Hostile Worlds: Exploring Space

Astronomy #12

Join us on a journey to some of the most inhospitable, humbling, and frighteningly beautiful places in the known universe. Hostile Worlds is a podcast that lets you explore alien landscapes and extra-terrestrial terrain - all from the comfort of your headphones. From the freezing hydrocarbon oceans of Titan, to the scorched, and suffocating wastes of Venus – we’ll take you on an educational and immersive audio tour to all the places you’d die to see… and places you’d die if you saw. You’ll join the crew of The Tardigrade, an all-purpose vehicle that can float, fly, dive, and dig through any environment in the universe. And you’ll learn all the facts you'll ever needed to present yourself as THE space exploration authority down your local pub on a Friday night. Hostile Worlds is a unique documentary/audio drama hybrid – brought to you by the folks at

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Recent Reviews
  • Dark Tieger
    Hostile world
    Excellent ! So entertaining , smart and fun . And ya gotta love Sara !
  • spaceboi5213
    Hostile worlds
    I love it ❤️💗💓💖
  • obtrunco
    Annoying acting
    Mostly started listening for educational purposes but I’m unsure if this is meant for kids. The acting makes the listening experience excruciating . The science behind the stories doesn’t need the acting and pretending as it offers its own way to stimulate the mind. I don’t think I can listen anymore as it drives me nuts. 🤕
  • xpyxd
    Tiger. Red tiger. Where are the teacups?
  • Coral&Khanivore
    Love It!
    I love this podcast! It’s fun and a great place to learn about space! I’ll always keep listening.
  • Hailkeepur
    Outstanding, fun and enlightening
    Best new podcast I have heard, cheers to Sarah, she adds alot to fun. Can't wait for more episodes.
  • ShoMarq
    A great little podcast
    A fun fictional frame story to learning about SPACE and SCIENCE - great actors, always enjoyable, and I have to admire a show that brings me so much knowledge in a shortish span of time. COME LEARN ABOUT SPACE and stuff.
  • OstiumPodcast
    Journey to the Stars
    There are a number of very interesting space podcasts out there. Hostile Worlds seeks to keep things simple and teach you a bunch about our universe at the same time. When science and scientists are needed, the show delivers. Otherwise, it's a fun cast putting a lot of great humor into a very entertaining show that is journeying to the stars.
  • Alan Smithee Jr.
    I love this show
    I wish there was really a secret Scots Space Program.
  • Gabriel.Re
    Imaginative and Educational
    What I love about this show is that it allows me to feel like I am able to travel to these worlds with them! I am a big space nerd and have such a blast listening!
  • tingalls74
    Space to the fullest
    I’m so loving this podcast. Bringing me to the places that will kill me is awesome. I’ve laughed the whole way there.
  • p.e.r.i.o.d.i.c.
    Long on...
    ... potential, a bit lacking in execution. But me wuvs witto’ Say-dah!
  • Room get.
    Enjoying the show but where have you all gone?
    An update or something would be cool. Not frozen tundra on Titan cool, but still pretty cool. Cool.
  • El oresidente
    Tons of fun
    Loved this podcast hope it’s coming back
  • dhsauno
    I love this podcast! There are so many audio dramas out there, but this one manages to be unique and entertaining with their storytelling. The production is great and the information they include is educational without being boring at all. Plus, I love the Scottish accents!
  • Mr_Cakey
    Pitch perfect
    A shining gem in the podcast universe. A unique blend of light science and ultra-dry humor as only the Scottish can deliver. Pure genius and very good fun. Thank you!
  • Michayla18
    Can't wait for more!
    I knew I wanted to come write a review before I'd finished the first five minutes of the first episode. Usually when I write a review for a podcast, I don't get around to it for months. This podcast is just so mesmerizing and immersive. It's not quite fiction, but it feels like an audio-drama.
  • jn1512
    'Edutainment' at its Best
    An excellent program. I can't wait to explore the universe further with this crew!
  • JM-201
    Fun and Informative.
    Really cool podcast. All the science and information is presented in a really fun way! I love it so far.
  • DT20K
    Beautiful show
    Romantic view of the heavens. It does a great job of giving a sense of wonder for our universe.
  • LarissaSMuncy
    Titan sounds like a fun trip!
    I'm enjoying this podcast immensely! Just finished eps 2 and cannot wait until the next one! That Scottish accent made it very nice to listen to! -Spaced Out :-)
  • Cornbread212
    If you like sci-fi you'll like this podcast
    As a sci-fi fan, I love hearing about the interesting details of foreign planets. It's engaging and interesting. The dialogue is a bit choppy and awkward, but I think the quirky humor and genuine fascination with the subject material compensate for that
  • Big flap daddy 70
    Fun loving, slightly goofy, geek show
    I didn't know what to think about this at first but I really started to love these characters. Sarah's my favorite, like a Scottish Velma ( Scooby Doo) but more lovable. Meanwhile I'm learning cool stuff.
  • PFack
    great podcast
    if you like space, humor and sci-fi this podcast is for you. its unique and imaginative. i highly recommend it!
  • WalkingRantWheel
    Best new podcast
    This is my favorite new podcast. It is so fun and now I want a tardigrad of my own.
  • FortuneZerg
    An Imagination-Engaging Space Voyage
    For all the podcasts I've listened to, I've never written a review. Though it only has a single true episode out thus far, this podcast has established a specific style and set of content. Their style and content will certainly be an informative adventure that people who love space, as I do, will be hungering for as often as they can pump out new episodes. Nice work, Hostile Worlds.
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