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Zach Sang is a multimedia superstar with a new generation of followers. He is a radio prodigy, former Nickelodeon personality, social media addict, pop culture junkie… and everyone’s best friend.

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  • LR72986
  • KLLicona
    unrequited and on my feed
    do we need another show asking the same questions
  • Poopinmypantspants
    Terrible at interviewing
    this man is so insufferable but gets such good guests..
  • apobangpo61313
    Love the episode with Hannah! Thanks for having her on the show🫶🏻
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzm
    Am I just old or are the guests on here lately super irrelevant? There’s been several tik tokers and people I’ve never seen or heard of in my life. I feel like there used to be more famous artists, or possibly they are just artists I’m not a fan of or know! (Besides Ari, Fletcher, a few others) the targeted audience seems to be getting younger. Just me? Love the gang, but don’t care for the celebrities, at all.
  • Hanzisking
    Love this show very dearly.
    love everything/everyone who is a part of this show. everyone brings something special to each conversation and interview. i love listening to them every morning while im walking my dog, wish my work schedule allowed me to catch them live more often 👊🏻
  • hhehhrgdgbsy
    I love the talks and laughs and especially the Ariana grande sweetener interview
  • sadyewady
    great show
    love the show just listening to zach dan and cameron talk.. usually skip the interview parts. mostly invested in their lives and drama😂
  • radiantmegan
    Love it
    Simply the best!! Thank you all so much ❤️❤️
  • ScottzBibleStudent
    I love listening to the Zach Sang Show on Amp and the podcast lets me enjoy it again. Awesome 😎🍹🎧🍹🍕
  • rayshx8
    I had to skip to an hour in just to hear Leo Skepi the rest was horrific
  • kayleighweezy
    Listen to…
    the Liz Gilles and Ariana Grande interviews are really funny. a must listen.
  • Alphazodiac
    Too much profanity from Zach
    This use to be more listenable and family friendly, but Zach drops so many f-bombs, can’t get through a few minutes without him cursing. I would listen more if there wasn’t so much unnecessary cursing. Appreciate the support he’s giving to the artist though!
  • Justin L. Bond
    Favorite podcast.
    The Joshua Bassett interview is the BEST! It literally changed the way i live.
  • SOL1226
    can we get some mgk on there pls lol
  • u r beautifulx22222
    yeahhhhh dawg!
    billie eilish and finneas pllsssss great podcast zach and dan!
  • SeriouslySnapeAlwaus
    Interview suggestion
    Peter McPoland!! Please 😊😊
  • jonahsblueberrycoffee
    Can u interview Why Don’t We again????
    I luv them so much and they r soooo sweet
  • justanotherjackaveryfan💙
    hiiiii Zach and Dan!
    omg can WHY DON’T WE please come on the show again?💙💙💙💙 btw great podcast!
  • 🎨Artist🎨
    Love it!!
    I listen to the Conan Gray Interviews all the time. It’d be really cool if you could bring him on again someday! Thank you!!!
  • ItsJessieBabe
    Episode error!
    Podcasts won’t download. Even the most recent episodes won’t download. Please fix soon:(
  • lksnsnksms
    Pls read
    Hi I love your pod cast it’s really nice and it calms me and I like to just sit on my bed and here people talk and just hear peoples thoughts and all these cool podcast keep doing what your doing it’s amazing and if your looking for suggestions here are some. Liz Gilles (I’m a big fan ) Bille eillish All the spice girls (if u can) Ksi Gwen stefani Thank you if u read this
  • ukindaSUS
    totally not me screaming at why don’t we to come to my town
  • 🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋
    It’s ok I like it but it is kinda boring but overall good
  • highericvilla
    Hard to listen when a guest cusses 1 star from me dawg
  • Conan Gray Fan
    I love it
    Zach Sang show is so good I love the Conan Gray ones do you think you can bring him on for his People Watching single?
  • ❤️Biggest AJR Fan ❤️
    I love it!
    Great interviews with all my fav celebs. I love it! He asks great questions, and overall it’s a great interview! I agree with others that the AJR ones are the best. I have a request……can you bring Dua Lipa, OneRepublic, Bebe Rexha, Ava Max, Katy Perry, and Jon Bellion? Please? Anyways I love it so much and listen to it all the time! -AJR biggest fan! ❤️ Edit: I just realized you did bring some of those people. So sorry! But…. I did notice they were a long time ago. So maybe could you bring them on soon? Thanks!
  • Nott You :)
    Thank you for doing Ross and Rocky
    Thank you so much bro for doing the driver era Ross is awesome
  • @2wenty7even
    Please do Joshua Bassett, Pete Davidson, Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift
  • R2-d2 better-8
    Do Taylor swift plsssss
  • nicolevalero
    Review for the Ariana Grande Interviews
    I’ve been a fan of Ariana Grande since I was little because she played my favorite character (Cat Valentine) from one of my favorite shows (Victorious). From then, I became a HUGE fan of hers and just so happened to find she did three interviews with Zach Sang on Apple Podcasts. Feminist QUEEN!! The most memorable moment from the podcasts would have to be her talking about the purpose of her hit song God Is A Woman in the “Ariana Grande Talks Sweetener, Pete Davidson, and Nicki Minaj” episode. I was shocked to hear that GIAW was originally not Ariana’s idea, it was a sample track her team made that she was going to feature on and then sell to a male rapper. Once she heard the sample, she fell in love with the idea and convinced her team to allow her to finish writing it. The next morning, she returned to the studio, recorded the song and Ariana’s team immediately saw the potential the song had and gave the song to Ariana. Ari talked about how GIAW is not about god being a woman, it is about the power women hold and their ability to create life. As a teenage girl in society, I felt this song was really inspiring. The Real Ariana Grande If I got to ask the host, Zach Sang, a question, it would be, “Being a close friend of Ariana’s, what is a side of her the media does not capture?”. The media tends to portray Ari as a famous, rich, and super talented popstar, but behind all that only her close friends and family know what she is like. I think the podcast should cover where the profit Ariana makes from her albums goes towards. Many people do not know that Ariana is a VERY generous person when it comes to donations. She has given many of her fans thousands of dollars to pay off their student loan debt and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood. I think this topic would be appropriate for this podcast because it would show the public Ari has a big heart when it comes to helping others and she does not pocket every dollar she makes off her music. Instead, she gives back to her fans as well as her community.
  • Thunder Road Productions
    21 piløts plz
    Amazing! The ajr interviews are the best by far. Please bring on twenty one pilots as well as NF
  • Queen Z😜😎😍
    Can you bring back prettymuch to talk about their smackables ep
  • candykingdome101
    Itchy balls ⚽️
    I love your podcast it’s so good can you bring on. 1:Brent Rivera 2.Dixie dimelio 3:Bebe rexa 4:dua lipa
  • pokemon go liver
    I love this
    Ok so I always listen to 99.1 kiss fm and I only listen to it for the fun things Zach does. I am so happy that I got this and subscribed. I do have a request PLEASE HAVE TAYLER SWIFT ON YOUR TALK SHOW!!!!! Thank you zack.
  • CometandLuke
    Great podcast!!!🍍🐑
    The AJR interviews, in my opinion, are the best!!!!
  • awesome 😻
    so good
    Plz do Thomas Headon
  • 💚✨🐍
    Hey! This stuff is great! Can you do Melanie Martinez? 😁
  • mrpp26
    Do Taylor swift plsssss
  • RachelGreeny
    Great interviews
    I look forward to any and all interviews that Zach does!
  • 😩😭😘
    Brayden fox
    I love your work ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊❤️😊😊😊
  • warriorfan123
    Pretty cool
    Cool podcast , I like learning about all the celebrities, one request, PLS DO MELANIE MARTINEZ !!!!!!! 🐰🌸🍊🥛🍪🎭🎠🏩🎀💘💝🃏
  • Banana Hannah Ahole
    THANK YOU!!!!
    Thanks for BTS coming on the podcast!! I love them a lot & it’s awesome to hear them. 💜💜
  • Leya Hoffman
    Bars and Melody
    I would absolutely love to see Bars and Melody on your show!!!!! Their really awesome!!! I love them!!!!!
  • bwjakak
    I’m uuuio
  • LaurynRae🥺💕
    I love this. I love that I can listen to this I love how they don’t just stick to American artist. This multi is crying
  • k'hloe
    Love it❤️❤️
    I think it’s awesome I listen to it all the time!
  • ANQpanda
    best podcast ever
  • Samantha mickeyla
    Best thing ever
    I love this podcast when I’m doing something random I love listening to this podcast and zach and Dan are amazing and all the guests are awesome
  • Rachele Costa
    Such an amazing interviewer! Love this podcast!
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