I’ve learned so much from this podcast and it has inspired me to make major fashion changes in my life. Thank you, Clare for creating this! ♥️
  • M1j35jud12
    My favorite fashion podcast
    I am constantly listening! Clare’s work is meaningful and very informative. I listen while commuting, cooking, and cleansing my wardrobe!
  • Jmcgowenmft
    Love the info but hate the song
    Addicted to this podcast . She speaks to the true struggle as a consumer and makes you want to change ! The song is horrible and hurts my ears . Please find another song!!!
  • Dizzy izzy drinks a fizzy
    Interviews with interesting people
    Clare Press does an excellent job crafting interviews that are meaningful and exciting. I really love her podcast and am so happy to have discovered it!
  • CamHaya
    A fantastic podcast
    Clare does such a great job of covering the wide range of topics related to ethical fashion. Every episode is interesting and I always take away a new learning from each one. The tone of the podcast is very intimate and conversational - and I always feel like I am being invited to join in on a coffee date between (very talented and interesting) friends. Simply wonderful! Thank you for this labor of love!
  • Poiqwbridosms
    Meaningful work beautifully done!
    Subscribing immediately!! Thank you for doing this. :)
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