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Do you feel stuck in your job? Do you dread going to work on Monday mornings? Do you want to do work that matters? The Ken Coleman Show is for you! Join the conversation with world-class interviewer Ken Coleman as he delivers practical advice to help you discover the role you were born to play—and map out a plan to get there. Through the years, Ken has interviewed leading experts in business, sports, entertainment and politics. Now, he’s here to help answer your questions about career, passion, and talent so you can maximize your potential. If you have a question for Ken, call 844-747-2577 and subscribe to The Ken Coleman Show today. More at

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  • Write2educate
    Ken Coleman
    Ken, I absolutely love your advice. I also like when you’re in the show with Chris Hogan and AO. I love the way you guys bounce off of each other, you and Chris Hogan are simply hilarious. Ken, you and Dr. D also ask the questions that I be thinking about asking, and I’m so glad you guys interject to do that. Keep up the good work Ken.
  • David Price 526
    Thanks Ken
    Thanks Ken for your great words of wisdom, courage and advice. I was just laid-off from my corporate IT job last week and I admit I am struggling to find direction in this new phase of my life. I am listening to your show everyday and working on clarity and boosting self-confidence. Keep up the good work. David
  • Jupc93
    Well worth the listen!
    There is so much relevant information in this show for all of us with career questions, I’m very thankful to have all of this advice available to help me figure out what I’m doing & where I’m heading in my career.
  • Dvorsdad
    Amazing advice!!
    Love to listen. I’m in my sweet spot thanks to this show. Still love to listen because it’s fun to hear Kens positive energy and hear him help others. Good, wholesome, positive entertainment!
  • Doug MacQ
    The Next Chapter
    I am moving into the next phase of my professional life, within the next two years. After more than thirty years in one career, I am looking forward to making sure the next phase is definitely in my sweet spot! I appreciate the advice Ken gives, and encouraging spirit he has.
  • AccountingGuy
    Not my thing
    I love the Dave Ramsey Show and I a listen to the EntreLeader podcasts, but this one isn’t for me. That’s okay, not everything is for everybody. I am sure that some people enjoy Ken’s show, but I am not one of them.
  • Shar far
    I listen to Ken every single day all day while working!!
    Ken Coleman has changed my life tremendously. I have been feeling very depressed and drained from my 9-5. But hearing him talk everyday through my working hours has helped me with my anxiety and made me realize that I need to pursue my passion!! I am grateful for finding this podcast it really has changed my life please don’t stop doing what you’re doing!!
  • Katie Chavarin
    Amazingly Inspiring!
    I’m a fairly new listener to the Ken Coleman show, but I now swear by his technique in getting people to see what lights their fire and gets them excited about their future goals and careers. Great listen!
  • josh.mike
    Really wish ken would stop talking politics
    He keeps bringing up politics when all we want is inspiration. Pretended that covid19 wasn’t a big deal but now going back on it. Ridiculous human pretending he can offer anything beyond buzz words.
  • Alexwebb769
    One track show
    The KC show is really geared to helping people figure out what they already know, not giving tips and advice on how to get there. Maybe he just wants people to buy his products, but it is kind of frustrating how most of his calls are just people figuring out what they want to do with their lives. There are so many other questions and skills to have when succeeding in a career and he seems to have trouble helping callers with this. Also struggles to listen compassionately.
  • Jill Dreamnow
    Perfect timing, relevant
    Somehow, in nearly every episode Ken says something I really needed to hear, at exactly that time
  • Baldo Maspab
    Motivates me everyday to do my school and be positive.
  • Japelle and Vicki
    Let Down Chris Brown is Back!!!
    I’m so excited- we missed you .
  • amnieb00
    Keeps me encouraged with concrete job feedback
    I keep plugged in for support in the job field. It’s nice to have the encouragement ongoing to keep a good attitude to keep growing in my field.
  • Time is Priceless
    Solid positive and strategic career advice!
    Ken’s energy is high, positive. And he knows how to customize his career and life advice to each caller. Thank you Sir
  • Jeppydude
    Urgent and Important
    Ken digs within your own mind for passion of what is urgent and important for your fulfillment. Excellent!!!
  • Cat Gabriel
    Lots of positive energy
    Of course, there are certain drawbacks to an advice show. This one, however, includes the joy and hope of a Christian who is working to help people overcome fear that holds them back from his goals
  • MIresident
    keep your politics to your self
    I've been listening to this show off an on for awhile. It's very repetitive but does have okay advice about choosing career directions.... when he has those calls. Otherwise he doesn't listen well and jumps to conclusions about people's scenerios without listening to what the caller is telling him. Also, lately he's been sticking out inaccurate political views (after mentioning multiple times he wasn't going to talk politics). If you are going to get political, at least keep it to local politics that you're familiar with instead of spouting off innaccurate information about other states that you don't even live in.
  • gathering girl
    Cathy Heller
    What a great interview! You both fed off each other. The excitement of both of you was contagious. Wonderful job for both of you. This might have been my favorite one,so hard to choose, but definitely top 1&2. Kelly Adamik
  • waterman54
    The guy gives good advice, but can’t stop talking about how I need to spend money on his products to get my dream job. It gets old after a while
  • Lildragon1
    I’ve been listening for a year and love it!
  • dundee46774
    Absolutely amazing voice of wisdom and fun
    Thank you for providing such a wealth of information in an entertaining voice of wisdom!
  • Commander-Jon
    Looking forward to talking with you...
    Ken I have read your book and so far have been trying to put your ideas into action. Recently sent an email question to you and can’t wait for your answer. Thanks for giving your listeners hope in a trying time. Of course we will learn from this and be better on the other side, sure pray the other side comes soon. Don’t let the downers influence you in a negative way, keep spreading HOPE! Thanks for your guidance! Jonathan
  • gennnsully
    Ken, you’re the man!
    Ken, you’re the man! I heard you as a guest on Dave Ramsey and started listening to your podcast religiously! Thank you for all your advice, I feel like every callers question is so relatable. Ken, my only advice is please do no make light of coronavirus. I’m directly talking about that episode where that woman was a nail tech and you said if both parties wore masks it’d be fine. ITS NOT FINE. Corona will certainly NOT last forever as you say, but it will last longer if people do not treat this will care. Ken you’re still great! And you’re right that this pandemic won’t last forever and you’re a calming presence to listen to. Love your book by the way!!!
  • Jeniwats
    Everyday Inspiration
    I love this podcast. It helps me keep my own dreams alive and I love listening to the “aha moments” when others realize what they are meant to be doing and where and they have a clear path to move forward! I use Ken’s formulas with my staff at my office and watch them blossom. It’s very cool!
  • catccccc
    Great podcast!
    Ken is very helpful and entertaining.
  • KJRillema
    Ken is fantastic!
    I only found The Ken Coleman show a couple of months ago, but I was instantly hooked! I subscribed to the podcast, went back to his very first show, and listened to every single one! Ken is very insightful, encouraging, and real. And the joking around with his producer, Joe, and phone screener, Madison, is so entertaining 😂 I have recommended and sent his podcast to many friends/family!! And I will continue to support and share this incredible show with an amazing mission!! YOU HAVE A PURPOSE, AND YOU DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!
  • Kyle Depeyes
    Great podcast
    Love Ken’s perspective and advice!
  • Jack20000
    More Than inspiration
    I am a job search coach who worked in executive search for many years. Ken Coleman does a great job of helping people make smart decisions they are afraid to make and act on. You got to love his principles and convictions.
  • Bwbasinger
    I loved the interview with Ryan Holliday, and I am now a subscriber and cannot wait to get in my car to listen to the next episode.
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!
    Ken, host of The Ken Coleman Show, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Cordova Dad
    Great positive message
    I have been playing parts of this as part of my Foundations of Personal Finance course at our high school. Kens words are encouraging to everyone and my kids need to hear a message of setting out to do what they love from more than just me. Great Job Ken!
  • rsgerber
    More perspective and deeper listening
    As a fellow career coach in the industry, I can appreciate Ken’s perspective of helping callers uncover their life calling (sweet spot), however I feel as though he falls short in recognizing people’s varied motivations of working in the first place. Not everyone wants a vocational call for their 9-5. Some choose to work because they are motivated by $ and utilize other values of fulfillment in their off hours. I know there are time constraints for each caller, but often Ken’s presumptions of client needs come across as abrasive and function more in lines of executive (prescriptive) coaching, then deep compassionate listening.
  • Lynnette M
    Content is impactful, insightful and encouraging.
    I’ve shared your podcast to many of my friends, colleagues and direct reports. I have found my sweet spot and working my dream job. I am a leader in my organization. I am blessed that my employer recognizes my skill sets and all that I bring to the table. Thanks for delivering the content that is so desperately needed!
  • calimom39
    Fun to hear callers, Ken not helpful, weird pseudo religious bent
    Ken is really not an expert in any of the topics he discusses AND you can tell he has no idea how it feels to really be trapped by responsibilities. He’s not even remotely as good as Dave Ramsey and they both creep me out the way they mix religion and business. Cheesy you can do it! Go go go!!! Not helpful. After I listened to a few of them I felt extremely depressed rather than inspired.
  • Big Cagney
    Total Cheeseball
    When it comes down to it, Dave Ramsey is the man. Can’t say the same about any of his “Ramsey personalities” though. Like his colleague Chris Hogan, Coleman for the most part just fires off pseudo motivational nonsense in the form of career advice. The kind of things you’d hear from an overweight personal trainer saying to a client with their nose buried in their phone during the session, “you can do this!” “You got this!” You get the picture. Also, as one reviewer mentioned, Coleman loooooves the sound of his own voice. This guy has perfected his act and it’s not difficult to see through if you just sit and really listen for a minute. It’s obvious he’s quite pleased to collect a big Ramsey check to essentially make meaningless sounds with his mouth. If you are truly at the end of your rope, I could see this guy maybe serving as a little pick me up simply for the amount of cheese he serves up but if you are serious about progressing in your career, look elsewhere.
  • t_granny
    Life Changing
    Thanks to Ken, I quit settling for where I was and am continually striving for more!
  • Lacey Garrett
    I’ve learned so much from this podcast!
    I literally listen to this podcast everyday! I love the way Ken breaks it down for callers to get clarity and also helps me get clarity for myself by answering questions that don’t pertain to me at all. He has so much wisdom to share and has inspired my husband and I to find our “sweet spot!” There’s so much knowledge to glean from Ken and one of these days, I’ll get brave enough to call in to the show! 🙈
  • tamra89
    Pretty cool
    Just found you through the Dave Ramsey Show! Love the show so far but maybe talk a bit slower. Other than that great show!
  • surfgrandma
    Nov 16
    I listen to every one of Ken’s pod cast and I can’t even begin to tell you how they help me I’m 55 and I thought I was to old to go after my dreams but I know I’m not and each day I get closer. Thank you.
  • Anne Kuehl
    Listening to Ken reason thru guests’ desires, gifts, goals, and circumstances in order to help them hone a lane in their sweet spot has been a useful way to vet my own internal dreaming and decision making process. Making new moves toward a more fulfilling purpose is exciting and hopeful, but also risky. Having an experienced coach who can quickly size up a situation, trouble shoot, and direct with love and encouragement as Ken does is wonderful!
  • Kat Jackson Inc
    Ken’s “style” which involves a lot of interrupting and pontificating (under the guise of clarifying points for the listener) literally causes my eyes to roll. I feel talked down to the entire show. He loves the sound of his own voice. His style caused me to stop listening to the EntreLeadership podcast but I thought maybe this content would be interesting enough. Nope! I’m back to listening to EntreLeadership because the new host is humble and actually allows the guest to talk!
  • Bakindave
    I love these podcasts.
    Ken has helped me see where my passion comes from. I still may call the show one day for more clarity. Keep going Ken best of luck Dave
  • ShelbyCottam
    Real Hope
    It’s so nice to hear ken encouraging regular people like me to make their dreams a reality. Thanks for all you do. Love all the Ramsay personalities.
  • Hope Financial
    Breath of Fresh Air
    This podcast has provided the hope I need to pursue my dreams. I’ve been struggling hopping from job to job with no true direction. Ken lays out the plan of how to identify the career you want and how to get it. Hearing other callers progress motivates me to keep pushing!
  • Night1107
    Pursue your passion!
    Ken Coleman knows his stuff and can help you figure out your passions and take the steps to become who you want to be. He is amazing and cares about his listeners.
  • steelerbhk
    Just can’t stand to listen to Ken - I really don’t like when he fills in for Dave Ramsey...ugh to hyped up about nothing special. Get in close proximity to the people and job you want to have, duh!
  • ElsaAZ
    How they got there
    I loved this podcast and there are a few of us that listen to your podcast that remember Jonathan Winters he was one of my favorites when I was a kid. Him Ruth Buzzy and Lily Thomplin. Thanks for all the people you help on your podcast. I listen to you everyday. You’re awesome! Elsa - from Arizona
  • E-dub the health advocate
    Loved it
    I absolutely loved the show on hearing how another person got there esp the comedian’s wisdom on what worked for him since he has already “made it” , Thanks Ken for bringing new dimensions to your show and keep it entertaining while learning deep leasons
  • penelopeyamauchi
    I love your work ethic!
    I discovered you on the rise podcast and I am really enjoying your podcast. Thank you for bringing humility and authenticity with exceptional consistency!
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